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Straight Talk Wireless

Melissa, May 20, Katie, November 1, I like this option vs. Great idea straight talk! I don't enjoy buying cards and then having to recycle them and I am not comfortable putting my credit card information into the straight talk system. This is the perfect alternative. Within five minutes of purchase I had my pin and it was accepted by straight talk.

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Find prepaid wireless plans from Straight Talk. $45/mo for unlimited talk, text, & data. No contracts. Cut your cell phone bill in half, feel richer today. Need to buy a new service card? Refill both now at Straight Talk Wireless.

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Honest and straightforward small-town Shirlee Kenyon chucks her boyfriend and heads for Chicago. If you keep your own phone, you can keep your current number and network. Straight Talk buys airtime from all four major networks rather than building a network of its own, so most phones will work just fine. In fact, by using the nation's leading cellular providers, over 99 percent of the country is covered.

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To be sure that Straight Talk provides coverage in your local calling area, visit StraightTalk. You may want to check out a prepaid wireless home phone, a portable wireless device that's compatible with your existing corded or cordless phone. No high-speed internet or landline is required plus you get all the features you need at no extra cost: It's a cost-efficient alternative to existing landline services. With Straight Talk Wireless, you can pick a plan that works best for you. Get more for your money with unlimited nationwide talk, text and data for 30 days or more with our extended service plans.

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Straight Talk offers the plan to meet your needs. You'll need to refill your service plan every 30 days in order to keep your Straight Talk phone active. If you prefer, you can enroll in an auto-refill program, to automatically refill your plan at the end of each service period. Our Extended Unlimited Plans of 90, or days offer unlimited talk and text with 10GB of high speed data every 30 days.

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Straight Talk Broadband provides a mobile hotspot that gives you a wireless internet connection with no software to install, no contract and no excess fees or charges. This portable little internet connection device taps into America's largest and most dependable 4G LTE networks and allows you to wirelessly share its data connection with up to five devices at once, so you can get Wi-Fi on the go. Whether you're posting on social media or streaming your favorite TV shows, Straight Talk offers plans to suit your data needs. With Walmart's wireless phones and plans, there are lots of ways to get more for your dollar.

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You'll need to refill your service plan every 30 days in order to keep your Straight Talk phone active. Add the first question. To be sure that Straight Talk provides coverage in your local calling area, visit the StraightTalk website and enter the ZIP code where you'll be using your Straight Talk phone the most. No high-speed Internet or landline is required and you get all the features you need at no extra cost voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, even calls to Tell us if something is incorrect.

Enjoy the freedom, flexibility and functionality of a prepaid, no-contract phone with Straight Talk Wireless, only at Walmart. Select from the latest phones or keep your phone and enjoy coverage on America's largest, most dependable networks.

If you don't already have a phone you'd like to bring with you, Straight Talk has plenty to pick from.