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The end fur 'Cat Man': Former sailor who had radical surgery to look like a tiger found dead

In , the late neurologist Oliver Sacks wrote a now famous book about case histories of his patients with unusual neurological conditions. In The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat , he documents the strange condition of a musician who suffered from visual agnosia: Even more remarkable, his wife reacted as if it were normal, as she had lived with his disorder for some time.

This is but one of many unusual conditions that have been documented in the annals of psychiatry.

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Stalking Cat was an American man known for his extensive body modifications, which were intended to increase his resemblance to a tigress. For his 14 surgical . The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing is a American film adaptation of Marilyn Durham's Jay Grobart is an outlaw who was married to Native American woman Cat Dancing. After Cat is raped and murdered, a distraught Grobart kills the.

But in all of my years of research, I have never come across such a strange tale as the man who thought he was a cat. How does this story end up in a blog about contagious behavior? After all, people believing they are cats, is not exactly a trend.

Nakuru police arrest man suspected to be selling cat meat

True, but during the Middle Ages, Europe was rife with reports of people transforming into a variety of animals, most commonly wolves. During the 16th and 17th centuries, there were dozens of high profile lycanthropy trials involving claims that the accused was a witch and had the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. In many cases, the claims were based on rumors and hearsay, and the accused denied the charge.

Others readily admitted to transforming into a werewolf, and appear to have been suffering from a variety of psychiatric conditions. In France, between the 14th and 15th centuries, claims and accusations of werewolfism were nearly as common as those of witchcraft. During this period, lycanthropy was nothing short of an epidemic. In psychiatry, lycanthropy is a generic term used to describe a person, usually suffering from severe psychosis , with a delusion of being an animal — wolf or otherwise.

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The word is usually associated with werewolves and comes from the Greek words lukos wolf and anthropos man. Back to the story of the modern-day cat-man.

The story of the Cat-man is one of the strangest in the annals of human behavior

During the session, he made a passing remark that was nothing short of astonishing. He said that since early adolescence , he had led a secret life as a cat. Even more astounding — he had been able to keep his secret from his friends and relatives. He reports that the activities have been continuous and are not confined to episodes of depression.

By age 17, he reported coming to the realization that he was a tiger cat due to his affinity for tigers and his large build. It was at this time that he began to confide in his friends and psychiatrists of his secret cat identity. At the time the psychiatrists wrote their report on the case in , he was 26 years-old, and had been under psychiatric care for the past several years.

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Treatment ranged from electroconvulsive shocks to psychotherapy and an array of anti-depressants. Upon learning that Dolly had been sold to an Asian zoo, he tried to hang himself.

Stalking Cat

He had become obsessed with Dolly after breaking up with his girlfriend who left to attend a distant university. While the man was able to function in society, his belief that he was a cat was unshakable. He also would have stood out from the crowd as he wore tiger-striped clothes, sported exceptionally long nails, and had long, bushy hair and a beard, giving him a distinctive cat-like appearance. At the time of their report, the man, while taking a variety of drugs to control his depression, was gainfully employed. He was living in an apartment that he shared with two flatmates, and yes, a cat!

If you have done any research on how a person actually becomes homosexual, bisexual, or transgender you'd realized that they never "became" one but were born as one. So if the statement you said about the cat man is true then it is due to the fact that their brains are wired to be prone of believing that they are cat people, not because someone convinced them of something when they were small. For full disclosure, I've been very close to my cats since 8. At the moment, Petey, is one of my best friends; trading being petted for a loud purr and cleaning my hands and arms.

My heart is crushed if one of mine dies or is killed.


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