Dead Old (Bev Morriss Mysteries Book 2)


I won't be ordering up any more. I'm afraid my namesake isn't a particularly likeable lady. She's headstrong, doesn't like to play by the rules, has a chip on her shoulder as big as a full-grown redwood tree, and thinks it's a grand idea to go on a drinking binge before going on duty at least she doesn't drink while on duty, I suppose. She's got an attitude problem with a capital "A" and can't understand why she was passed over for the acting Detective Inspector position.

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Dead Old: 2 (Bev Morriss Mysteries) - Kindle edition by Maureen Carter. Download it once and read it on Book 2 of 7 in Bev Morriss Mysteries (7 Book Series). Dead Old (Bev Morriss, book 2) by Maureen Carter - book cover, description, Dead Old. () (The second book in the Bev Morriss series) A novel by.

Well, elderly women have been attacked by a gang of teens--robbery with violence and the violence has steadily escalated. When Sophia Carrington, a former doctor, is found murdered, the West Midland Police think she's the latest victim of the gang. But Bev Morriss doesn't think it's quite so simple. Sophia is found with a bunch of daffodils stuffed in her mouth Bev is sure the flowers have a more personal meaning. But no one wants to listen to her--she's ticked off enough people and stepped on enough toes with her blunders, outbursts, and bitterness.

And it doesn't help that the DI appointed over her has taken an immediate dislike to her. Bev has to go against orders and work pretty much on her own excepting the help of Oz her fellow officer and lover to bring in the real killer. This one just didn't work all that well for me. It's hard to enjoy a story when you have no sympathy for the main character. Most of Bev's problems seem to be of her own making--so it's hard to sympathize with her feeling that everyone read everyone above her is out to get her or do her down.

She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and good instincts and intelligence--it'd be nice if she'd concentrate on putting all that to her best advantage. The crime itself was pretty interesting and I'm giving all of the star points all two of them for the mystery and the twists and turns the plot takes to get us to the solution. First posted on my blog My Reader's Block.

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Please request permission before reposting. Dec 28, Sami rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this book was a great one. I have no idea how it got published, or how anyone from outside of Birmingham circa is meant to understand it, but I loved it anyway. The slang is extreme. The proverbs are stretched, twisted and not explained. The book expected the reader to be simultaneously intelligent and aware of inner city slang. Strange words were used to mean food, money, and relatives and the context was never fully clear. What resonated with me was that Bev got written a damning I think this book was a great one.

What resonated with me was that Bev got written a damning report by her rather untrustworthy supervisor at the end. It didn't take away much from her achievement of catching the killer.

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She just got on with it, because she was pretty sure she was good at her job. Like me, she considered resigning. Unlike me, she found a supervisor she could deal with, someone she showed that she cared for. She made the decision to stay. She put up with a lot, is what I'm saying, and made the best of it and retained her personality throughout. I liked Bev a lot actually.

Her boyfriend still loved her even though she did something despicable. Oh, and like several books written in Birmingham, the multicultural theme clearly came through. It's the first time I've seen, in a book aimed at women, an Asian man written about as handsome, droolworthy even. Sharp cheekbones and a nice figure. Focus on his clothes and how good they looked on him. Asian men do come in very handsome forms, just never in books I've read which are written from the POV of a white person.

Chris Collette had some impressive diversity in her books too. I must make a note to read more books set in Birmingham and fewer set in villages in the countryside I've read enough of the latter already. Dead Old is the second, I enjoyed the first book so much that I was a bit hesitant to start listening, I feared I'd be disappointed. I needn't have worried, this is a great story.

The book begins with Bev being called out to a case, she is not happy as it's supposedly her day off but there's no one else available. Suffering My Review http: Suffering the effects of a night of heavy drinking with her friends, landing a murder investigation is the last thing she wants.

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Arriving on the scene of the crime only serves to make her hangover feel much worse, an old lady lay dead, the bunch of daffodils pushed down her throat proving that this was no accident. At first glance Sophia Carrington appears to be a bag lady, but she is, in fact, a retired doctor. There are some dark and disturbing aspects to the plot and normally I don't find this good reading but Maureen Carter lightens it with little sprinkles of humour. I also enjoy her ability to describe her characters so well, especially Bev's mum, described as "Delia with a Dyson".

Bev is temporarily living with her mother and it's driving Bev mad, when a junior colleague arrives to drive her to work, Bevs mum runs out with a packed lunch for her- in a pink Barbie lunch box! It's little touches like this that improve the readers relationship with the characters.

Another aspect of this particular story is that of the authors ability to convey the human condition such as the invisibility of the elderly, and of how it must feel to go almost unnoticed and disregarded. I look forward to book three. Narrator I hadn't noticed that this book has a different narrator to the first and it was quite a shock to hear something I hadn't expected. I really dislike a change of narrator in a series, all those characters I had come to know now have different voices, completely different voices at that!

However, about half way through I got used to Clare, who is a well respected and polished narrator of many books. Once I adapted to a new reader I thoroughly enjoyed her narration, her voice is easy on the ear, very pleasant, and the pace and rhythm perfect. The only negative is that her voice just lacked a bit of that "badass" edge, but that's merely an opinion and certainly won't stop me from listening to more of her excellent work. This is a high quality production with not one noticeable edit, which makes it a first rate product.

Audiobook provided by Creative Content in return for an honest review Aug 09, Kay Robinson rated it it was amazing. Bev Morriss once more in action and against all odds in this second book.

Bev Morriss Series

Definitely not a team worker, especially with a new boss that takes an instant dislike to her, so she goes out on a limb to hunt down the culprits of vicious assaults on the elderly. This case brings her and her family close to danger. A series of horrifying, vicious street attacks have left the police baffled, with no leads to follow.

Random acts of mindless violence? Or is there more to it than that?

Sarah Quinn - 2. Olivia Kent is crying. Olivia Kent is dying. I could make it quicker. Put her out of her misery. Sarah Quinn - 1. A Bev Morriss Mystery - 7.

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As a long time fan of both Maureen Carter and the Bev Morris books, this was a delight to read. A Bev Morriss crime novel. Book seven in the Bev Morriss crime series. Sarah Quinn - 4. Elderly women are being attacked by a gang of vicious thugs in Birmingham. How to write a great review.

When ten-year-old Josh Banks's body is discovered dumped on waste ground, Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss wants justice. Everyone hates child killers - even hardened criminals. Tip-offs trickle in, and the new press liaison officer ha A Bev Morriss Mystery - 8. And how much closer to home can the criminal get? The police inquiry is going nowhere. A Bev Morriss Mystery - 6. Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss is in a very dark place, as personal tragedy pushes her close to self-destruction.

Both colleagues and friends have started to give her a wide berth. Although battling her demons, Bev is still a cop, and there are villa A Bev Morriss Mystery - 5. A killer's targeting Birmingham's pedophiles: Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss has crossed words with Snow countless times. A Bev Morriss Mystery - 4. Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss is having a hard time. Struggling with the aftermath of a vicious attack, she can scarcely trust her own judgment.