But they have a connection that can't be broken, which takes them from their separate lives to NorfoPOPPYLAND is a love story about two people who fall for each other through a series of coincidences. But they have a connection that can't be broken, which takes them from their separate lives to Norfolk, where they both end up at the same time, bound together by a family event that neither of them knew the other was connected with. Romantic, elegiac, absorbing and quixotic, this love story for difficult people is a testament to the power of attraction.

It's about the sea and land, about the past and how it shapes our futures, about how we find the right person to be with - a truly universal story I enjoy Raffaella's writing, her descriptions can be very beautiful and I loved Hens Dancing, Summertime and Green Grass for the bohemian, whackiness of them, something very different Poppyland has the potential to be a lovely love story but it drags on a bit.

It gets a bit boring being told that Grace is scared and unhappy, that Ryder has a deep loss in his life and is scared of commitment, we know that the big cliche of them meeting briefly and knowing they missed out and inevitably coming together again is happening - it just takes too long to do so! And then, as if it's not all drawn out enough and just as we're breathing a huge sigh of relief that finally they've got together and let's start planning the wedding - we have ANOTHER hiatus! Seriously, at that point I wanted to throw the book across the room and scream!

Having said all that, even though the concept wasn't new think Casablanca - of all the gin joints.. The literary omnipotence of chick-lit has left a few female novelists in a tricky position: Raffaella Barker has always skirted around the margins of the genre and here serves up a wordy romance that seems determined to prove it's more than a mere beach read. Two strangers meet briefly but are unable to forget one another. Their separate lives are detailed in full, with pacing and tension maintained throughout before the inevitable reunion. Once they are reunited, Barker then up-ends the narrative by asking whether such a romantic beginning can really be sustained.

The treatment of the two protagonists best demonstrates the divide, for while Ryder benefits from a smooth third-person narrative and a backstory rich in poignancy, Grace draws the significantly shorter literary straw. Her episodes are written in the first person and serve only to make her seem like a highbrow Bridget Jones, albeit more self-centred and with a great number of inexplicable neuroses.

Barker has written an occasionally clumsy novel that doesn't entirely escape being a work of genre fiction but still offers plenty of romantic food for thought. This book has tense issues. In some chapters it was Grace's perspective in the first person, which I got on with, and in others it was Ryder's perspective in the third person, but it felt like he was referring to himself in the third person or maybe I'm weird , and towards the end Grace's chapter's switched to the third person, which really annoyed me.

Seeing past that however, the descriptions in this book are really fantastic. As a love story, it has all the right things and I like the bohemian feel of Grace's lifestyle as an author. I even related to some of her thoughts about commitment. Some artistes came close to emulating Sinatra but he stood alone from them. He also stood alone from rhythm and blues as well as rock n roll. I grew up in the sixties and Sinatra was not on my radar until he visited Melbourne and upset a few journalists.

Melbourne was also an unhappy town for Judy Garland and I was at that Rockopedia: Melbourne was also an unhappy town for Judy Garland and I was at that concert. Bing Crosby was favoured by the nuns and we missed our schooling as the nuns showed 'Going my way'. So it was only in my adult years that I came to appreciate Sinatra, and he was a Catholic, I believe, at least to the mob. Roxanne rated it really liked it May 07, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Alcohol-related liver problems [].

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