Mastering Excel 2003 Programming with VBA

Steven M. Hansen, Sybex Mastering Excel 2003 Programming with VBA

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Mastering Excel Programming with VBA. Steven M. Hansen. ISBN: Apr pages. Select type: Paperback. E-Book $ Mastering Excel Programming with VBA [Steven M. Hansen, Sybex] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Create Powerful Business.

Visual Basic was originally developed specifically for rapid application development. It is a proven language in this regard.

Mastering Excel 2003 Programming with VBA

You should focus initially on the basics of learning VBA. Many times, I see Excel used as a database.

There is a fine line when it comes to using Excel as a database. Using the term database to describe the use of Excel in this manner is, in all fairness, an injustice to real database products. If your list is small, maybe a couple thousand rows at most, Excel may be adequate for your needs.

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However, I would urge you to consider using a database to handle the storage of your data. If your list is larger, you really should use a database. Microsoft Access is a good choice because it is probably already installed on your computer if you have Excel, and it contains many features that help beginners learn the basics of using a database. Making the call as to when to use a database comes with experience.

Generally however, when you find yourself writing a lot of code to manage or otherwise work with a list in Excel, a big red light should come on in your head. You should stop immediately and do the following three things. First, import all of your data into a table in Access. Best in Class, Best in Show. I enjoy reading every page. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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Your rating Click on the stars for rating. Your review Headline characters remaining Review characters remaining. Add to shopping bag. Normal People by Sally Rooney Our price: By building on your prebuilt foundation, so to speak, you can churn out applications with less effort and in a shorter amount of time. In order to help you acquire your own foundation of generic routines, I present many useful procedures that illustrate the topic at hand.

I use many of these procedures in nearly every application I build. This book was written to two primary audiences: That said, anyone who wants to acquire Excel VBA development skills will find useful information in this book. I should also add that this book was written with a corporate audience in mind.

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If you are part of this group of readers, you may be interested in acquiring some Excel development skills so that you can automate aspects of your job. I recommend that this group read this book cover to cover, paying particular attention to the first two parts through Chapter Programmers bring a different perspective to the table. Programmers can span the spectrum in terms of programming skill and general knowledge of Excel. If you do not have experience with Visual Basic, I would recommend that you read the first two parts Chapters 1—10 and then those chapters applicable to your situation.

Regardless of your background, everyone should pay particular attention to Part 2, which covers the Excel object model.