Fromms: How Julius Fromms Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis

Fromms: How Julius Fromm's Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis

So the English title is unfortunately somewhat misleading. Fromms is never intended as a history of sexuality, or a history of a contraceptive technology. One begs to find out the trade networks that transported rubber from Southeast Asia to Germany. We get little sense of how Fromm might have obtained his machinery, no details on the other hygienic and surgical rubber products that his company made, or how his competitors operated, or how Fromms Act were distributed and marketed from Antwerp to Auckland, or how Durex eventually took over as the leading brand around the world.

Moreover, we gain little new understanding on the sexual culture — only Chapter 1 provides some historical background on the transformation of sexual mores and the question of family planning in Weimar Germany. The bibliography lists eight secondary sources on the history of gender and sex in Germany. The essential Sex After Fascism: Memory and Morality in Twentieth-Century Germany by Dagmar Herzog is not cited; although she appears on the dust jacket praising the book.

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While I had heard of Nazis appropriating Jewish property, this book goes into more depth about the extent of the crimes. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Yvonne Crawford rated it liked it Sep 08, The furniture and other valuable items of the Fromm household were sold to high-ranking officers or auctioned off, nominally in the name of Julius Fromm. Jamea Jackson rated it liked it Oct 08, Why do you think his feeling for the German identity was so strong?

Aly and Sontheimer do not tell us how National Socialists discussed condoms, other than a quick mention of their compulsory use in military brothels. Nor do we find out more about the discourses of sexually transmitted diseases and birth control in the German Democratic Republic. These are not the priorities of Aly and Sontheimer — and admittedly the sources that will enable them to address some of these issues may be severely limited — so it is no wonder that the historian of medicine and sexual science Lesley Hall seems disappointed in her recent view in Social History of Medicine.

As another historian of medicine and sexuality, I am similarly disappointed, though tremendously educated by the book.

How Julius Fromms Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis

A comprehensive, academic, global history of the condom remains to be written. In a couple of recent columns in Berliner Zeitung , Aly has also launched an attack on the current German pension scheme by arguing that it had its basis in the Nazi regime — in other words, social egalitarianism is just National Socialism under a different name. This has won Aly a number of conservative supporters who argue for the dismantling of the welfare system in Germany.

Julius Fromm

Over the past twenty years, scholarly interest guided by this monetary inequity has produced a peculiar asymmetry, with the perpetrators and profiteers dominating historical inquiry. Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State , the book that caused by far the greatest stir among German historians. At the heart of Hitlers Volksstaat are two simple questions: The result was that the ordinary Germans hardly bore any financial costs of the war, and actually enjoyed a much improved standard of living.

This argument, seductive it may seem, is fiercely criticised by other historians. While it is true that the Germans did systematically pillage on an unprecedented scale, critics such as Adam Tooze The Wages of Destruction: Aly ends the chapter on a dramatic note:. Julius Fromm had fallen prey to the robbers.

These were not a bunch of bandits in the bushes, however, but a state and its citizens. Millions of Germans — Nazi and others — seized the opportunity to profit. According to the principles of social participation, helping the Nazis meant helping themselves.

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Instead of going to a carnival or a sale, everyone happily trotted off to the Jew Auction. But this only seems partly true. Through the biography of this businessman and the story of his unusual and fabulously successful company, we learn the fascinating history of the first branded condoms in Germany and the sexual culture that allowed them to thrive, the heretofore undocumented machinations by which the Nazis robbed German-Jewish families of their businesses, and the tragedy of a man whose great love for the adopted country that first allowed him to succeed was betrayed by its government and his fellow citizens.

This captivating account offers a wealth of detail and a fresh array of photographic documentation, and adds a striking new dimension to our understanding of this dark period in German history.

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  4. Fromms: How Julius Fromm's Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis by Götz Aly.

Venereal disease epidemics had been causing problems for army leadership even in peacetime, and during this period of modern mass warfare, conventional morality loosened and infection rates shot up. In the German infantry, the number of soldiers infected with syphilis or gonorrhea increased by 25 percent, and in the occupying forces the rate rose by percent.

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The leadership of all armies involved in the war extolled abstinence as a soldierly virtue while acknowledging the reality of the situation. Behind the frontlines, existing establishments were often taken over and expanded. Near the main battlegrounds, medical service personnel improvised basic field brothels. Many of these dreary facilities made the use of condoms mandatory.

The price included a condom and a voucher to hand to the girl.

In most cases the brothels for officers were kept strictly separate from those for the rank and file. The upscale bordellos featured signs announcing: The officers were spared any inspection, and consequently the percentage of men infected with venereal disease was markedly higher in this group. Before long there was a shortage of condoms.

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Fromms: How Julius Fromm's Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis [Gotz Aly, Michael Sontheimer, Shelley Frisch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Aly and Sontheimer meticulously follow the story of [ the Fromm family].With Fromms, we see a little-known history of a family which .

The Friedrichshagen factory continued to produce condoms, especially for the Red Army. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Humble Little Condom: The excitingly different condom.

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