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Witch's Cat Furby

Instead of dark black fur, his coat is tinged This book has been lingering on my bookcase since I was born. Instead of dark black fur, his coat is tinged with tabby. His eyes are blue, not green.

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And one of his paws is pure white! The witch promptly kicks Gobbolino out. The story charts his life, as he tries to be a farmhouse cat, a kitchen cat, a mayor's cat, a sailor cat, a princess's cat, a woodcutters hat, and a peddler's cat, until he is returned to his birthplace by a poor witch. I really enjoyed this story. It wasn't hard to read, but it was really well-written. I'd recommend it for younger children, but it's good for any age!

In this book, talking animals, witchs' curses and real dragons are a common thing.

I so wish the world shown in this book, where everybody loves cats even though they can't stand witchs' cats was real. I read this book as a child. It is written perfectly from an animal's perspective.

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He, he After being an adult and facing the world and its good and bad sides, everyone changes. But that is not any serious issue as this was a childrens' book. Simple and such a beautiful plot. Jul 08, T. This has been a childhood favourite of mine for years, but it is also years and years since I last read it. Michelle Harrison, the author of the 13 Treasures series, put the book to mind again when she got a new, special edition of it.

I dug out my original Young Puffin edition I hadn't remembered much about this book, other than the title: Gobbolino The Witch's Cat , and that I loved it. After re-reading it now, I still love it.

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It's a gloriously comforting read, and a true fable as Gobbolino This has been a childhood favourite of mine for years, but it is also years and years since I last read it. It's a gloriously comforting read, and a true fable as Gobbolino, the cat with one white paw, sets out to discover who he really is as he really doesn't want to be a witch's cat, but how it seems, right up to the end that a witch's cat is what he is meant to be. Jun 20, Tania rated it liked it Shelves: Night fell, and the loneliness of the forest fell on Gobbolino. He was an easily pleased and independent little cat, but company meant a great deal to him.

He did not ask for much, only the murmur of friendly voices about him, the click of a knitting-needle, the bubble of a kettle, or the hiss of a cooking-pot.

Witch's cat

Here, deep in the forest, the trees sighed as if they, too, missed the compansionship of human beings, and Gobbolino, treading its gloomy ways, looked eage quotes from my notebook Here, deep in the forest, the trees sighed as if they, too, missed the compansionship of human beings, and Gobbolino, treading its gloomy ways, looked eagerly for the sign of some cottage or farmhouse, where the candlelight, shining through the window-panes, might bid him welcome.

We read this the kids and I for Halloween. It reminded me of "Heidi" in that, pretty much everyone encountered is kind, and willing to help out a poor soul.

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And everything always works out to the good So, not terribly realistic, but not bad if you have children who scare easily. It was written in the old style which assumes children, and the parents who read to them, aren't terribly intelligent. Jan 14, Riv rated it it was amazing Shelves: Flew through this one! I'm absolutely in love! Totally recommend this, just like Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse! Sep 29, Gentian rated it really liked it. My son read this to me as his bedtime story having been recommended it by a relative.

It is a charming, beautiful story. The language was perfect for extending a small child's vocabulary and, although long, the book was a perfect introduction to 'self' reading. This book is amazing! I brought it in one week to school at Infant School and it then became a regular fixture to read Gobbolino because the teacher liked it so much!

You have to admit. Mar 18, Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: Its a really sweet and lovely story about trying to find your place in the world with some nice twists and ideas. Extremely charming story of a witch's cat who just wants to be an ordinary kitchen cat, and has many adventures before finally getting his wish.

This would be a charming family read-aloud if one had children under ten. Jan 02, sue rated it it was amazing. An excellent book, great read for all children and adults, I read this when i was 6 and have loved to read it often since.

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The reader was taken on an emotional roller-coast of repeated anticipation, hope, then disappointment. What do you think Lovely children's book suitable for early readers and of course for read-aloud. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I first heard this on audio tape when I was young and fell in love with it. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Golden Age of Animation Part 2:

Such a great read. I listened to this in audio and it was so cute! Great book for kids! Gobbolino definitely stole my heart! Apr 02, Rita rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A childhood favorite that withstood the test of time. I read it again a couple of years ago and it's still good fun. Feb 09, Ashleigh rated it it was amazing. Sep 09, Amelia May rated it it was amazing Shelves: I first heard this on audio tape when I was young and fell in love with it.

I was really happy when I got the book of it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Trixie, the Witch's Cat

Paul Terry had been producing mostly mediocre cartoons for thirty years by this point and the kiddies liked MM, because it was small guys beating up big guys. His crews did a competent job each time, but how many changes could they ring on the story? Mice frolic, cat or things like cats come to eat them, MM shows up singing "Here I come to save the day! Usually it's small variations on beating-up gags and the occasional bit of Pearl Pureheart being strapped to the saw in the lumber mill. Worth a three or four out of ten for competent handling of the story for the umpteenth time, and if you're a MM fan and don't like my attitude, my apologies for your hurt feeling.

In this one, it's a cat looking to eat mice, accompanied by a witch on a broomstick for the Hallowe'en season. There's something about the simple line drawing of the witch's face that makes me think she's a caricature of some one. And then there's the color choices It may seem odd to call your attention to this, but it is worth noting that the whole thing takes place at night, and the choices made in terms of color and lighting are very nice -- the usual Terry competence applied to the same story.

Notice how the backgrounding is very dark and the items are defined simply by color, chroma and brightness. Except for that witch's face. It's not much to hang six minutes on, but it stops this cartoon from being an absolute yawn,. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! First, he tries to be a normal kitchen cat, first at a farm, then an orphanage, then the mayor's house, but his magic always gets him into trouble.

Gobbolino The Witch's Cat

He becomes a show cat, but the other cats are jealous and reveal him as a witch's cat. He becomes a ship's cat for a brief period, but returns to shore after using his magic to save the ship from a witch, making the sailors suspicious. He is adopted by a sick princess, but when she is well again she leaves for boarding school without him, and he joins a Punch and Judy show as 'Toby the Dog', but a witch in the audience reveals him as a witch's cat. A knight finds him and gives him to a lady as a gift, but when Gobbolino tries to help the knight win over the Lady, he only causes more trouble.

He leaves, and is adopted by a woodcutter, but the woodcutter's great-granddaughter sells him to a pedlar-woman for a dress. Finally accepting his magic, Gobbolino becomes the pedlar-woman's assistant, but his good heart and unwillingness to cause pain means he fails at every task he is set.

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The pedlar-woman leaves him in the care of his sister, Sootica, and her mistress, but once again he is unable to complete his tasks. The witch puts a spell on him, removing his magical powers, and he finds his way back to the farm where he began his journey, his coat having faded to an unrecognisable tabby.

Here, he finds his old friends welcome him back happily, and he becomes the farm's kitchen cat.