The Mob Files: It Happened Here: Places of Note in Chicago gangland 1900-2000

A secretary in the offices passed the word that Bobby Parent had told the bosses about the heroin. Management planned to have Jimmy and Wayne searched by the guards and arrested the next time Parent suspected they were high. A few nights later, when the shift ended, Bobby and I were walking through the dark parking lot to our cars when a squad of bikers, armed with chains and whips, encircled us. I watched the beating from my car.

There was nothing I could do, even if I had wanted to. The mills were tough places. With my first paycheck I rented an apartment close to the foundry, a furnished second- floor one-room walkup in a dicey neighborhood where my neighbor in the next apartment was an amiable streetwalker named Peaches. I was barely there. It was a place to hang my hat.

But as modest as that tiny apartment was, it was mine. And when I walked through the front door, it was the first time in my life that I arrived someplace of my own free will. I had never been free to choose any aspect of my life. Now I was free to screw up my own life, maybe not with their creative pizzazz, but now my life decisions were my own.

Over the next ten years, John would live in more than ten foster homes, group homes and state schools, from his native Waterbury to Ansonia, New Haven, West Haven, Deep River and Hartford. In the end, a decade later, the state returned him to the same home and the same parents they had taken him from. As tragic as is funny compelling story will make you cry and laugh as you journey with this child to overcome the obstacles of the foster care system and find his dreams. He is the author of numerous non-fiction on the history of organized crime including the ground break biography of bootlegger Roger Tuohy "When Capone's Mob Murdered Touhy" and "Guns and Glamour: A History of Organized Crime in Chicago.

His non-fiction crime short stories have appeared in The New Criminologist, American Mafia and other publications. Com, was chosen for a public performance at the Actors Chapel in Manhattan in February of as part of the groups Reading Series for New York project. A S hort story. Every afternoon at four, just before dinner crowd rush, Alexandros Goumas sat in the front booth and sipped a black coffee and checked the race results from the New York tracks and later he would lay a view bets with Nick the Greek.

They had a nice arrangement, him and Nick. When his horse won, Nick would pay him. When his horse lost, Nick never collected. They looked on it as rent for the space Nick occupied in the place five days a week. Goumas had owned and operated the dinner for forty-eight years.

Before that, as a teen, he had waited tables in the place when his father owned the place and before that, when he was just a kid, he had washed dishes in the back where his mother had been the cook and taught him the skills of working a short order grill. He knew the diner business from the inside out. Unlike him, his children had no interest in the business. They were professional people, nice people. They told people that their father was a restaurateur, not a diner man. Angel took a textbook out from under his arm and held it in the air.

If we put that same stuff on the menu here, we can pull all of those guys in here every morning, you know why? We offer one diet item, tuna salad with a slice of tomato. Everybody in America is on a diet and we offer one diet item. Expand the diet items, you can charge more for them and place less food on the plate.

Thirty maybe forty years ago? I would change almost all of it, fewer items, less starch. For the next three days, every time he saw me, he would start to laugh, check behind my ears, see if they were still wet, you know, that kind of thing. I was like you, a young guy, full of piss and vinegar, so I got mad and told him I quit and I walked out.

You take care of the whole thing. It all went bad.

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We took a real hit on that. I forgot to order the hand towels and toilet paper for the bathrooms…. So the mayor comes in. In those days Johnny Flynn was mayor. So I seat him, I give him menu, he orders, he eats. I give him a check he pays it and leaves. He was still in yesterday. I hated how he took from us, after all out work, he just took. My heart wants to stay here. I know you do. Everybody knows that about you. At least think about. Love is the river of life in the world.

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Evans spent hours trying to take this portrait of illustrator and author Aubrey Beardsley, a close friend. Beardsley was the most controversial artist of the Art Nouveau era, renowned for his dark and perverse images and grotesque erotica, which were the main themes of his later work. Evans is best known for his platinum prints, also called platinotypes, of English and French cathedral interiors.

However, he stopped printing shortly after World War I, when the cost of platinum began to rise. Winter Landscape, Wassily Kandinsky. O Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie,. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind,. He has published seven volumes of poetry, the first of which was Summer Love and Surf and the latest of which is Perfidious Proverbs Humanity Books, ; three novels, including Apes and Angels Putnam, ; and half a dozen nonfiction books, including the widely used Norton Critical Edition, Darwin and the Norton Critical Edition of Malthus' Essay on Population.

He has given readings of his poetry at the Library of Congress, the Guggenheim Museum, the Huntington Library, and many universities. Appleman has written many poems drawing on the work of Charles Darwin. In he signed the Humanist Manifesto. Via Latin from Hebrew liwyathan whale.

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A huge or monstrous creature. Something large and powerful, as an organization. From Hebrew behemoth, plural of behemah beast. Behemoth is a huge beast mentioned in the Book of Job From Hebrew tohu wa-bhohu, from tohu formlessness and bhohu emptiness. We rely on words to help us detail how we feel, what we once felt, what we can feel. The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain. Kalief Browder spent three years in jail despite never being convicted of a crime. Browder tried to commit suicide several times — once with shredded bed sheets hung from a light fixture — and suffered physical abuse from guards and inmates alike, as detailed in The New Yorker.

In , prosecutors dismissed the charges, and he was released. Last month, Browder committed suicide, sparking a wave outrage against the system that had imprisoned a young man for years only on the basis of an accusation. That a person had to do was check in regularly. Nearly nine out of 10 defendants — 87percent — still showed up to court.

Similar to programs in Washington, D. On any given day, , people are in jail; about 12 million people are admitted in the course of a typical year, according to research by the Vera Institute of Justice. Some are serving out a sentence, but most are simply waiting for their case to be resolved, either through a trial or a plea. To aid cities and states in determining whether a person is likely to reoffend, the John and Laura Arnold Foundation developed risk assessment tools.

Drug use, employment and other criteria traditionally weighed at arraignment hearings are almost meaningless, she adds. In Charlotte, for example, the number of inmates dropped 20 percent. A young man arrested for shoplifting might plead guilty and be sentenced to perform one day of community service. The city expects to select providers from a group of applicants in the fall, she adds. The paradox of happiness. We live in a pleasure-oriented society.

We are told repeatedly by those in the advertising game to, proverbially speaking, "Find our beach. If you aren't happy, you probably need a new car, a new television system, or some better grade tequila. You might be suffering low libido and there are any number of "cures" for what ails you. It's a constant message — happiness and fulfillment are out there waiting for you; all you have to do is take charge of your life and go out and find the happiness and joy that you deserve. Many people buy into this message and the harder they try to find happiness, just like quicksilver, the more elusive it becomes.

Looking around, many people find that their lives are empty and devoid of joy. Social media serves a useful purpose, but according to social researchers, it can also be very depressing for some people because their own lives never seem to measure up to those they see posted every day by friends, family, and acquaintances on Instagram and Facebook.

Another message that we receive on a daily basis is that "no one has to feel sad. Feeling like your life is going nowhere? Throw a party and make certain that everyone is well-lubricated. There are pills and substances for every sort of existential malaise. Watch three hours of prime time television and count how many advertisements you see for alcohol, anti-depressants and remedies for sexual dysfunction.

The not-so-subtle message is that happiness is just a pill or a drink away. I would propose that it is impossible to "find" happiness.

Happiness isn't a product that can be purchased, nor is it a place. Real happiness and joy have very little to do with excitement and fun. Getting high may be fun, but even as a mood altering substance takes you up, it will always let you down, and if you weren't happy before you got high, you aren't going to be happy when you land. Happiness and joy, in my opinion, are the by-products of a life well-lived. They are achieved through hard work and the recognition that the world is bigger than our own desires.

I like to think of happiness and joy as sort of serendipitous experiences. The term serendipity was coined by Horace Walpole in a letter to Horace Mann in Over the years the term serendipity has come to be associated with the notion of "good fortune" or a "happy coincidence" but that's not accurate.

Serendipitous joy could be described as finding meaning in life as a by-product of having good relationships with those in your sphere of influence. A young mother in one of my parenting classes was talking about how hard it is sometimes to want to play with her children after a full day of work. But you know what," she continued, " when I put my children's needs ahead of my own; when I go ahead and embrace the task before me and get down there on the floor, time and time again I find that my spirits are lifted. I have renewed energy and I just sort of have this happiness in my heart.

The paradox of happiness is that the more we seek it, the less we'll find it. On the other hand, when we put the needs of others ahead of our own; when we engage in relationships which build other people and society up, we are likely to find that at the end of the day, our lives will be enriched. Tom Westfall teaches parenting classes at Family Resource Center. Increased anxiety associated with sitting down. Low-energy activities that involve sitting down are associated with an increased risk of anxiety. Low energy activities that involve sitting down are associated with an increased risk of anxiety, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Public Health.

These activities, which include watching TV, working at a computer or playing electronic games, are called sedentary behavior. Further understanding of these behaviors and how they may be linked to anxiety could help in developing strategies to deal with this mental health problem. Many studies have shown that sedentary behavior is associated with physical health problems like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

Guns and Glamour: The Chicago Mob, A History, 1900-2000

However, there has been little research into the link between sedentary behavior and mental health. This is the first systematic review to examine the relationship between anxiety and sedentary behavior. Anxiety is a mental health illness that affects more than 27 million people worldwide. It is a debilitating illness that can result in people worrying excessively and can prevent people carrying out their daily life. It can also result in physical symptoms, which amongst others includes pounding heartbeat, difficulty breathing, tense muscles, and headaches.

Thus, we were interested to see whether these two factors were in fact linked. Also, since research has shown positive associations between sedentary behavior and depressive symptoms, this was another foundation for further investigating the link between sedentary behavior and anxiety symptoms. C-PAN researchers analyzed the results of nine studies that specifically examined the association between sedentary behavior and anxiety.

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It was found in five of the nine studies that an increase in sedentary behavior was associated with an increased risk of anxiety. In four of the studies it was found that total sitting time was associated with increased risk of anxiety. The C-PAN team suggests the link between sedentary behavior and anxiety could be due to disturbances in sleep patterns, social withdrawal theory and poor metabolic health.

Social withdrawal theory proposes that prolonged sedentary behavior, such as television viewing, can lead to withdrawal from social relationships, which has been linked to increased anxiety. As most of the studies included in this systematic-review were cross-sectional the researchers say more follow-up work studies are required to confirm whether or not anxiety is caused by sedentary behavior.

Our research showed that evidence is available to suggest a positive association between sitting time and anxiety symptoms -- however, the direction of this relationship still needs to be determined through longitudinal and interventional studies. The above post is reprinted from materials provided by BioMed Central. Materials may be edited for content and length. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. Visit our Shakespeare Blog at the address below. A really small company run by writers.

The Day Nixon Met Elvis. Letters to his Children. The Works of Horace.

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A narrative of the time of Nero. A Halloween Story for Children. A Halloween play for young children. By consent of the author, this play may be performed, at no charge, by educational institutions, neighborhood organizations and other not-for-profit-organizations.

A fun story with a moral. Jack is a pumpkin who happens to be very small, by pumpkins standards and as a result he goes unbought in the pumpkin patch on Halloween eve, but at the last moment he is given his chance to prove that just because you're small doesn't mean you can't be brave. Here is the point that I found so wonderful, the book stresses that while size doesn't matter when it comes to courage I think children need to hear that, that's its okay to be unsure because life is a ongoing lesson isn't it?

Tweet the books contents. I spent my childhood, from age seven through seventeen, in foster care. Over the course of those ten years, many decent, well-meaning, and concerned people told me, "It's okay to be foster kid. In saying that, those very good people meant to encourage me, and I appreciated their kindness then, and all these many decades later, I still appreciate their good intentions. But as I was tossed around the foster care system, it began to dawn on me that they were wrong.

It was not all right to be a foster kid. During my time in the system, I was bounced every eighteen months from three foster homes to an orphanage to a boy's school and to a group home before I left on my own accord at age seventeen. In the course of my stay in foster care, I was severely beaten in two homes by my "care givers" and separated from my four siblings who were also in care, sometimes only blocks away from where I was living. I left the system rather than to wait to age out, although the effects of leaving the system without any family, means, or safety net of any kind, were the same as if I had aged out.

I lived in poverty for the first part of my life, dropped out of high school, and had continuous problems with the law. Today, almost nothing about foster care has changed. Exactly what happened to me is happening to some other child, somewhere in America, right now. The system, corrupt, bloated, and inefficient, goes on, unchanging and secretive.

Something has gone wrong in a system that was originally a compassionate social policy built to improve lives but is now a definitive cause in ruining lives. Due to gross negligence, mismanagement, apathy, and greed, mostly what the foster care system builds are dangerous consequences. Truly, foster care has become our epic national disgrace and a nightmare for those of us who have lived through it.

Yet there is a suspicion among some Americans that foster care costs too much, undermines the work ethic, and is at odds with a satisfying life. Others see foster care as a part of the welfare system, as legal plunder of the public treasuries.

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None of that is true; in fact, all that sort of thinking does is to blame the victims. There is not a single child in the system who wants to be there or asked to be there. Foster kids are in foster care because they had nowhere else to go. And believe me, if those kids could get out of the system and be reunited with their parents and lead normal, healthy lives, they would. And if foster care is a sort of legal plunder of the public treasuries, it's not the kids in the system who are doing the plundering.

We need to end this needless suffering. We need to end it because it is morally and ethically wrong and because the generations to come will not judge us on the might of our armed forces or our technological advancements or on our fabulous wealth. Rather, they will judge us, I am certain, on our compassion for those who are friendless, on our decency to those who have nothing and on our efforts, successful or not, to make our nation and our world a better place. And if we cannot accomplish those things in the short time allotted to us, then let them say of us "at least they tried.

You can change the tragedy of foster care and here's how to do it. We have created this book so that almost all of it can be tweeted out by you to the world. You have the power to improve the lives of those in our society who are least able to defend themselves. All you need is the will to do it. If the American people, as good, decent and generous as they are, knew what was going on in foster care, in their name and with their money, they would stop it.

But, generally speaking, although the public has a vague notion that foster care is a mess, they don't have the complete picture. They are not aware of the human, economic and social cost that the mismanagement of the foster care system puts on our nation. By tweeting the facts laid out in this work, you can help to change all of that. You can make a difference. You can change things for the better. We can always change the future for a foster kid; to make it better Speak up or tweet out because it's your country.

Don't depend on the "The other guy" to speak up for these kids, because you are the other guy. We cannot build a future for foster children, but we can build foster children for the future and the time to start that change is today. No time to say Goodbye: Memoirs of a life in foster. The Making of a Great American Film. The Book of funny odd and interesting things people say. The Wee Book of Irish Jokes. A guide for Ladies and Gentlemen in all Social Crises. Baby Boomers Guide to Songs of the s. Paper back pages. The Wee Book of Irish Recipes.

The Wee book of Irish Blessings Everything you need to know about St. The Book of Things Irish. Poets and Dreamer; Stories translated from the Irish.

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It also has a lot of photographs which makes the book even better! The New England Mafia. A really small company run by writers. But today, many non-customer facing employees are also asked to be upbeat. Protesting IRS claiming of unpaid back tax] They can't collect legal taxes from illegal money. It also prompted one of us to sneak out and take refuge in the nearest bathroom.

The History of the Great Irish Famine: The New England Mafia. Wicked Good New England Recipes. The Life of James Mars. Stories of Colonial Connecticut. What they Say in Old New England. Places of Note in Chicago gangland Organized crime in photos. Crime Boss Tony Accardo. Organized Crime in Photos: The Biography of a Self-Made Man.: Revised from the 0riginal edition. Over new photographs. Las Vegas Organized Crime. However, Merlo died quickly and unexpectedly of cancer on November 8th, Dever, State Attorney Robert E. Crowe, Chicago police chief Morgan A.

Collins and the Cook County board president and future mayor, Anton J. They were with beating a man outside a restaurant. The case was later dismissed. In Chicago, it was once owned by Capone. Its name was later changed to the Canadian Ace Brewery and was run by Alexander Greenberg, a one time Capone associate. Gizzo was later arrested for strong arming bars into buying Canadian Ace only. A small time goon who survived on the edges of the outfit mostly as muscle man.

Born Died of pancreatic cancer Oct 19, In , Al Capone, fleeing reformers in Chicago, all but invaded the city of Cicero and made it his own. Since then the city corruption has been breathtaking. Unofficially he was a life long bookmaker for the Outfit who answered directly to local boss Rocky Infelise. He was also involved with a large scale insurance fraud that stole millions for the city of Cicero over a three decade period. Everything he could do wrong, he did do wrong including using members of the police force to run illegal bingo games and using city phones to communicate with members of organized crime.

In December , Maltese was identified by the IRS as the leader of a massive gambling ring that was run out of, of all places, the Cicero town hall building. The money had been earmarked for commercial development in Cicero by the city Economic Development Commission. Maltese pled guilty to federal conspiracy charges in , but died before he could begin serving his sentence.

They all went to jail. He was murder in The young Matassa joined the Northside crew and is said to be a made member of the Outfit and, according to Lenny Patrick, answered to Vince Solano. The two live near each other in Park Ridge Ill. NCI provides optical services to the Laborers' Union. One hood testified that when he was appointed President of Health Marketing, Inc, which provided health services to the Laborers' Union, he would pay cash kick-backs to John and Tom Matassa, and John Serpico.

Matassa also has control over several pornographic book stores on the near north side of Chicago. He and his cousin owned Cupboard on Hubbard, at W. Hubbard on Chicago's Near North Side. His father's cousin Michael Glitta ran the pornography industry for the mob. He was tossed out due to his organized crime connections. At that point Matassa told a union hearing officer in that organized crime "doesn't exist. I don't believe there is a mob in Chicago. Motor World West Hotel: A room motel in Forest View. Since , the property was a sink hole for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Teamster pension funds money, borrowed originally by Sam Rantis, a syndicate front man.

He defaulted on the loan. The motel suddenly exploded into flames and burned to the ground on August 18, Messino and his Clem left Chicago police department after they were indicted in for taking part in an auto theft ring. Clem was later convicted, along with mobsters Thomas Covello and Joe Scalise, of running a chop shop. Messino was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted in of working with his brother, Clement Messino, another former Chicago police officer, in selling dozens of pounds of cocaine from to However the convictions were overturned when an appeals court decided the jury selection process in their cases was flawed.

Clement Messino was convicted at a retrial but the jury deadlocked on the drug charge against his older brother, Christopher, while convicting him of tax evasion and acquitting him of obstruction of justice. Peter "Cadillac Pete" Petros and Sam "Frog" Glorioso for conspiring to shake down illegal gambling operations for a cut of the action.

When Zizzo died, Snooky Morgano took over until his indictment and imprisonment in He was released in , but the lost control over the area to the Chicago mob which opened the territory to virtually anyone who wanted to operate there and pay their street taxes to the outfit. Died, natural causes, It appeared that Monteleone was being groomed to take over the Outfit as the bosses grew older and either died or were jailed with alarming frequency in the s. In , he served four years in prison for criminal contempt after refusing to testify before a grand jury concerning a car bombing in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Earlier in his career he also rented himself out as a freelance collector for bookie and loan sharks but did most of his muscle work for Fifi Buccieri the powerful West Side extortionist whose juice operations and narcotics racket LaPietra would one day take over. The crew that Monteleone inherited was decimated by jailed leadership, informers and an increasingly aggressive and savvy Federal office crime strike force office. The crews area was vast, stretching from Chinatown to Chicago Heights and included everything from chop shop operations, illegal casino, hundred, perhaps even thousands of independent bookies, prostitution and narcotics.

When Monteleone died of natural causes in January , Chiaramonti, made his move to control his former rackets. He was dead within a month. US Secret Service Officer: Mike could easily pass for Italian He was actually "Black Irish" from Jersey City. During world war one he had been in a airplane crash, they he married the nurse that attended to him. They had one child, a little girl who was killed by a truck at the age of three. After that Mike and his wife drifted apart.

He went into under cover work for the government. And he seemed top lose interest in everything else. It became his total life". Malone was a good actor with an ability to blend into any background. He had a dark, Mediterranean look and spoke Italian. He took the name De Angelo. The federal government made major efforts to create a false identity for him as small-time Brooklyn racketeers. As Al Capone was on his way to prison for income tax evasion, he spotted Special Agent Malone in the Elevator and said, "The only thing that fooled me was your looks, you look like a wop.

You took your chances I took mine. A Chicago mob related robber active in the s. A mob Chicago casino active in the mid s. His first arrest came in for pandering, otherwise Mangano seems to have avoided any long term jail sentences. He was also listed by the Chicago Crime Commission as a public enemy as early as Mangano later worked with Ralph Capone and Charles Fischetti in beer distribution for Capone mob Mangano was a suspect in the April 29 murder of with Mike "The Pike" Heitler, a pimp left over from the days of the Levee.

He was also suspect in the August 1 murder of another pimp, Jake Zuta. With the end of prohibition, the Chicago outfit and virtually every hood in Chicago turned their eyes to gambling. As a result, in the early s, there was the standard mob bloodshed between wise guys who were trying to either dominate the racket or keep from being dominated. On August 3, , at 4 AM, Mangano had been out taking car of business. With business over, Mangano headed home. When he realized he was being followed, Mangano pulled his car to the side of the road on Blue Island Avenue.

He stepped out of the car, thinking he was being followed by a cop in search of a quick pay off. He was hit with over shotgun pellets and five. Mission Hills Country Club: In the early s, the clubs resident pro was Harry Pezzullo. Late one night in July of , near midnight, Pezzullo got a call from Giancana who was agitated at having lost a pile of money in golf game that afternoon. He wanted to improve his swing. Giancana was told Pezzullo "Get your ass down to the club. I don't want 'em coming here. The hood turned their cars headlights onto the course to allow Giancana and Pezzullo to watch their shots.

After several hours, Giancana was tired and handed the pro what he thought was a hundred dollar bill. It tuned out to be a thousand dollar bill. In the s, the Calabrese brothers earned so much money from gambling and extortion that they ran out of places to hide the cash. When he dug up the money to check on it six months later, he found a disgusting mess inside the box, Nicholas Calabrese said. We tried to use cologne but it made the smell worse. Chief investigator of a intelligence unit of the Chicago police dubbed Scotland Yard, in the s. With the help of surveillances, wire taps and bugs, Morris filled five filing cabinets with intelligence on "syndicate" mobsters, 8, lesser hoodlums, and a disturbing number of his fellow cops and assorted politicians.

During the campaign, Morris was tripped up as he tried to bug the hotel room of a suspect who had powerful connections with the county committee. Word got to Candidate Daley that Scotland Yard was working against him. Observed the Daily News: Police Commissioner Timothy O'Connor ordered the Scotland Yard office to cease work immediately, had it padlocked and guarded round the clock, reassigned the unit's officers.

Murphy was a former bank robber and member of the Danny McGeoghegan gang,. He had been shot twice through the back of the head and once in the lower back. Chicago handbook operator, shot to death on mob orders The mayor of Northlake Illinois. They reversed Hoffman on the grounds that he had refused to ask the jurors if they had read newspaper articles about the defendants before the trial. Neri, Palermo and Shababy were tried again and this time entered guilty please before the trial. It was the governments first stand against mob control of the Chicago circuit courts and gave backing to brave men like Hoffman who would stand up to the mob.

Jail warden, born in New Orleans in Moore ran the Cook County jail when Sam Giancana was incarcerated there in the early s. When Giancana's lawyer told Moore that the crime wanted to return the favor, Moore replied that he was having trouble booking musical acts for the jail. King and Johnny Cash appeared to perform at the jail.