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Usually, when you see photos in the magazines you only see one or a set of 5. Here you will see many more photos from the set with the girls posing a number of different ways. There is little text in the book, it's a photobook pure and simple. Little or no photoshopping. Erotic nude photography is an intimate relationship between the photographer's vision and the models interpretation of the photographer's ideas, suggestions and spirit. It is an artform putting the beautiful curves of a naked woman's body on a pedestal. It is an artform putting the beautiful curves of a naked woman's body on a pedestal.

Observe the bodily gestures as well as the facial expressions. Is she being instructed to pose and move mechanically or is she moving pose to pose, following the general instructions of the photographer to give a certain result. Contains full nudity - uncensored nudes. All photographs professionally photographed with altering styles. Go to Removal form. The groups of fun-loving girls kept piling into the Girls Gone Wild limo and were eager to show us how they celebrate spring break. Sexy bffs Jamie and Tara pull their friend Shirley into the car for a steamy three-way kiss, but that's not the only thing Shirley kisses!

The Indiana girls show how a group kiss is really done, while our favorite Venezuelan vixen, Sophia, 21, pulls the cameras away for some hot solo action. Let's just say she has a special skill you won't want to miss. Unsound and his hottie henchwoman steal the frozen ice age Goddess of Lust from swashbuckling archaeologist Captain Waldo Lavish, it's up to super-sexy super-secret agent Johnson Misty Mundae to rescue her before she steams up the planet! Imagine walking into a club and youre the man! What you say goes, what you imagine happens, what you want you get. Imagine all the women in club are ready for you to take them back to your pad and your every wish is their desire to fulfill.

Sit back and relax as these models of mixed nationalities and stunning beauty allow you to enjoy the finest things! Akiko is the heiress of a lumber business family that spans many generations. She married Hiroshi, a company man, and was leading a plain and happy life.

But dark clouds overcast Akiko's happy life when Hiroshi starts an affair with Michiyo, an underclassman from the school Akiko attended. Then Shinji, who used to work in the family lumber business, enters her life the turmoil of men-women relationships becomes tempestuous. In one of the naughtiest comedies around you'll learn how having an above average body directly correlates to an above average grade!

Studies aren't going so well for our sexy heroines, so they decide to change that by indulging in a few extra curricular activities! After that, it's straight A's all the way! Watch out - these student bodies have no mercy, and every male around - be they teacher or student is fair game. After Azusa witnesses a rape at her previous job, she takes a job at a steel factory in a desolate part of town.

Her co-workers hate her and her only friend is a young girl, Naomi. A security guard sexually abuses Azusa and Naomi disappears under mysterious circumstances. While the mystery surrounding Naomi's disappearance deepens, Azusa finds a clue and the stage is set for a climactic showdown at the factory.

Momo Celebrity Japanese porn star Sho Nishino is very unlucky.

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All the guys she dates are after her money, and she discovers she has only six months left to live. Devil Girl Succubus played by Japanese cult icon Asami who proposes to grant her one wish. In return, the succubus wants her soul for eternity. A sexy and entertaining erotic parody of the film Bedazzled. In the early '80s, Carter Stevens set off to produce a surreal porno film filled with strange characters, situations and plots while still keeping the hard core sex that was the bread and butter of the market. Both films feature outrageous sex acts with iconic characters!

From oral Olympics to incredible feats of fucking; you'll check in, but you won't want to check out! A mysterious force has locked a chastity belt onto the curvy and tiny waist of virgin hottie Chastity. From the library to the gym, college campuses always deliver the best eye candy. The Girls Gone Wild bus visited a few campuses, and what we found will surely blow you away. First, we meet vivacious Sadie, 18, who flashes her boobs as soon as the camera starts rolling!

Holli and Kala are so horny when they come back to the bus that they can't keep their hands off each other. Sexy dorm mates Jane and Daphne confess to having threesomes together, and prove how wet they can make each other. Tennessee hotties Kayci and Courtney show off their southern accents. Down South in Florida, we met sexy coeds Hillary and Lexi, who claim to "know each other inside out. And we mean everything. Check out these steamy hook-ups in Girls Gone Wild: Classic British Erotica From the Saucy 70's!

These are stories of promiscuous partners in search of forbidden fruits, seemingly ordinary couples who turn into rampant sex adventurers behind closed doors. They lust after sordid thrills, regardless of the risk. This is an eye-popping excursion into the lusty world of wife-swapping clubs where anything goes. Sexy swingers dare and bare all in their quest to turn the humdrum into the horny.

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Scored to a soulful soundtrack and featuring explicit sex scenes. Moe Takahashi as well as as special bonus behind-the-scenes featurette with never before seen private footage of Moe playing on and off set. They'll taunt and tease you with their perfect bodies This film has it all: Still, the daughter has no time for the guy until he proves his worth by saving her from a trio of roughnuts who are intent on getting what they want by force. This DVD has it all When year-old Tomomi is dumped by her boyfriend she seeks solace in the arms of year-old student, Takao.

Rude, nude and funny not always intentionally , these classic British sex films vitalized the Soho raincoat trade and became international blockbusters. Chuck and Barney, two loveable but lazy telephone repairmen, stow away on a private jet only to parachute into Munich, Germany, where the duo become security guards to "Miss Bavaria," followed by a stint in a sex club where they run afoul of the local mafia kingpin. Ending up in a college sorority house that turns out to be a high-class brothel, Chuck and Barney have no trouble cramming their American pork into some steaming hot German "dishes" before running into the mafia bad boys again!

A voyeur's wet dream come true! Drop a tab and get ready for an orgy of hippie lust! A woman in a wheelchair suddenly finds herself dealing with an intruder. As the villain escalates his depraved behavior, the woman misses one cue after another for getting out of the situation. She is crippled in more ways than one. A virtuous housewife agrees to have amorous relations with the corporate enemy of her bankrupted husband's company in order to pay off her husband's debt.

Soon, she begins to enjoy the pleasures of pain and desire. Although the movie is set up and presented in documentary style about the only thing you'' learn from this film is the ins and outs of in and out! Teen girls are asked about their fantasies and are then encouraged to act them out onscreen. Their secret desires include lesbianism, group sex, getting it on with an older guy and an oral fixation. Featuring the enormous assets of the "two and only" Candy Samples and other delicious vixens. Candy's voluptuous boobs are something to behold and to be held.

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This is a two disc DVD set you won't want to miss! Ever have trouble deciding which woman might be the perfect match for you' Well, our hero thinks that choosing is silly. Why bed just one when you can bed everyone' His libidinous quest yields him five trophies - each one more sexy than the last. He'll either die very happy or die from exhaustion. A real scorcher featuring the most sizzling Asian babes ever seen in one film! Sure, it's packed with intergalactic discos, cardboard aliens, forbidden barnyard desires, forced sex with man-beasts, and some of the cheesiest special effects in motion picture history.

So how could this insane 80s space saga possibly get any more depraved' With the discovery of this long-rumored XXX version! This edition has been restored from the only complete hardcore print known to exist - recently unearthed in the basement of a condemned prono theater outside Bologna - and presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever on DVD! Before she was a badass babe, she did her share of Pink Films. In Prison Girl, Asami is a bored housewife who has some pretty wild and graphic sexy prison captivity fantasies. The plot thickens when the lines blur between fantasy and reality Enter the ultimate house of fun!

Kinzie shares with you some of her favorite lovely ladies including the perfect pet Randi Wright, exotic beauty Summer Bailey, the girl next door Sophia Jade, and the not so innocent Bailey Blue. Come inside let's play. From Shaun Costello, director of Forced Entry and Waterpower, come three of the raunchiest, most depraved and utterly blasphemous "one-day-wonders" in the history of classic adult cinema!

Jones , Jamie Gillis and Ultramax. Midori brings her expertise of dominance and submission to the screen. Mayan is left exposed and immobilized and with no choice but to submit to her own desires through hot candle wax cocooning, knife play, and many other erotic techniques. This breakthrough film will leave any bondage enthusiast thoroughly captivated. A psychic advises Carly to book a weekend at the Hotel Exotica to put life in her stale marriage to Doug, an over-worked attorney. He tells her he can go, but when he has to work, she goes instead with Rachel, her sister who's recently dumped her philandering boyfriend.

Carly and Rachel arrive, they see couples at play, and both have dreams that awaken their sensuality. An open window and a pair of jealous eyes can find out too much, too soon. Kriss experienced a strange pleasure and thrill when watching the perverse love games being played to excess in the apartment opposite him. Until one evening, when the live sex show turned evil. Suddenly Kriss was no longer an innocent voyeur, he was now the only witness to a mysterious lovers murder When confronted by the police, the young lovers, Eva and Luke, feigned ignorance.

Shadow Dancers are such a big hit in over 60 countries. With so much feedback about releasing a version where you get to see the dancers behind the screen, finally it's here. It became Nevada's first licensed brothel in , eventually leading to the legalization of brothel prostitution in ten of seventeen counties of the state.

Whitewashed rocks with red arrows guided the driver from Interstate 80 to the Ranch, where once inside if you had the money you could buy almost any sexual fantasy you could imagine. The first of the two films in the volume, Ladies of the Night -Les Vampyres, is the story of a school girl captured by vamps to be tortured until dawn. She is taken underground to be flogged, paddled and caned with increasing intensity as sunrise approaches. Let the Punishment Fit the Child is the surreal journey of two women sharing in games of domination, submission and voyeurism as strange camera angles capture them in black and white silence.

The best part of being a college freshman is getting to explore yourself in a new environment.

sensual asian naked craving causality nudes book 1 Manual

Well, we've met some hot freshman girls who have certainly done some exploration. Join us as we meet sexy Jessie, 18, a sociology major and self-proclaimed voyeur, who confesses her biggest fantasy is to go crazy on camera for Girls Gone Wild. Next, we meet Vivianna, who starts pleasuring herself while her roommate, Vanessa, is still in the shower. When Vanessa's shower ends early, she catches Vivianna in the act, and is so turned on she has to join in! Finally, we meet Lexie, and her shy friend Kelly, whose fantasy is to have a friend use a toy on her. Luckily for us, Lexie has already fantasized about Kelly, and gladly pleasures her with a toy.

Two outrageous and experimental films from one of the bona fide pioneers of XXX filmmaking, Eduardo Cemano. Although his productions are limited to a handful of modestly budgeted shorts and features, they represent some of the most adventurous experimentation the early above-ground porn cinema had to offer.

Collection includes 3 Eduardo Cemano interviews; Actor interviews; Adult 8mm film loops; Eduardo Cemano presents a sample West Coast one-day-wonder; page, full color booklet with historical liner notes by sexploitation expert Michael Bowen. Based on the famous erotic novel, "L'uomo che guarda" by Alberto Moravia, this film tells the story of Eduardo "Dodo," who in public is a professor of French literature but in private, a desperately lovesick cuckold, married to the ever-more-elusive Silvia.

His life shattered, he becomes an onlooker rather than a participant in life. Those around him though, seem to be living life to the fullest: Through a series of small revelations, Dodo slowly comes to realize who his rival is. This film is by Tinto Brass. During the s, Carlo runs a country inn with his grandson Gianni. Carlo is a violent and insensitive man, and his wife Amelia dreams of being loved by Rolando, one of the inn's guest. On the other hand, Gianni is still young and without experience, and secretly spies his grandfather's sexual advances.

Everything changes with the arrival of the provoking and incredibly attractive Marilena, a distant cousin of Gianni When an unstable noblewoman a fearless performance by Lina Romay returns to her lavish estate, she will find herself - along with her libertine husband, his male lover, and a young nun with a craving for violation - trapped in a web of unholy hungers and decadent perversions. Spanish soundtrack, English subtitles. This package includes two films directed and starring Maria Beatty: The first feature, The Black Glove is reminiscent of the silent film era, creating a whole new category of film, erotic noir.

Bondage and foot worship culminate in hot wax torture, leaving the slave begging for mercy.

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This film has it all: Darby and his nurse are practitioners of a revolutionary sexual system of healing known as Orgasmic Free Flow. Fongaluli -This wild sex odyssey tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, whose adventures lead to encounters with strange sex-starved beings including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples. Madame Zenobia -A beautiful, sad young widow continues her love affair with the "spirit" of her late husband. Get ready to be transported back to the days when the Rotten Apple was the capitol of adult cinema and when 42nd Street was a veritable theme park of pushers, prostitutes, and peepshows.

Mid-Seventies raunch regular Bobby Astyr and another unnamed Svengali advertise for domestic help in the hopes of finding a built-in love partner. Directed By Bruno Gaburro. Milo is desperate for a share of the flourishing family business. Having failed to impress his uncle with his business acumen he then tries to impress his aunt by making love to her. She falls madly in love with him until she finds him in bed with his daughter. Milo is quickly sent away with a check. The uncle tries to outdo Milo and dies from overdoing it, leaving Milo with the money, the business and three women to please him every night.

An erotic workout video featuring many hot girls in and out of their leotards sweating it up in and out of the bedroom. Awakened from a curse after years, Sleeping Beauty Sarah Hunter marvels at the wonders of the new century. She falls in love with a famous architect who is working to restore the castle she once lived in, but finds there are enemies plotting against her. Giving in to her long pent-up sexual desires, Beauty cannot resist the lustful advances of both men and women and after years, she's ready to explore everything and everyone!

Based on the kinky comics that shocked the world, this film is uncut, uncensored, and unrated for the first time ever in America. Extras include audio commentary, Kitaen photospread, interviews, theatrical trailers, and more. Bo Derek is every man's fantasy come true. The beautiful Bo Derek shines in this tale of passion, set amongst the splendor of the Greek isles.

Although not blooded, they grew up happily together as if they were brother and sister. Now, as she approaches maturity, they realize that their childhood affection has grown into a deep love. It is a story that will stir up the passion within us all. The most gorgeous strippers ever to shake a g-string star in these two filmed burlesque shows from the s. Join Khari from South Beach as she finds all kinds of naughty pleasures on an exotic naked beach in Cozumel. You'll love watching our hot sensuous Mermaid stars do a little something especially for you in this totally revealing and uncensored program!

From the sun-splashed shores of Belize to the otherworldly mystery of Palau in Micronesia, these erotic aquatic fantasies are loaded with sea, sand, sun, and fun…and filled with breathtaking footage of gorgeous women in every frame. One day, while she is tied up, the man goes out and is killed in a car accident, leaving her alone and helpless. Tawny Kitaen is the sexy adventuress who hires a gruff soldier of fortune Brent Huff to help her find her missing father. But great perils await them on their worldwide quest, including depraved pirates, scorching deserts, steamy jungles, and their own naked desires.

Will Gwendoline survive her final ordeal against an empire of lust-crazed warrior women' Zabou costars in this kinky film directed by Just Jaeckin. Extras include Kitaen photospread, interview, and theatrical trailers. Sex Squad Investigation are lesbian lovers who discover there's money to be made in kinky, high-end sex via Internet web cam. So Darian heads to New York City where she is quickly immersed in all manners of orgasmic delights with female web cam performers, and suddenly a need for quick cash turns to an obsession for exhibitionistic sexual excess. Jade and a few of her sexy friends exhibit their own talents, passions and pleasures to the camera in some of the world's most exotic locations.

Mermaid Movies presents a stunning assortment of the world's most beautiful women filmed at some of the most exciting locations around the world. These erotic aquatic fantasies are loaded with sea, sand, sun, and fun…and filled with breathtaking footage of gorgeous women in every frame. Sex, sun and gambling tempt the lovely Veronica.

Traveling with her uncle and horny butler to various casinos on the French Riviera, she can have pretty much anything she wants The game of roulette, not sex, is what really turns her on! As her uncle beds many young ladies with his large fortune and libido this old dude gets more action than James Bond , Veronica lives a charmed life but feels empty inside.

It's bouncing bosoms, jiggling bottoms, and overstuffed brassieres galore in this two-hour marathon of stag films from the s and 60s. Thus, he has created this uncensored series. These Day Walkers don't survive on pure blood, but pure pleasure! Kicking it off with the "1st Bite," Robert introduces some of his seductive, sex crazed characters. Illicit Desires peeks behind the curtain into the world of an adult toy manufacturer played by Valerie Baber.

And what a world it is! Greed and betrayal run wild in the corporate world of sensual oddities as a new, young, office intern the legendary August Ames sets her sights on moving right to the top. What she's willing to do to get where she wants to be will absolutely kill you.

It also helps if you're a psychopathic murderess. Includes bonus erotic trailer collection. Deep in the basements of Westminster lies Britain's sleaziest government department. In charge of monitoring the countries sexual activity are our two horny heroes Ivor Huge Hampton MP and Sir Dicky Rogersall MP, both Ministers without portfolio and for the majority of their time without underpants. Ably assisted by the gorgeous Miss Cummings, the bisexual parliamentary secretary of private parts, our two ministers find themselves in a variety of kinky situations. Sir Ivor Huge Hampton lives up to his reputation, giving Miss Cummings a good seeing to over the ministerial desk, while Sir Dicky goes to the country in search of votes and gives the horsewhip yielding Miss Wristworks a right honorable rogering.

Miss Cummings cannot resist the temptations of the other girls around the Ministry and gets herself in political hot water with her insatiable appetite for hot young women! Gunilla Ericsson is a young, beautiful Swedish girl recently dumped by her female lover for a French blonde. Hopping a plane for the fun, sun and snow of the mountains of northern California, the naughty nineteen year old and sexy ski bunny spends her days indulging her deepest erotic fantasies.

Kimika awakens in this strange place - she realizes she has been kidnapped by a mysterious masked figure. It appears her father is being blackmailed for an affair he had with his secretary - but the kidnapper's true intentions are mysterious. While Kimika is chained in captivity she begins to feel sympathy for her kidnapper, revealing the fine line between love and truth. Hard-On Wheels is a long-lost Los Angeles rape and revent opera featuring a cast of hard-riding hipsters right off of the Sunset Strip. Cycle Sluts emphasizes sex much more than violence and even contains a strong strain of improvised humor.

A couple of shake-sipping chippies are picked up at a roadside burger joint by a pair of girl-hungry hog jockeys. Melissa's Inside Straight - substitute gambling and group sex for grease monkeys and gore. The only film in the triple bill to actually contain cast and crew credits - always a benchmark of quality porn. This adventure is a series of erotic film vignettes set in a variety of exotic locales. Captured on film after the cameras stopped rolling, Penthouse Pet, Lori Pallett, and her favorite diving friend, California Football Cheerleader and Calendar girl Tia, playfully romp on a deserted beach in Mexico.

Join Lisa Butaud as she performs for an exclusive reggae music video on a private beach of a Jamaican island. This is dance action that will never be seen on MTV! Roberta Orlandi True Blood stars as Susan, a woman embarked upon a sexually charged rampage after being infected with a virulent strain of blood-born plague. As her boyfriend Bart and the voracious Jasmine Tina Krause, Bad Biology soon discover, once ravaged their lives change forever Sexy flight attendants from South Beach spend 20 days a month in the air fulfilling the fantasies of their male passengers! Temptress Video Magazine was created for those who appreciate the beauty of the well rounded, sophisticated urban woman.

Models with not only pure elegant beauty, but brains to match. Viewers follow along and witness a day in the life of an urban super model, from makeup and hair along with wardrobe selection to showing the skills for some of the sexiest poses you will ever see. Shot in our downtown Los Angeles penthouse studios and at beautiful Manhattan Beach, in Manhattan Beach California these women work it for the cameras like no other!

Our beautiful host Rhavin Reneau interviews all of the models to get their most intimate secrets of what turns them on about the modeling game. Don't forget to check out the final portfolio of pictures in the special features section of the DVD. Temptress Video Magazine is the new symbol for sophisticated urban beauty, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Emanuelle renounces her wanton ways and joins a convent for wayward schoolgirls, only to face temptation from some very unholy sins of the flesh. Young love can be hard. Every relationship has its ups and downs Oh to be young again and in love It's an erotic dancer show-off and you, the viewer, are getting the prize!

After one week of all-out competition featuring dozens of erotic dancers, only six gorgeous finalists remain. Their complete and uncut performances will leave you breathless as they battle for the top! Nowhere else will you see such perfection - each dancer is more talented, beautiful and uninhibited than the one before. Dash off to the magical islands of the Western Pacific with beautiful Kelly Wilde, as the former Penthouse Pet explores the riches of history in the lush jungles of Palau with her gorgeous sidekick Lori DeLinda featured as a mouthwatering body-double in many other Mermaid hits.

There is nothing more alluring than two beautiful blondes willing to share their charms with the camera on a South Sea Island strewn with history. Reminiscent of the classic Playboy Video collections from the 80s and 90s.

Two years into a marriage with the heir of a wealthy family, Ayumi is already feeling distant from her husband. The reason is her coercion into nightly perverted activities by the sadistic inclinations of her sadistic husband. In addition, the same man on her commute to finishing school frequently molests her. The man ultimately shows up at Ayumi's house and rapes her.

She realizes it has all been captured on camera and the man that raped her was hired to do so by her husband. Lesbians, doctors, traveling salesmen and some '70s sex toys - what's not to love' This filthy three-film "Storefront" collection from After Hours Cinema features two authentic 16mm fuck films from the early '70s and a one homage so sleazy you'll have a hard time telling it's contemporary!

After shocking us with the first two installments of "Sex Stories," Director Ovidie brings the trilogy to its titillating conclusion. Like its predecessors, this French film is lush and sensual and is told from a female perspective. Prepare yourself for a captivating journey into the heart of Sexual Freedom.

When her latest assignment takes her to the countryside to interview the members of a swingers' commune, Leonie-Marie can't help but show her skeptical side. But as the men and women of the commune teach her about the "free love" lifestyle, she begins to question her more traditional beliefs about love and sex. Have her new interview subjects uncovered the secret to true sexual freedom'. Experience a sexy afternoon of erotic exercises with a beautiful woman and enjoy fantasy diversions like never before!

Witness intimate moments as Lori reveals her personal desires with erotic fitness poses that are almost too hot for the camera in this revealing program. Lori Delinda, a voluptuous Mermaid Movies favorite, stars in this special presentation. Reminiscent of the classic Playboy Video collections from the 80s and 90s, "Mermaid Movies" presents a stunning assortment of the world's most beautiful women filmed at some of the most exciting locations around the world. More bountiful bosoms, curvy bottoms, and overstuffed brassieres than you can count in this two-hour marathon of stag films from the s and 60s.

Imagine warm tropical days. Imagine gentle breezes and caressing waves lapping at the powdery sand of an almost deserted tropical island. Mermaid Movies introduces to this paradise four beautiful ladies: Shawna, Amy, Julie and Lisa. Each is from a different background, but each is in love with sun, fun and the total escape offered by Mother Ocean.

Join this lovely quartet as they frolic about the beautiful resort. Far from the big city, each girl finds her treasured private moments. Come along as the girls dive au natural, swim with some of the ocean's most beautiful creatures, and find an ancient love letter which makes their fantasy more vivid. Reminiscent of the classic Playboy Video collections. A love triangle leads to murder in this steamy erotic thriller. The Presidential Peepers Here for the first time on DVD is adult film icon Tina Russell's final known feature, an ultra naughty spoof of Watergate politics featuring wire-tapping, peeping, secret sexcapades and a long-lost Nixon impersonator!

All The Senator's Girls Frank Parsons decides to run for Senate on an anti-porn platform, but that doesn't mean he has anything against sex! When she enters her bedroom, a man who resembles her boyfriend appears, but he's slightly different.

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After several unsuccessful attempts, she wanders until she sees an uninhabited house in the middle of the forest. But she is in for the surprise of her life once she arrives there. Laura Gemser and Annie Belle come together in the ultimate meeting of the Emanuelles.

Extras include interviews with Belle and Al Cliver and theatrical trailer. City girls, Pamela and Jacki hire a car to explore some of Britain's most beautiful countryside in Devon and Cornwall. Already enjoying some freedom from the routine of daily life, they stumble upon committed nudists Bridget and Angela - and that's when the holiday and the fun really starts. A groundbreaking film from Harrison Marks, this production caused a huge sensation with its frank portrayal of nudity. A dream within a dream within a dream is exactly what MR. E's latest experimental erotic feature film is.

From the Las Vegas strip to the sunny beaches of Miami, a series of surreal moments unfold. Shot in various formats, and often in slow motion, MR. E explores the eroticism of dreams and dream logic with some of the most beautiful and unusual women in the world. A young man's sexual longings are awakened by strange happenings in the night. Aroused by a seductive figure of a mysterious and ghostly woman in black lace, he seeks sexual fulfillment with the other woman of the household. Gradually, his sexual desires are transformed into a steamy reality!

A Four Feature salute to set-top boxes and the precursors to Skinemax: The four feature films contained in this two-DVD set are well-remembered favorites from those long-ago days of late-night erotica. Honey — A voluptuous, surreal erotic fantasy starring Clio Goldsmith; Loves of Lady Chatterley When an old acquaintance of her husband arrives at the villa, he is given a job as a handyman.

Initially suspicious, she soon becomes involved in a passionate affair. Sorry, Wrong Bedroom and Moonlighting Mistress also included,. Rion Hatsune is the latest addition to Studio Happy Chicken's lineup of famously beautiful Asian women This super-erotic 50 min DVD is the essence of the Japanese word "chakuero" meaning the most erotic you can get without becoming fully nude. Rion temps and teases in various forms of undress, spreading in barely-there thongs and having her body smeared in ooey-gooey oh-so-sweet lotion.

You'll be delighted at the depravities that sweet little Rion subjects herself to and drawn back to explore her delicate flesh again and again! YUNA is a shy and innocent student. He invites YUNA to his countryside home. YUNA is introduced to a new, unfamiliar and tantalizing world, which tests the boundaries of her acceptance. This film introduces some of the most intricate shibari rope scenes ever to come out of Japan!

Two close friends are unexpectedly drafted and decide to take a three-day holiday before starting army life. En route they meet up with a young runaway boy. Together the three go on a series of sexual adventures wilder than your craziest dreams! Directed by Max Pecas.

Possessed - aka Possession While Adam the talent agent screws every would-be chanteuse who walks through his office door, his wife Rose keeps hearing frightening noises and experiencing strange erotic sensations around the house. The Medallion concerns a sex-obsessed college professor who initiates adoring coeds into the hermetic cult of Pan using a groovy magic medallion. Heat of Midnight - A man marked for death after robbing the mob has his life saved by a daring detective. Afterwards the detective gets to make the moves on his client's ex-wife and her beautiful lesbian lover roommate.

Exhibition - Documentary made in examines the state of the French pornographic film industry and featuring Claudine Beccarie, the first true superstar of French hardcore. Her sultry looks virtually guarantee that every boy makes it to class. Today's audiences have become very jaded with assembly line, mass-produced and mass-distributed hardcore pornography.

In the United States alone there are over 11, adult movies released each year - more than 20 times the mainstream movie production. This is in addition to the estimated million porn pages on the internet. Smut has become easily accessible and is more tolerated by our liberal society. But way before the plastic cartridges you popped in your VCR or those shiny discs you inserted into your DVD player, there was a market for prurient activities captured on film only whispered about amongst the closest circle of friends.

Marketing and producing stag films was highly illegal and so these films were all shot in secrecy. They also were not distributed in the typical fashion. A traveling operator, who might conceal his wares in a doctor's bag would bring his films and projector into town.

He would typically organize a movie showing in the backroom or basement of an all-male social club or bar, where secrecy was assured. These vintage stag films or smokers as they were then called would be shown to an all-cash paying crowd, and immediately after the showing the operator would be on to another town. The operator and the audience could have gotten busted at any moment and even face jail time for such lascivious activities.

It was the extreme illegality of stags that gave these films a certain excitement. Later, watching porn on a scratchy reel of 8mm film, projected onto a white sheet or a wall in a darkened room became the most profitable way of getting these films out to a wider audience.

These movies were often advertised in the back pages of men's magazines as "art films. She's going deep into the woods for another reason altogether.

Just wait until you see the woodsman's chopper! It's a big one and he surely knows how to use it. This double-barreled dose of DVD decadence contains two of the Seventies porn world's more entertaining "cult classics," chock-a-block full of strange rituals, brainwashed babes, and hot and horny sex. Get ready to relinquish your soul to the forces of occult sexual madness! Lovely Marta comes to the city and finds a job as a telephone operator. She moves in with her girlfriend, Nanda, whose goal in life is to find a husband. Marta has been dating Crispino, who is determined to marry her.

But liberty-loving Marta prefers a quick relationship. Nando then makes eyes at Crispino, but to no avail Over the telephone, Marta meets Pietro, who helps her forget her loneliness and they marry. Everything goes well until Harry, Pietro's friend arrives from America. Harry installs himself in their house and soon becomes obvious what kind of relationship Harry has with her husband. Our heroine Barbara is sentenced to life behind bars. She is submitted to a strip search and then introduced to her new cellmates.

These imprisoned cuties force themselves sexually on Barbara, who initially resists but soon lust kicks in and she goes with the lesbian flow. As an added bonus this DVD contains retro stag films from the s and s. Rene Bond, in one of her earliest performances, indulges in a hardcore oral scene with Rick Lutze in this torrid tale of cheaters and gigolos filmed in s Los Angeles. A clever and sensuous young man gathers his friends and together they decide to establish an exclusive whorehouse for women only. It is the first and best of its kind!