The Dragons Veil Book 2: The Dragons Vision

Veiled Intentions

You can find a short description of Demogorgon in the 5th edition Monster Manual under the Demon Lords section pgs. Back in the day, these stats meant your certain and gruesome death should you ever be so unfortunate as to meet it.

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Demogorgon plays prominently in the 5th edition Rage of Demons story arc, specifically in the Out of the Abyss campaign. That set went through a major revision in , lead by game designer Tom Moldvay, and covered character levels The Expert Set , also published in , and with cover art by the famed Erol Otus, was an expansion to the Basic Set , covering character levels The Expert Set was revised in under the direction of Frank Mentzer, with cover art by the equally famed Larry Elmore.

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The edition of Expert Rules seems to be the one being used in Stranger Things. The Expert Rules were notable for a few reasons.

Second, dwarves, elves, and halflings were given max levels respectively due to them having special racial abilities, in order to help keep the game balanced. And third, it made allowances for characters to gain and hire NPCs as retainers and henchmen, and also allowed characters to construct their own castles and strongholds upon reaching higher levels.

It is a place of decay and death, a plane out of phase, a [place] with monsters. So, this may just be a little Hollywood mojo added in for effect. Chapter 1 of the excellent video game Icewind Dale is titled The Vale of Shadows, and has your party investigating the area on a mission for the druid Arundel.

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This Vale of Shadows is just a tomb located east of Kuldahar in the Spine of the World, and not another plane of existence. In Stranger Things , the mysterious girl Eleven has the ability to do things with only the power of her mind.

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Veiled Intensions, the second book in The Dragon's Blade series by Michael R. Miller The storyline definitely evolves in book 2 and keeps getting better. The Lost Continent follows Darkness of Dragons, and precedes The Hive Queen. They bring her to their home, where they announce to their two tribes her arrival. . She then rips off her veil, revealing white eyes that show the queen is.

The edition of Unearthed Arcana titled Psionics and the Mystic detail a supplement to house rules for playing a psionic character, but psionics is not yet official 5th edition material. Tragedy strikes in Taran Leigh, flames forever changing the landscape of the village and the hearts of its inhabitants. In the islands of the archipelago, the hunter clans of Loughran wage an escalating war with the reclusive Endellion, protectors of the dragons.

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As swiftly as a storm abrades the sea, the threads of his dream unravel. Skimmers seize their prize, exposing his deception. The Guild retaliates, all Morgen holds dear thrust into peril—his ships and wealth, his freedom, the lives of those he loves, and his own survival. Provoked by Kearney and the hunters of Loughran, Phelan hires warriors from across the outland sea.

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Mercenaries from the Tradelands descend on the archipelago, brandishing fear as they execute the wicked vision of their masters. In the mountains of the Mirror, dragons return with the spring, impaled by arrows, wings torn to white bone.

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Bound to the dragons and the Belonging they embody, Conall and Torin fly for the islands of the western sea. In the epic conclusion of Eye of Sun, forces from both sides of the sea converge on the Arran Archipelago for a final reckoning. Skyriders of Taran Leigh and the Mirror join with the hunters of Loughran, Endellion archers, and daring skimmers for a last stand.

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