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Wine tasting iPhone app from Winecast. Esponce is a mobile marketing platform for marketers to create dynamic QR codes and beautiful Mobile apps. Free Trial Sign in. Customers What some of our customers have to say about us. A beautiful interface and a great product to match. After scouring the internet for a QR code system that can manage dozens of clients and campaigns we have finally found the partner we have been looking for.

Esponce intelligent interface and extensive options has really turned a very stressful, messy and unorganized process into a fun, simple and valuable asset for our clients. Responsive, timely and helpful!

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I inadvertently deleted a QR code that is currently on several of our salespeoples' business cards. Realizing this, I immediately contacted ESPONCE in hopes of recovering the "missing" code so the existing cards did not have a non-working code on the back. Well, not only did I receive a message back same-day, I was informed that my QR was recovered and placed back into my stable of codes. I'm very happy with the way Esponce came up with a solution for my business QR needs, great customer service!

Very straightforward and easy-to-use! QR codes have played a pivotal part in the on-going success of our client media campaigns. Esponce easy-to-use creation and QR code tracking has enabled us to manage and provide accurate monthly reports. This has helped us tremendously to assess the readership value and success of the ad in the corresponding media.

Coming up with an account related issue. The response time was absolutely in time and the staff was friendly and qualified. To find and solve the problem wasnt that easy, but it was still done within days. All working good again: How Wendy's partnered with Coca-Cola to create one of the most engaging QR code campaigns of the year. In , it created one of the most engaging QR codes on the market. And there were hundreds of other prizes. In just two months, during the sweepstake period, we registered more than , scans from a total , unique users.

What's amazing about this campaign is that we captured scans from more than different device models from almost 8, cities which just proves how big an impact this QR Code had. As this case proves, If you know how to use the leadership and experience of Esponce , you have the potential to deliver incredible, tangible results to your clients.

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The user experience is probably the most important part of the process but if you can back that up with analytics and deliver specific numbers and trends to the money men, then you have the source of a long and lucrative business tool. So, the next time someone tells you that QR Codes are dead and useless, show them what can be done. The following pics and tables show the above average engagement in this case. I have been so impressed with the quick responce and willingness to work with me. What a great program and so easy to use.

I will be a customer for life. In addition to the incredible ease of use, they have the functionality and reporting that everyone WANTS but some people miss. But the thing that is truly amazing, an really unmatched for companies in the same space is their support, - it's flawless. Onsite real-time programming is possible! Thanks to Esponce and their friendly interface and amazing customer support , we are able to offer QR codes of any sizes and precisely keep track of them for our reports.

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Just the features I need! Since I research all of the services I feature in my books, I already knew that Esponce had the features I needed. I not only needed a QR code generator and manager, but a service that allowed me to change my codes whenever I needed, as well as a way to track them. And Esponce fit the bill perfectly. The book has nearly 40 QR codes, linking to resources, videos, tutorials, presentations, and more. They serve as a way to enhance the content of the book with ancillary material I can update whenever I need to. Esponce has offers an ideal way for me to accomplish this.

Real world meets the digital world. Our digital agency has benefited greatly from the Esponce QR codes.

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The ability to create QR codes in under a minute and be able to fully customize the links, colours, and even branding it with our logo, is a value added proposition that all our clients love. With the Esponce system, we're able to provide print ready QR codes that our clients can resize, utilize and place in any of their out of home materials, allowing see us as a market leader in QR codes, all thanks to the Esponce system.

We have nothing but high hopes and wishes for Esponce as their platform is truly a valuable and hidden gem. It's allowed our business to expand into this mobile market segment. The Wine Industry becomes friendlier with QR technology. In the last few years the Wine industry have adopted QR technology in their marketing strategies.

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So much information; so little time. Gallo have been using QR codes in marketing campaigns to support local community projects and they have had a positive effect on brand awareness. Your car probably sits idle at least some of the time and the idea behind Turo is to put that idle time to use. Innocentive — Win cash prizes for your game-changing problem-solving ideas. Usable for both traditional barcodes and QR codes, this is a versatile and simple barcode reader. Make sure your business card receives the attention it deserves. I have a Iphone 4.

The use of QR codes on wine labels has been a great success which has helped many companies to sell more wine. Creative use of QR Codes still plays a major role when it comes to ideas on how to engage with your customers. Once we have created your message and your code, you can market it and get started immediately on your QR campaign. The leading International Wine Company E.

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Gallo which represents one of the California Wine Families will celebrate its 80th anniversary in They have partnered with Esponce for the second year in succession, to use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. Gallo has great respect and prestige within the industry and recognized the potential use of QR codes and has creatively implemented this marketing tool into their business to experiment with mobile interaction to their end consumers to create a better customer experience.

Gallo has great respect and prestige within the industry and recognized the great use of QR codes and has creatively implemented this marketing tool into their business to experiment with mobile interaction to their end consumers to create a better customer experience. Gallo wanted to increase QR code engagement in their products and decided that QR codes were the perfect solution. This exclusive information is added value for the customer and potentially your product as it is one of the best post-purchase services in which a company can use in order to achieve efficient, low-cost, cutting-edge marketing.

These codes can lead the consumer to a to instructional videos on how to make the recipes. It is fun to learn in this way and adds extra wow factor, knowing that each wine region has its own traditional recipes. Many people seem to love the recipe codes, showing them what they can make if they use a particular wine. The codes can also lead consumers to articles where they can learn a lot more information about wines in general, making it easier for them to decide which ones they want to buy for a particular purpose. Many Wine companies also see an opportunity to interact with a target audience through a Wine app.

The Wine industry are really moving quickly and in the next decade Wine shopping will become much more personalized, convenient and sociable for many customers and as most people nowadays own cell phones, making the QR codes available to more and more people will help to gain your product more exposure through social media. One of Gallo's QR campaign.

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Think about what the students absolutely have to know about your class. After you cut some of the excesses, think about what images would help students better understand the key elements of your classroom. On the first day of school, students are full of questions. Can I chew gum? What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom? Is a pen okay? Try to anticipate these questions and include the answers in your syllabus.

Students will be able to revisit your syllabus if they forget a procedure in weeks to come mine always forget how to turn in late work. Your wording should be easy to see and visually pleasing. Stick to a few colors that complement each other and use similar shapes throughout your syllabus to give it an organized, unified look. Try to group similar information into one block. For example, combine information about assessment and grading.

Have more information on your website? Create a QR code and paste it into your infographic rather than making it too text-heavy. I utilize QR codes frequently in my class, so including one in my syllabus helps students figure out how to read them independently without having to take up class time.

For Personal use:

Try to keep the wording short and to the point. Text-heaviness is only going to lessen the visual appeal of your syllabus. The ultimate goal of your syllabus is to provide parents and students with a snapshot of how your classroom runs. Katherine Maloney has been teaching International Baccalaureate English and Theory of Knowledge for the past 15 years.

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Stunning QR codes - the really easy way to earn big cash fast - Kindle edition by Csaba Burillak. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. stunning qr codes the really easy way to earn big cash fast kindle edition by csaba burillak download it once and read it on your kindle device pc find helpful.

I created a free Piktochart account for myself and began to take a look around. I knew I wanted a syllabus that would:. The experience was quick and painless, and the final product not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. So here are my top 5 tricks to creating a kick-butt infographic syllabus!

Piktochart separates the canvas into several boxes. You can make a super simple syllabus with some graphics in about an hour using Piktochart, but if you want to add links, graphics, fonts, and other cool stuff, you should set aside at least 2 hours to actually build your syllabus. Personally, I am doing this for my students. With this in mind, I designed my infographic to be mostly student friendly. Instead of just making text boxes and charts with pretty backdrops, I included clipart and shorter chunks of text. I also made sure to put the terminology in student-friendly terms.

Of course, there are still parts that are directed towards parents, but for the most part, I designed my syllabus for my students. I wanted them to remember my syllabus for once! The best advice I can give is to look over your old syllabus and pick the top 5 most important sections. Replace words with graphics when possible, or use graphics to accompany your writing to clarify meaning. The top 5 sections I chose were: From those categories, I picked 3—4 key points and made sure to include them. What do I want them to remember?

The point of using an infographic is not just to make it look cool which it definitely does , but also to simplify your class and expectations into small, understandable chunks. If you need to go further into detail on something, talk about it with the students in class, and if you must, create a brief handout to elaborate. Overall, I think that my final product is pretty spectacular and I love it!