WHEN BROOKLYN WAS HEAVEN: A Memoir From Brooklyn to L.A. and Places In-Between


  • Now, mounted on her black-and-white quarter horse, blackie, she could cut out a calf and drive it into the makeshift corral used for doctoring sick animals.

    I loved the parts where she described her experiences with current events - the first televisions, the Cold War, McCarthyism, the space race, civil rights - I really enjoyed her tellings of these events not just as they happened, but regarding their relevance to her life. I especially liked the historical references alongside some of the greatest moments baseball the Giants' infamous "shot heard round the world" almost made me cheer out loud - awkward when you're on a train. I can't wait until the next time I see Goodwin on Meet the Press. That era is 'before my time,' but I must know 'enough' about it, because there was nothing groundbreaking here for me, though I did find it psychologically interesting how easily the Army-McCarthy hearings infected the children's play. As an adult, Doris becomes a Red Sox fan and can not deal with the heartache that befell them year after year this was written pre The story revolves around Goodwin's obsession with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and how that obsession forged bonds in her family and community.

    Haplo closed his eyes, began the healing process. He paced forward menacingly, ostentatiously replacing his helmet.

    SZA - Broken Clocks (Audio)