Hollywood Blacklist: The Arts

What Hollywood’s ‘blacklist’ era can teach us today

7 Artists Whose Careers Were Almost Derailed by the Hollywood Blacklist

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2. Pete Seeger

I have written for Americanism for many years The group's efforts dragged many others onto the blacklist: Thomas Doherty, a professor of American studies at Brandeis University, has meticulously examined the events that led to the Hollywood blacklist in his new book, Show Trial: Jean Muir was the first performer to lose employment because of a listing in Red Channels. United States House of Representatives:

Pete Seeger is best known as a founding member of the folk outfit The Weavers, but he was also a political radical who claimed membership in the Communist Party as a young man. Seeger was barred from performing on television, and The Weavers broke up in after they lost their recording contract.

15 Artists That Were Blacklisted as Communists by the American Government

I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked. The indictment was later overturned, but he remained blackballed from television until At the same time that director, writer and actor Orson Welles was making groundbreaking films and radio programs, he was also under FBI investigation as a potential Communist and political subversive.

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While the Bureau never found evidence that Welles was himself a Communist Party member, it still added him to its index of people believed to be a threat to national security. Lena Horne in She still ran up against institutional racism, however, and her frustrations eventually drove her to join up with a variety of activist groups, many of which were populated by political radicals and Communists.

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Unable to work in television or film, she spent the next few years touring as a nightclub and cabaret singer. She also fought to clear her name by publicly repudiating Communism and undertaking a letter-writing campaign to prominent journalists and entertainment figures.

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He claimed to have attended purely out of interest in social justice, though some who knew him claimed that his affiliation ran deeper. The German actress, pictured in , found her opportunities limited after appearing on the blacklist, in part due to her affiliation with Paul Robeson.

The Hollywood Blacklist: 1947-1960

The poet, pictured in , was affiliated with some Communist-linked groups, and his poetry sometimes appeared in Communist newspapers. The singer, dancer and actress, pictured in , was blacklisted from performing for many years, labeled a Communist sympathizer due to her civil rights activism and connection to friend Paul Robeson, who was heavily targeted for his affiliations with communism. The First American Transgender Celebrity ,s. Sheep - November 20, Contact us Submission form.

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The Hollywood blacklist – as the broader entertainment industry blacklist is generally known of Motion Picture Producers, fired the artists – the so-called Hollywood Ten – and made what has become known as the Waldorf Statement. The blacklist era kicked off in , when famed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and several other filmmakers known as the “Hollywood Ten” were.