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‘One Trick Pony’ is a Unique Sci-Fi Graphic Novel Read

I hate it because it makes everyone think content is some kind of appendage you hang off your brand. You can try to have a digital marketing strategy without content, I guess. You can attempt to ignore analytics. But then you have no metrics. Which means you can't connect factors to your core goal. Good luck when the time comes to prove results. And you can always roll the dice and ignore infrastructure. I of course have never had anything like that happen. To me, though, channels are one layer below that: The three basic channels are paid, earned and owned. For example, pay-per-click PPC or display advertising.

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It's a unique setting for an unusual story, with stellar artwork, pacing, action, and drama. Getting there, though, takes some work:. IA dystopian scavenger tale quickly becomes a sci-fi battle with unsettling alien creatures in an inventive, meaty, and nicely paced graphic novel. These musical sequences were beautifully filmed and edited with care. I've always loved Nate's artistic ability, and his Hazardous Tales history comics are so fun to read: Buying a new server, hiring consultants or a new employee and paying for advertising are all hard costs. Otherwise, you've got no map.

Or whatever other buzzwords are flying around, like programmatic advertising, behavioral advertising the previous buzzword for programmatic advertising , mobile advertising which as far as I know is paid advertising, too , etc. Paid media means spending money for visibility. You gain it by being in some way valuable.

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To ask other readers questions about One Trick Pony, please sign up. .. And we are simply giddy every time a new story in the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. In fact, if I were to describe One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale to you, the only Granted, it was probably one of the more sexist books out there but I loved the . Review of the Day: The Party and Other Stories by Sergio Ruzzier.

For example, search engine optimization SEO and organic social media mentions. PR is earned media, too. So yeah, earned media. In the Owned channel, you control the media that gets attention. Think of user generated content, blog posts, product descriptions and special offers. Use paid and earned to drive attention to, and generate, owned. Your digital marketing strategy must use at least one channel.

But your strategy should really use every channel. Using only one channel is pure insanity, because:. A lot of people ask me what I call things like paid search, organic search, social media and display. Everyone talks about mobile. Like a desktop computer, or a TV, or a tablet. Mobile devices are the way all them young people access information. Google favors sites that are mobile-ready, and have entire separate platforms like AMP to deliver content at super-speed.

So yeah, mobile is an environment.

Treat it like one, working across the entire Marketing Stack for mobile users. If you remember nothing else about it, remember that:. This is how I prepare a digital strategy. Use this, ignore it, accept it as a universal truth of marketing or feed it into a shredder. No two organizations are the same, so there's no template. Unless you enjoy watching my blood pressure spike. That said, there are certain marketing strategy ingredients: Every chunk of the marketing stack. You have to touch on them all. Leave any out, and the result is the marketing equivalent of a collapsed, charred bundt cake.

Or the kind of GPS unit that leads you and your new car off a cliff. To see what works , move through that inventory, remembering that each piece of the stack percolates upwards. Then isolate the factors—the properties you think are making things work. To measure and improve , use metrics to link those factors to overall strategic goals.

If we can do that, success will follow with 76 trombones. Getting there, though, takes some work:. The marketers could just list some tactics: We need better organic search rankings. We need to spend more on PPC. But that gives me zero context. Why do we need more of these things?

“It’s not us, it’s you.”

What ties it all together? It sets the stage for your strategy and implementation. So take as long as you can on your inventory. Remember infrastructure, aaallll the way at the bottom of the marketing stack? The foundation of everything you do? You need to know your infrastructure strengths and limitations. This can affect strategic goals and everything else you do. Lurie Space Tourism is set up like this:.

Overall, infrastructure gets a C-. That will limit my strategic goals. It pays to know what you can measure. Before you get into metrics and micro-conversions, look at the tools available. Psychographic and demographic data would be even better….

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Your inventory may find big analytics holes. For example, you may not be able to measure conversions. If you need that data, make setting up the right analytics tools part of your strategic plan. Right now, Lurie Space Tourism can measure every typical web metric, including conversions and transaction size.

A content inventory can be really elaborate , which means including:. The main strategic goal of the content inventory is to match certain properties of the content with behaviors that lead to micro- and macro-conversions. Factor discovery is your goal. Complex or simple, the content inventory is important! Content is a basic element of a digital marketing campaign, right? Finding the positive factors—the properties that make some content better for your business—is the first step towards attributing content to core goals.

LST has lots of great content: Images, blog posts, narratives. I should be able to extract factors from it all. A simple list of channels, vehicles and dollars invested should do the trick for now.

Find the good stuff, faster — from books to YouTube.

Every strategy has random stuff that lives outside the marketing stack. I can, though, give you some of the typical things you need to look at:. You need company performance history: Revenue growth by quarter, for example, or past election results, or whatever. That helps you figure out whether goals are reasonable or not. Revenue will almost certainly be my goal. I also know that last year I had sales with 50, visitors, or a.

Not the tasty lemony stuff. Your audience brings with it a list of factors, too. Certain types of customers are more likely to buy than others. Factors make them more or less likely to buy. If you can isolate those factors, you can seek out the perfect audience and achieve your core goals. So you have to know that audience, really well. Audience research is really two things:. Determining the age, gender, geography, etc.

For demographic research, you can use the opportunity analysis tools I talked about above, census data, ComScore and other marketing database companies can deliver what you need. This is soooo much fun. Find the likes, life changes and dislikes of your best audience. Combine data from different sources. I could write a pretty lengthy novel about psychographic research. AimClear leads the industry in this kind of research. Carefully read their articles. So, I can target advertising, sure.

But I can also aim content squarely at them. And build out infrastructure that supports them. You might want to talk a bit about them, and what differentiates them from competing products:. I have no great example of this. The difference between them and SEMRush? SEMRush looks at several vehicles.

In reality, this list would be a lot longer. Put all of this together, and you start to see where and how you can grow. I can be more ambitious, and make infrastructure, analytics and content investment part of my plan. Or I can be conservative, and work within my constraints. Either way, each strategic goal must be one of the fundamental goals—revenue, profit or win—plus a number or other definable, quantifiable performance indicators.

It must also consider the factors: What will LST have to change or accomplish to succeed? I want to increase revenue and maintain profit. I want to keep that margin the same.

See a Problem?

If I do, my revenue graph will look like this:. If I know that LST converts. I also know that the influential factors live pretty far down the marketing stack: Infrastructure and content are big. That means more work. Given the state of my marketing stack, this is going to be a big effort. This part takes what you found in the inventories and looks for factors. Factors directly or indirectly impact core business goals. Factors can be one of two things:. Factors must include a value multiplier. So these are all factors:. Each factor is something specific that I can measure.

Each one also carries a specific value multiplier. Figure out what metrics you need to track occurrences and performance of factors. With the right metrics, you can figure out which factors happen where. You can also constantly improve your model, getting more accurate factor value over time. A metric can be anything that helps you measure progress towards your strategic goal. Helps you measure progress. If I meet that threshold, that's either a micro-conversion or a minimum standard. Every time a visitor does something that meets a metrics threshold, I'll record a micro-conversion.

Micro-conversions are trackable behaviors that I know bring visitors closer to macro-conversion. If determining micro-conversions is part of the plan, so be it. Micro-conversions tell you the core business value generated when a visitor does something. Minimum thresholds tell you why a micro-conversion happens. The math behind minimum thresholds works just like micro-conversions, but is based on properties of a page or visitor, rather than behavior.

Time to play detective. Look at each layer of the marketing stack. What happens at that layer when Good Things Happen? Visitors who share content are more likely to convert, so I want more of them, too. Some parts of this page won't work property. Please reload or try later. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. How '' Changed Michael Mando's Life. To watch on prime. Share this Rating Title: One-Trick Pony 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. A child molester sent to prison finds that criminals exact harsher justice than society.

Triumph of the Spirit For Love of the Game The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Walter Fox Joan Hackett Lonnie Fox Allen Garfield Modeena Dandridge Michael Pearlman Matty Levin Lou Reed Steve Kunelian Steve Gadd Danny Duggin Eric Gale Lee-Andrew Parker Tony Levin March 14, Publisher: Informative and fun, they are a graphic novel retelling of various events throughout history.

Topics that Hale has covered include: But his latest book, One Trick Pony , is not a part of this series. These strange, alien creatures called Pipers effectively consume electricity, which means technology is basically off limits. Strata takes to the horse, called Kleidi, almost instantly. But when they find the horse they also call the Pipers to them and Strata and her friends have to somehow find their way back to safety. Of course, this is a dangerous world and with aliens and other deviant scavengers on their tail, they may never make it back to their families.

But when the opportunity arises, Strata and Kleidi might just have a chance to strike back at the Pipers and save the world once and for all.