Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil

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The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire review – the essence of a genius | Books | The Guardian

Ougon no Kaze 2 Steins;Gate 0 3 Gintama.: A girl at his school, Saeki Nanako, is his muse and his Venus, and he admires her from a distance. One day, he forgets his copy of Les Fleurs du Mal in the classroom and runs back alone to pick it up. In the classroom, he finds not only his book, but Saeki's gym uniform. On a mad impulse, he steals it. Now everyone knows "some pervert" stole Saeki's uniform, and Kasuga is dying with shame and guilt.

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The Flowers of Evil is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shūzō Oshimi. It was serialized in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine between. Les Fleurs du mal is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire. First published in . In , American composer Ruth White released the album Flowers of Evil. It features electroacoustic composition with Baudelaire's poetry.

Furthermore, the weird, creepy, and friendless girl of the class, Nakamura, saw him take the uniform. Instead of revealing it was him, she recognizes his kindred deviant spirit and uses her knowledge to take control of his life.

Will it be possible for Kasuga to get closer to Saeki, despite Nakamura's meddling and his dark secret? What exactly does Nakamura intend to do with him? The regular TV airing date was on April 5, Preview Manga Manga Store.

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The Flowers of Evil. Cover of the first manga volume.

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The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire review – the essence of a genius

Kasuga is a literary nerd who goes to middle school in a small town. He idolizes Baudelaire and is in love with his beautiful and brilliant classmate Saeki. In his class there is also a redheaded outcast called Nakamura. One day after class, he returns to the classroom for a book he's forgotten, only to find Saeki's sports clothes on the floor. Kasuga steals Saeki's clothes. The next day his guilty conscience makes him uncomfortable in class. When riding his bike, he encounters Nakamura who tells him she saw him steal the clothes. The next day, she meets him in the library and blackmails him into following her orders.

She pushes him into Saeki's breast and demands that he write an essay about the experience. Kasuga meets Nakamura after school in the library. He didn't write the essay Nakamura asked for. As a form of revenge, she undresses him and forces him to wear Saeki's clothes.

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The next day someone steals money in a locker. Because he was with her, Kasuga defends her. As a consequence, the class thinks he's in love with Nakamura. After school, Kasuga bumps into Saeki. She reveals that she thinks the way he defended Nakamura was pretty cool.

Another day, Kasuga carries boxes for Saeki. He asks her on a date to a bookshop. Nakamura sees them and later forces Kasuga to wear Saeki's clothes underneath his own for the date. The date goes well. Nakamura, who's been following them, asks Kasuga to kiss Saeki. He refuses, asking Saeki to be in a relationship.

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As she accepts, Nakamura dowses him in water, revealing the clothes underneath. He runs away before Saeki notices. Nakamura promises she'll stop interfering. The class learns of Saeki and Kasuga's relationship. Nakamura becomes friends with Saeki. In the library, Nakamura tells Kasuga that what Saeki really wants is to have sex with him.

Saeki overhears her, and doesn't show up the next day.

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Kinoshita asks Kasuga to deliver handouts to Saeki. He goes and is taunted by Nakamura on the doorstep. Saeki thinks Kasuga might be with Nakamura, but when asked if hiding anything, Kasuga denies, and she decides to trust him. Kasuga then pleads Nakamura to tell Saeki the truth as he can't.

Nakamura asks him to meet her in front of the school at midnight. She convinces him to write his deeds on their classroom chalkboard and then they proceed to extensively vandalize the room. Nakamura and Kasuga slowly walk home, hand in hand. The next day, the whole class is in uproar. The ink covered Kasuga's name. Saeki is devastated, her clothes at the center of the destruction.

The whole school gets informed. Saeki confronts Kasuga, having noticed that the drawing on the floor was the same as on his favorite book. He breaks up with her. Saeki refuses to break up. The next day, Kasuga is absent. Saeki asks Nakamura what her relationship with Kasuga is. She says she's contracted to reveal his deviance. Saeki argues he's not a deviant. She goes to Kasuga's house and make a case for him through the window.