The Essential Cicero Collection (7 books) [Illustrated]

The Essential Cicero Collection

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Indeed, his influence is so far-reaching that many linguists argue that all the literary movements until the nineteenth century were either a reaction against or a return to Cicero. Born into an influential family and given a good education, he excelled at an early age. He travelled to Greece to learn from the Greek rhetoricians, adapting their style for Latin and making it a distinct part of his own delivery.

He translated Greek philosophical concepts into Latin, creating neologisms that remain in use e. His letters, when rediscovered by Petrarch in , started the movement that became the Renaissance. His influence carried into the Enlightenment, exercising great sway over the thought of John Locke , David Hume , and Montesquieu. His works are also cited as highly influential on the leaders of the American and French Revolutions.

His collected letters remain some of the most important primary-source documents for historians of Ancient Rome. Each text is included in its original Latin with an English translation for side-by-side comparison. You can also use the dictionary lookup tool to examine difficult English words used by the translator. If you are at all interested in the study of rhetoric, philosophy, or Latin—whether you are a classical scholar who wants the convenience of Cicero at a click or a student approaching Latin for the first time—Select Works of Cicero is a must.

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This volume contains E. Book 1 and On the Orator: This volume contains the Latin editions of On the Orator: Tullius Cicero —43 BC was born to a family of the equestrian class in Ardinum.

Cicero was educated by his father and then by private teachers, who instructed him in Greek oratory and philosophy. Cicero studied Roman law under Quintus Mucius Scaevola. While in Greece, Cicero studied rhetoric with a number of famous rhetoricians in Athens.

Upon his return to Rome, he became quite involved in political life. He ascended the Roman hierarchy, becoming a quaestor at age 31, an aedile at 37, a praetor at 40 and, at 43, a consul, the highest office. For a time he was exiled for executing, without trial, a group of Roman citizens who had plotted to kill him and overthrow the republic. Upon his return, Cicero was caught up in the standoff between Julius Caesar and the senate.

When civil war broke out, Cicero took the side of the Republic against Caesar , though he attempted to maintain some good will with Caesar.

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Select Works of Cicero (36 vols.)

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