I would certainly benefit from the tour. However, you do say that there are various plaques around the field so maybe I could learn a lot without a tour being available. You definitely can learn a lot from the plaques and signage around the battlefield. However, if you really want to learn about the specifics of the battle, a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield is the way to go.


This past November I went with my father and we decided to hire a tour guide for a private tour of the field. We both felt it was well worth our time and money and plan on doing it again this summer when we go back. Thanks for the comment, David.

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I just discovered your FB page today and I am finding it extremely interesting. I can imagine that the tours on Segways are a marvelous way to see the battlefield. In scouts, we had to hike much of the battlefield and now, I prefer using a bike.

Gettysburg (Pennsylvania)

Being out of a car or bus throughout the trip enhances the experience, I find. I have two friends who went through the process of becoming licensed battlefield guides. As one would expect, the training is is exceptionally comprehensive and my friends invested several weeks in the process.

They said that the written test was very grueling and that the process is highly selective. All this is said in a way to reaffirm what you said about these guides really knowing their stuff. Thanks for the great FB page and Blog! Over the years, touring on my own, Ive listened in to a number of guides.

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Looking for more ideas? Good luck on your trip. Here are some other recommendations:. I would certainly benefit from the tour. In , it was the site of the epic Battle of Gettysburg, in which some 50, soldiers were killed. Notify me of new posts by email.

Some are really good — personable, clear and concise, unbiased. Some are absolutely insufferable — they act as if NO ONE knows anything other than them, they are substantially condescending, and they act as if they are doing you a substantial favor. So, yes, some are very good — some are very aggravating — how would one know when signing on a guide? BTW, the guides at Antietam and Vicksburg are universally pleasant and kind while demonstrating a deep knowledge of those fields. Plus, Id just argue with them!!!

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Anyway, the good ones are clearly gold and IM always thankful when people are on the field, learning — esp when they are learning and NOT in my view finder!! Amtrak operates service to Harrisburg and Lancaster. Taxi service and car rentals are available to Gettysburg from there.

By far the best way to see the park is with your own vehicle. Roads wind extensively throughout the battlefields, and include many places to pull off and allow visitors to walk around.

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Check out our Gettysburg Travel Planner online or have us send you one. Have an immediate question? Call us at Looking to plan a group tour . Plan your trip to Gettysburg, PA & experience more than civil war history and the Gettysburg Battlefield. Easily find fun things to do, dining & lodging. Official.

Use caution when using these roads, as there may be many people walking or bicycling on these roads. The speed limit throughout the park is 15 MPH. When in your car, you may navigate by map or purchase a CD at several locations throughout Gettysburg that will orientate you to the battlefield. Guided tours on buses are available.

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There are several different types of bus tours: If you have the time and have an average level of fitness, bikes can be rented and can provide an enhanced experience in the park. Cycling the major sites of the July campaign can be completed in one day and allow you to experience battle lines and topography in a much more realistic fashion than car or bus. The battlefield features a couple horse trails where you can either bring your own horse or rent one from places around town, including Artillery Ridge Campground [dead link] and Hickory Hollow Horse Farm.

SegTours rents Segways and offers guided tours. One of the best ways to tour the battlefield is by foot — either running, walking or hiking. Families from around the country love Gettysburg and Adams County not just because it offers a one-of-a-kind educational experience, but because it also provides Salsa on the Square is also a Fiesta to celebrate the contributions of Latino people to the economy and culture of Adams County.

Gettysburg Tourism: Best of Gettysburg

Salsa on the Square is a Gettysburg is the center of Adams County, surrounded by fields, orchards and vineyards producing amazing produce, Day 1 Begin your tasting experience in downtown Get ready for Fairfield's annual Pippinfest! Head to Fairfield, Pa. How can you make a beautiful evening in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania even better? Add in some live music at the end of your There is an abundance of ways to tour Gettysburg National Military Park.

Each place visitors at unique vantage points and provides different perspectives of the The National Apple Harvest Festival, which is held during the first two full weekends in October, has been celebrating beautiful crafts, great music and In Gettysburg, one of the perks of a beautiful sunny day is being able to enjoy a meal outside.

At many of our The annual Halloween Parade starts at 7: Enjoy participants such as marching bands, floats, baton twirling groups, costumed individuals and more.