Get That Loan: The Secrets to the American Dream of Homeownership

Talks about inflation have been the social-media rage among my compatriots back home.

Homeownership: Don't let your American dream become a nightmare - Millionaire before 50

One reason why I share my net worth over Labor Day Weekend is that of something with symbolic importance. The holiday is meant to celebrate the achievements of American workers. To quote the U. The term Financial Freedom is often used interchangeably with Financial Independence.

MSolve June 26, Category: American dream , Financial Planning , Relationships Tags: American Dream Foreclosure Buying House , homeownership. Those who did not graduate from high school were over three times more likely to have been delinquent on their mortgage, compared with college graduates.

As education increases, homeowners are less likely to lose their home to foreclosure. Men and women who were separated, divorced, or widowed are more likely to lose their home to foreclosure. Just like a house, you should stand on a solid financial foundation before buying. You have money in the bank We bought our house with 20 percent downpayment.

Your debt-to-income ratio is low One of the factors lenders use to determine if you get approved for a loan is the debt-to-income ratio DTI.

Buying a home: The American dream that won’t die

Our modest house being built in You have an excellent credit score Your credit rating may be the single most important piece of financial information you have to obtain a mortgage at the best interest rate. You have a stable income Lenders will ask for your pay stubs, so make sure your income is stable before you borrow money.

The Bottom Line Housing is one of the biggest expenses you will incur in your lifetime. Our old apartment Firefighters fighting the fire Share this: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. How to protect yourself from rising inflation. How he achieved Financial Freedom by smart investing.

Now Richardson wants to get out, too — and not just to another rental.

How the American dream turned to disaster

But lenders keep turning her away. So Richardson has spent the past three years staying in the rental apartment where her husband died of a heart attack, at the age of 40 — and where their eight-year-old daughter Faythe found his body. Outside her door, the shootings have gotten so bad that Richardson insists that Faythe, now 11, spend part of every week with her grandparents in suburban Homewood. She imagines owning a house where she can bring Faythe back home for good, take up painting again, and host her three grown children from her previous marriage.

Black and Hispanic homeowners suffered disproportionate losses in the housing crisis, as predatory lending wiped out what few assets they had.

What is the American Dream?

The fear of another housing bubble could now keep them from getting a loan. While the worst mortgage practices are now banned, all kinds of other credit has evaporated as well, depressing homeownership rates even further among minority Americans. By , whites had six times the average wealth of blacks and Hispanics, according to the Urban Institute—far greater than the 2: The Pew Research Group, drawing on different data, estimates that the median white household has twenty times the wealth of a black household.

No one wants a return of the lending abuses that help drive the crash. Even after the crash, most Americans continue to sanctify homeownership. And today is the day! No credit score minimums, no down payments, and no abusive interest rates, courtesy of agreements that the group has struck with big lenders.

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Still, participants are warned that it will take until at least October to obtain one of their mortgages, even if they qualify, given the high demand. She points out that her mother-in-law, who works in real estate, is still struggling after losing multiple properties in the housing meltdown.

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There are no heroes to be found in this sad story. REbuildUSA is nothing less than the future of real estate. Chapter 10 - The k Transaction — Getting Started. She earns extra money styling hair on the side and has worked to improve her credit score, too. Then in , the Chicago steel factory where he worked as a project manager went out of business. Granted, there are crazy housing markets like that of the San Francisco Bay Area where prices have skyrocketed.

She has good reason to be cautious. In Chicago, officials are still going after lenders who exploited minority borrowers in the run-up to the crash.

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New mortgage regulations are only beginning to take hold: But the biggest reforms just started taking effect in January, more than five years after the financial meltdown. In the rush to prevent another housing bubble, Washington also reversed course on decades of policies explicitly aimed at helping lower-income and minority Americans buy homes. His successor, President George W. Such enthusiasm has since evaporated.

However, these instruments carried all the risk of a decline in the housing market. While the institutions should have been aware of the risks, they were probably not adequately disclosed to the purchasers.

The lack of regulatory oversight allowed the juggernaut to build unchecked — as did the financiers whose university training enabled them to maximize wealth transfers through percentage skimming of huge amounts of accumulated capital without consideration of ethical practices. The Big Short exposes fraud and greed at unimaginable levels culminating in a level of corruption that even the hedge fund managers cannot grasp. The movie is a sorry tale of failure in all elements of the housing lending system. There are no heroes to be found in this sad story. However the sub-prime crisis was an accident waiting to happen because the goal as the US tried to implement it was total unrealistic.

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Putting people into homes is an admirable and worthwhile aim - but making loans to those who cannot repay them is not a viable way to achieve this. Professor Peter Wells is an expert in financial reporting regulation at the University of Technology Sydney. You are here Home How the American dream turned to disaster. You may also like You may also like: Managing risk in this changing era.

Where is the wisdom in banking?

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