Jacobs Trouble (Sequel to Without A Mark Book 2)

Considering the sense of danger, the climax was a bit of a letdown. Of course, the MCs have no such qualms about their own, um, climax. There's plenty of sexy action to be had here! Shifters are a possessive bunch. We see much more of Alec Cam's beta who doesn't get on with Nathan here. I'm VERY interested in the pairing for book 3 hint: Bitten by Design won't work well as a standalone. The world-building, urban shifter lore, and pack members were introduced in book 1, so don't skip Jared and Nathan's story. View all 21 comments. I suspect that part of what I was hoping for in this story was the same level of snark and banter as in the initial book.

But Tim was basically a nice, caring person, whereas Nathan could be a bit of an arrogant prick, sometimes, so Seb's snark didn't really have a really hard surface to bounce off of on-page. It also felt as if the feels , at least the reciprocal ones, came a bit later in this book than the first.

It didn't leave me wanting them sooner, per se, as I did feel that events happened in a pretty realistic sequence and pace here. The sexy bits were still just as steamy , just as I expected, if you're interested in that sort of thing. I loved how the epilogue played out, with the wheels beginning to spin to have the bad guys, the ones really doing the plotting behind the scenes, brought to justice with the pack council.

Yes, please, Mistress Annabelle, may I have another?!?!? I'd rate this one at around 4. View all 3 comments. Another shifter win for me! Although this was Sebastian and Tim's story, I was happy that we still got to see quite a bit of Jared and Nathan in this too. This was almost as good as the first. I just enjoyed Nathan and Jared's story just a smidge more. But I think it's because they had a lot of snark and smartassery going on. I understood his apprehension on bein Another shifter win for me!

I understood his apprehension on being a shifter and having everything change and the possibility of his feelings being fabricated by some shifter magic. But Seb gave poor Tim so many mixed signals that I felt awful for the guy which therefore made me annoyed at Seb. I liked Tim right off. The guy wore his feelings all over his face and to the shifters, all in his scent. It was hard seeing how deeply he felt for Sebastian and to see Seb just kind of brush if off there for a while.

It was also sad to see everyone give him pity eyes because they knew his feelings for Seb and knew Seb didn't want what Tim wanted. Sebastian is a grower. Which means he eventually grew on me. I started liking him even more when he accepted what he was feeling for Tim and gave in. Tim is a quiet guy you could say. He's use to getting up in the morning, doing his job, and then going home.

But now with Sebastian in his life and the danger that surrounds him, Tim feels his wolf side coming out more. He's feeling possessive and territorial. His protective side brings out his growly side and it's a bit of a shock for those who've only seen him as patient and caring. I liked that side of him. I was glad to finally get some answers where Alec and Nathan are concerned. It was also nice to get to finally really "meet" Alec and get a glimpse of his softer side with his friendship with Tim. I can't be the only one who saw some sparks fly between Alec and Mark from the P-Pack.

I want that story. I also want Luke's story. So I hope either of them are up next and that whoevers book is next is coming soon.

Jacob's Trouble

I need more of this series! All shifter fans will no doubt love this new series. Mar 21, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: Things can get quite confusing if you don't, since part of the storyline from the previous book, continues in this book. This time we get Seb and Tim's story.

If you've read book 1 than you know that Jared, even though mated with a shifter doesn't have the highest opinion about shifters in general.

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Seb however never had any problems with shifters. He likes them well enough and he even had a couple of hook-ups with some. What he doesn't want is to start a relationship with any of them though. He has seen what a bite of a shifter can do He wants to be with someone who loves him because of him and vice versa, not because of some kind of magical bond that forms after a bite. Seeing his friend going from hating shifters to loving one, all in the blink of an eye, because of one bite, doesn't appeal to Seb at all.

He is considered the calm and collected one of the pack. Now that doesn't mean he won't wolf out when nessecary. It just means that Tim has a very stong hold on his wolf and an awesome sense of control. And resisting Seb is taking every ounce of that control. But what will happen when treats from the past resurface and these two men are forced to spend a lot of time together. Just like the previous book, I really enjoyed this one. These books are different than any other shifter books I have read. It is illegal, to just go around biting humans. A bite also doesn't quarantee that the human will change into a shifter So, to fully understand this book, I strongly suggest to read book 1 first.

The steam in this one was pretty hot These shifters sure know what they like I can't wait to see what's next.

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I really liked Alec, so I am can only hope that he and Mark will be getting their story. This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession View all 16 comments. Apr 12, Jewel rated it it was ok Shelves: I gave it the old college try, but I am DNF'ing for the second time.

I'm bored of the same old 'pretend boyfriend' plot and MC running hot and cold. View all 5 comments. Apr 09, Jo rated it it was ok Shelves: Nothing good can come from falling for you. View all 13 comments. Mar 19, Eugenia rated it really liked it Shelves: This is your book! If your looking for a plot If you want to supersize your reading experience and add depth of character, well sorry, but we ran out of that. I loved Tim, the shifter doctor.

But all in all, this second book in the series was a tasty treat. First things first, I didn't read the first one in this series and I should have. Don't be like me. Read the first one. There were quite a few references to the events and characters in Bitten by Mistake that at times had me scratching my head.

I muddled through and pieced things together because we hit the ground running in Bitten by Design. Tension is brewing between the P-Pack and Regent's Park pack with First things first, I didn't read the first one in this series and I should have. Tension is brewing between the P-Pack and Regent's Park pack with some rogue shifters thrown in to spice things up. Seb's caught in the crossfire so to speak and takes a header down the stairs when there's a scratch at his door.

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Jacob's Trouble (Sequel to Without A Mark Book 2) and millions of other books . This book is a facinating follow-up to Fauske's first book "Without a Mark" The. Jacob's Trouble (Sequel to Without A Mark Book 2) eBook: Michael Fauske, Micah Fauske: domaine-solitude.com: Kindle Store.

He lands himself in the hospital with a broken leg, wonky wrist and a verra attentive doctor. Tim is the pack doctor and has a crush on Seb, so when he turns up hurt presumably by the rival pack he gets all possessive and protective. I love it when they get all"mine-y". What I heart about shifters is even when they're not the alpha they're still kinda alpha with the growling and whatnot!

Plus the whole "mates" thing, though Seb and Tim aren't fated mates which is at the tippity-top of my list, but they get close enough for me.


Jacobs packed a whole passel of things I like including scenting, biting, marking and Tim likes it messy as does Seb. I couldn't have asked for anything more but just to seal the deal Jacobs threw in the fake boyfriend trope!

See a Problem?

The pack decides since Seb wants to go home that it'd be best if Tim pretends to be his boyfriend because shifters all have a keen sense of smell. Tim and Seb have to really "sell" this boyfriends gig. The only fly in the ointment is Seb keeps telling himself and saying out loud which kinda made me want to staple his mouth shut that he's not interested in being in a bonded mate relaysh. He's plenty attracted to Tim but he keeps hurting his feels when he says their relationship is temporary or faux or whatever which he seems oblivious to, but then proceeds to up the ante in their sexual relationship.

The mixed signals thing got a little old and I wish he would've talked to Tim sooner, but that's really my only gripe. When things ramped up with P-Pack is when I really invested in this series. There is still much animosity between the packs and I would like to formally request an enemies to lovers story featuring Alec and Mark, pretty please with glitter on top. While I'm praying to the shifter gods to rain shifter hate sex confetti on me I'll continue to float around on the bonded mate fluff infused cotton candy cloud that is Tim and Seb and their HEA. Because it was adorbz, had some feels and hot all at once.

Quite the trifecta there. My first Jacobs was a rousing success and I'm hopeful there will be another Regent's Park Pack story because I like the way she writes pack dynamics and this relationship evolved convincingly.

Bitten By Design

So I'd recommend this to shifter fans or those who enjoy a smuffy, low angst romance. A review copy was provided. Jun 22, River rated it liked it Shelves: I normally leave some books for months in my currently reading shelf because I really suck at keeping up with my reviews but this time it wasn't like that, it actually took me months to finish one. First let me explain that the time that it took me read it it has nothing to do with book itself, I changed devices and accounts and I completely forgot that I was reading this until one day my kindle ran out of juice and I grabbed my old 3.

First let me explain that the time that it took me read it it has nothing to do with book itself, I changed devices and accounts and I completely forgot that I was reading this until one day my kindle ran out of juice and I grabbed my old device and I found this and I honestly felt awful. Now about Seb and Tim: I enjoyed the story, I liked the it was different from the previous books, even though the whole biting theme was relevant in both books the stories are very different from one another. I enjoyed not only getting to know these characters but seeing more about the previous couple and getting to know a bit more about Alec.

I'm hoping for his book next I think this series has potential,there is a bit of mistery regarding the bad guys and their agenda but enough info is giving to keep you curious about whats gonna happen next. Sdly the romance wasn't the strongest for me here, I like Tim but had huge mixed towards Seb, he was a bit wishy washy but I admit that I can't wait to see how his character is going to develop in future stories.

This was way worse than the first one and I didn't like that one very much. I figured I'd give this series one more shot. I don't even know how I finished this book honestly. Seb is a piece of shit and never stopped being one. View all 6 comments. Mar 25, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: I was counting the days until this baby hit my kindle and when it did, everything else was pushed to the backseat. My book world stopped when this one released.

When it left me on the same high the first book did, I knew I was going to be in for a trial of patience until book three. I am absolutely hooked on this pack! I fell for Tim pretty quickl I was counting the days until this baby hit my kindle and when it did, everything else was pushed to the backseat. I fell for Tim pretty quickly but knew it was going to take a little more work for Seb to win me over.

He puts up a good fight. Which is actually his intention. But whatever freaky shifter magic turned his best friend into a bonded mate to a shifter scares him. He believes it is safer to keep them at a distance. But then he has an accident and needs looking after. This book is an equal to the first. This two book set, centering around the 7 year period of time called the "Tribulation" and focusing on what life on earth might be like as a believer and follower of the Messiah, Jesus Christ was very entertaining and yet very realistic.

Michael has studied scripture and has done a great job setting the events of the tribulation in the proper sequence and with great imagination. Jacob's Trouble reads very easily and quickly and keeps you interested enough not to want to put it down. This book set is great reading for you if you believe, but is also a great buy for someone who needs to hear and be challenged with what will happen to those who choose to reject Jesus.

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A collection of "rarities" was released in entitled Diggin' Up Bones , which featured the long-lost "About Sex". The group reunited briefly in to record a new song, "Step by Step," for a compilation album called The Jacob's Trouble Sampler Pak. Jerry Davison recorded one CD under the name sideways8 in and occasionally releases songs via such Internet music sites as garageband.

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