Small Team Leadership 101

Strong Team Leadership 101

Scott Elbin , author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: Tell me more about that. Are You Cloudy or Sunny? As the designated leader, you have an enormous impact on the workplace climate your team works in.


It can have a positive and productive impact on employee engagement , or create a non-productive and stressed-out workplace. Which one is really up to you. Since you control the weather, here are three things you can do as a leader to be more mindful -- aware and intentional -- about creating a positive and productive climate for your team. Breathe Before You Speak: Because you have a lot of influence over the quality of their lives, your team takes what you say to heart.

Leaders are always on stage. Words of praise and recognition from the leader have a multiplier effect in creating a positive climate.

10 Tips for Effectively Leading a Small Team

Conversely, harsh and cutting comments -- especially those that are delivered in front of a group -- can tank morale and generate a stressed-out, fear-based climate. Some deep breaths from your belly will quiet your fight or flight response and give you the space to consider your answers to two important questions:.

A Christian Resource for Leadership and Teamwork Development

Pack up around 5: Hire the right people. Be more selective about your customers. Create an inspiring working environment.

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One of the best things you can do to help your small team work smarter, not harder, and thereby improve both results and employee motivation, is by finding areas that can be templated or automated. Celebrate successes and arrange fun activities as a team. Try following these tips and see if team morale and productivity increase. We specialize in strategic digital marketing plans and have years of experience with healthcare, technology, agriculture, higher education, and non-profit organizations. Meetings are great for getting everyone on board, although they are used far too often or often run far too long. For example, this could be in the format of email replies or coding that can be applied to other tasks.

We recently moved into a new central location where our talented, digitally minded people feel nurtured, allowing their creativity to flow. Foster a strong company culture. Giving your team small perks, such as a fully stocked pantry and a space where they can relax while brainstorming, is great.

Small Group Leadership Training

This is what gets each of your people to do everything to help their colleagues succeed. Help your team keep a clear mind and focus.

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In the words of productivity expert Robin Sharma: Help your people develop and grow as individuals, such as sending them to training and industry conferences. They will become more valuable to you, the team, and your customers.

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We allow our people to buy—at our expense—any books they want to read, and then have a monthly book club where we discuss what we learned. Give your team venues and time to share ideas and think about their projects outside of their workspace. The results will amaze you. Treat your people right. If you support their work-life balance, then they will support your vision and goals with everything they have. According to a March survey by Totaljobs, a U. Encourage your team members to have lives outside of work.

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Celebrate successes and arrange fun activities as a team. If you fail to take the time and acknowledge a job well done, after a while your team will see no point in giving you their all.

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Even if the team you lead is small, you need to make sure you are leading them well. I came across an article on suitecom that grabbed my attention. It shared ten tips for leading small teams to success, and I couldn't. When small-group leaders begin their first groups, they need a class, too. That isn't to say you won't ever need more in-depth training, but.