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Sadly, Dan passed away last year, but his work will help countless authors for many years to come. For Authors and Publishers by John Kremer My print copy of Ways to Market Your Books is filled with my hand-written notes and bursting with sticky-note bookmarks as well. This book is 10 years old now, but the ideas are evergreen. Your head will be swimming with ideas after reading this one. Her books and advice are golden.

48 Best Writing and Self-Publishing Tools for Authors: Jay Artale

She shares the details of self-publishing plus great marketing tips. She is the real deal and this book proves it. In this book, you will learn the foundations of marketing, persuasion, copywriting, and much more. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: Now here comes the good part: The review I left on Amazon says it all: No fluff, lots of sizzle for a ton of steak! You can now make a professional book cover for free. All can be done easily without any complicated software. Free eBook Cover Creator Free.

Two self-publishing tools that are the secret to publishing success.

A quick and easy way to create attractive eBook cover! To get started, simply choose your desired cover template, upload an image of your book cover and the cover create will do the rest. You can see the impact of your marketing strategies and price changes on your sales ranks and pricing. If you want to track books by other authors, monitor and analyze their sale rank, eBookTracker is a great tool to compare your books with your competitors.

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Instead of hunting page by page on Amazon, you can now track and monitor all the data easily all in one place. Amazon Author Central Free. It allows you to reach more readers by creating your author page. You can edit your book descriptions, book data and add editorial reviews. But the data is limited to your own books. ConvertKit Free Trial and Paid. ConvertKit is a simple and robust tool where you can grow your email list, segment and tag your audience, launching email sequence and have them all run in automation mode.

I just switched from using MailChimp to ConvertKit and things just got so much better and easier. Learn how to get started with ConvertKit here.

Two Tools Self-Publishing Authors Need To Succeed

HostGator is one of the most popular Internet Service Providers ISPs where you can create your own website quickly and easily with 1-click install. Later Free and Paid. Learning how to manage and schedule your social media posts is one of the BEST ways to save time, increase your productivity, and stay connected with your audience.

With Later , you can schedule your social posts to grow your following and promote your books easily. This free app for OS X makes it easy to create a awesome-looking book.

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Two self-publishing tools that are the secret to publishing success. Marketing for self-published authors should not be understood to mean that it is a precise. As you know, being a successful self-published author requires a lot more than just writing a great book. You have to morph into a one-man band, ready and.

It features drag-and-drop templates and support for movies, audio and widgets, making it a great option for a multi-sensory and interactive experience. This online writing software has designs for all types of books, from novels and memoirs to white papers and textbooks. Streetlib is a one-stop shop to write, publish and sell your book. With this free online software, you can draft and edit your content, choose from a set of beautiful themes, and download ready-to-go files for all major platforms.

If you wish, you can have Streetlib handle publishing of your book on any platforms of your choosing — in which case, Streetlib receives 10 percent of each book sold. Vellum helps you polish the look of your book and get it ready for publication. Simply upload your file and use the Book Styles feature to add a coordinated set of typography and flourishes. These ready-to-use templates for Microsoft Word and InDesign are a great alternative to the high cost of professional design services.

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For Authors and Publishers by John Kremer My print copy of Ways to Market Your Books is filled with my hand-written notes and bursting with sticky-note bookmarks as well. It also allows you to upload up to bulk-upload up to posts from Excel. Vellum Vellum helps you polish the look of your book and get it ready for publication. With almost 5, members and growing daily, there are lots of great conversations happening here, as well as support, feedback on your book covers, and answers to your specific self-publishing questions. In these free ebooks, Joanna Penn gets in depth on the writing and self-publishing process from start to finish.

Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer, mentioned above takes care of the major details — like typography and industry-standard formatting — so you can add your custom text and be ready to go with a professional-looking book. At 99Designs, you can pick from a selection of custom-designed covers to find the perfect one for your book.

Designers submit their ideas, and after a few rounds of feedback, you pick the winner. This resource gives you access to everything you need to design a beautiful book cover: Tutorial videos, fonts, easy-to-edit templates, promotional materials, and more. No design skills are necessary to create a unique cover to fit your book! Once you buy a book cover it is never sold again, ensuring your book is one of a kind. Want to sell more books? Jim Krukal knows that is takes a village to get your self-published book off the ground. In this community, members get access to tools, promotional opportunities, video courses, and other resources that help with everything from formatting your Amazon description to finding more reviewers.

Take a page from bestselling self-published author Mark Dawson, who leveraged Facebook advertising to grow his list and sell more books. You can do it too!


Be on the lookout for the next round of registration for Facebook Ads for Authors. Give their Self-Publishing Podcast a listen. E-junkie is a well-established service for authors who want to sell directly to their audiences on their own platforms. E-junkie handles the rest. Authors pay a monthly subscription depending on how many products you offer. Gumroad provides community-building support as well as a profile feature, so your audience can see all your works at once.

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Draft2Digital makes distributing your book easy. Create an account, upload your book, set a price, and choose where you want to sell.

At Draft2Digital, everything about your book and distribution platforms is in one easy place. Authors have control over pricing, marketing and sampling of their book, and Smashwords offers free marketing and sales reporting tools to help you make the most of your launch. Smashwords is free to get started, and they only get paid when your books sell. It depends on the retailer, but generally you get to keep percent of each sale. This post contains affiliate links.

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Chris Guillebeau introduces the plan you need to finally share your book with the world. Make this your year of becoming an author. One distinction I would make: While there is absolutely such a thing as self-publishing, there is no such thing as a self-publishing company, unless you mean the small business owned by an author to publish his or her own books.