A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away (Angelique De Xavier series Book 1)

A Big Boy Did it and Ran Away

Sie will ihn einfach nur zur Strecke bringen. Es war eine Freude in diesem Thriller im typischen scottish Style zu lesen und wurde bestens unterhalten. Herz, was willst du mehr? Mar 25, Wal. Rockstars Nach einer etwas turbulenten Jugend unter anderem in einer Rockband ist Ray in der Welt der Erwachsenen angekommen. Kann das alles gewesen sein?

Doch sein alter Kumpel Simon ist vor drei Jahren bei einem Flugzeugabsturz gestorben. Sollte der Autor also fast prophetische Worte gefunden haben? Das erleichtert zwar, wirkt aber doch etwas prosaisch. Computer waren etwas Fremdes, was eher die anderen hatten. Auch die Freundschaft zwischen Simon und Ray, die eigentlich keine ist, wird nachvollziehbar. So verliert gerade das an Bedeutung, was der Autor im Sinne hatte. Sep 08, Jamie Collins rated it liked it Shelves: Another good "tartan noir" read from Brookmyre. They always do, after a long, violent, crude adventure, and the comeuppance is as satisfying as it is p Another good "tartan noir" read from Brookmyre.

They always do, after a long, violent, crude adventure, and the comeuppance is as satisfying as it is predictable. This time we have Ray Ash, who is feeling miserable and trapped with a quotidian job, a mortgage, a marriage and a colicky baby. The references were mild and few enough that I could understand them yet not be bored by them.

This is the first book featuring officer Angelique de Xavia, who is apparently one of Brookmyre's recurring characters.

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I liked her and I look forward to the next book. Feb 10, Gail rated it liked it. New to Brookmyre, this book was sent in the post by a friend. Uninspired by the cover yes I do judge books by their covers - until I've read them I didn't pick it up for quite a while. But when I did I couldn't put it down.

It is funny, well-observed and pertinent. Brookmyre has captured Real Life and exposed it. The language, which I think some reviewers regarded as some kind of shock factor, merely reflected the reality. And provided some rip-roaring laughs from this reader.

Lexy and Wee Mur New to Brookmyre, this book was sent in the post by a friend. Lexy and Wee Murph are just genius characters that provide many moments of comic genius. Simon on the other hand was a little flakey as the villain - and his motivation for going bad was a little flimsy but I guess that is also true to life?

I'm encouraged to read more by Brookmyre because of it though I wouldn't go as far as to say my life has changed because of it - albeit it has its poignant, thought-provoking moments. A satisfying read that tickles the chuckle muscles. Mar 29, Javier rated it really liked it. Terrorism, 80's culture, indie music, band egos, gaming and a lot of witty humor, what else can I ask for?

Right, the best opening chapter ever written! The only con I can find for this book is that the climax is maybe just a little too long, other than that, this book was always fun and entertaining. To close this short and badly written review I'll just say that I'll start right away to compulsively read everything Brookmyre wrote in the past 16 years. This review sucks, I'm tired, you are we Terrorism, 80's culture, indie music, band egos, gaming and a lot of witty humor, what else can I ask for?

This review sucks, I'm tired, you are welcome. May 18, Deanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Fun fast-paced read, with a hero who's ordinary. Ray is a gamer who's had to grow up, he's the husband of Kate, father of a 3 month old and a newly qualified teacher. He also used to live with Simon when they were students, a friendship which ended badly. An international terrorist, a tough policewoman who's a bit on the tiny side and a very tired new dad, who's going to come out on top. Just makes me wonder what my old flat mates are up to, most were nursing students and I don't remember doing any Fun fast-paced read, with a hero who's ordinary.

Just makes me wonder what my old flat mates are up to, most were nursing students and I don't remember doing anything which would make them want revenge. Feb 21, Alison Kirby rated it it was amazing. I loved this book, Christopher brookmyre is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. He sets out the plot meticulously which can make for slow reading at the start but if you persevere it's like a roller coaster ride with you hanging on for dear life, squealing "wheeeeeee!

Aug 31, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Fantasy thriller with a fairly unbelievable cast that makes a light and enjoyable read, if you like that sort of thing. Personally, I found the lack of a coherent and believable background and the highly simplistic view of international terrorism distracted me and detracted from any of the book's good points. Bloody awesome This was entertainment.. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the characters.. Sep 01, Steph H rated it did not like it Shelves: Didn't even get past the first chapter as the language was bad.

I mean, fucks sake guys. Whats gone on here? You see a 4. There's no doubt he tried to make the best of a particularly bad lot with some almost Joe Heller-es I mean, fucks sake guys.

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There's no doubt he tried to make the best of a particularly bad lot with some almost Joe Heller-esque prose and some decent one-liners, but however much you cover said turd with glitter, the smell cannot be hidden. I just need to know what in the blue fuck all the reviews are about proclaiming this to be a work of true genius by the pen of a gifted savant, when in reality, its just, well, how can I put this, shite? We've got the lamest two heroic leads in literature, Ray ticks most cliche boxes and the ones he doesnt, dont you worry, "Angelique Xavier" aka Angel-X is sure to. How did we get so dumbed down to think this is decent writing?

Are you 10 years old? A Scottish female black cop skilled in 4 martial arts who saves the day, why not just make her a zombie vampire slayer and save everyone the time. He cant even blow up a fucking dam, given unlimited resources, time, and a crack team. Incidentally, none of his crack team can use machine guns, I mean, why do they have machine guns, wouldnt discreet and silenced pistols work a bit better guys?

Two chimps of Scottish teenagers, who you spend quite a while persuading the readers are both thick as proverbial pigshit, manage to block 12 machine guns with something? The two chimps also evade 12 highly skilled terrorists for days.

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I'd fancy my chances against the, er, worlds most feared terrorist. They're going to flood the Highland Games are they? Are you for real Brookmyre? He's doing most of this because he's a failed guitarist is he? He faked his own death in a plane bombing by just getting off the plane and walking out did he? Yeah I'll just get off the plane, walk off, no problem.

No-one will notice or mind. I finished the book thinking this has to be too dumb for most people who can read and can think independently, it must be aimed purely at the American market. Ive come up with better storylines myself staggering back from the Rose and Crown after eight pints of strong continental lager and a jazz cigarette with Fat Gav and Mickey the Fly.

Everything about it was right up my alley so although it may not really be a five star read probably a four for most people?


You know when a book provides your kind of humour, action and everything else into one? That's the way that this one felt. It had an interesting plot the terrorist's plan actually felt quite original and different , occasional hilarious rants about what it is like to work in a dull office job and an impressive combination of charac Absolutely loved this. These two novels were so successful that they earned Christopher the title of the only novelist to have ever won two Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective Novel in and respectively.

This series of novels won the author many accolades and awards including those mentioned above. The first novel in this series, which introduced the character of Jack Parlabane, Quiet Ugly One Morning, received public acclaim and criticism almost in equal measure. The novel begins with the introduction of Jack Parlabane, a Galasgow based investigative journalist coming back to Scotland from Los Angeles.

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The novel is about the investigative journalist who, upon him returning to Scotland from Los Angeles, gets involved in investigating the murder of a gambling medic, which occurs in a flat below. The novel that followed this was another best seller. In , the novel was adapted in to a television film starring James Nesbitt as Jack Parlabane. The adaptation was made by Clerknwell films for the ITV network.

The film was directed and dramatized by Sam Miller and Stuart Hepburn respectively. One key distinction between the television film and the novel is that while Jack Parlabane had a Glasgwegian accent, it was not the same accent used by James Nesbitt.

James was picked to star in the film instead of Scottish actor Douglas Henshall. The latter had previously voiced Jack Parlabane in a radio adaptation of the short story Bamport Central. The film was broadcasted on 5th February Published in , the novel was a continuation of the first release.

The novel introduces readers to Jack Parlabane as a man living in domestic bliss and about to be married. The journalist promises to leave the dangerous life of investigative journalism upon being married. However, the journalist soon breaks the promise when a tabloid media mogul is found murdered. After the murder, the police rule that it was a case of attempted burglary and arrest three persons believed to have been involved, Thomas Mclannes, Paul his son and a curious looking individual by the name Spammy.

A few days before the murder Mclannes visits a lawyer in Edinboruough by the name of Nicole Carrow, who turns up at the police station after the arrest of Thomas. Within hours of the visit and the lawyer presenting a letter, which she claims can prove the innocence of her client, an attempt on her life is made. Jack Parlabane is intrigued with the claims made by the solicitor and decides to get involved in the investigations.

However, the journalist soon realizes that another person is after the solicitor and the intentions of the third party are not good. This new party has political connections, and reveals a web of corrupt agenda. The novel has been described as blackly humorous, intriguing and fast moving. These new series of novels follows the lives of Jasmine Sharp as a private detective and Catharine McLeod a police investigator whom he has used in three of his books.

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Angelique De Xavier, a police officer in Glasgow, Scotland: A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away, Book 1. A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away. by Christopher Brookmyre. A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away has ratings and reviews. For the Angelique de Xavier series you need to read this one first, then "The Sacred .. I loved this book, Christopher brookmyre is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

This new novel was turned in to a video game, which was also written by Christopher. His books have been known to be educative and entertaining which has earned him a top spot in the writing industry as bestseller. Fifteen years later their mids are bearing down fast, and they're having to accept a less glamorous life.

Ray takes refuge from his responsibilities by living a virtual existence in online games. People say he needs to grow up, but everybody finds their own way of coping. But for Simon it's serial murder, mass slaughter and professional assassination. Their eyes met across a crowded room. She was just a poor servant girl, and he was the son of a rich industrialist. Er, no, this is a Christopher Brookmyre novel, although the eyes meeting across a crowded room part is true.