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Get Word of the Day daily email! Need even more definitions? Ghost Word The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Even if we no longer recognize love as a disorder, we cannot deny its power to destabilize and distort. The stakes of romance are high: We celebrate love as all-important, even as the meaning of life.

I think that often love and sex are surrogates for the kind of things that spirituality provided.

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Even rational people subscribe to this belief. Online dating may help puncture some of those ideas: With an almost endless string of profiles at our fingertips, the notion of The One is harder to believe. Apps, ironically, may be restoring a more traditional approach to dating. Be it emotional, physical or whatnot.

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A very narrow division between two deceptively similar things, one of which is worse than the other. As a new parent, you learn that there's a fine line between. a fine line definition: 1. If you say that there is a fine line between one thing and another, you mean that they are very similar. You often say this when one thing is .

I hated every second of it and you might be wondering why I continued the story-- because I hoped the characters would grow up and atleast give me a good ending. But nope, that certainly didn't happen. Not only was it cliched but full of unrealistic drama that was hard to buy. Liv is a high school senior who doesn't believe in relationships; the number of times she has been left behind heartbroken and lonely by her loved ones has only proved her not to love someone fully, so she keeps her distance and dates occasionally.

But that becomes difficult when she meets Logan, a mechanic and drag race driver, and is immediately attracted to him. What starts as a casual flirtation between the duo turns into a friendship pretty quickly but their relationship halts after that, not for the sake of Logan trying, but just Liv being so damn insistent on playing safe in order to avoid another heartbreak. Clearly there was some chemistry from both sides, clearly her time with Logan meant a lot to her, clearly she loved randomly making out with him, clearly she got jealous whenever he harmlessly flirted with another girls, clearly she wanted him all for herself and how many more times do I need to use the word "clearly" to make my point clear?

D , but then why in the world did she pretend to be his "friend"?

The fine line between romance and madness: Why reasonable people can ‘go crazy’ over love

And why would she go out with others guys on dates? It makes no sense! On top of that, the guy was such a dumbhead for coming back to her after every time she rejected him. How many clues does a person need?

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Come on, grow a freaking backbone!!! The only part I did enjoy was the illegal racing, but sadly there were only few scenes featuring it and even more sadly, we were never in Logan's head to experience the thrilling ride. And don't even get me started on the cheating! Granted that they didn't sleep around when they were dating each other, but there was a lot of emotional cheating there which I can't look over.

All in all, The Fine Line wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but at the same time, I'm not right audience for it. I think it's perfect for fans of Thoughless by SC Stephens or someone who can handle on and off relationships that are full of angst, drama and a lot of mind fuck. Though I won't be giving up on the author because I'm sure with the right story, I'll have no problem falling in love with her work.

A Copy was provided by the author for an early feedback. There are some huge fireworks that you need to experience for yourself! Olivia has known loss in her life, so when she says she will never fall in love or connect with a man, she truly means it. But what happens when you find your other half?

A connection so deep, you fall no matter what you do to avoid the hole? Logan is not the type of guy to settle down; he enjoys casual relationships, the kind with no strings.


He is the definition of young guy, party, sleep around, and enjoy life in the moment. He also likes to street race, and when he finds his new lucky charm, he has to fight some pretty intense feelings to stay just friends. This is more than the stubborn girl falls for the stubborn boy and they fall madly in love, the end. I am not sure I can handle this! Why are you doing this to me? D I enjoyed this book alot.

I can't say I liked everything about it, because there were some serious huffing, eye rolling and constant grumbling at times. I just found myself basking in it all. The dedication of Logan was worth the read. I admired him, the way he was true to himself and others. When his feelings started growing, he wasn't running. D As for Liv. She matured some towards the end, but that didn't do much justice looking back.

I understand her hesitation for going into a relationship, but I hated how she kept pushing and pulling. Didn't like how she kept throwing blames around and making excuses for herself and justifying her actions. The ending is good. I loved the ending: And like Sue always said - he got he girl HE wanted and love so who am I to bitch? This one is hard to rate since I really liked the concept of the story, but some parts of the story lacked some.

I loved that this story was not inst-love. Logan and Liv become friends, best friends. It was nice how the reader got to see this relationship grow through all the different stages of attraction, friendship, and love. Some of the verbiage was wordy. There was a lot of unnecessary detail. I found myself skimming some of the inner dialogue. I think the author wanted to show that Liv was not giving up her friendships just because she was with Logan, but it came off as her being difficult.

The reader will love Logan and all his ways. Overall it was a nice story. Even though I had some issues with the story, I did want to finish it and see how it would all come together. That strange little word-noise 'meh' pretty much sums up my feeling for this book. There were some parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but there were some parts that drove me completely mad. Every time I began to warm up to him, the sap went and cried. I'm sorry but I totally can't get behind a hero that bawls his eyes out every time things get tough.

I don't have to have a supreme That strange little word-noise 'meh' pretty much sums up my feeling for this book. I don't have to have a supreme alpha being in every book I read, but what's with all the water works?! I immediately noticed his bloodshot, puffy eyes and red cheeks. Had he been crying? This is a debut novel and it was a pretty easy read, but it didn't rock my world.

I wasn't head-over-heels in love with it. But it was nice. It has a bit of drama, a bit of steam, some troubled backgrounds, the unoriginal loved-one-died-in-a-car-accident, some stereotypical love-story elements, some commitment issues and two troubled 'Just Friends' But I think this will be much more interesting. I never mind being pushed and pulled in every direction, as long as it's worth it and as long as it feels justified. And sometimes it did. I've never laughed the way I do when I'm with you. When something awesome happens, you're the first person I want to tell, and when something terrible happsn, you make it better.

You give me strength to get through the bullshit, Liv, and I want to tell you things I've never told anybody. But they didn't last too long, so it wasn't too bad. Although it's a shame because these niggles do tend to break your concentration and pull you out of the story, making it hard to completely lose yourself in the text.

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Olivia Evans was a tad annoying. She was a bit immature, indecisive, dramatic and fickle for my liking, but I liked how the author told her story. Liv has been through an inordinate amount of heartache and has abandonment issues. As a result, she doesn't believe in love and certainly isn't in search of it. But my God, she needs to learn not to be such a wet lettuce. I get that she has commitment issues, but she was just breaking poor Logan's heart and it was pissing me off.

Why does everyone I love have to leave?

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Help us improve your experience by sending an error report. Like this review and want to keep up to date with more book news…? Liv is a high school senior who doesn't believe in relationships; the number of times she has been left behind heartbroken and lonely by her loved ones has only proved her not to love someone fully, so she keeps her distance and dates occasionally. I had just come off of a couple really bad books when I started this one and I was instantly immersed. About Menu Reviews Reserve Now. We needed each other.

So, other than the issue with his over-active tear ducts, I liked Logan Tanner. He was a decent enough guy and he feel hard and fast for Liv although I'm not entirely sure why , which he was totally honest and realistic about. But then he went and took protective and controlling to the limit, which I was so not cool! You're with me now. Guys do not want to be your friend," he aid condescendingly. I thought I was going into a story that was going to be centred around Logan's hobby for racing his car, but that part kind of faded into the background and we only witnessed a couple of races.

I thought that was a bit of a shame. For me, it just lacked originality and depth. Have you read it? Tell us what you thought? Like this review and want to keep up to date with more book news…? Follow me at the links below… My blog: When Alicia emailed me and asked if I would be interested in reading The Fine Line I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis.

This was such a wonderfully written book and I was thoroughly impressed, especially since it was a debut novel. I had just come off of a couple really bad books when I started this one and I was instantly immersed. I spent an entire Sunday reading this one and it was such an emotional journey. Liv has spent her whole life being let down, especially by the men in her life and this has forced her to build walls that are practically impenetrable by the time she hits However, Liv is too afraid to lose Logan to really open up to him but in the end, her inability to let him fully in may cause her to lose him in the end.

However, I totally understood her fears. She has legit abandonment issues and she truly believes that Logan will eventually leave her like everyone else has. Each time she almost lets him in, her fears get the best of her and she pushes Logan away. My biggest frustration with Liv was her back and forth with Logan and the hot and cold.

I felt like she led him on and gave him hope for a relationship and then would shut him out and push him away. She made a lot of poor decisions and really hurt Logan but I liked her growth because she learned to open up and take chances and in the end she took the biggest chance of them all. I really liked Logan. I liked how understanding and sweet he was with Liv. He wanted to be with her and he wanted her to love him back.

However, if friends was all he could get then he would take that too. He was always there for Liv and proved himself time and time again. However, he pulled some dick moves trying to make her jealous and I lost a little respect for him when he did that. However, I loved the way he cared for Liv and the sweet things that he did for her on her birthday and when she was sick.

The push and pull and back and forth with Liv and Logan was an emotional rollercoaster.

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It was obvious how much they cared and loved each other and I wanted Logan to take a chance and put it out there. There was a lot of tension here as Logan pushed her a bit to open up to him and Liv desperately fought her feelings. I liked seeing Liv open up to her mom about her fears and I think that conversation was a revelation for her and it was exactly what she needed to open herself to love and Logan. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was well written, flowed nicely and had an interesting and exciting plot.

I liked the side characters and I found Logan and Liv to be well developed. I found myself frustrated one minute and giddy with excitement the next. A book that can provoke that kind of range of emotions is the kind of book I love to read. I love it when you find a great little gem of a book. The book had me hooked right from the beginning.

The story is about Liv who has been let down many times by the men in her life growing up therefore has vowed to never let another guy get close to her. However when she meet Logan she finds it difficult to stick to the promise she made to herself. Liv is determined that they will be just friends but Logan is also determined to show her that that they can b 4.

Liv is determined that they will be just friends but Logan is also determined to show her that that they can be more than friends and how good they would be together. This is a story of friendship to love. I loved Logan character who also had his own issues but would but these aside to support Liv and fight for what he wanted. The friendship to romance is slow build an there was times when I just wanted to bang their heads together because it was so obvious they should be together.

The plot kept me interested throughout and I loved the street racing aspects of the story especially towards the end of the book which will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is very well written and you could really get a feel for Liv's emotions and the reason behind her choices even if these were a little frustrating at times. If you like angst romance reads you will definitely enjoy this book.

It was a great fun, fast-paced romance story. This is the debut book from author Alicia Kobishop and I will be looking out for future books by Alicia. A copy of this book was provided by Author Alicia Kobishop in exchange for an honest review A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Querer y dejarse querer. Dios, fue tan casi perfecto. Pero me gusto, tuvo giros inesperados y no pude detenerme hasta poder terminarlo. What a great debut new adult standalone novel by Alicia Kobishop!

I really enjoyed the racing theme and how these two commitment phobia people made each other complete. There are some twists along the way like every novel and some were easy to guess but others I didn't see coming. Be ready to read in one sitting because you'll find this sexy read about first love hard to put down! I definitely would be Logan's flag girl anytime!! I will say for being a debut novel I was thoroughly impressed. I really liked this story.

I was sucked in from the beginning and it kept hold of me until the very last page. She had many different elements in this story Plus there were a couple times that time jumped without a smooth transition, it was slightly confusing at times. But neither of those reasons deterred me from really enjoying this book.

I also loved that the theme of this story was about car racing. I haven't read many books with that type of story. It reminded me of the movie The Fast and Furious, which I love: I really enjoyed this authors writing style As for the characters in this story, I'll start with Logan because stole my heart from the very beginning. I absolutely loved his character!!!! He was a strong person but he had trouble trusting people due to something from his childhood. He didn't do relationships, at least not until he met Liv.

She changed his mind and opened his heart. I give Logan a lot of credit because let me tell you Logan was truly a patient man and he knew what he wanted and wasn't willing to give it up. There was one situation, that happened with Logan that I thought was left unfinished I wish we would've gotten a definitive answer on it. I can't say more bc it gives too much away.

I liked her character but boy did she start to drive me bonkers. I had many eye rolling moments when it came to her and her decisions. I liked that she was strong willed but that also led her to be very stubborn. I will say it was nice that what drama was brought to light by other people was short lived. I will also say that as I read this book I had to keep reminding myself that Liv was still in high school and Logan was only 20 yrs old.

There were times that I forgot they were younger characters. Not that that is a bad thing. There were quite a few secondary characters that added to this book but none that really stuck out.

a fine line

I would recommend this book to everyone. If you're looking for a pretty quick read that is action packed and has a hot race car driver for the hero, then this is the book for you. For more reviews go to www. I received a complimentary e-copy of The Fine Line in exchange for an honest review. Liv is a high school senior who is out hanging with her friends when she meets Logan, who is unlike anyone she's ever met before.

Logan is 2 years older and quite the looker and has a hobby that is quite exhilirating. Liv has learned that love is synonomous with saying goodbye. She watched her parent's marriage break up. Then she got close to 2 of her mom's boyfriends, one of which was killed in I received a complimentary e-copy of The Fine Line in exchange for an honest review.