Sirensong: A Faeriewalker Novel

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Read the book now! I think I loved this one more than the first two. The trip to the Queen's was interesting. They are on the move a lot so lots of things happen. She sees weird things she's never seen before. When Dana is wanted by the Queen, she is quite brave and does anything she has to in order to survive. We also see her powers developing more and realize just what she can do! I loved Sirensong, I hope you do too! I also love how she is leaning down on her hands. What I'd Give It: Jan 05, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: With both Queens of Faerie trying to kill her, she never thought her father would accept an invitation to visit Queen Titania of the Seelie Court.

Being presented at Court is supposed to be an honor, but when you are a Faeriewalker, like she is, the reason for the invitation is definitely suspect. And although they were promised safe passage and an escort, including Prince Henry himself and his Knights, traveling through Faerie is not likely to be as easy as everyone seems to believe.

But when a surprise attack nearly costs Dana her life and the life of her friends, the feeling of foreboding she has gets stronger. And she thought things in Avalon were complicated. The story picks up just shortly after everything that transpired with the Erlking and the Wild Hunt in Shadowspell. Dana is still living in her safe house, continuing to train with Keane and trying to figure out a way out of the bargain she made with the Erlking.

As she heads off to Faerie with her father and her friends, Dana is still keeping secrets about just what happened with the Erlking, secrets that may put more than just her friendships on the line. Sirensong is a bewitching story of Faerie magic, heroism, bravery, love and friendship. As Dana tries to navigate the complex landscape of Faerie, she learns more about the power of honesty, about who she is, what she is capable of, and the importance of friendship.

Jenna Black has written yet another charming and completely captivating story in the series. There are a few surprises, someone new to keep an eye on, and a slightly darker turn for one of the character. And although this installment may not have quite as steamy a scene as there was in Shadowspell, there is just as much tension and a few heart-racing moments that will entice. This book is a must read for fans of the series and for readers who enjoy an enchanting adventure through the magical world of Faerie, with a bit of a mystery to piece together, a few ulterior motives to uncover, and a heroine who is brave, incredibly determined, and who has some pretty cool powers.

On a personal note: This series is such a yummy distraction from reality. And this one is definitely an adventure. Finally Dana gets to go into Faerie. Once Dana arrived in Faerie I was not able to put the book down. And between her practice fights with Keane and how Ethan dealt with his jealousy, there were some seriously entertaining and laugh out loud moments. I still love Dana, but the flawed half-mortal that she is, is really no competition for the age-old leader of the Wild Hunt.

Dana is still lovable, with her sarcasm, lack of interest in all things girlie, and her tough and determined streak. I still think there are more adventures to be had with more story left to tell, I just hope the author does too. Jan 13, Shera Book Whispers rated it liked it Shelves: The love square comes to an end!! Nothing brings me more pleasure when a painful love triangle comes to end, or so I thought. It brings me greater pleasure when a terrible love square ends!! It is a great thing for this series since I love it so much.

As a team Keane fan, I think I can speak for us all when I say he went to a better love interest. In The love square comes to an end!! The role of the Erkling really gets confusing in Sirensong. His actions are still pretty self serving, but he does things that make you wonder about him. The magic of the fairy realm also gets explored, though it stays firmly within the Seelie Court. You know lots of forests, house made to blend in, the vegetation is commanded to move and do what they want, and the Seelie court is a towering fortress. However, author Jenna Black states Sirensong is the last entry.

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Book 2 in the Nightstruck series as others succumb to the siren song of the night, letting their darker sides run wild. Sirensong (Faeriewalker Trilogy Book 3). Sirensong has ratings and reviews. Sabrina said: I gave this book five four stars, so clearly I liked it. But that's not going to mean I don't.

Kana thinks a lot about sex, a lot. Dana has a few make out scenes and she walks in on someone s clearly just finishing up with a bedroom scene. Original review at Book Whispers. Apr 09, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it liked it Shelves: I think this book has been the best out of the Faeriewalker series. But considering I gave it 3 stars, that doesn't exactly speak well of the books, now, does it?

This series has been one of the rare ones in which I've found the good guys male and female alike to be largely whiny, adolescent, and altogether annoying, and the bad guys tend to be caricatures. With the exception of the Erlking, the bad guys tend to be purely evil, with no redeeming qualities that would make them seem Take Henry in this book oh, and Elizabeth? Could you possibly be any more obvious with the naming, Ms. It may be possible that I read too many Regencies, but I picture him as a foppish Beau Brummel type, with a pencil-on beauty mark and white powdered face, and he's written as such a jerk that really, it doesn't take a brain bigger than that of a goldfish to figure out who's behind the big mystery here.

And the guys, ugh, it got so bad that I'd rather date Dana's dad out of all the other options in the book. I mean, he's a bit stiff, but he's immortal, and Fae, so looks and age are not a factor here. Plus, he's mature, responsible, and he's had a few millennia to tame all that alpha male testonerone that Keane and Ethan can't keep under control. Good god, those two. I just want them to go at it and KO each other out already; they're intolerable enough by themselves, throw them in with each other and the f-s fists and f-cks just fly all over the damn place.

Just kill each other and be done with it. Kimber--I HATE that name, by the way, it reminds me of an overtly cheerful yoga intructionist that I just want to punch in the face when she's chirping at me to lift my ass higher as my muscles scream in protest, which actually isn't too far off from the character of Kimber herself. Most annoying friend ever. I actually don't hate Dana as much now that I think of it. Surrounded by all these terrible people, she cannot be blamed for her lack of intellectual and rational skill development. The alcoholic mother is the least of her problems.

Oct 18, Sam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read this yesterday and dying to get it out of my system!! SO I loved this, it was unexpected and some funny bits. I'm glad the character's personalities didn't change throughout the series. I did feel kind of jealous when I was reading the whole 'Kimber and Keane' thing. I don't know how to think of his hair: Does he have curtains? Or is it parted at the side?

Or all different lengths? Why couldn't he have had n Read this yesterday and dying to get it out of my system!! Why couldn't he have had nice shortish blond hair that fell into his eyes and made him look sexy? But NO, he had to have horrible long hair that probably makes him look like a pirate! Now that's out of the way. The book had a nice plot and I found my self enjoying their adventure through Faerie.

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There was some pretty good tension and some quality action which I loved. I thought the book ended quite well. It didn't follow the 'And they all lived happily ever after' thing but I did kind of expect it to end: Ethan and Dana do what they do, Dana's Mum quits drinking, everybody is friends, etc. But it was nice to see that Jenna Black was being realistic! Hope to read her books in the future!! Jul 04, Anne rated it it was ok Shelves: All of the books in this series are ok , and this one is no different. In other words, I'm glad I checked this out from the library instead of paying for it.

I've read that there are no more book planned in this series anytime soon not sure how true that is , and I can honestly say that it's probably for the best. Sirensong just had a stagnant feel to it, especially with character development. It also felt like the different love interests were being quickly paired off so everything 2. It also felt like the different love interests were being quickly paired off so everything could be tidy when it was put to bed I couldn't bring myself to care who was with whom. But it was readable. I guess that's the best thing I can think to say about it.

Feb 19, Booknut rated it really liked it. Yes, Ethan is great, but I kinda wish she'd ended up with Keane he's adorable!!!! May 10, Steph Sinclair rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 7 comments. Nov 24, Hweeps rated it it was amazing Shelves: With some stray comments I saw, and with the epilogue, I suppose this would be the last book in the Faeriewalker series. In response to that, let's just say that I am not happy!

I thought Sirensong was an arresting novel from start to end. The only reason I was able to stop before I hit page was because 1.

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I'd just finished Shadowspell before I started on Sirensong and so 2. I must restrict the quantity of goodness I was being exposed to. It was late, and I'd promised myself to sleep early With some stray comments I saw, and with the epilogue, I suppose this would be the last book in the Faeriewalker series.

It was late, and I'd promised myself to sleep early. That didn't work out. By the time I finished making myself calm down because of Shadowspell, and finished the book review on Goodreads, it was 1am-. The honoring invitation comes in the form of a self-centred, incredibly cruel and mean Prince - Prince Henry. Dana's dad makes it clear to her that they have no way out of it, and also tells her more about Henry, and his own time at court.

Dana is repeatedly reassured of her safety, because she will be travelling as a dignified guest of the Queen herself, but of course, Dana doesn't believe the words. With a gun her father gave to her, and the magic she possesses, she unwillingly makes her way to Faerie with the entire circus. Keane, Kimber, and Ethan accompany her. Her mum, though, is left in Avalon - to her drinking devices. I thought that part was well-written: The alcohol addiction of Dana's mother was very relatable especially to the current-world-readers of this fictional novel, and Dana's frustration, anger , and sorrow at her mother's self-destructive behavior were all pictured realistically.

Even during their journey, Keane insists on practising with Dana. It was as entertaining as previous sessions of practice, though I would have preferred if Kimber wasn't there to drool over Keane okay, fine, I'm jealous of a fictional character because I have a crush on a fictional character-I know, I know! Ethan takes down Keane's shield spell, and Dana kicks Keane in the groin at that moment. That had been an emotionally-charged scene, at least it seemed to me, because of Keane's lingering attachment or crush as I saw it on Dana.

On their way to the Palace, the whole group is attacked by a bunch of Unseelie creatures. In the turmoil that ensues, Dana is carried away from the group where there are a bunch of Knights and all to protect her, or at least, the Prince by her horse. And because even a child would be able to tell you that Faerie horses, or animals, would not run off in a panic, to the heart of danger, it's no surprise when it's revealed that Dana's horse had been charmed.

However, she is saved by -who else? That part was a bit crazy, because the Erlking is crazy. I don't mean that in the literal sense or maybe I do , but because although both Dana and I a well-written novel always seems to make you feel like the protagonist plain as day know the guy for bad news, we ha-ha can't help but be completely attracted. It's like watching something terrible unfold - you cannot look away. And that's how it is with the Erlking. He's terrible, but yet he always comes through for Dana, and when he does, it's impossible to look away.

Now I sound crazy. I liked how he moved away when he heard about the spell Dana had cast, though; it made me fear for Dana, and fearful of the man. Or rather, the immortal. I'd never seen anything like that before in any other Faerie books, and I thoroughly enjoyed the scene, even if it wasn't all that positive for Dana. It was also, in my mind, a brilliant way of introducing something new to the reader view spoiler [Elizabeth hide spoiler ]. Then from then on, things progress really quickly.

Princess Elaine, Titania's granddaughter, is assassinated with a bomb - something only a Faeriewalker can do. Or at least someone in her aura. This reminds me greatly of view spoiler [ Storm Born hide spoiler ]. This new twist made my stomach coil and twist and turn. Jenna Black is one good writer. Wherein much things happen. What I do not get is why Kimber is so mad at Dana. Yes, she kept a bijillion secrets from her, yes, she did lie about certain things, like the geis. But she didn't do it to hurt her! If anything, she was trying to protect her.

Maybe she was mad at Dana for not trusting her enough to tell her things, but didn't she get that Dana is an individual who warms slowly and is hesitant to trust? That doesn't make her any less than a friend - that just makes her who she is! Why is Kimber so quick to anger at Dana just because she didn't tell her the entire truth? Yeah, it might hurt, but I don't get why she had to run away and all. The part about view spoiler [Kimber and Keane hide spoiler ] did not please me. I suppose people will be quick to point out here how Dana seems to be a protagonist who lacks common sense, is too full of herself to not think of better ways, to think she can actually succeed, yada yada.

And then view spoiler [Dana kills Henry. Maybe because of the magic and all; like things had a lost a bit of steam after Dana's ability was revealed. Following that, Dana makes another deal with the Devil. Arawn is just such a well-written character, in my humble opinion. He's manipulative, arrogant, proud, perhaps cruel, maybe malicious, but he can still charm the feet off you, or at least, make you hate him while loving him.

He's so dangerous I'd shrivel into a puddle of water if I ever met him in life. There's so many facets to him. What follows is pretty tame; reunions with her mom who is still such a horrible disappointment!!! There wasn't any or much mention of Keane and Finn, though. Keane made an appearance toward the end, but it was a short one, and nothing more was said about him and Dana. Which really disappointed me. And also, Finn was hardly mentioned I was wishing for Dana to sprint and embrace him. I would have loved to see his reaction!

Although the epilogue did a lot to wrap the series up, there's still this lingering feeling that there needs to be more; to account for things that haven't happened, to satisfy this hunger, you know? I'm hoping desperately that I am wrong, that the Faeriewalker series IS going to be continued. I am thoroughly, completely, truly looking forward to the next installment of the series. I have zero doubt it'd be one exciting ride on the roller-coaster not that I'd been on one, but you know..

Mar 20, booksryey 99 rated it really liked it. Dec 11, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: I say summoned because her father basically feels that they have no choice but to appear or else a full blown confrontation will occur. She has also kept it hidden from her father, and friends for fear that if anyone learned what she can do, she would be hunted down like an animal and killed. Upon arriving at court, Dana, Kimber, Nathan, and Keane are forced to run after someone tries to kill a court princess. Dana is blamed because she is a Faeriewalker and thus able to bring human technology like a bomb into Fairie.

Forced to make a choice; run back to Avalon where she is relatively safe, or return and save her friends. Dana makes the only choice she believes she can make; she attempts to prove her innocence. Sirensong, by Jenna Black, ends the 3-book trilogy called Faeriewalker. The series takes place over the course of several weeks, rather than months, or even years.

This isn't the worse series ever made and yes it has its moments of brevity that made me continue to read all three books and not abandon it. Well, not me personally, but you get my point.

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I enjoyed the interaction between Dana and the Erlking Arawn and his gamesmanship in getting people to do what he desires. At the risk of sounding trite, I was not pleased with the way that Dana gave in so easily to his bargain in Shadowspell in an attempt to get Ethan back. Then again, Dana is 16 years old and has been forced to make some difficult choices time and time again just by having an idiotic and useless mother who doesn't realize what her actions are doing to her own kid. You just got to live your life, and hope that eventually things work out for the best.

Probably one of the reasons I enlisted in the military straight out of high school instead of going to college and remaining in a city where I knew I would have to live with the constant nightmares. Mar 02, Tonya Hardin rated it it was amazing. I thought it was good. There was romance, comedy, adventure, and real life situations. I think there could be another book on her future with everyone friends, family, and the erkling.

I feel there could be something more between Dana and erkling that could affect her and Kimberly. I like the story line a lot but the ending is too sweet. Worth sharing with others. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy When a queen invites you to court, even if that queen wants you dead, you go. At least she gets to take her boyfriend and best friend with her. But she also has to take her relentless fight instructor who might or might not be transferring his affections to another, her father, and the queen's haughty son.

Almost without fail, I lose a bit of interest when books with fae end up crossing into Faerie. There are the obligatory forests, nasty critters, and not quite normal phenomenons, but I always find the scenes set there—regardless of the book—a bit ho-hum. Sad to say it, but I found that true here too. The action, romance, and emotions all kick up ten fold.

In that sense, she took a step back from the strength and intelligence I admired in her previously. It is very clearly not written as the final book since many of the extremely compelling storylines threading through the previous books are left hanging. Is the Erlking secretly not as bad as he pretends? Will Ethan be able to accept the physical limitations imposed on his relationship with Dana? Why is Dana able to use magic when no other faeriewalker ever could? Will Dana break her vow to the Erlking with Ethan or give her virginity—and her powers—to the Erlking as promised?

Overall, SIRENSONG is another fun foray into a faerie infused world, but there are too many questions left unanswered and too many storylines left unresolved in the series as a whole. Jul 02, Regina rated it it was ok Shelves: I feel like the series is rushed for and ending though. I gave two stars because of the relationships in the book There was so much m ok so apparently i read from several people this might be the last book in the series and i can see maybe it could be, as some of the problems are resolved: There was so much more sexual innuendos in this book!

I'm going to break it down into what i think about some of the characters Read ahead only if you don't mind my ranting and spoilers: He was supposed to have changed because of the Erlking but i cant really tell. I don't think Dana would have fallen so hard for him if it weren't for his pretty face.

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We did get bits and pieces but I would have liked to see it grow through out this last novel. Published on June 24, Sad to say it, but I found that true here too. What I'd Give It: I thought Sirensong was an arresting novel from start to end. The role of the Erkling really gets confusing in Sirensong. I've read all of the negative comments and I don't want to ruin my views on the first two books

Would she still be in love if he had a troll face? I highly doubt she liked him for his wonderful character. Ethan is so cookie-cutter golden boy while Keane is the jerk with a heart of gold.

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He also understands that Dana can be strong while Ethan likes to think she needs protection. Plus the author made Keane switch his affections to Kimber so fast! That seemed so out off character. But out of all the guys he is probably the most interesting hide spoiler ] Dana: Shes halfway awesome because of her powers. Maybe she would be a better main character than Dana though If thats Dana then shes too pretty its as if she has no pores! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Actual rating is 3. Also, spoilers from the last 2 books, so beware.

I guess I liked this series, but I was never really a huge fan of it. I really liked the first book but the second was kind of a letdown, and I was a little skeptical about reading this one. But after hours of staring at the drool-worthy cover, I finally started reading it. Some parts were pretty interesting to read, but I still was expecting more. This book starts off where the Shadowspel Actual rating is 3. This book starts off where the Shadowspell left off. Dana is invited to the Seelie Court, and she's skeptical because she's aware that Titania wants her dead, but eventually they start the long and treacherous journey to Faerie.

Ethan, Kimber, Keane and Finn come along as well. But trouble arrives when Dana encounters the Erlking, Arawn, again, and even bigger trouble comes when an assassination is attempted against Titania's granddaughter, and Dana is considered a fugitive.

Dana didn't really change or show improvement. I guess I like her, but she kind of annoys me sometimes. She's always treating her mom so badly due to her alcoholism, but she can't seem to understand that her mother is addicted, and addictions can't just go away with a snap of a finger.

I was sad when Keane was revealed to not be a love interest anymore, because I honestly preferred him over Ethan. Instead, Keane ends up having a thing with Kimber, and at first I thought maybe Dana would show some type of jealousy, then that would make sure that Keane is still a love interest, but no.

Dana didn't even show a tiny bit of jealousy. Even when it's revealed that Keane and Kimber eventually have sex. But I do admit that Ethan is a bit more likable than usual in this book, while Keane on the other hand is a lot less likable in my opinion. I'm not sure I'm either of their teams now, really. But overall I would give this book 3 or 3. And maybe 3 stars for the series as a whole. It's not exactly one of my most favorite faerie series', but it's still pretty good. May 24, Mary BookHounds rated it it was amazing Shelves: Freedom always comes with a price for Dana. Her presence is requested by Titania, the Seelie Queen, where she is to be presented at court.

It all sounds excitingly innocent, but this being a faerie court, there are ulterior motives especially when the invitation comes from Prince Henry who is not her biggest fan.

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Dana takes Keane, Kimber and Ethan along for protection and companionship. Her father's court intrigue as Titania's consort comes back into play since he replaced Prince Henry's father and Henry has never forgiven him. While traveling though the Faerie countryside, Dana makes an a couple of decisions that on the surface don't seem very important, but play a huge part in her safety.

The procession to the castle with Prince Henry shows how much he despises Dana's father and even with Finn and the rest protecting Dana, there are many attempts on her life. The Erlking also makes his presence known and lends his protection, even though he really doesn't have to. I think the Erlking shows more humanity and becomes an important ally in Dana's defense.

He is probably my favorite character even though he is slightly evil, he freely admits he only does things are in his best interest. Maybe we can convince the author to spin off a series just of him maybe for us grown ups! Dana learns that she has even more magic in her than she ever thought possible. Of course, once they do reach the castle there is even more intrigue. I thought this was the best of the series and although I believe this in the final chapter in Dana's story, I would really like to revisit the characters here again.

Dana really grows in this last book and even though she still has her issues with her alcoholic mother and trusting others, she finally learns she has friends that she can lean on. You can see her despair and anger while she deals with her mother and the magical gifts she develops. It is really bittersweet at the end and will make you wish it hadn't ended quite yet.

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View all 9 comments. Again between stars i'm a very indecisive person. I'd hate not to give credit where credit is due because I did enjoy reading this but So Erlking, not a lot of explanation to his character and his actions at the end of the book. I mean there is but it seems sort of out of the blue and there needed to be some character developement. Well how Dana figured it out i mean yes it was the Again between stars i'm a very indecisive person. I know it's first person it's a teenager but eh didn't float my boat: P Gee usually not this picky i did it with the 2nd book also i read both of them today so I still found it an enjoyable story and although there are similar stories or ideas everything seems different to me because in my mind when i imagine it, it may be Avalon in all those stories but each world appears differently in my head D sorry didn't quite articulate all my thoughts fully but Sorry not that helpful a review if u feel like you're time has been wasted.

Oct 29, Sherre Copeland rated it it was amazing. Sirensong was a great book! I loved it much more that Faeriewalker and Glimmerglass combined. It was much more entertaining and a fun a quick read. I must admit that my reasons for purchasing Faeriewalker were quite random it was the only book I had seen that originally came out in paperback and not hardback Although Sirensong had a slow start like its predecessors, once the action began you couldn't put the book down.