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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Go Big or Go Home was a really great book. At first I didn't think it would be all that great and I put it off to the end of winter recess to read it was required. I ended up really liking it, and read it in two days. A teen named Brady and his cousin Quinn are having a normal summer of adventure, but they end up finding a valuable space rock that crashed through Brady's roof.

When Brady accidently drools on the rock, he gets super human powers. He saves a little kid from a bull and beats all- Go Big or Go Home was a really great book. He saves a little kid from a bull and beats all-star Quinn in basketball. Brady soon figures out that the rock's bacteria will cause his body to shut down.

When this happens, everyone thinks Brady is dead. Luckily, he told Quinn about his realization so that the coroner, Brady's sort-of enemies' dad, won't do an autopsy on him.

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Quinn and the coroner's sons, Buzz, Max, and Cal Carver, sneak Brady to a secret cave they discovered. A scientist that is a friend of theirs, Dr. Rip, cures Brady and the Carver's dog, Attila, who also was infected by the "space germs". In the end, everything works out. Quinn, who was almost going to move farther away, stays in the Blacks Hills of South Dakota. Brady goes to the prom with his dream girl Crystal. Quinn's dad dates Crystal's mom, and the Carver's, Brady, and Quinn become friends. This book was good because it was full of adventure and suspense.

I could barely put it down. The only things about this book that I enjoyed Nearly killing him if it weren't for watching the skys that very night. Jul 07, Ruth rated it it was amazing.

an expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest - and not. Go big or go home is an American idiom that has a fairly recent origin. We will look at the definition of the phrase go big or go home, the surprising origin of the .

Brady Steele watches in awe as a meteorite crashes through the roof of his bedroom. The meteorite is one of the rarest meteorite ever found. Professor Rip Ripley wants to study a sliver of it in search of extraterrestrial bacteria. With each new day, Brady discovers that he's able to do strange and wonderful feats. I really enjoyed this book. Intended for ages 10 and up. While the story line is a bit extreme, it is believable, and there's enough going on that it would keep kids interested. Nov 23, Fatima Z.

Fred gives Brady newly profound superpowers; speed and strength. They both find out that Fred carries dormant microorganism that gives Brady a sickness that makes him weak and might also cause paralysis. Luckily, Quinn and Doctor Carter cure him by shooting vinegar up Brady's nose. This is a very interesting book. It's fast going and entertaining. I like it because the author draws you in and you can't wait to find out what happens next. It's a real life roller coaster! Jan 22, Carter rated it really liked it.

This book was about a teen boy who was watching a meteorite shower one night and one crashed through his roof! He names it Fred. His cousin Quin and him both love extreame things and the meteorite is the most extreme thing that they have encountered yet! I loved this book. I was VERY action packed. I would recommend this book to boys and girls of anyage even adults who love action books but not violent action. Sep 10, Jennifer rated it liked it. There were a few things in this book that were a bit dorky.

However, my year-old son, who is not a big fan of reading, found the plot compelling and the book easy enough to read and understand. He enjoyed reading it every night before he went to bed.

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That's enough of an endorsement for me to find the book worthwhile, and I didn't find the book objectionable in any way. May 08, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: A slight sci-fi departure from Hobbs' usual survival fare. Oct 29, Holdin Muniz added it. He lived with his dad who worked at Crazy Horse on the monument, his mom who stayed at home and his two little sisters Jodi and Rae. Most of the times they were gone it had been ok because his cousin Quinn came from Lead and stayed with Brady for a few weeks or longer.

His summer was so boring this year he played a lot of video games and rode bikes on Sunday with his dad. He tried to practice basketball because he wanted to be on the JV team when school started. Both Brady and Quinn were good enough to be on the JV teams.

The night the Perseid meteor shower happened Brady was sitting on his roof watching the rocks fall into space from Mars sense July almost every night. Tonight was different for Brady because this would be the only time in a couple years again. He watched for awhile then just when he decided he was going to go to bed, he heard a big loud boom, in just a second everything changed the sky went from black to glowing blue. He heard 2 booms again that shook his bedroom and then he heard a roar and seen a fireball coming right at him.

He went into his bedroom and seen junk everywhere in his room. He looked at his bed and saw it had been burned right where he would have been sleeping. He looked at his bed and then up to the ceiling and back at his bed there was a hole burned in it and he saw something shiny on the floor. He thought wow could it be a meteorite. He dug into his bed and picked it up, it was shiny, but with pits and rough edges but it sparkled and it was almost to hot to hold.

Brady called Quinn right away and when he answered Brady told him he had seen the meteor shower. He told him he had a piece of the meteor that it came through his bedroom roof and hit the bed. Brady asked if he could come see it and Quinn answered that he would talk his dad into and be there the next day. Quinn even quit his job, to go stay with Brady for the rest of the summer. He decided to wait outside and play basketball and he felt a vibration run through his body. The phone rang and he thought it might be Quinn but it was his mom.

Go Big or Go Home

Their dad was a coroner and Brady had a dream all the time that he tried to do a autopsy on him when he was still alive. After Brady hung up the phone he went outside to get his rock and the dog had it in his mouth. He thought if he stood still he could get the dog to drop it but instead Attila took off running.

He told the boys it was a rock from his moms flowerbed and he wanted it back. When he got home he washed the rock and he heard a truck coming. He ran outside and it was Quinn he showed him his space rock. They were excited to see each other.

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They decided to play basketball and Brady had never beat Quinn in anything. It surprised both of them but it nice to beat at least 1 time. They decided they would go on a bike ride. When they were leaving she told Quinn that his dad had stopped there on his way to Sturgis and flittered with her mom Maggie. When they stopped Brady told Quinn he felt this power and it made him stronger. They talked about Quinn moving and decided he could live with them for the school year. On their way home they stopped and talked to Crystal again.

He ran to his car and we turned around just to see a little 4 year old boy doing the same thing and the buffalo was getting ready to attack him. Next thing they knew Brady ran and grabbed the boy out of the buffalos way. He realized the buffalo was coming after him now he stood still but then took off running and jumped over the buffalo, after that the buffalo left him alone. There were even 2 girls who asked him to sign his shirt and give it to them. Brady told Quinn he wanted to leave. They took off to see the professor at the museum to see about Fred.

They asked for the meteor professor and this crazy looking guy said that was him. His name was Dr. Ripley Ripley but they could call him Dr. He told them that the rock was basaltic shergotties and was from Mars. There were only 34 Mars rocks on the Earth that they knew of. The doctor cut a piece of Fred off to look at and told them to come back the next day.

They decided they would go fishing for the night and be back just in time the next day. They knew they needed a tent and poles sense they were going to ride to the lake to catch a big trout.

They bought a 2 man raft and to poles that folded up, they found the perfect ones called the Eliminators. They got home and packed everything and took off. They finally found a camp spot and decided to sleep on top of their tent instead. They wanted to fish early but in the middle of the night a huge storm came and they put up their tent but the wind blew it around.

Nothing happened and the raft was starting to fill up with water. They decided to go to shore and empty the water out paddled to shore and a man named Curly came up to them and gave them chicken, pop, and salad. He told them they needed to fish with worms on the bottom and he helped dig some worms for them and put them in a empty chicken box. He fixed the poles with sinkers and worms and they headed back out.

When they were fishing Quinn got a big bite a trout he hooked it and just then the Carver boys showed up on their boat to watch they told us it was probably a Pactola Lake record. It was the biggest trout any of them had ever seen. Brady felt so bad and he knew Quinn was upset. The Carver boys told them they better look at their raft it had a hole in it and the water was coming in fast. He came to the top and was so upset because he knew Fred was in there and was lost forever.

Rip said about Fred. He told them that the rock was alive that it had been asleep for millions and millions of years but when it hit Earth it woke up. They looked at Fred in the microscope and it looked like worms moving around. After they listened to the doctor tell them about how Fred woke up when he spit on him they decided not to tell him they lost him.

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When they got home they both were upset they lost something important to both of them, Brady lost Fred and Quinn lost his monster trout. Brady decided to go to bed and Quinn watched tv for awhile. That night Brady had the same dream of being alive and Dr. The next thing he knew it was morning and Quinn asked him if he always moved around like that. They decided they would but they need lights and water.

They rode to Walmart and Attila followed them. After they did their shopping they took off again to the cave they named it Halls of the Dead. It was damp and cold inside so they put on rain gear and lamps on their helmets. They crawled through the first part and Attila followed them. They went into the cave a found a new part of it. They looked around and seen lots of limestone that formed to the roof and in the middle of the cave was a slab of limestone it looked like a bed. They went over and sat down on it to eat their lunch and Brady even gave one of his sandwiches to the dog.

They decide to name this part of the cave Palace of the Dead King cause it looked like a tomb. After they ate they started to go into the cave more. It was narrow and very dark. When they were walking Quinn stopped and told Brady to be careful that there was only room for him to stand right next to him. When Brady got there he looked over a cliff that was like a black bottom.

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Quinn decided they could go farther they just had to be careful he went first and made to the next opening. Brady started behind him and he slipped he was holding on as hard as he could but was starting to lose his grip. Then he seen Attila coming over to him he grabbed his collar and told the dog to hold on but he knew he was slipping and he almost pulled Attila over the cliff with him. When he looked the dog he saw that the dog was looking at him and all of a sudden Attila had so much strength he pulled him and Brady right back on the cliff it scared them so bad and when they were sitting there resting they decided to name the hole and cliff Abyss of Hades.

Finally Brady told him about his dream and how he was going numb now and paralyzed. He made Quinn promise to not let Dr. Carver do a autopsy on him no matter what cause he would be alive just like in his dream. When they got home there was a message on the phone it was Max and Buzz they told him they found his backpack and that ownership was 9 10ths of the law. They offered them a chance to get Fred back but they had to come to their house right then. Brady and Quinn talked them into throwing one toilet they watched it shoot through the air and land. That was the most awesome thing any of the boys had seen.

Brady looked down at Attila and realized he was staying by Brady because he had the same thing happening to him. He had the space rock in his mouth and had spit combined with Fred to give him powers. When they started to leave the Carvers asked them if they wanted their space rock back with all the excitement they had forgot about Fred. When they told them yes they explained would be a contest to see who owned it.

They decided they would shoot it into the woods and whoever got to it first won. Pages liked by this Page. The owners were super nice and I got to try out their vr and console games. They've got a pretty decent selection of games and they have Xbox ones and PS4's. Vr is definitely way different when when y Gonna take a date there some day.

Had my son's 9th birthday party hosted by GB. Amazingly easy and the price was right! They provided all the gaming including helping immediatel y with any problems , pizza, sodas, cake and all plates, All we had to do is show up with our group! We will definitely be back! Honestly i know this company will be a succesful massive competitiv e eSport company. I have huge faith. The staff is unbielevab le. Very caring especially the head man of the company. You guys keep doi This is coming from a member of Team Trashcan; The co champs of the tournament.

The first night was a bit rough, my t We were a little upset of course but we kept high spirits because we believed that could win. The next two nights went much smoother, games moved much quicker and we were not waiting in the cold all night. After talking with Kelly and Brandon I am actually looking forward to the next event! Really happy that this organizati on is actually making efforts to expand competitiv e Call of Duty in Utah! This was an awesome event, the first night was not as well planned as it could've been. They made up for the on the second night though.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I can't wait until the Tom's part-time job is a reference to the second season episode " Woman of the Year ", where it is revealed Tom's friend Jean-Ralphio Saperstein also worked at a Lady Foot Locker. It marked the series' highest rating in that demographic, [22] [23] and the highest overall viewership since the series premiere episode from April , [24] which was seen by 6.

Crime Scene Investigation , which had more viewers at Both shows were defeated by the Fox comedy-drama series Bones , which received a 6. Linda Holmes , NPR [8]. He also praised the performances of Chris and Ann, which he called a far better and more interesting pairing than Ann with Mark Brendanawicz. She said all the characters were funny and the two new cast members had been seamlessly integrated into the show. Poniewozki said it also "reminds us that the show is about something: CNN writer Henry Hanks praised the season premiere and said he was "overjoyed" that the show had returned.

He found particularly funny the scenes at the start of the episode which showed the part-time jobs Tom, Donna and Jerry had during the parks department hiatus. Club said "Go Big or Go Home" not only included many fun moments, but that the jokes felt "fresher and more rambunctious" than they had in the previous season, and that the shows seemed to have discovered "a newfound sense of purpose". Louis Post-Dispatch said "Go Big and Go Home", along with the five other first episodes of the season "couldn't be funnier".

He particularly praised the performances of Nick Offerman and Rob Lowe. Matt Fowler of IGN said the episode was a pleasant way to return to the series, and was glad the harvest festival would give the characters something specific to focus on. However, Fowler felt there was a lack of closure over Tom's resentment in the episode of Ron dating Wendy. However, Keller said Tom's continued pining for Wendy felt "a little protracted at this point".

Kandell, however, felt introducing Chris' tragic back story in the episode felt rushed. However, Hochberger said Eduardo subplot felt like a contrived device to continue keeping April and Andy apart. Hinckley cited the basketball game with Andy, Ron and Tom as a scene that feels too much like a sketch comedy bit rather than a natural progression of the script.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The pyramid received particular praise in reviews. This show is being made as skillfully right right now as a half-hour comedy can be made. It has a large cast in which absolutely everyone is very funny, it has incorporated two new characters who already feel essential, and it's being written with effortless, upbeat joy that serves as a great reminder that while bittersweet comedy is a wonderful thing, not all great comedy has to have much bitter in it.

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My thoughts are more positive too. Brady is saved from his dormant state and Quinn is able to start high school with him instead of moving to Wyoming with his Dad. Once I started to read it I could not put it down. I don't know how to ride a bicycle. Brady narrowly misses being hit by Will Hobbs is one of my favorite authors, and I had the chance to meet him once too. They are always finding something to do interesting. Retrieved January 21,

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