Linking: The Geometry of Argument Structure: 74 (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory)

The many faces of Austronesian voice systems: Some new empirical studies. Number in Pacific Linguistics. The case of the ergative. Mouton de Gruyter, 49— Basque auxiliaries and the structure of spellout. Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, vol. Essays in honor of Heles Contreras. Ortiz de Urbina eds. Mouton de Gruyter, — On an instance of opacity in syntax.

Language and Cognition 10 3: The acquisition of verbal morphology in children learning Basque and Spanish. Evidence from children learning Basque. A grammar of Diyari, South Australia. A grammar of Diyari version 2. Brockmeyer, 67—94 Find this resource: Ergativity, valency and voice. From a cross-linguistic perspective. The Balochi language of Turkmenistan: A corpus-based grammatical description. Linguistic communication and speech acts. Evidence from gender and case in Slovak. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. A study of syncretism.

Cross-linguistic perspectives on event structure. Cambridge University Press, 13— A theory of grammatical function changing. University of Chicago Press. The atoms of language. Verbs, nouns and adjectives. The syntax of agreement and concord. Linearization and crosslinguistic variation. Its principles and its parameters. Noun incorporation in mapudungun and its typological implications. Language Contact and Bilingualism 6. Bar-Asher Siegal, Elitzur Avraham.

A linguistic and philological discussion. A thematic role constraint on new word formation. Ethnic and linguistic contact in Balochistan in historical and modern times. Reichert, 75— Find this resource: Gorgias Press, — Find this resource: Gramatikaren jabekuntzagarapena eta haur euskaldunak. Phases and reflexive morphology. University of Connecticut, October. Bath, Darbhe Narayana Shankara. The evidence against their necessity and universality.

Archaic syntax in Indo-European: The spread and transitivity in Latin and French. Resultatif, diathese et possession en basque, vieux perse et elamite. Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics. An analysis of frog stories. Typological and contextual perspectives: The acquisition of ergativity. A comparative grammar of the modern Aryan languages of India. Christiansen, William Croft, Nick C.

Theory and acquisition , eds. Papers from the Regional Meetings University of Miami Press, — Topic and discourse structure in West Greenlandic agreement constructions. University of Nebraska Press. Relating events in narrative, volume 1. University of the Basque Country. From event structure to syntactic categories in Basque.

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Development of verb inflection in first language acquisition: Case, scope, and binding. Toward a theory of a heterogeneous class. Case marking in Australian languages. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Australian National University Press, — The anatomy of a flat language. Towards the prehistory of Australian languages.

Essays in honour of Luise A. Hercus Pacific Linguistics C Australian National University, 49— The demise of the root infinitive and related changes in Dutch child language. University of Illinois Press. Walter de Gruyter, — The Austronesian languages rev. Austronesian comparative dictionary web edn. Papers on case and agreement II. The syntax of verbal inflection. Phi features across interfaces and modules. Oxford University Press, 44— Towards a theory of grammatical relations.

Konceptualizator i ego adresata v structure situacii.


Balochi learners of L2 Persian. Oxford University Press, 13— Case and agreement in Inuit. An elementary grammar of the Ngaliwuru language of the Northern Territory.

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Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. Free Preview. © Linking. The Geometry of Argument Structure. Authors: Randall, Janet H. Presents a. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory The argument is presented that any theory of phonology must include a notion of temporal coordination of gestures.

Bond, Oliver, Kristine A. What can be expressed by its absence? Pronominal clitics in Romance. The normal course of events. Processing syntax and morphology: Initial evidence from the online comprehension of control constructions in Hindi. Arbeits Berichte 86], — Differentielle Objektmarkierung in der neuiranischen Sprachen. Narr Find this resource: A description of a South Halmahera language. Crosslinguistic perspectives on argument structure: Classification and the comparative method Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, — Soft constraints mirror hard constraints: Voice and person in English and Lummi.

Proceedings of the LFG01 Conference. A Choctaw reference grammar. A grammar of Lower Grand Valley Dani. Pacific Linguistics, Series C Rethinking the functional role of the P in language comprehension. A defaults-based theory of word structure. Argument structure and argument representation. The structure and development of middle Indo-Aryan dialects.

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Historical syntax of late middle Indo-Aryan Apabhramsa. Chicago Linguistic Society, 89— The structure of complex predicates in Urdu. Diachronic perspectives on morphosyntax. Chicago Linguistic Society, 31— Special Issue on Asian Language Processing: State of the Art Resources and Processing. A study of the relation between meaning and form.

Acquisition and the lexicon. Frequency of use and the organization of language. Language usage and cognition. The evolution of grammar: Tense, aspect and modality in the languages of the world. Same home, different languages. Some linguistic types in Australia Oceania linguistic monographs, 7. A Circassian puzzle for the syntax—semantics interface. The relationship of Jingulu and Jaminjungan. School of Australian Linguistics. Studies in the lexicology and comparative linguistics of Australian languages. Cognitive, cultural, and linguistic aspects of narrative production.

The origin and development of the Bengali language , vol. A grammar of Meithei. Perspectives on data gathering and language documentation for South Asia. Language and Cognition 10 2: Explorations of the syntax-lexicon interface. Oxford University Press, 22— A case study of languages of Muli. Lectures on government and binding. Essays in honor of Sylvain Bromberger. Essays on minimalist syntax in honor of Howard Lasnik. A life in language. Essays in honor of J. Case marking and grammatical relations in Polynesian. University of Texas Press. The design of agreement: Rotuman grammar and dictionary.

Adverbs and functional heads: A multidisciplinary study of German inflection. Harvard University Press, 3— Aspects of Proto-Polynesian syntax. Linguistic Society of New Zealand. A view from Mayan. A preliminary study of the phonology and grammar of Djamindjung. Towards a unified account of case checking. The Rise and Fall of Ergativity in Aramaic: Cycles of Alignment Change. Oxford Studies in Diachronic and Historical Linguistics A grammar of the Kabardian language. University of Calgary Press. Wh questions in Malay. Adjectives and adverbs in a Polysynthetic language.

Studies in the phenomenology of language. Evidence from Chukchee, Koryak, and Kamchadal. Language universals and linguistic typology: General session and parassession on grammaticalization. Berkeley Linguistics Society, — Language universals and linguistic typology. Case studies in transitivity. Cambridge University Press, 30— Benjamins, 15—33 Find this resource: Theoretical, typological and psycholinguistic perspectives. Papers on Austronesian languages and ethnolinguistics in honor of George W. A theory of split ergativity.

Aspects of split ergativity. Language and Linguistics Compass 7: Proceedings of the 43rd annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society 77— University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, 45— A unified account of aspect and person splits. The case of Mian. Ergativity in Roviana, Solomon Islands. Coulson, Seana, Jonathan W.

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Society, technology, language, and religion. The antisymmetry of syntax. Cognitive and functional approaches to language structure , vol. Non-nominative subjects , vols. Roles, relations, and reconstruction Oxford studies in diachronic and historical linguistics, 3.

Event-related brain response to morphosyntactic violations. A grammar of Mongsen Ao. Le parler basque souletin des Arbailles. A grammar of Jacaltec. The syntax of relative clauses in Inuktitut. Inuit Studies 2, 95— Heine and Nurse eds. Functional motivation and origin of an uncommon pattern. What evidence for what motivation? Cognitive and functional approaches to language structure , vol.

Syntactic theory in typological perspective.

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Panjabi Manual and grammar: A guide to the colloquial Panjabi of the Northern Panjab. Berkeley Linguistics Society, 37— Split auxiliary selection and the null-subject parameter. Objects and information structure. Oxford University Press, 68— On peculiar cases of relativization in East Caucasian languages. University of Chicago Press, — Choctaw verb agreement and universal grammar.

Chicago Linguistic Society, 41— Essays in honor of James Gair. Godage, — Find this resource: University of California Press. De Guzman, Videa P. Ohio University Center for International Studies, — Case configuration and noun phrase interpretation.

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Oxford University Press, 88— A bidirectional OT approach. The case for case. A progressive gramm ar. A view from Nez Perce. Deal, Amy Rose b. An international handbook , vol. Levinson, Andrea Baronchelli, Morten H. Society, technology, language, and religion. Markert und Petters Find this resource: Berkley Linguistics Society, — Discourse features in Balochi of Sistan oral narratives. Some remarks on the ergative hypothesis [mimeographed]. A historical analysis in Assamese. Passive, ergative, or neither?

A study of case and agreement violation in Basque. The theory of functional grammar. The structure of the clause. Construction types in twelve African languages. Verlag der Asia Major. Grammatical categories in Australian languages. A grammar of Yidiny. The languages of Australia Cambridge Language Surveys. The rise and fall of language. Digital re-edition of Dixon The language of the Wangaaybuwan. Optimizing fore case and word order. A symmetrical Austronesian language. A grammar of Tukang Besi.

Typology of languages with semantic alignment. An Inuktitut grammar for all. Inuit Uqausiqatigiit—Inuit languages and dialects 2nd edn. Nunavut Arctic College Find this resource: The decay of ergativity in Kurdish: Language internal or contact induced?

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Word meaning and Montague grammar: Klasse Band , Abh 1. Das sprachliche Erfassen von Sachverhalten. Du Bois, John W. Paradigm adaptivity in Sacapultec Maya. Homenaje a Paola Bentivoglio. Universidad Central de Venezuela, — Grammaticizing the three-place predicate. Transcription and coding in discourse research. Evidence for morpho-orthographic decomposition.

A reference grammar for the Coast Tsimshian language. National Museum of Man. A grammar of Acehnese on the basis of a dialect of North Aceh. Where links to PDFs are included, they are generally to pre-final drafts that I am legally permitted to share with you rather than the final versions guarded by the fierce dogs of corporate copyright, so please check the printed source before quoting in print. A year-of-publication error necessitated a small revision and reordering of items from the s on 2 July ; but mostly the item numbers in this list have been stable for years, and I sometimes use the numbers to point people to particular items.

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English For Immigrants 4 , 23— Abbs, Brian and Geoffrey K. Pullum Experience in communication. Spoken English 3 , 2—8. English Language Teaching 25 , — York Papers in Linguistics 1 , — Lloyd Humberstone Science, theory, and dogma. Linguistische Berichte 21 , 55— Pronunciation by Elizabeth Rudd. Multiracial School 1 , 29—