Bibliography of the Little Golden Books (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)

Seuss critical of anti-Semantism, is also anti-racist. A sadistic, fussy dentist has his greedy dreams of riches ruined when his long-mistreated dog thwarts his plan. Poetic justice and irony; Van Allsburg's stunning art is always edgy. The Stolen Sun , Kornei Chukovsky, illus.

Based on the Chokovsky's rather harsh poem for young readers, about a bear who rescues the sun from a nasty crodile resulting in a forest celebration. It's in pop-up book format that doesn't read straight through from back to front. By Anne Bar Din, illus. More known for the controversy surrounding the NEA grant, this is a folktale of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas. It provides some perspective on the struggles of the people there as they fight to conserve their culture and vision of the world "not defined by dollars". Images of smoking and physical love-making are relatively unusual in children's books.

A touching story about a family trying to do their best to cope with finacially difficult times. Story of the Orphan Train, told in the voice of one girl. Marianne is in a group of 14 homeless children traveling with a guardian from New York to the Midwest in in search of families to adopt them. When his nephew has a day off from school, Uncle Willie invites him to spend the day helping him at the soup kitchen. Although hesitant at first, the young boy discovers, that in Uncle Willie's eyes, that the food collected from his neighborhood is not just food, but preparation for a feast.

To Uncle Willie, the soup kitchen visitors aren't strangers. They are his guests. Sendak is often controversial in pushing the limits of what is considered appropriate for young readers, as well as being a master storyteller and artist.

Bibliography of the Little Golden Books Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature

This is a tough book that depicts the plight of urban children at risk accompanied by the text of two Mother Goose rhymes intertwined with frightening newspaper headlines. Deals with homelessness, AIDS, starvation and the horrors of street life. Weslandia , Paul Fleischman, illus. A boy who is a misfit in his suburban world creates his own bottom-up civilization as a summer project and becomes a heroic owner of his means of production. Marta plants trees in hopes the monkeys will return.

She remembers how all the monkeys in her Costa Rican valley disappeared when all the trees were cut down. Developers ruined the land and drove out the monkeys. Long-term thinking of future generations. Working Cotton , Sherley Anne Williams, illus. Autobiographical, powerful story about a contemporary young girl's working day in a California cotton field with her family. Yertle the Turtle and Other Sories , Dr. Seuss, Random House, , ages A classic from the political side of Dr. Seuss, Yertle the Turtle is anti-fascist story that cautions against dictators.

Androcles and the Lion , George Bernard Shaw, , ages 12 and up. Animal Farm, George Orwell, This picture book captures the struggle of an Oklahoma family on a Dust Bowl farm in the s. It is movingly told in the voice of Great-grandma Annie who remembers herself as a girl of Chanticleer of Wilderness Road: Citizen Tom Paine, Howard Fast, illus.

Banned as undesirably vulgar for schoolchildren in , the story of Tom Paine. Life focused on a child adventures related to the dangers and poverty of a s mining community in West Virginia but does not question the industry or the system. Out of print, but available through libraries. See other Lenski titles as well. Selected poems suitable for older children by the Afro-Cuban master, voice of the oppressed.

Bontemps historical account of the 18th century black revolution on the island of Santo Domingo. Anaya's intense eulogy for Chavez that mourns the loss and also acknowledges his work on behalf of farmworkers and La Causa. Farce where a bathroom janitor tries to move up in social status, but is met bureaucratic red tape, only to find himself in the court system, charged with highway robbery.

Takes jabs at the lack of imagination in public education and popular culture. Ivan Ivanych Samovar , Daniil Kharms, mirror of sovlit. A story in political cartoon-like pictures and text about how capitalism needs John Brown's body to fight its wars. Out of print--available through ILL. One time one of the "Hollywood Ten" black-listed under McCarthyism, Trumbo's anti-war novel has been a high school must since the 60's, when it was promoted by Paul Krassner. This horrific novel deals with an American youth missing in action and hideously injured in World War I--his arms, legs and face have been blown away--who can do nothing but endure his tomb-like existence and recall the memories of a family that is unaware that he has survived and relive his life before his dismemberment.

Little Brother of the Wilderness: Le Sueur, CP member from the midwestern US, wrote children's books in the 40's and 50s relating folk stories and folk heros in an anti-capitalist interpretation. A young girl who survived the sinking of the Titanic from second-class becomes class conscious and politically active. Inspired by her Irish immigrant friend, relatives in the settlement house movement and an article in the newspaper about Mother Jones, she becomes involved in the child labor movement.

Mangali's Unfinished 'Ka' , Khagendra Sangraula, tr. A short story translated from Nepalese that is about a lower caste young girl's struggle for literacy and education. A collection of poems about war and peace written by children, survivors, historical figures and poets.

A story of an eleven year old boy, Clay Garrity, having to survive on his own in New York city because shorty after his father leaves the family because he lost his job, his mother decides not to come back to the welfare hotel. Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road: A story of a young girl, Bille Jo, told through poetry of the experiences of life in the bleak landscape of Oklahoma during the 's.

One of the many newer historical fiction titles.

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The title is promising but refers to the hair ribbons worn by the turn-of-the-century reformist suffragettes. A young girl and her barely literate immigrant mother fall under the influence of Susan B. Anthony and her supporters. The mother eventually takes her daughter and leaves her drunken, abusive husband, who is also a reactionary cop trying to get rid of the "crazy women" who come to the New York state capital to win supporters and congressional votes.

Esherick, Kerr, , ages Talor, Puffin Books, , ages 10 and up. A story of a black family whose warm ties to each other and the land give then the strength to defy Sounthern racism during the depression. Three mischievous and likable young brothers from rural Alabama hop a train looking for adventure in Harlem in the 30's.

Set during the Depression, a rural family in Mississippi militantly defends the forest on their land from being destroyed by capitalist lumber barons. Socialist Party member, Marcy's attempt to explain historical materialsim to children. The first in a planned series of ten historical novels for children dealing with western expansion chronicling her Ojibwe ancestors move from Northern Wisconsin to North Dakota. A nice introduction to Native American respect for nature, family love, culture and survival, as well as the clash of the Ojibwa civilization with the chimookomanug--the white people or foreigners.

Set in Paris in late December, follows a hobo named Armand, who's gruff on the outside, but reveals his inner warmth when he finds a newly homeless family living under "his" bridge.

The Tall Hunter, Howard Fast, illus. A hunter avenging the kidnap of his wife by Indians, learns about peace after he meets Johhny Appleseed. Tony and the Wonderful Door, Howard Fast, illus. A working-class boy from New York's Lower East side in the 20s has fantasy adventures when he goes through a door in the backyard of his tenement building. From Fabian Socialist Nesbit--A book about a mother and her three children who have very little money, yet persevere through exciting adventures and financial conflicts.

The Wouldbegoods , E dith Nesbit, First published, with many reissues, ages A provocative re-write of traditional Mother Goose rhymes that comment on current social, economic and political urban issues. First published in , this controversial book was banned in some places. Best when it takes on substandard housing, police and government corruption and unemployment.

The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, A illustrated satire on the imperialist British victory in Falklands War and its effects. Has a Wag the dog theme. The Time Machine, H. Wells, , ages 9 and up.

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Four groups of mice, segregated by class Attics, Ups, Downs, and Cellarmice live in a farmhouse. To avenge their father's murder, three mice brothers ignore the class system and organize so that they can form a united front for a campaign of terror against the house cats and the farmer.

A great novel for discussion on dialectics. Bibliography of the Little Golden Books (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature): Dolores B. Jones. Buy Bibliography of the Little Golden Books (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature) by Dolores Blythe Jones, Roger Wolcott, Dolores B. Jones.

A story of a family cursed with everlasting life, since they can not only not truly live, but they must protect the world from finding out and capitalizing on the source. A retired ordinary rural couple blindly follow obey arrogant governmental advice as they prepare for nuclear war and then begin to experience physical symptoms, and slowly die of radioactive fallout. Winesburg, Ohio , Sherwood Anderson, , ages 12 and up. Volume 5 of Hakim's 11 volume set of American history texts.

This volume deals with events leading up to the Civil War. The closest series there is to Howard Zinn for children. All Times, All Peoples: This self-explanatory title briefly chronicles the history of slavery from ancient times through the present and the causes of domination-power and profit. See other Melter titles as well, including his biography of Langston Hughes. Bartoletti tells the story of the Irish Potatoe Famine through the voices of the Irish themselves. Washington, educator of hand, head, and heart, Shirley Graham Du Bois, Messner, , ages , out of print.

A Long Hard Journey: A telling of the heroic struggles of the Pullman car porters from and aspects of the civil rights struggle and labor history of the first black union. Children of the Dust Bowl: Describes the struggle of the 'Okies' as they travel from the Panhandle to California during the depression. The story revolves around the work of Leo Hart in creating a school the Okies could call their own.

Not written for children, but older ones could read this class-consious biographical work of Brigg's parents begining with their courtship. It is wonderful social and political commentary on Britain from the late 's through the 70s. By Levine, Ellen, Avon, , ages Thirty people recollect the involvement in civil disobedience they participated in as young children or teenagers in the 50's and 60's segregated South. The young man witnessed shocking abuse from which most middle-class Western children have been carefully shielded: On returning to his home in Canada, Kielburger bore witness to what he had seen and asked a simple, devastating question: The Making of a Poet: A biography of one of the great American radical poet and writers.

Gives an overview of his difficult family life, travels, role in the Harlem Renaissance, identification with radical ideas and organizations, and unflagging commitment to giving a voice to the oppressed.

Sentimental and weak on his later life and sexuality. Black and white photos. Goethals and the Panama Canal, Howard Fast, illus.

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The building of the Panama Canal focusing on the life of the project supervisor, George Washington Goethals Labor history through voices of the men, women, and children who immigrated to and worked in the anthracite mines of Pennsylvania at the turn of the century. Blunt stories horrible conditions--long hours, very little pay, and hazardous work. Conductor on the Underground Railroad, Ann Petry, Crowell, , ages , other editions available. Simon, Messner, , ages. The story of Haym Salomon [], a financial backer of the American Revolution.

A series of letters written during the Palestinian intifada between and between a 12 year old Palestinian Arab girl living in a refugee camp, and a same age middle class Jewish girl living in Jerusalem ten miles away. Contains commentary about the political events surrounding the context of the letters. Both girls hope for peace but hold deep anger and suspicions of the other's people, reflected in their friendly, but fragile friendship. Kuklin roots the general issues in the personal experiences of individual people. Here the emotional center is Iqbal Masih, a charismatic Pakistani boy.

Sold into slavery at age four, he was freed six years later by a human rights group. He became an activist speaker in Pakistan and Europe and came to the U. On his return home, at age 12, he was murdered. Children fighting back against oppressive work conditions in the US in the 19th and early 20th centuries, focusing on the Eastern US. Effective use of photographs and quotes from primary sources. Includes the Lowell Mill girls struggles, the newsies, Mother Jones's involvement in the Kensington mill strike, more.

Also chronicles the life of the Hine who was working as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee, and through his journalism, helped the effort to create child labor laws. Portrait of a Youth , Max Eastman, Greenberg, , ages The story of the founder of the Boy Scouts activist in the peace movement with a backdrop of the growing British Empire.

A biography of one of the great American radical poet and writers. A collaborative work between an American and Russian authors, published both places and later performed by the Moscow Circus. Gropper is well-known for his paintings and editorial cartoons in radical publications. Working Cotton , Sherley Anne Williams, illus. A classic from the political side of Dr. The farm duck does all the work while the lazy farmer sleeps, eats and gives orders. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

An introduction to Malcolm the thinker, orator, convict, revolutionary, Muslim and martyr in the contxt of the 60's. Mother Jones, one of the great union organizers, as she interacts with the common worker, the management, establishment, and the government and an overview of the early U.

Mikhail Ilin, Houghton Mifflin, , ages Written for Soviet children ages to acquaint them with the Five-Year Plan of construction, launched in October, , as well as to the nature of a planned economy and social planning. Holocaust survivors Personal narratives of Christians, socialists, Gypsies, deaf people, homosexuals, and blacks who suffered at the hands of the Nazis before and during World War II. The first person story of the author during ages at in She is a schoolgirl from a black class, artistic, Muslim family during the beginning of Mao's Cultural Revolution as they aim to replace the "Fourolds" old habits, ideas, customs and culture.

Written from the perspective of someone who became disillusioned with what she had been taught to believe about the leaders or the Chinese Communist Party. Portraits of Working Children, David L. Uses photographs of children from many countries to open a thought-provoking discussion on child labor. Many individual children are introduced as the writers explain the kinds of work children do, the economic reasons children are drafted into sweatshop labor, and the effects of work on the lives of children.

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Story of Phyllis Wheatley: The Romance of a People: The History of the Jews, by Howard Fast, illus. The story of Tituba, a slave from Barbados, accused "witch" in the Salem witch trials. To Be a Slave , Julius Lester, illus. A compilation selected from various sources and arranged chronologically and by subject, of the reminiscences of U.

Turning Night Into Day: The Story of Lighting, M. University of Pittsburgh Press, , ages Scenes of migrant workers lives based on several years of interviews with children of white, black and Mexican-American laborers traveling the Eastern seaboard circuit from the s. The Complete Read-Aloud Guide. Much enlarged, lists 2, tested titles, preschool to grade 6; grade levels given.


Includes a bibliography of professional books and author, title, illustrator, and subject indexes. Best Videos for Children and Young Adults: A Core Collection for Libraries. Arranged alphabetically by title with distributor, price. Don't Leave It to the Experts. A discussion of new dictionaries for children. Books for Keeps, Sponsored by Harper Collins.

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