Scimitars Heir (A Scimitar Seas Novel Book 3)

But I can tell you how many I have loved. Not a number of course or I would have told you how many I have read. I have been reading about the outcast Drow Elf since , and he never disappoints. Lots of action with high-quality characters.

Good pacing and as always well written. This was a good ending to the trilogy, most likely the series. Possibly the most emotional I have been about a series end since Wheel of Time. But now that I think about it I had been reading that one since also. I have grown and changed considerably in the years since I first picked up a Drizzit book.

So has Drizzit and friends. Still I did want to box his stupid pointy ears a few times while reading Hero. You call yourself a fantasy book fan? You should be ashamed of yourself! All joking aside Hero is a great book with a more than satisfying end. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 6 comments.

Nov 02, Zayne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man oh man was this an emotional conclusion. Not only was this the last Drizzt series, but Drizzt was losing himself. After defeating a Demogorgon and a horde of demons, he thinks he is safe. The threat of demons is over and he is ready to settle down, but then it hits him. An ailment from the inside. This time the enemies weren't demons, orcs, or evil sorcerers.

The enemy was inside him. He doesn't know who to trust anymore or if his friends are really his friends. Is this really Catti-brie, th Man oh man was this an emotional conclusion. Is this really Catti-brie, the love of his life, or is this one of Errtu's tricks? Were his companions ever really resurrected or are these servants of Lolth hiding in their skin? Is this an illusion and he's been trapped in the Abyss for decades? Drizzt is questioning all of reality around him, all his joy stolen from his life. Watching Drizzt go crazy like this had me tearing up a few times.

It was hard seeing a hero I've been reading about since I was 13 going through so much pain. I'm not really going to review Hero like I do my other books. No, this wasn't a perfect book. It had its flaws, but I didn't even care. This was the last Drizzt book! I've been reading the Drizzt books since I was in middle school. These were one of the first books I ever genuinely enjoyed. These were the books I read in the morning on my way to school; these were my companions on long road trips; they were the reason I'd get into trouble at school; they helped calm me when I was stressed; and they gave me so many fun adventures to read about when I was bored.

The Drizzt series and the characters inside them are near and dear to my heart. They contain a lot of memories of my middle school, high school, and college days. So yeah you bet your ass I was crying as I closed the cover. I'm sad that the Drizzt adventures are over, but at least they ended at a great spot. It was a solid, happy ending, and although at times it was depressing, it was also a lot of fun and like all the other Drizzt books, it was filled with great, memorable characters. I'm glad Drizzt got a good ending. He deserves it and so do his fans. Salvatore for all the great memories and adventures!

Well, I didn't see the ending coming, that is for sure. The usual fast paced romp and adventure, with a satisfying ending. Jun 08, Isaac Clarke rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 21, Matt Gabert rated it it was amazing. I have been reading R. I only picked up "Hero" the day my local Chapters received it for completions sake having all books in the trilogy in hardcover.

I was going to be finished with this series, save for maybe picking it up once it came out in a cheaper format. All I have to say now is damn you, R. Minor spoilers ahead Damn you because this novel has once again drawn me back into your world, not least of all because, unlike "The Last Threshold Neverwinter Saga, Book 4 " and "Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf Companion's Codex, Book 3 ," "Hero" wraps up more plot points than it opens.

With the last few series, there has been no sense of the plot ending, but rather it stretched out across the next trilogy or quartet, always left open ended and lacking, to me, a sense of closure and ending to a coherent story arc. Not so with "Hero. The only cliffhanger from the series was dropped at the very end, which only served to entice me to read the next novel as the return of a great character who had far to little time in the series was revealed.

The overall narrative of "Hero" was also much better structured than the previous installments, with the main driving force being something that has been touched on before, but never fully explored in Salvatore's novels, at least not to the point it was here. Set up at the end of "Maestro," Drizzt finds himself not believing that his friends are actually back from the dead, and, indeed, questioning all of reality, including his escape from Menzoberranzen centuries earlier.

This leads him to question everything around him, every moment of joy stolen as he looks for demons and servants of Lolth everywhere around him, fully believing it to be an insidious plot by the Spider Queen to make him believe that all he ever wanted was finally his, then tear it all away from him and reveal the charade. Watching Drizzt fight this most intimate of battles--how do you win when you are fighting against yourself, questioning the truth of every thought you have ever had?

And the ending did not disappoint, bringing a sense of finality with it that has not been felt, at least by myself, since the ending of the Icewind Dale Trilogy so many years ago. It has been far too long since I finished a Drizzt novel feeling this satisfied. Dec 12, Travis Duke rated it it was amazing. A beautiful end to an awesome era of the companions of the halls I dont really believe so but I will come back to that thought. Drizzt has survived the Underdark and the Demogorgon and is home but he now has to deal with an even greater battle, his corrupted mind.

I really liked that everyone is involed in this story, the harpells to Jarlaxle, the monks of the yellow rose, the dragon sisters and ofcoarse the drow. Even better was we got a Wulfgar and Regis side A beautiful end to an awesome era of the companions of the halls Even better was we got a Wulfgar and Regis side story that invloved the Boldersholder's that was really awesome, truly brought me back to early books of fighting on the sword coast and even Cadderly. Kane and the Yellow Rose was also really great part of the book, a side we almost never saw in past books and I was eager to get a glimpse in.

Lets all agree Kane is a super bad ass that deserves more attention. I wish Yvonell was explained a bit more, her sudden change of heart was so of jarring. In the end it was an epic conclusion with Loth herself and it was really well written. Do I think this is the last we will see of Drizzt? No, but is it the end to his series of books? Salvatore as of now wont comment. But I suspect his is down with massive series.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. CHRIS A. JACKSON is the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels "Pirate's Honor" and "Pirate's Promis"e. His self- published. Scimitar's Heir Gold Medal winner for Fantasy in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards The sea hath no wrath like a seamage betrayed. Cynthia.

When you consider the past and right around the spell plague, Salvatore was forced into events and I bet after that he was plotting the end. This time line has seen its fair share of battles its time to move on After such a bad ass sword was made for Drizzt we didnt even see it in much action or see it get tested on how strong it is???? Spoilers and ideas below Firstly I want to saw there are to many doors open to say we will never see Drizzt again. Like I said "this" series is almost certainly done but come on Drizzt has a baby on the way and do we really think Loth is done with him after his wish coming true about Zak, Loth isnt done with him apparently?

What about that meeting with Jarlaxle and Zak at the end? You mean to tell me thats it???? If i had to guess I would assume we will fast forward a few hundred years to when Drizzt's son is older and we would get flashbacks on what happened. Its a fresh start and we could get some cool flashbacks and cameos but overall its a whole new adventure. Thats my two cents.

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Nov 04, Theshrewedshrew rated it it was amazing. So I don't know how many of you keep up with Salvatore's Drizzt, but since the spell plague has fallen, I was kind of a little bored with the story outline. It's great to see the old faces back. And even better to see them compliment each other in new ways.

But it kind of went full tilt sideways. Forgotten realms has always in their novels pushed a sort of multi classing approach or single minded determination of a person. With I believe Neverwinter like 5 books ago we met basically a st With I believe Neverwinter like 5 books ago we met basically a student monk whose order's master "ascended". I am not gonna lie, pretty sure he hit lvl 20 as a monk who took no deity.

It's kind of a weird compliment system. But as always the gods are fallible.

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But this last book ends with something I think most people have wanted. Truly asked for since the second book. Just an end to certain ideals and notions that limit the world. I think during the last book three books, Salvatore has done not else but prepare the epilogue for this book. All else can be ignored, if you just want to keep up with the biggest changes in the series in more than 20 years.

It's not only a must, but it will drive home the last two books as well worth all the side intrigue and meaningless politics. It made me laugh out loud with joy. Because Salvatore for the longest time has seemed completely heartless on the topic. Everything you might ever want, will change with the next book.

My gosh, Salvatore could literally retire Drizzt with the situation he just made and crank out books with just the characters from this last book for years and never directly follow Drizzt and people would eat it up. Ugh now I have to wait for his next books! Jun 08, Lydia Wednesday rated it liked it Recommends it for: The names in this book are ridiculous even by fantasy standards. Drizzt was basically having one long existential crisis the entire time which was pretty annoying. The only reason I'm giving this three stars is because of the characters Pikel and Wulfgar, that's it.

My main issue was, like in many video games, when you are over leveled for the specific quest you are on and there is no difficulty and no consequences. Reading this felt like that. There was no suspense. I thought there was for a se The names in this book are ridiculous even by fantasy standards. I thought there was for a second, but then it was like jk no, it turned out fine.

The word is boring. Oct 27, Kendra Lawrence rated it really liked it. I finished this book in about 2 days. It was an engaging read, though I felt the events could have been divided into two books, or at least in a thicker one, for a lot was crammed into this last volume. A part of me is glad this is the last or at least, rumored to be last Drizzt novel. The series has been going on for some years, and has to conclude at some point. I was worried about how it would end, and hoped that it would be a happy ending, for s Warning: I was worried about how it would end, and hoped that it would be a happy ending, for something tragic after such a long journey would leave a foul taste in my mouth.

Fortunately for my sappy tendencies, it was a good ending. It felt a bit rushed, but again, a lot needed to be done in this last volume. The epilogue made me fangirl squeal in joy, even as it raised questions. While I doubt Drizzt has that much influence over her—though she clearly has an interest in him—and then Zak is there. Jarlaxle is thrilled, and so am I, but it raises questions. Who did restore him? Was it Lolth, or perhaps Yvonnel herself had a hand in it? Entreri does, too, though the relationship between him and Dahlia seemed a bit forced. He and Jarlaxle speak of Calihye, and then, in the same scene, he goes to Dahlia and realizes he loves her.

While I feel sorry for Dahlia, I have never been fond of her, though she deserved peace, too. Entreri just seemed to fall into the relationship so easily, but perhaps they will be good to each other.

The greatest foe he ever faced are his own demons, and it was a necessary road, perhaps, but those scenes were tough—as they were probably meant to be. I felt it was a bit negated by the fact it was a curse, but oh well. The point was made, and, thankfully, Drizzt is healed in the end and surrounded by those he loved. I thought it sweet his last journey entry was addressed to Guen. He has a promising life ahead of him. Wulfgar is the same as ever.

Jarlaxle is a womanizer too, but he is a far more witty and engaging character, in my opinion. While the rumors of the ending FR novel line greatly sadden me, I hope this is indeed is the last Drizzt novel though I would have liked to have seen the reunion between him and his father. We have been on this journey for a long time, and I feel this is a good place for it to end, even though there are unanswered questions.

If Bob is contracted to write FR novels again, I hope he writes about other characters in the novel, or completely new characters. I dearly hope the FR novel line is eventually picked up again. While I have had my issues with the Drizzt books especially the latest ones about the inconsistencies of lore and lack of mention of the other drow deities Eilistraee and Vhaeraun have returned, after all , I have always loved Drizzt as a character.

And I am happy to see him happy. I am glad I was able to hug the book at the end instead of throw it across the room. All around, a good ending to a long journey. Nov 23, Mike rated it really liked it. The scimitars appeared in Drizzt's hands, Icingdeath and Vidrinath.

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And along the way Cynthia must persuade the powerful young pyromage, Edan, to help, not hinder, their quest. It felt a bit rushed, but again, a lot needed to be done in this last volume. It was still good and the author is very talented, especially with foreshadowing, but I think it is getting too spread out. I'm usually wary of new characters, but the ones in Hero were interesting and relevant. After all, [I]s there anyone in all the world better at bringing Drizzt Do'Urden to a place of great crisis than Artemis Entreri? The best part of "Hero" is that it's the first Drizzt novel since "The Pirate King" where you're not sure whether Drizzt is going to find complete victory and, indeed, in "The Pirate King" view spoiler [he did not win hide spoiler ]. The story that closes out the Homecoming Trilogy, Hero, shows yet again the artistry of the author, complete with his famous fight sequences, wonderful world building, and fast paced storytelling that never ceases to surprise.

I first picked up "The Crystal Shard" when I was, probably, 13 years old. This means, I have been reading the adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden, off and on, for two-thirds of my life.

Scimitar's Heir

I recall thinking the first 50 pages of that first Drizzt novel having no idea that Drizzt was going to be the central hero of the epic - and perhaps Mr. Salvatore didn't quite know, either was actua The scimitars appeared in Drizzt's hands, Icingdeath and Vidrinath. Salvatore didn't quite know, either was actually pretty boring. As I matured as a man and as a reader, these books became classified as "brain candy," and I would just read the next in sequence, no matter how ludicrous some of the storylines had become because reading these novels, 33 of them, were like coming home.

I knew this world, these characters, and I loved them like one might love the foolish drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. The first two books of the "Homecoming" trilogy were no different. Salvatore pits the mortal characters against a seemingly-insurmountable crew of immortal or netheril foes, and waxes philosophic in the diary entries that introduce each "Act" of the book.

But, once again, Salvatore is a maestro at describing one-on-one or close enough battle scenes, which tempt the reader to try to duplicate the hand, arm, foot, and leg positions as the fights progress. Those almost never get old. The best part of "Hero" is that it's the first Drizzt novel since "The Pirate King" where you're not sure whether Drizzt is going to find complete victory and, indeed, in "The Pirate King" view spoiler [he did not win hide spoiler ]. His struggle with his madness against the Abyssal forces in his mind is exquisite and is the most interesting thing about the novel.

It was also fun to journey along with Wulfgar and Regis for a time, since they were largely absent from the previous two entries. Then there's my favorite fantasy character of all-time, Artemis Entreri, who, despite being absent for long stretches in the novel, gets a worthy finale, as well you'll have to read to find out if that finale is death, either by Drizzt or sacrifice, or redepmption. After all, [I]s there anyone in all the world better at bringing Drizzt Do'Urden to a place of great crisis than Artemis Entreri?

The final third of this novel pages or so moves quickly, and much of it is predictable refer to "rounding down from 4. You've come this far. Over 40 books strong and still getting better You can't go wrong with R. Salvatore's Drizzt series, I've never seen an author prevent a story line from going stale with only half this many books in it. Jan 31, Lance Martincich rated it it was amazing. If I could I would give it seven stars. Been on this journey for a long time and this one really amazed me.

Well done yet again Mr Salvatore.

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Nov 13, Stefan rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an incredible finale to the Homecoming series! Good read as always from Salvatore. Nov 10, Adam Duclos rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was a weird installment of the Drizzt series. Additionally, rumor has it that it's the last installment, too.

Something about Wizards of the Coast, the company in charge of Dungeons and Dragons, getting out of the novel business. Anyway, it doesn't really tie up many loose ends, although it does leave most of the main characters in a good spot. The main plot is Drizzt getting healed of his mental malady. It turns out that not only does he pick up some kind of abyssal madness while in the un This was a weird installment of the Drizzt series.

It turns out that not only does he pick up some kind of abyssal madness while in the underdark, Yvonnel the super cleric also hit him with a super gawd curse. She originally intended for Drizzt to kill his wife in a fit of madness, but he couldn't do it, and Yvonnel started feeling sorry for him. By the time she made it to Gauntlgrym, Gromph, Cattie-brie and Kimmuriel had already tried and failed to cure Drizzt, so instead of getting a more powerful cleric, they sent him to a monastery to learn self discipline.

Yvonnel revealed that that would never work even without the curse, the abyssal madness would prevent Drizzt from properly centering himself and finding inner peace , and tricked a powerful servant of Lloth into helping her cure the curse for them. While all that was going on, Regis and Wulfgar were shown to have missed the entire fight for Gauntlegrym because they were travelling together back to the land where Regis grew up the second time after being gawd reincarnated so he could reunite with his girlfriend Donnola, who led a halfling assassins guild. Meanwhile, the queen of Damara is shown to be a young woman trapped in a marriage with an evil king, who wants an heir but is impotent, and so keeps killing his wives.

She didn't know this before her father married her off! They attend a party, and the Queen of Damara's father was there. He had sort of gotten his daughter into that dangerous marriage out of greed, but had gotten a letter from her, felt bad about it, and now and begged Donnola to save his daughter! So, Regis and Wulfgar were sent up there to deal with it! They weren't sure what they were going to do, but their options were A: No one bothered telling Wulfgar about the third option, because they figured his new lifestyle of extreme carousing would make him more than willing, but they didn't account for a few things Wulfgar didn't like being forced to do things like that, leading to B: They tried to force him on the queen without letting nature take it's course, and C: While that was going on, there was yet more points of view!

Never Wulfgar for some reason! These were from Ivan Bouldershoulder mostly, with a few from his brother Pikel. They were both originally from Salvatore's Cleric Quintet series, but crossed over with this series a number of books ago, when they had that kinda dumb time jump to the 4th edition timeline but had an entire trilogy of books still set as extended flashbacks at the tail end of the 3. Ivan's original deal was that he was a I want to say 'fighty cook'? I remember that he was in Cadderly's temple, and he would fight with his dwarven battleaxe, but with a cook pot on his head.

Pikel seemed like a simpleton who erroneously believed that he was a druid, but then it turned out he really was a druid I think at the time dwarves hated magic and couldn't be druids, so it was a surprise , although it's never really clear if he's as dumb as he looks those with divine powers just need to be wise, not smart. So now they're super old dwarves, and they work for the king of Damara, even though he's evil. Ivan is a king's guard, and Pikel is the king's gardener. No word on why they don't just snap and take over, honestly.

Evidently all of them. So, Ivan is in the throne room when some weird dwarves show up and bribe the king in order to be part of the kingdom. Ivan is ordered to check them out, but he never does. Turns out they're Spriggans, evil mining giants who can take the form of dwarves, but are much stronger, much more generally evil, and like eating people.

Turns out they're in league with a bunch of drow from house Hunzrin, who give them magic soul stealing gem, which they give to the king, who in turn gives them to the queen. It turns out that the gem contains the super powerful demon lord Malcanthet, the Succubus Queen! Also, for some reason, suddenly all the other demon lords showed up, along with lesser demons. Really, there was no reason for anyone else in particular to show up, but they did, which was all part of Lolth's plan, so she could take over their realms.

So, boom, she was now in the queen's body, which she used to bone the king a few times! Then, when Regis and Wulfgar showed up and reconnected with Ivan and Pikel, they unwittingly sent Wulfgar in to bone the demon! The second time they sent Wulfgar in to bone the demon, someone found out and sent the guards. A battle broke out, and Wulfgar was sucked into a magic mirror and abducted! Regis and Pikel tried to get him back, but were defeated again. After Yvonnel and Entreri cure Drizzt, they get word from a dying Pikel about what happened, then they all go fight Malcanthet and the spriggans.

Unfortunately, Drizzt and Entreri totally fail, Drizzt is taken out of the action, but Entreri and Regis have an entertaining time trying to get Wulfgar out of the mirror by first sending random goblins in to displace the current cadre of prisoners, and then, when they finally got Wulfgar out, Entreri tossed the mirror into a pond so no one else could find it, but it turned out to be basically a koi pond, and the fish kept looking at the mirror and so on. Yvonnel has to bail them out with some trickery which included turning a spriggan into a copy of Grazzt to scare Malcanthet, then tricking the Hunzrin drow into curing Pikel for her , and Malcanthet fled!

However, that also involved summoning Lolth herself, and she and Drizzt had a showdown with her! The day was saved! After that, everyone was fine! Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder moved to Gauntlegrym, Regis married his girlfriend, Wulfgar is still carousing, Gauntlgrym is doing well, and Cattie-brie and Drizzt are having a baby. Finally, Yvonnel, still super powerful because Lloth evidently thought she made things less boring, resurrected Zacknafein, probably. The really strange part is that with each of the last three novels, Drizzt, who until now has basically been one of the most powerful beings in the Realms, has been shown up at every turn, used as a pawn, and is now resigned to getting his butt kicked by side characters with increasingly ridiculous names I'm looking at you, Afafrenfere.

I suppose that what the author might have been going for was that the previous books were about adventures Drizzt was on, rather than books about 'what's going on with Drizzt'. I would say that would be undermined quite a bit by all the really lame 'Drizzt monologues' between the sections of every single book. It also made the last few books comparatively boring. I think my biggest regret about this book is that I thought that when the dragon sisters said that they thought Drizzt could heal himself by 'transcending', that he was going to become a demigod or something.

That would be a kick butt sendoff, and was totally a character option in DnD 3. Just sending him off to do some monk training for a few days. Still king, but oddly okay with turning his dour dwarf kingdom into a magical wonderland. Not that great as either a mage or a cleric. Yay for finally having a baby though, I guess! Still only using the one magic item, his war hammer. Got sucked into a magic mirror during a demon fight without having done any damage. Ineffective as a fighter, but now also not a rogue. But he sure can hold his breath for a long time!

He's getting married to his girlfriend Donnola, and they're moving their entire clan to within Gauntlegrym. Didn't do anything in this book, so I guess she's just hanging out! Dahlia's lame warlock son! I guess he's just hanging out too! No word on his three skull headed staff. But now, like, kinda in a good way? No word on why he could sneak past a legion of armed guards to snuff out the evil king at the end of the book, but couldn't sneak past a bunch of dumb giants earlier on.

Works as a mostly ceremonial guard of the portal at the Harpel's mansion. Druids it up at the Harpel's place, growing their grapes with extra magic to make nice wine. No word on why he, a powerful druid, hasn't regenerated his damned arm after a freaking century. It was still good and the author is very talented, especially with foreshadowing, but I think it is getting too spread out.

I am definitely going to finish the series, but I really hope operates on a smaller scale. Yashank Amrutkar rated it really liked it Nov 22, Jason Borer rated it really liked it Aug 07, Mark Sullivan rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Mark rated it really liked it Jul 30, Richard rated it really liked it Feb 23, Sabin rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Sky rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Igors rated it liked it Apr 24, Pocauna rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Patricia rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Taylor Mann rated it liked it Mar 16, Kim rated it really liked it Apr 27, Gabrielle Harbowy rated it really liked it Aug 02, Kristy Siemens rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Stacey Reamer rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Erica Klonkowski rated it it was amazing May 02, Gwen Gades rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Jinjre rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Jinjre rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Scott rated it really liked it Feb 25, Matthew rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Deborah Smith rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Jamie Hughes rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Timothy Bare rated it liked it Jun 04, Gabrielle Harbowy rated it really liked it Apr 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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