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The general medical services com- mittee of the British Medical Association called on Mr. David Ennals, Social Services Secre- tary. Under a peace formula nego- tiated this week between shop stewards and management, the assembly line workers will not be reinstated — instead they will be re-engaged. The strike jeopardised other jobs at the factor - and more than 1. It started after manage- ment introduced reductions in overtime for the whole factory, in line with rationalisation plans which include, 2, re- dundancies.

Those plans, thrashed ont between unions and management over the last eight months, have twice led to threats of closure by the U. The assembly line workers refused to accept the overtime cuts and the managenfent reduced the number of workers on the production line The workers refused to accept that and the management issued dismissal notices Mr. Hugh Swan, acting con- venor, said: The truce is pending reinstatement and the men will be working as normal. One assembly worker said: Lucas Aerospace said in March last year that it was to dose its Liverpool plant, which employed 1, workers, and its Bradford and Shipley factories which employed The Government wary of losing Merseyside support over redundancies, these eventually rose to 24, by the end of the year, stepped in with eniugb grant aid to persuade the com- pany to make major changes to its restructuring plans.

The Huyton factory, though, will now employ a further workers and there will be no compulsory redundancies at Bradford and none at Liverpool La the next two years. If the capital costs of the plants rise as a result of the agreement, more funds are likely to be made available. Talks will begin on tire increased level of funding and on alternative products for the company between the depart- ment.

The plan was seen by both management and the stewards as a fundamental challenge to the way industry operates, and was rejected by the company in April, The plan was an attempt to re-direct the company away from the manufacture of defence components to more " socially useful " products, including kid- ney machines, a revolutionary -road-rail vehicle, and a heat pump powered by natural gas instead of electricity. It kept up its pressure. The factory would be rent free for the first five years.

The 2, workers laid off because of the dispute have been recalled, and production will be resumed. The inspectors have agreed to work normally while negotiations continue on their grievances about manning levels. Production was also resumed at Longbridge, Birmingham, yesterday, after a six-day strike by 20, workers over the com- pany's refusal to award parity payments. The business of business travel. Airports Jo-ipicJ id ihc Jiviicsiiml til lies arc loss able to cope com fur tab ly with the.

Vet what can be done to help him? Mabcnui being Belgium's International Airiinc serriue the EEC capital, carries a higher proportion of business travellers than any other airline. Take Brussels Airport for example. It is just a fifty-five minute flight from Heathrow, yet despite the proximity, the contrast could hardly be more marked. The sheer calm, comfort and efficiency of the compact single-terminal Brussels airport makes ir one of the most civilised in Europe, with every facility for the business traveller close at hand.

Such as the Sabena Business Quh, with its office, conference and lounge. Such as the ist class lounge. The convenience doesn't just stop at the airport. So you see just how Sabena is tackl in g the problem of business travellers seriously, to make business travel less of a business. Series Semor Secured Notts. April 15, , May September 1, , November! Jammy 15, , September 1, October 1 , , December 15, Term Notes present or represented by proxy sad given oa a poD. Additional copies of such documents together with inmuc t i onsto holders of unregistered Notes, forms of deposit certificates, proxies and other documents to enable holders of iuii e gBte rad.

For tire exact tett of the mnttdstents reference should be made to the doff Fiftieth'- 1 Suppiaoental Indenture, copies of which may be obtained from the Trustee: It has tofoe a very special car. All in all, a test drive in a new Renault 18 should be enough to convince anyone that the French really can speak our language. For details of fleet sales, business and professional leasing or a brodiure, write to Renault; P0 Box 2, London W.

For export details write to Renault UK Ltd. Automatic version available on cc models. Ask any of our dealers about low rate Renault Loan and Insurance Plans. Denis Healey, the heel lor, in the Commons? If account asTaken of self-financing pro- ictivity deals the figure was iout S per cent Jlr. Healey told the Tory inches: There was Laughter from both sides of the House when the Chancellor retorted: Sir Bernard and local environ- mental groups maintain that the concentration of oil refineries and methane gas on the island constitutes a serious hazard.

Last night, a spokesman for the Department of Employment which is responsible for Health and Safety at work, said that some of the recommended improvements were now in hand. The methane gas pipeline from Canvey to Greenwich had been emptied and the quantity of gas stored on the island sub- stantially reduced.


In the Commons yesterday, Sir Bernard asked Mr. Callag- han whether he had received his letter. Belper asked if the Chancellor still held to the view expressed earlier by the Prime Minister that if pay settlements could not be kept to the 5 per cent norm corrective measures would have to be taken in the Budget.

We have proved our resolve in both these in recent weeks and that is one of the reasons for the stability of sterling at the present time. Joel Barnett Chief Secre- tary to the Treasury. He accused Tory MPs of gleefully prognosticating a poor pay out-turn and urged them to back the Government in seek- ing to ensure a moderate out- turn. A new call to the Government to honour its obligations to move to free transferability of capital inside the Common Market was made by Mr.

Peter Bees, a Con- servative spokesman on Treasury affairs. Healey reminded him that a number of European countries operated exchange controls on capital movements in order to protect elements in their economic performance.

Thatcher on observers for the- elections on April HP for Southend West, and Mx. Peter Blake r, HP for Blackpool South, will spend at least a week in Rhodesia and might decide to visit other countries in Southern Africa attiteaame time. The Conservatives we highly critical of the Government for deciding not. Official' observers to the elections.

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PART OF the Porton Down research station — renowned for its work on germ and chemical warfare— is to be transferred, from the Defence Ministry to civilian control, under a Bill which got an unopposed second reading -in the Commons yester- day. The Establishment's work has included preparation of a vac- cine to contain the. Ennate said -current pro- jects included. Microbiology and Research, ' concentrating ' prim- ' arily on.

For the Opposition, shadow social -'services secretary Mr. Debate - on the first report- from the procedure committee, session Motions on the Northern Ireland orders on. Private 'Member ' Bills. Mid wives and Health ' Visitors Bill. Second Readings, ; Tuesday: Archaeological Areas Bill, com- mittee stages. Short, debates' on population of Coluabo. Criminal Evidence Bill,, third reading. This was announced yester- day by the Bank of England. Robert Sheldon, Financial Secretary to the treasury. In opi our of company iLticol enntri but ions. The amendment should be ua- ntrnversial. Hert- rdshire E said the apparent mess of the amendment was purious.

Callaghan emphasised that, as far as he was concerned the basis for an honourable set- tlement had existed since the middle of. The money had to be found to main- tain efficient local government services. I ask them, most urgcnlly, to get together and bring tills matter to a conclusion. Grimond reminded him that, until a week ago, local authorities wen? There was laughter from the Tories, as Mr. So are the -unions. Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative leader,.

She wanted to know if he had sought assurances. The Prime Minister replied that Mrs. Thatcher was quoting only half of the joint statement, but he preferred the other half: These were among the most important conclusions put for- ward yesterday by Mr.

EEC code of conduct for companies operating in South Africa. Mir James Callaghan '. To win, the Yes vote will have to total at least 40 per cent of those on the electoral register in S coland and Wales. This constitutional innovation was not the product of Mr. Cal- laghan or the Government It was introduced into the Scotland Bill in January last year, and later repeated in the Wales Bill, as a result of a coalition between anti-devolu- tion Labour MPs and the Con- servative Party.

The clause means that, for the first time in a British election, those wanting to carry the day know almost to a vote what they have to do to win. There are some 3. Wales has about 2m voters. In prac- a legislature is apt to become an unintelligible mess. The law on formation of con- tract was still governed by a year-old Act of the Scottish Parliament The Scots law of succession had taken 35 years ot amend since it had first been considered officially and the divorce law reform had taken nearly as long.

At a public meeting last night Mrs. Margo MacDonald, one of the leaders of the Yes - for Scotland campaign, said it was in ihe interests of Shetlanders to vote for an asembly. George Cunningham would be likely to find an fine. Showing since some- -people oir the. Others will have moved home. Some will be too ill td vote and yet others, 'such as students and nurses,, will- have: It will also attempt to elimi- nate -those who. By producing a revised electorate, a greater degree of fairness: Giving an analysis of the returns of o!

Soane 13 per cent were paid below tills level, of which about 23 per cent off people might be paid less than the minimum level required to satisfy, the basic needs of an employer and his family. The Minister said that while it was encouraging that 87 per -cent of employees covered- in the analysis appeared to be paid above the recommended figure. Wales voting Yes-' ' -. The hurdle goto higher as the poll drops. His parents are Scpttirti and -. There- fore, any literature distri- buted.

Speaking - fir Montgomery, Mr. Party, accused devolution opponents of deliberate, scare- mo ngering tactics. Tlie Bill, wMrii has. Marks and Spencer, have been Spencer, the subject of a pro- carried out by the latter group, visional patent, a major energy- The tests demonstrated that a saving programme is in pro- power consumption saving for pcss throughout the big M and 5 stores up and down the country. Apparently simple in concept — energy js saved by extracting otherwise wasted heat from the water heating of some 76 per cent was possible.

Pay-back periods for the equipment run from one to three years and it is the inten- tion of the company to extend ONE OF the largest computer installations of its 'kind in Europe is nearing completion at the new Leman Street, London headquarters of Centre- file, computer bureau subsidiary of the National Westminster Bank Group. It includes two large central processing units, an IBM and a Additional peripheral equip- ment has also been installed. Among the new items are two IBM laser printers, each of which can print up to 13, lines per minute.

This brings the printing capacity of the in- stallation up to 40, lines per minute. Extra disc capacity has been installed with 24 IBM fixed dies, thereby increas- ing the on-line disc capacity by 7. These discs will be used for fast access and on- line teleprocessing require- ments. The magnetic tape equipment has also been in- creased by the addition of 12 IBM Model 8 tape drives. Paper consumption is of the order of 10 tonnes per day. Growth is now of the order of 30 per cent annually. On line are 27 brokers who account for some 50 per cent of each of which has a transfer all the transactions on the Lon- rate of ljm bytes per second.

The unit can accept up to 32 digital or switch contact Inputs via a multiplexing unit and optionally analogue signals can be accommodated as well. Also oc line are 80 building societies, representing 3m accounts. The company's payroll service now covers 1, companies with Management sees do problems in meeting expansion targets, nor does it see any halt to growth in demand for batch processing.

These self-contained units are designed for bench mounting and are available in The chamber can be manually or automatically controlled by remote or integral instrumenta- tion and full safety facilities are fined. Interior of the chamber is in light gauge stainless steel of nil welded construction and the exterior surfaces are mild steel finished in acrylic stove enamel. Bins are available in sizes from two to 20 cubic feet; loaded and sealed, they are drawn from storage as needed and located on the service frame at the point of use.

Snap-on connections provide pneumatics for the feeder and control func- tions. When the correct amount has been delivered to the process, either under operator super- vision or automatically to a pre-set weight, the connections are broken and the bin returned to store. Hadley Works, Cax ton Way. Baggage is manually trans ported on to a moving belt whici conveys it into the aircraft 1! A11 controls are operatec from the driving seat, with iht exception of the conveyor whici is operated by two sets of pusf buttons mounted at each end oi the belt.

Staffs WS14 9DU data ' by virtue of the software approach. The monitor makes its own decisions, controls the for- arising during that time — for example, the impending need for a tool change. Connection to a central computer is possible. The refrigeration compressors nm round the clock from one end of ihe year to the other and ihere is clearly quite a large amount of energy to be recovered. It Is taken at the gas superheat stage, after the gas has picked tip heat from the displays and - during compres- Mun in the compressor.

A small heat exchanger is installed at this point, ahead of the air cooled condenser. During the summer months, the superheat section can be running at as high as degrees C, while in winter, Electric consumed, heaters would generally pick up mains water at around 16 degrees and heat it to Any pre-heating is thus a saving on power consumed.

Hall and Kay has completed five installations and is working on a further six. Marryat Jackson Norris has completed three and has six in hand. Additional to these, the latter company has installed two solar energy units. Developers say that apart from frozen food cabinets and chilled displays, the system could be extended to most con- tinuous processes using recipro- cating refrigeration equipment. One, called - Safety Soluble No. Taking into account the types of load involved and the demand foreseen, an ideal demand for- mat can be set on the controller which then displays the ideal power demand at any moment, the actual power being con- sumed and what is in hand or in deficit from the start of the period.

The process restarts each half-hour and the interval is divided into six-minute seg- ments for close control. Action to implement load shedding can be manual, or the device itself can be made to shed load automatically. Dangerous chemicals, raw materials for the plastics in- dustxy, etc, have had to be con- tained in bags which, apart from the hazards of bursting, have been necessarily large, which also presents handling and storage problems. Vehicles may accidentally run over the bags and cause them to burst with the result that toxic materials are released.

Loading and unloading of them is arduous and time-taking, too. The Swedish system can be operational within two or three minutes, even for inexperienced personnel Construction from the various components — pallet, hard board sheet liner, and top cover needs only one piece of equipment a former to produce a cylinder from a sheet of hard- board. Hardboard cylinder, which is located on the pallet utilises a patent fastening system to lock the components together. Carry- ing capacity of the bin is be- tween 0.

Height and diameter of cylin- ders can be specified, and a range of pallet styles is avail- able. These include options of bottom discharge capability, and discharge either by suction or by the more regular turn-over dump dirsharge method. Further details from Hall and Kay, Birch Street. Marryat Jackson Norris, 11 Dingwall Road. In the standard version plant air package, the compressor lias three stages with two shell and tube interstage coolers.

The new air-coolcd version features air-to-air fin-fan heat ex- changers, which arc fully inte- grated into the compressor con- trol system. A separator system, common to both versions, removes condensed moisture between each stage. The air-cooled version has the same rating as the standard ver- sion. That is, capacities from 7iK tu 3, cubic feet per minute at pressures up to lb psL The new version has obvious applications in such areas as desert pumping stations in the gas and petrochemical industry.

To minimise site work, the compressor, driver and controls are mounted on a rigid base-' plate. Foundations, or shims are not required nor is it normally necessary to grout the unit in place. The model L, for example, has six keys for category of goods sold and either the number of items sold or number of customers for each category or department will increment on the management reports. Bright displays in Inch-high characters are provided on assistant and customer sides of the till, or optionally a turret version can be provided.

There are separate journal and audit rnll print-outs. One or two assistants can use the machine, the transactions of each being separately treated in the records. Apart from the numerical keypad there are also keys for cheque, charge to account or cash tendered, with change computation if required — the keys can be programmed to suit the user. Keys can also deal with promotional coupons, dis- counts. And these are on offer at very attractive rates. But they're not he only reason why you should consider Bristol for your industrial expansion. Both skilled and semi-skilled. Plus Britain's most streamlined business communications.

Or ring him on Bristol The wrapper will enable the paper industry to take the benefit of stretch wrapping, replacing the present hand packaging of reels with Kraft paper to which a polythene overwrap is frequently added as a protection against water damage. The machine operates with various stretch films, wrapping film round the circumference of the reel to protect it against dirt and moisture.

It also applies tabbed or plain end caps to minimse the possibility of edge damage, though the wrapper can be supplied with- out end cap damps or alterna- tively. We have one of the most modern, up-to-date fleets in the world, which is why we take extra special care to keep it looking at its best. And with the care comes the service, with 17 flights a day, including three by the hew widebodied A Airbus, serving Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. Other destinations in Germany are: Senior member oF the trio was Mr. Sydney Mason, chair- man of the Hammerson group af companies and the man who spent 19 years putting together the Brent Cross shopping centre in the face of weighty opinion that he would uot make it work.

His view was simple and short. And if the Govern mem provided i'-i: Mason docs not write off the Surrey Docks altogether as a development area. He believes that what it needs is a new town corporation, which could create in me thing like Welwyn Garden City on trie banks of the Thames. THE City mer- chant bankers. The two parties announced this week that they had decided to dissolve Property Holdings International, the U. The venture started success- fully enough. The situation was blamed on general, market con- ditions. Under the terms of the division. Lend Lease will, keep the projects under active development while Schroders lakes land investments and certain mortgages outstanding on property sales.

It was apparently decided some time ago that the company would not begin any new developments and that the operation would be put on a work out " basis. By the end of last year, when it became clear that the two distinct aspects of the joint operation — land holdings and development projects underway — were oE about equal value, the decision to make the final split was taken. It appears that while the joint venture was successful with its office and apartment develop- ment programme, it hit serious problems with housing schemes.

One of the earliest decisions taken was to develop Cluster- style housing an upstage version of the semi which seemed set to prove popular with the American public. In the event when property prices turned down after the boom, demand for traditional housing set in reasonable grounds proved strongest and the company was forced into the type of low-density development it had not planned for.

At the end of the day. It also has a parcel of land in San Diego adjoining a development which js now In the hands of Lend Lease. Petershill House is now largely occupied by DeCoittes. Crouch moves into U. New York,- the heart of the insurance district. The transaction, according to the Leicester Promotion Cam- paign, typifies the buoyant property market in the area, where over half a million sq if of office space has been disposed of in the last 16 months.

Bridge and London Bridge, the. An IDC and plan- ning permission have been obtained. Richard Main acted on behalf of Arrowcroft while Royal was represented by St. Lyons and the Fund was advised by Clive Lewis and Partners. Situated near to Blackfriars J. Talk to u; about the low- cost sites, the factories and the c: New Factories — To Ltt 3J00sq fc and Ground Floor Factory 5.

Tu be sold-as a whole or in lots'. The following ere the prime localities ol inter ear 1. Greater London and the Home Counties, particularly Slough. Financial Times, so Cannon Street. Southampton, City Wall House- 17, sq. Tunbridge Wells, Pantiles House. Located in historic Pantiles. Available in units from 1 , sq. Offering occupation in Gatwick Gate Estate, Lowfield Heath. Modem offices opposite St Paul's Cathedral. Fully fitted offices to suit a professional firm. Mixed use building close to Finsbury Square.

S acre site ineJuding acres available for storage, vehicle parkins and further expansion. Extensive views over theThames. Finished to the highest standards in units from , sq. Space divided between a General Area and Executive Offices. Sox 88, Mir-iapai Buildings, Dale Street. Sites up to 50 acres Skilled labour available. Housing for new and coasting staff. Lofty, mainly single-storey buildings a site of over acres. Witli its convenient communications to the City and West End and its abundance of convenient shopping facilities, the Holbom area is now an estab- lished office location attracting tenants of international standing.

Easily accessible from all areas in and around London and sewed. Through its proximity to the Circle and Central Lines,- the principal British Rail main line termini are all within con- venient reach. The comfortable air conditioned offices have ff-f solar glazing, fully fitted carpeting, lighting and IBS: Four high speed lifts serve the offices and open garden terraces enhance the sixth floor executive suites.

For the organisation hoping to combine pro- duction and administration in a single complex this development provides a rare opportunity to do so in Central London. At the same time its design provides for entirely separate occupation of the two elements. Please contact die sole letting agents, Bernard Thorpe and Partners, on if you would like to visit this exciting new environment or receive a copy of our colour brochure. SA Call or write: As a Ijwyor and brofer.

I liove 20 years' experience. I also act as USA agent lor foreign investors. Sond for free brochure. Ask tor brochure - Tourist Options Key Institute. NicderhoHer Cross S Zeckhauear. Garaging for 3 cars. Workshop- Offers invited for the Freehold prior to proposed Sale by Auction at the end of March Every alarm clock is a bomb, each ticking watch a probable explosion. Soldiere, Sailors and Airmen ail risk mental breakdown equally In war and in keeping the peace.

There are bombs much nearer to us than Cyprus, Aden or MalayiL We devote ourselves solely to the welfare of these brave men and women who have tried to give so much more than they could. We help than at home, and in hospital. For some, we provide work -in a sheltered industry, so that they can live Wi thout charity. If we are Co go on helping them, we must have funds. Please send a donation. The need is really urgent; and the debt is owed by all of us. Three residences, five lakes. Frontage on two State to as.

Very private location, la miles ea-v ot Charlottesville. WI Exceptionally high quality air- conditioned offices to let on one floor 8, sq. Retained Agents with named clieats,please. Financial Times 10 Cart W Street. Propeitlw E relerred ora flats end. All icons will be answered, Fuflast details ios F orsyte Horns Ltd. W i wr Financial. Douglas Mor- peth's Inflation Accounting. Assuming the- ASC , gives its expected approval and iio institute president gets really. To many obser- vers the leadership of the accounting profession has been shell-shocked ever since. Morpeth, his parl-guvernment financed steer- ing group, and his current cost version of , inflation accounting CCA were all but slammed into cold storage.

In their place the. While Hyde has been seen as a life-saver by many senior accountants it has never been regarded foy Mr. Morpeth and his supporters as -nearly enough. To start with, it is not proposed that ED 24 will be voluntary — it is intended to be an accounting standard like all. And while the new CCA accounts are to be supple- mentary. It is, after all, just over two years since the profession's Auditing Practices Committee, concluded that Morpeth Mark I was unauditable. Morpeth Mark Q looks like having the following additional features: The logic of this is that a company loses out when it is owed money and gains from borrowing.

Then, through a gearing adjustment, the amounts of additional depreciation and cost of sales are reduced by the pro- portion which is assumed to have been financed by outsiders. Essentially, Morpeth Mark II splits the gearing adjustment into two parts: After a year and a half of having nothing to do except prepare, it does seem unfortu- nate that Mr. Morpeth is not better prepared. At the present time nobody knows with certainty just how many com- panies it will affect, hut one estimate is that it will be at least 5, In contrast, critics arc- pointing to - the United States, where - the- Financial Accounting Standards Board's recent inflation accounting ex- posure draft is only likely to affect 1.

In the same area, it is difficult to see- why the Steering Group is only proposing to exempt wholly- owned subsidiaries from having to give the new information. Why not exclude all sub- sidiaries? ITie most potent argument could well centre round the two- part split of the gearing adjust- ment According to some lead- ing ASC members many accountants will find the idea difficult to understand and accept. The implication that long-term borrowings are always used to finance fixed and long- term assets could be difficult to justify empirically. But the weakest point in the MWCA ad- justment is the problem of drawing a line between working and non-working capital.

Only in exceptional circum- stances and where it can be shown that it would be mislead- ing to do otherwise, can the MWCA include cash floats and that part of bank balances or overdrafts arising from fluctuations in the volume of stock, , trade debtors and- trade creditors. The splitting up of interest payable adds a further complication to all this. Yet another criticism of the present proposals is that the profit, and loss account is too complex, and does not im- mediately emphasise which figure the reader should be con- centrating on.

Share or current cost profits of associated companies Current cost profit before taxation. At the- end of the day, how- ever. The dif- ficulty is that there is no agreed accounting convention which nil companies follow. I enterprises, which is currently being put together in Bonn for..

Since ihcn accounts fnr the employment of. Various reorespntative iusr under 4m neonle nct! The provisional data shows a further reduction' in the net decline figure and a further narrowing of the gap between birth rates, and death rates. The hypothesis is of organisation also point out that hich. Optutffsm about the authori- iW' response to the various demands, -starts, of course, from its. Of course, not all the demands which are going to be formally submitted will be met in full,. Ttis-I'cai and related strains publi'. Future employment in — 1: What is sought is an effective down.

Business courses nesses may at last be slowing V' Cl iarteketj surveyors As ;i tirni of Chartered Surveyors founded nearly. Property valuations made with judgement and a regard for detail have provided our clients with some very'tilujbic information. But an appraisal of St. Quintin will also reveal oiher inieresting properties because, in addition to property valuation, we give advice on planning,. Perhaps you should explore some of our interesting properties.

March 16, London, March , Amsterdam Detail? They were most appreciative and found the tape to be hightly successful as an instructional tool. We have a half hour public opinion program daily and have extended its use to anyone in the field of drugs who might talk intelligently about the subject and its many problems. This is what we as a small market station are doing to fight this dreaded, disgusting, sickening and very saddening problem that faces our society today. If it is shown that we can do something further along these lines then we will be more than happy to avail our services to this most meaningful cause.

Since we began our local campaign some time back there has been a noticeable difference in the attitude of many of our listeners and it is most gratifying to see these results. May I again commend Billboard for its excellent attitude in our combined fight against drugs and the multitude of side effects cause by them. Congratulations on a job well done! I have been following with great interest your excellent campaign against the use of drugs.

I think there are very few among us who are not fully aware of this dread problem which plagues the entire younger generation. I also think that each radio station or television station is trying to fight it in his own way, some being more capable financially than others. We at KOKX are considered a small market station, yet we run a tight ship, so to speak, and try at all times to handle ourselves as if we were a major market competitor. This not only creates a more productive and professional atmosphere, but you actually find yourself doing things that are only expected and oftentimes seen in the larger cities.

We are quite strong in our support of public service groups and functions and we run quite a few announcements on drugs. I might suggest that anyone looking for some really good spot announcements contact the Iowa Council of Churches. We run their material quite frequently. As a member of the ABC network, we carried a special program on May 16 with Paul Harvey concerning a young, 19year-old drug addict who made a Dear Editor: Going into my 24th year of broadcasting this summer!

Still doing 3 -7 p. Was thinking -you ought to start a club via your column, something to the effect of "the Club".. Although many mike men like myself serve in many other capacities, believe the number of men on the air with this many years experience 20 would number few. In fact this might be something interesting , a group from Atlanta's hippieland have formed the Mid Town Alliance in an effort to combat the hard drug thing. They staged a march not long ago and are very active in setting up clinics and securing cooperation from many in the medical profession.

The underground paper here, The Great Speckled Bird, although controversial in nature, is hitting hard on the anti -drug campaign and seem to be sincere in doing so. Their political views cannot be shared by all; but, their drug views are in keeping with all that is trying to be accomplished.

Keokuk, Iowa Vox Jox Since I consider myself a member of an elite group of people known generally as the "music industry," I give my wholehearted support when one of our trade publications involves itself in a dialogue like the drug issue. I feel that now is the time for our trade publications and the music industry in general to deal with a much more serious problem.

I realize that when talking to adults, words like peace, love and freedom are only words. For right action to be taken, it must be an action dictated by good "business sense. You also know that the major portion of your popular artists are devoting a great deal of their words and music to social problems which strike an empathy with your record buying public.

I contend that it is time for you to do something to help. Yesterday May 4 two brothers and two sisters of our human race were murdered. Premeditatedly, if the Vice President can be believed when he said this was predictable. Death is only predictable when guns are used to replace sanity, logic and humanism. My words must have special bearing to those of you who work for conglomerates. It is your companies which have the S" power to make the government realize that our approach, as human beings, must not be to resort to guns, but rather to resort to understanding.

It is up to you. If you won't look at it and realize that it is human beings who are being killed, and the issues that they are dying for, then at least look at it and realize that it is a consumer with big dollars to spend that is being alienated. We are killing our own children. Each Thursday from 8 -9 p. Dewey Hughes, with ith WOL in a half -hour Washington, also a week on Voice show five days of America that's heard just about around the world. He needs records, especially the new releases.

Send to him at Quackenbas St. Dewey some by the offices the other day and I gave him our whirlwind tour. He may never re. WCAR, which is the Ken Draper consulted station, it's still pretty far back, except for being second each Sunday during midday. But the market seems to belong for the moment to Paul Drew. McCarthy is on the air each morning over WJR.

McCarthy has a At L'Etoile, Tony will also tape interviews with celebrities for use on his weekend radio show. No other trade publication is read by so many air personalities and program directors. And all of the sharp programming -oriented general managers read the magazine, too! Best of all, Billboard classified ads achieve better results than any other publication in the field. The cost is in advance -for two times. Avenua W Brootqe, N. WW rk apywhe reference Katto-' 'oetWto arty VJJ[ppryry, 11h"'Btt 9pn vanta, Noel w eeeead,e.

Conneermh Plor save ye Active with Phoenix House, she can provide information for an tldrog campaign from the ground up. On June 5, the station highlights the music moods of 45 Years in America and will feature news events of the past along with excerpts from soap operas.

Two more records to add to the antidrug airplay campaign: Contact Joe Smith at Warner Bros. Box , Hollywood, Calif. Probably do more goad running these spots than a month of preaching. The spots arc recommended for airplay. Paul v " Grosse Pointe, Horn. De FJm ana, rlrn vro. Deete look rock loa 1 apro. Talent that wmmmleate know youre out there.

The show received a At the time it was on the air, the show had about 46 percent of the audience watching TV across the nation. The show has always had a history of success. In the metropolitan area of New York alone In , the show had a 49 percent share of the audience. Box numbers will be used, if you wish. Send money and advertising copy to: Now and then, when the topic warrants, Billboard presents a bylined article by an outstanding air personality, program director, or general manager.

Louis, here discusses a current trend among many stations in both medium and major markets. Too many radio stations today are providing listeners with cheap entertainment. If your station isn't deeply and sincerely involved with its listeners, and your station contests, promotions, and personalities aren't turning them on, then your station is guilty of providing cheap entertainment.

As professional broadcasters, we all know that our first responsibility is to the listener, for it's them we serve, and they alone can make or break our station, so you must give listeners the very best your station can afford. It's true rising costs are forcing radio stations to keep the overall spending down like never before, but not to the extent of losing the audience. So, what spending should a station watch? From a programming standpoint, I think cutting expenses will not only effect the station's sound, but the entire operation. I think the saying goes, "You get what you pay for.

All COO, cations most be in as soon s possible, as the number of auditions a is limited. For information, write to: Y, station regardless of your personalities, contests, promotions or even music selection. With FM coming on strong and good music stations emphasizing personality and music that almost carries 50 percent of what Top 40 is playing, your audience is probably already making the switch.

Looking at the station sound on a percentage basis, with a scale totaling percent, see the personality representing 30 percent, contests and promotions representing 30 percent, and the other 40 percent being the music. First, since the jock represents such a large piece of the percentage your station will want the very best money can buy, right? You want a guy who's talented, creative, motivates and communicates with the audience.

But these jocks are hard to find. That's where the money is right now. Top 40 station managers and program directors have been screaming because they can't find personalities, and when they find 1 one, they complain because he's too expensive. This is , not As long as 1 can get a guy who sounds good saying the names of the records, that's all I need. But even the mare-music format stations are trying to swing back to heavy personality. It's true that Top 40 personalities in the late 50's and early 60's made better money than today, but I'll bet we can all name more outstanding personalities in Top 40 at that time, than we can now.

I don't think it's because there are less talented people being born, it's just that radio must give them more incentive, remember, because formats have gone more mechanical today, that doesn't mean listeners are tired of being entertained. Second, we all know we've cut back in the area of contests and promotions. The contests had quality, they involved the audience, they were exciting because they gave the listener a chance to be a part of the station. It may have been a contest in the form of a paid vacation for two, so people talked about it and as a result you got some heavy ratings or at least scared the hell out of your competition.

Today, because they're established in the market, many stations feel why spend money like they did when they were first getting off the ground? The audience isn't motivated, the chance of the station calling their home is remote, so they're really not involved with the contest.

More than that, these people feel they're being cheated. As listeners, they have every right to be entertained now as they did three, four or even five years ago with quality and themselves in mind. Again, if your contests and promotions are sick and boring, there goes 30 percent of your sound.

Third, with music representing 40 percent, I think we are all smart enough not to cheat ourselves there. Spending really isn't a factor when it comes to music selection and I think that each day Top 40 program directors and music directors are spending more time picking music and looking for the heavy album stuff.

There are Lad This Meek Weeks as that deserve consideration. I know of one station that removed some news equipment out of the newsroom to save a couple dollars a month. And this was a station in a two million -plus market. FCC said the fine was partly for unfair competition with area dance promoters, and party for failure to log both the announcements and the playtime of the performers' recordings as commercial time. The tentative rules, endorsed by all seven FCC commissioners, were originally to he released as final, but an second thought, the proceeding was to be held open for comments.

These must be in by July 6, and replies by August 3. Hare to Stay-Jeannie Black Capitol y 5. On Wee uesy, Fred Yee lay 5. IC Keep itep Kolding 1. Arms Again -SUpremes Motown 3. I Capitol Wooly Bully -Sam the 3. Just a Little-Beau Brummell Victor 3. Me I Capitol 4. You Don't a 5. I'll Doggone -Marcie Gaye 7. Sure, it's the name of the game, but your audience makes that game possible. When you cheat them, you're eventually going to cheat yourself. Let's strive to be radio -the quality image, radio -the entertainer, and radio -the constant companion. The issue was felt important enough to be made pari of the hearing of the case.

The plugola rules would make network's and station's managements' responsible for learning what outside financial interests are held by employees or by others involved in programming, making sure acknowledgment of the connection is made in every case. They have a fairly free rein. The only thing they ask me for is a budget," said Freed.

These people are on the campus and know what is happening there.

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How am I supposed to tell them what to do? If find something that works, t pass it on to our college people. He must first prove himself as a live performer. This is best done on the college circuit, where audiences are very receptive to new as well as known talent. They force tours with artists who are not relevant, in the students' opinion, cy to what is going on today. Some acts just are not right for a college audience. If agents and promoters insist on selling turkeys to schools, then these businessmen will eventually lose.

Tips To Get Start Upload Ideas And Publishing Resources - PDF Free Download -

They think that staging a show at a school guarantees an audience, and it does, but if the promoter's show is a flop, you can be sure that the school committee involved with booking the show on the campus will think twice before dealing with that promoter again. Nothing is forced on these people. We discuss the various aspects of their plans and try to feel out the campus together. Eventually, he hopes to set up a system that will allow everyone to participate in writing the promotions for the campuses.

At the moment, plans are to bring all of the college representatives together sometime in August in either Chicago or Los Angeles for a sales meet"We will be able to exchange ideas face to face. We can discuss our views of the campus openly. It will prove to be an education for everyone ing. Freed has several people in his office who are going to school and work at a campus radio station. There is no specific area of concentration and we are still looking for other people on cam puses " gun recognizing the college market, according to Bob Burke of Media West Enterprises.

Media West is going to the record companies to promote for them, thereby giving them access to the lucrative college market. There are, however, some drawbacks to the use of student representatives for companies. The major problem is the cost Best LP's ton 1. These are the best selling albums at Cheap Thrills, serving Bosarea colleges.

Brian Rebholz is manager. Whoops Made a few errors in last week's column. The group from Boston that is being courted by several record companies is called Swallow, not Sparrow. They also plan a music and art fair for Black River Fall, Wis. Also, Lenny Salidor no longer works for Decca. Going Home With the end of the school year in sight, or over, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this column. I might remind you that I do not have the summer off and neither does the music business. If you are going away have a nice trip but be sure to write and tell me about the music scene in your location.

If you are staying on campus, keep me informed on the campus music scene. Correspondents are once again being solicited for summer schools throughout the country. I will also wish to maintain contact with the venous campus radio stations remaining open for the summer term. I'll be here, where will you be? They are the people who try to combat youthful drug abuse through peer group pressure. These PSA's are really good. Each artist gives a true comment on drug abuse.

If you are interested, write to Do It Now, P. Summer School Romance I want to print a list of school stations remaining open this summer. I hope this will help record companies with their summer promotion plans. Please send your station's address and affiliation to me in New York. Schools that have already notified me include: I will print more radio stations as they report to me.

The student rep may not be able to devote a great deal of time to the cause, because of his studies," concluded Burke. Burke feels that both problems can be solved by hiring a special organization such as his. We can handle several large and small record companies and guarantee a personal program geared to a particular campus for. Too many products are oversold on the campus today, especially music products.

So we want to help record companies to get the optimial promotional value from a product and not stuff it down the students' throats.


We can use the services of part-time students and take advantage of their limited situation. Some of the reps for record companies are using people who have too many extracurricular activities already," said Burke. L Jane Dowden, president of the TV syndication firm, said it represents a new expansion for the company. Tommy Cutrer and a leading recording artist.

Others are committed for future shows. In addition to the co- hosts, there are industry guests, ranging from songwriters and producers to record promotion men and representatives of publications. Recent guests have included Jerry Chesnut and Biff Collie. The programs, being done five in-aday, are cut at Spotland Studios here, owned by Gene Clark. Miss Dowden produces the shows. Current music, taken directly from the Billboard charts, is inserted, and the tapes are never more than a couple of weeks ahead of actual programming.

The programs are cut on throwaway disks. Although the show is being said quickly, there still are some availabilities on an exclusive basis, one per market. In the Southeast and Southwest sections of the nation, the show is partially sponsored by Block Drug Co. The grandfather, 72, has been writing religious songs for a number of years.

This is the first to be recorded, however. Bill Owen is co-owner with Miss Parton of a publishing company, and is a noted songwriter. Miss Parton is considered one of the best female songwriters in the business. Sessions for the as -yet unnamed album were produced by Bob Ferguson. Brite Star's Pick Hits d.. In addition to the present staff, five persons have been added to supplement the radio division. In addition to domestic coverage, negotiations now are under way with stations in the Virgin Islands and Australia to carry the program, which has an actual content of 42 minutes, allowing the maximum 18 minutes an hour for commercial time in compliance with the NAB code.

Bayron Binkley, producer, and Bill Holden, photographer, said the minute -long, 16 -millimeter color film would be totally different from the feature currently in use at the Hall of Fame. Written by Billboard's Paul Ackerman, the film will begin with a dedication to the contributors of country music, segue to square dancers at the "Opry" House, who represent an early art form associated with country music, and then cover the growth of the industry.

Also on camera, Johnny Cash will discuss the history of such performers of the past as the original Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers. Six prints of the film will be made so they can be utilized on a rotating basis in the theater section of the building, prolonging the life of the film and keeping its quality intact.

Holden, who has shot approximately two and a half hours of film, will do his editing and mixing at the Southern Film Laboratory in Atlanta. Holden is responsible for the creative mixing. Brite Star's Pick Hits Rae Brite Star's Pick Hits try music. Among the stations contracted for carrying the program is WSM, where Cutrer once served as host of several radio shows. Miss Dowden said the great advantages of doing the show in Nashville are obvious: Bob Cox, director of the program and now developer of the talent, said he is about to establish a recording contract with a major label for Louie Roberts, 13, a singer who has done five "Mike Douglas" shows, two of the "Andy Williams Shows," and made 75 appearances at the "Grand Ole Opry.

Brite Star's Pick Hits.. Columbia Studios gave free time for cutting the track, and all artists and others donated their time. Nelson flew in from the West Coast to film his segment. The meetings were preceded by a cocktail party attended by a number of Decca country artists, the label's Nashville staff and representatives of trade publications and the local press.

Decca will release eight country LP's in June and will simul. In referring to the promotion drive Tony Martell said in his opening remarks, "Decca is known as 'The Land of Country Giants' and I firmly believe that no mechanical or non- mechanical plan for selling and promoting product can ever equal the enthusiasm put forth by men who wholeheartedly back the product they take into the field. Decca also introduced 12 new home equipment items and a new line of guitars at the meeting. Marvin Paris, director of home equipment products displayed a number of items such as portable stereos, radios and cassette players.

Harold Komisar, director of sales, and Bill Levy, director of creative services, coordinated the entire program and introduced the product. Musso identified the pair as Bill Eldridge and Gary Stewart, both of whom presently have singles on the market, and both of whom are recognized writers. An announcement concerning Roberts recording contract is expected on the West Coast. Billy Troy, another teenager, has been signed by Opryland Records, and the label will be launched with his first release.

WSM is completing its distribution plans. Troy, also a singer, has appeared on virtually every major syndicated show, including those of Del Reeves, Jim Ed Brown, Porter Wagoner, and Lester Flatt, and is a regular on the "Young Country" syndication which is being filmed in Memphis. The show, produced by "Show Biz," is sold in 26 major markets. Jones and Holt are at Warner Bros. Cox said it would he expanded next fall, moving out across the nation, possibly in conjunction with other radio and television stations.

And he said more young talent could be developed to strengthen the future of country music, using "Opryland" as a showcase for the talent. The Norm label, heretofore primarily a top 40 and easy listening label, has expanded into the country field with the release of an album by Wonda Conklin. John Sands, president of the company, said Miss Conklin was the lone artist on the label at this time, but that soon as a distribution plan is established it will expand.

All of the songs on the Conklin album are written by Sands. Earlier Sands had produced and leased some of his contemporary masters to RCA. This is his first venture into country. The album, titled "Hush" has sold some 3, copies without distribution in the area near Sherman, Tex. Miss Conklin, who has been doing personal appearances in the area, will be featured at the upcoming Bass Festival at Madill, Okla. Jerry Smith is now on Decca Records. Minutes 1mm ramous ,anl Row, Movie.

Westwood IlRrni N Item 1. Riley, Charley Pride, Tom T. Hart and Haddock plan to drive the car themselves to the metropolitan areas around the country. The car for the past 16 years has been a tourist attraction. It has been put on display numerous times here, particularly when large crowds are gathered.

Williams died in the back seat of the vehicle while en route to Charleston, W. Numerous offers have been made to purchase the car, which has become almost a country music shrine. Elson Smith, whose recording of the "Gospel Singer' has raised a few eyebrows, has received two complimentary tickets to the Billy Graham crusade in Knoxville Pretty Patsy Sledd has finished promotional tour, has scheduled a new session with Ed Hamilton.

You are if you don't use Zip Code! Par is the daughter of Jim Ameche, of long -time radio fame.

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Dewey Groom writes that Bob Wills is home again after a second trip to the hospital, this time with pneumonia. He said he hopes to fill the needed gap between the listener and the station by stocking records of all labels, large and small, Clyde Beavers has signed with Dot Records, and his first release is due out at once. Billy Chun, from Grand Folks. British Columbia, is just getting known in this country, but in Canada he won two BMI writer awards, had four hit records, and was a one time jockey and then a rodeo clown and bullfighter.

All of this before the age of He's also an outstanding poet. Stonewall Jackson, John Wesley Ryles. The event, billed as college night, was promoted solely through outlets. Tompall, by the way, is recovering following emergency surgery for a rare form of blood poisoning The phone number is A general meeting of the Nashville Songwriters Associa. Rice, Van Trevor and Lynda K. Lance, all of Royal American, played two big shows in Binghamton.

They were benefits for the March of Dimes. Lou was the subject of a full page news feature in the Buffalo Evening News a few weeks ago.. Norman Werembud, manager of publications for Bourne Company, announced the appointment of Maggie Cavendoe of Nashville as the representative for the parent company and its affiliates, Morbo Records and Morbo Music Publish ing. Maggie Cavender Enterprises will function as a direct link with song writers, artists and record producers. According to the advance ticket sales for the summer shows, "Jamboree USA" will have its biggest year of history.

Hall, Mercury SR 2 41 17 Glenn Snoddy, president of Woodland, initiated the idea to "help promote the over -all good atmosphere of the Nashville recording industry," and to create a good climate between the artist and those directly involved in the creation of his product. The first opportunity for promotion on a major level came with the recent sessions by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan whose earlier recording of "Tennessee Bird Walk," done at Woodland, went to the top of the country chart and high in the Hot Taking full advantage of the Walker Advertising Agency, which represents the studio, Woodland arranged for radio and television interviews and appearances, small parties, press conferences and the like.

This promotion included a post- session press cocktail party at the studio. Miss Covington made a midnight trip home, rescued a fan from her attic, and delivered it to the Blanchards at a downtown hotel. The station has switched over to a modern country format. Lett to right, station manager Al Greenfield, Billy Walker of MGM and Roy Drusky of Mer- the names of those individuals or acts who have met the criteria for such inclusion, including a substantial donation to the educational purposes of the Foundation as set forth in its charter.

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There now are different names in the Walkway, in separate granite blocks. The walkway is viewed by some , visitors annually. Harold Hitt, president of the Country Music Association, welcomed the crowd gathered for the occasion, and introduced Mrs. Jo Walker, 'executive director of CMA. Nashville Scene Continued front page 36 will be exclusively for children. June will be David Houston month in the twin cities of Bristol,. Penny DeHavea set for a week in Tempe, Ariz. The Warren Robb show entertained the military personnel in Alabama and Mississippi.

Another fresh, honest,simple country hit single by FaronToung. Twtty Bird, BM 2. Word also announced the organization of a Student Sales Association in an effort to meet the increasing demands for student summer employment. The Association gives high school and college opportunity to earn ing summer months participate in the students an money dur- while "they ministry of carrying religious music into homes across the country. Salesmen will compete for a two-week, all- expense paid trip for two to Europe, and other prizes.

Simply put, the students are provided a sales kit, including two sample records, and order forms. They meet singly or in groups and sell the records. Emphasis will be on albums featuring contemporary tunes for today's generation. The awards were presented in Philadel.

Bill Gaither, one of the leading gospel writers in America, was similarly honored. Both winners record for Heartwarming. Canaan Records has released its first album by the veteran Lamb Family. The group has signed a three-year contract with Canaan, the gospel music arm of Word The singing Speer Records. Family were featured on "Country Music Time. Cotton recently completed a series of concerts at the high schools in the Nashville area, where he played to 25, students.

Cotton records for the Impact label and has moved his base of operation to Nashville for the summer. He plans to work with several youth groups and do a number of concerts in the area. His concerts involve communications with his young audiences on subjects of religion and drug abuse. Cotton's back -up guitar player who was a former addict explains to the audience how it has traumatically affected his life.

As to his particular style, Cotton said, "Kids today see the many falacies that organized religion contains and they are too smart to buy them. I try and tell them to read the words of Christ and apply them to their own lives. Our audiences are very receptive and we plan to stage several events in the Nashville area. This new publiutIon lists 10o from Nov. December 7, tthrouadmot pacomplete Tactile! Mail your request now with check or money order. He scored well on his last release which was done that way.

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Their two roles are significantly different from the all encompassing training program which the three New York based apprentices are undergoing. Gold would like to start a training cycle each six months. While most com- panies anticipate higher produc- tion and better prices this year, investment plans show that managements hare a cautious attitude towards the recuvery. Rates ' other foreign countries request. Energy Department 50 per cent Oother partners include the CT.

Dave Riden- Gospel Scene. The address is Box The announcement was made by Bill Werd. Boyce Hawkins and Bobby Bare are teamed again, writing songs He formerly was with Stop. Judy Lynn pulled into. It was a new look. Jim is the husband of singer Robb! Hank Williams In is teamed up with Lola Johnson in a new duet It was played by 1 FM, which is not a country music station, but rather pop- contempovery Roy Pillow played the Carousel Club in Charlotte. Skeeter Dark' failure to show up at home recently caused considerable consternation.

Then it was found that, upon leaving the RCA recording studio, she was so tired that she merely checked into the nearest hotel and slept for two days. Chase Webster is one of 28 new writers elected to ASCAP membership through the Nashville office at the fastest board of directors meeting. Brenda Burns was in town with her manager -husband.

Don Burns, to negotiate contracts before going on to Memphis for a guest spot at Holiday City. She is from Ashland, Ohio When the crowd was dispersed. The new Leroy Van Dyke tune. We have traveled to Greensboro, N. We also went to New York City and met with Rev. Owens, Isaac Douglas and Ella Mitchell. A meet- the program was delightful. Dorothy Norwood and the Norwood Singers just finished a live recording session on Atlantic that should The pastor be released soon. Amazon Australia Services, Inc. Customer reviews There are no local customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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