Egg Dancing

The local butchers donned fancy dress and paraded to the public promenade, where Easter eggs were placed on the ground at certain distances.

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Various games were played and one consisted of leaping backwards through the eggs without breaking them, whoever was successful winning the eggs. Another popular pastime, resembling the egg dance in many ways, was egg gathering. Originating in the Germanic countries, it was also carried to German communities abroad.

They are also favourites in other Germanic countries — the Tyrol, Switzerland, Denmark — and in France. Basically the game falls into two parts, the job of the "reader" and the job of the "runner". The reader has to collect a large number of eggs, generally about a hundred, which are laid out at intervals along the ground. Often every tenth is coloured or boiled. The eggs must be taken and put in a tub, while the runner covers a specific distance, generally to the next village.

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Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America's largest dictionary, with: Follow her global adventures on IG nnekaworldtrekker. An egg dance is a traditional Easter game in which eggs are laid on the ground or floor and the goal is to dance among them damaging as few as possible. Originating in the Germanic countries, it was also carried to German communities abroad. The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer: Adapted from a longer article by Venetia Newall.

He might be told to visit a certain inn, drink a glass of wine and return. In Belgium the sport had definite religious associations, for it was connected with a big pilgrimage to the church at Loos. The admiring crowd of retainers shouted in approval, "Savoy and Austria! Philibert said, "Let us adopt the custom of Bresse. In the United Kingdom the dancing takes the form of hopping and sometimes called the hop-egg.

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There were various forms of egg-dance, but Mark Knowles writes that it was brought to England from Germany by the Saxons as early as the 5th century. The indication of such a performance occurs in an old comedy, entitled The longer thou livest, the more Foole thou art , by William Wager in the reign of Queen Elizabeth , where we meet with these lines:.

Dancing upon one foot was exhibited by the Saxon gleemen , and probably by the Norman minstrels , but more especially by the women-dancers, who might thence acquire the name of hoppesteres , [9] which is given by Chaucer.

Egg Dancing

A vestige of this denomination is still retained, and applied to dancing, though somewhat contemptuously; for an inferior dancing-meeting is generally called a hop. Hopping matches for prizes were occasionally made in the sixteenth century, as we learn from John Heywoode the epigrammatist. In his Proverbs printed in , are the following lines:. Where wooers hoppe in and out, long time may bring Him that hoppeth best at last to have the ring. But to return to the egg-dance. This performance was common enough about thirty years back and was well received at Sadler's Wells ; where I saw it exhibited, not by simply hopping round a single egg, but in a manner that much increased the difficulty.

A number of eggs, I do not precisely recollect how many, but I believe about twelve or fourteen, were placed at certain distances marked upon the stage; the dancer, taking his stand, was blind-folded, and a hornpipe being played in the orchestra, he went through all the paces and figures of the dance, passing backwards and forwards between the eggs without touching them.

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An egg dance is a traditional Easter game in which eggs are laid on the ground or floor and the goal is to dance among them damaging as few as possible. The egg dance was a traditional Easter game involving the laying down of eggs on the ground and dancing among them whilst trying to break as few as possible .

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