Across a Crowded Room

Across a Crowded Room

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Across A Crowded Room

Fire in the Engine Room Richard Thompson. The H even made arrangements to move the factory to a better location and to assist its employees with their own new housing arrangements. The romantic storyline was a bit lost amidst all the drama that focused mainly on the shoe factory and Lisette was a pitiful and exasperating heroine. I felt sorry for her a lot but she often made the mistake of being rude and mean to the only person the hero who was trying to advise her. The person who deserved all the meanness was her mother and that tiresome hag ended up getting exactly what she wanted: I didn't always feel the love between these MC's though, because they persisted in trading insults each time they met.

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Rosco wasn't one of Lilian Peake's vile H's though. He was very cynical but he was only rude to the heroine after she went on the verbal attack first. And, even when he confessed his insta-love for Lisette, I rolled my eyes a bit because he'd still been dating that hagwhore Wanda.

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What kind of insta-love is it when a H can still go around dating his OW after he'd met the girl of his dreams? But, these were Rosco's own words and I guess it's up to each individual reader to decide whether or not he's sincere: I said to myself, "That's the one. She'll be mine even if I have to move mountains to get her.

As people laugh when they find treasure at the end of a lifetime's search. Yes, my bright-eyed spitfire, I mean what I'm saying. I've been intoxicated with you from the moment our eyes first met. You got into my bloodstream and you've been going round me ever since. The money you were given was really a gift, because financially your company had little value. Why do you think I kept trying to fit you into a job with E. U if not to please you and help you? H's sexual relationship with the OW was very vague. It's clear they'd been lovers before he met the heroine but the author didn't establish whether or not he still kept sleeping with her after meeting Lisette.

He was definitely still dating her. The heroine was dating this OM and they shared a few kisses. This is the H, Rosco all dressed in 's clothing.

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This is the Mary Sue heroine also in her 's fashion. View all 6 comments. This book was an emotional rollercoaster, and I'm not entirely certain whether that's a good or bad thing, all things considered.

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Inherited from her recently-ish deceased father, Baird Shoes is nearing bankruptcy and much of the narrative is devoted to her hopeless struggle to pull it out of a financial black hole. The hero is Rosco Hamden, chief ex This book was an emotional rollercoaster, and I'm not entirely certain whether that's a good or bad thing, all things considered.

The hero is Rosco Hamden, chief executive of a major conglomerate, who is by turns infuriating and Halfway through the book I wound up shouting, "Stop making me like you, you asshole! I'd say throughout at least half the novel I wanted nothing more than to punch him in the face, first for being a dickbag, then for making me momentarily forget that he was a dickbag.

The story has several good elements, especially for a romance of the era. Lisette, though not a terribly capable businesswoman, is plucky and determined. I rooted for her to save the family business and I'm still a bit in denial that she didn't ultimately manage to do so without intervention from the hero. If not for an unforeseen curve ball thrown in about three quarters of the way through the story just as things start looking up, she might have done it.

Even though I knew it was impossible, I was secretly hoping that she'd save the business on her own terms and then throw it in Rosco's smug, handsome face. The two of them having spent so much of the book on uneven footing--Rosco so much more rich, polished and professional than Lisette, who was doing her best with what she had--it would have been a welcome change to see them on equal terms. Alas, this being , it wasn't meant to be.

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The antagonistic relationship between hero and heroine was well drawn, too, which was another enjoyable--though emotionally frustrating--aspect of the story. They trade barbs often and with near equal ferocity, though of course Lisette is openly wounded more often than her foil. The two of them fought so well and so convincingly with each other, in fact, that when Lisette admitted to herself that she'd fallen madly in love with him, I was shocked.

It seemed to come virtually out of nowhere, given how much acid they spat at each other. While her attraction to him was clear from the beginning, I honestly thought that the internal admission of affection would have come much later in the story given how slowly they were coming around to each other in their interactions. While overall the story was engaging, it definitely had its less-than-strong points. Certain parts of the narrative reeked of the message "feminists are icky" which I'm going to guess is prevalent throughout romances of the era.

Also cringe worthy are some of the hero's Very early on, after a "business" dinner with Lisette, Rosco gets handsy with her, slipping his fingers under her jacket and then under her dress strap to "caress" her. While he stops when her discomfort becomes apparent a running theme, actually, which is pretty praise worthy for the time period, I guess; yay, the hero isn't a rapist! In spite of myself, I grew attached to the characters and wanted a less Lisette was likeable, clever and resourceful; I think the character deserves so much more than a lifetime of making sandwiches, especially since right up until the ending when Rosco basically says "Now, I'm ordering you to be my wife!

Those sizable complaints aside, I'm still giving this a high rating for how involving it was, how likable the heroine was, and how much of an emotional rise it got out of me against my will. While I wanted to smack the hero more often than not, he didn't make me roll my eyes or scrunch my face up and mutter "Ew" nearly as often as modern romance novel heroes tend to, which is a feat in itself.

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