Unit Testing with Mocha

If we are going to create a test for any function, then we need to make sure that the function by itself, separate from everything around, should do what it is intended to do, not more, not less and mock rest of things which are not under test. In the context of Unit Testing, testing the interactions between two units called Integration Testing.

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Scenarios like function under test calling another function with some context. We should still mock the outside resources but need to test those integration links.

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Your Machine should have node and npm installed. Run below in command line to check the successful installation of node and npm. Below is the output which shows up after running the test.

Every function does a specific task. To test the function, the function needs to be called from test or spec file with required inputs.

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Then we will put assert to validate the output or task of the function. Code and Test available at this Github Repo.

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simple, flexible, fun. Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun. mocha javascript testing tdd bdd browser nodejs mochajs. migrate Mocha's tests to Unexpected assertion library (#) add v10 to build; fix win32 issues (#).

For the first text I want to make make sure that all the things my animals have in common are present. Now I can add in other assertions to test that animals have specific abilities:. I used the javascript try and catch methods to make sure that when we call hiss.

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Sign in Get started. Mocha Uson, blogger sorry over offensive sign language video. Whenever a callback function is not passed as second argument to it , the test case is marked as pending , which indicates that the test is yet to be written. In the output we can see the titled indentation:. The timeout can be configured differently at different levels suite, hook and test levels:. Next go ahead and create a new sum.

Both of these tests use the constructor method to return the constructor that was used to create the object. In the first I check if the the constructor starts with the keyword class and in the second I look through the constructor to make sure the this keyword is never used.

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Now I should get a nice little error message if I try to cheat when building my functions. Now in our index.

So now back in our index-test. Here I require the index.

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Here is a link to the github repo where this demo lives: The core concepts should stay the same however. Sign in Get started.