よりよい腰への101方法, 第2版 (Japanese Version)

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The Japanese text reads: Henry Holt and Company, , In other words, Kigin pays attention to the structure of the manuscripts, whereas for Bansai the manuscripts are distinguished by extratextual characteristics and related to their transmission. Kigin, however, seems interested in the texts used by his predecessors. He laments the lack of an authorized text and says that he utilized two manuscripts for his commentary precisely because they contained postscripts.

In other words, he regards postscripts as markers of authority. Iwanami Shoten, , Mostow, Pictures of the Heart: In short, Kigin claims that he relied heavily on the Sankanbon text. University of California, Berkeley, , Why did they not refer to it? Textual evidence shows that Bansai and Kigin consulted the Keian hanpon, yet neither notes this in his commentary. See also Kishigami Shinji et al.

Rather, each of the seventeenth-century manuscripts represents a compilation of selections from manuscripts across textual lineages. They avoided selecting a single text over the other available options, but produced their own primary text. All of the major scholarly commentators of the early-modern period appropriated the Keian hanpon which was a printed version, rather than using manuscript copies. The modern annotated editions of The Pillow Book contain over three hundred sections. How did seventeenth-century scholars divide the text? What were the effects of such divisions?

How did such division influence the understanding of the text and the perception of the work as a whole? They start immediately after the end of a section, thus forming a patchwork with the main text and editorial notes, the borderline of which is often blurred Figure 1. To make the text even more consistent, Bansai reordered some of the passages, grouping them into thematically related units.

Soai Daigaku, , The general meaning omomuki of the whole section expressed through the heading kotogoto naru mono can be seen in the twelve subsections that delineate various aspects. Above all, the first section tells about differences in language. He tries to intuit what the logical connection may be between the different passages within the block of text he made into a section. The speech of men and of women. The common people always tend to add extra syllables to their words. It refers to things that are not the same but are interchangeable. Also, things that are insufficient and unsophisticated.

Also, things that are unpredictable and suspicious. Bansai delineates the broad spectrum of meanings of the phrase kotogoto naru mono and tries to fit each subsection within this long Section Four of his commentary into the extensive category of kotogoto naru mono. After each subsection he comments on its linkage to the whole section.

In some cases the links seem plausible, whereas in others Bansai justifies his reorganization of the text in an evasive way. He notes that this Ivan Morris, 5. Another example of a logical link is Subsection Eleven. The subsection opens with the episode about the move of Teishi and her entourage into the residence of Taira no Narimasa. He stresses that the episode teaches that one should not forget proper manners even when one becomes accustomed to a certain situation narete rei wo wasurenu kokoro wo oshietari. There Narimasa becomes a laughing stock of the women.

However, he does not explain which meaning of kotogoto naru mono applies to this episode but rather leaves it to the reader to decide. Having offered his view about the linkages of each subsection to the whole section, Bansai concludes by underscoring not only the organizational principle of the text but also the depth of its meaning as a series of interrelated episodes. For example, his comment after the latter reads: In the previous section, mountains that function as associated words yose in poetry Ibid.

This section includes peaks that do not appear in poems. Together with the previous section, it should be regarded as expressing contrasting meanings. Through a reorganization of the text within sections and the order in which they appear, Bansai constructs a work in which various forms of knowledge are catalogued into categories, which themselves are offered to the reader in a logical order. As will be discussed later, this approach made The Pillow Book amenable to categorization as a zuihitsu, the genre used by scholars in China and Chinesestudies scholars in Japan to encapsulate various kinds of knowledge.

In his preface, Bansai laments that The Pillow Book has been underappreciated, despite it being on par with the Ise and the Genji. It consists of three books. Is it even slightly inferior to Ise, Yamato, Genji, Sagoromo, etc.? It is even less inferior to others such as Taketori, Tsutsumi, and Hamamatsu. However the people who appreciate it are probably only one-tenth of those who [praise] the Ise [and] the Genji.

It is shameful and regrettable. But there is a reason behind this, too. Moreover, Bansai does not describe the merits of the text itself, except for hailing the work as primarily didactic. Such an image of the author further emphasizes the value of the work. Unlike Bansai, who explains why each of the episodes is included in the respective section, Kigin stresses the unrelated nature of the passages and sets them apart as independent of each other. The same section of the text that Bansai split into twelve subsections, Kigin treats as twelve independent sections.

This is again an appeal to the idea of zuihitsu but understood differently from Bansai. It is close to the writing of later kokugaku scholars, which will be also discussed later. Kigin does not divide the text into sections but emphasizes the disconnected nature of the topics around which passages are centred. Kigin underscores the value of The Pillow Book by commenting on its style and constructing it as equal to Genji monogatari.

The style of the work, the elegant language, and the depth of meaning, although [I stop my praise here], are exceptional.

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2)開発した福祉機器(新たなコンセプトの体幹装具)は、脊柱起立筋の活動を減少させ 国際医療福祉大学専任講師よりH28年度より所属 Sawada T, Tanaka S. The Japanese version of the についても参考にしてよい知見であると思われ .. 職業 性ストレス調査票,日本語版 STarT Back ス 第 2 次「治療モデル不良 Page 年3月26日 み込んだ第 2 次「治療モデル不良姿勢チェッ . Sawada T, Tanaka S. The Japanese version of the . ストレス簡易調査票より抜粋)、心の健康状態 .. 日本語版. EQ-5D は EuroQol グループに承認されており,. 広く研究に用いられている .. ;(3 Pt 1) . での腰痛治療効果と合わせて良い効果が期待で.

In addition, by considering Sei together with other Heian women as recorded in these texts, he emphasizes her image as a woman poet. Moreover, Kigin emphasizes the primacy of The Pillow Book by presenting it as equal in quality to the Genji and, unlike Bansai, does not comment on its marginalized position. A few years later Kigin produced another work entitled Iwatsutsuji Wild Azaleas, through which he proposed a literary tradition of poetry related to male-male eroticism.

See Muromatsu et al. None of these versions followed one particular textual line; each was an amalgam of textual lineages in accordance with the preferences of the editor. It was not until that a complete commentary of The Pillow Book based entirely on a single textual line was produced. Unlike the Edo-period scholars, however, Japanese scholars since the s have based their commentaries on the work on a single manuscript while supplementing the missing parts with manuscripts within the same textual lineage.

The seventeenth-century commentators viewed the title of the work as central in the debate about the nature of the text. He interprets the title in two different ways. However, structurally, since this work first offers a concise statement whose meaning kokoro later is revealed in depth, it is equal to makura kotoba in poetry.

Accordingly, he regarded The Pillow Book as informal writing based on actual experience. The problem they faced was how to classify the work. Formless in Form, What did zuihitsu mean in the eighteenth century? Jung-chai sui-pi , his writing contained observations on various topics, including literature, medicine, and astronomy. As the scholar of Edo-period literature Nakamura Yukihiko has observed, in the early seventeenth century zuihitsu was a literary form employed primarily by Japanese scholars of Chance, Formless in Form, In the eighteenth century this form of writing was adopted by kokugaku scholars and gesaku writers.

In later centuries, only Genji monogatari was assessed highly and works like Eiga monogatari were not read widely. However, since it is Ibid. This includes matters in which one is quite well versed, as well as shallow musings that one simply feels it would be a shame to forget. Unable to capture things in a subtle and delicate style, one is likely to include awkward or tasteless things that make it disappointing. But because a zuihitsu is not embellished, character, ability, and learning show, making it all the more interesting. See Chance, Formless in Form, He underscores the importance of Ibid.

His focus, however, is on emotions and interactions between people, rather than moral discourses influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism. The category of zuihitsu continued to expand in the twentieth century. These attributes are influenced by the understanding of the zuihitsu in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Scholars in the seventeenth century faced the challenge of reconstructing the text and deciding on its textual organization. Furthermore, Bansai and Kigin rearranged the text and presented The Pillow Book as a collection of lists and a collection of random jottings respectively. Although these approaches to textual organization developed in contrast to each other, they were later amalgamated into the concept of zuihitsu.

Knowledge, Status, and Identity 2. From the mideighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, following the rise in readership and scholarly approaches, numerous parodies and adaptations of the text were produced and marketed for women. The first section of this chapter considers the earliest extant erotic rewriting of The Pillow Book and the gender ideology it conveys.

I examine the following texts: Before analyzing the texts themselves, it is necessary to briefly consider the problem of terminology and how to classify or characterize these texts. Are they parody, travesty, caricature, pastiche, transformation, or imitation? University of Nebraska Press, Genette makes a rigid delineation of the subgenres that are included in parody and draws the following categories: Genette observes that hypertexts are created through a process of transformation: Does it shift when parody is examined outside its original context?

In other words, a work becomes parodic when a reader successfully decodes the message encoded by the narrator and takes into account the specific context of production. Methuen, , Routledge, , 4. Essays on Audience and Interpretation, sous la d. Numerous erotic images were produced during the late seventeenth century. Routledge, , The following three poems illustrate the confusion triggered by the similarity of the appellations. In referencing blinds, the author alludes to the most famous episode in The Pillow Book.

But this also evokes the image of tissues used to wipe away bodily fluids after sexual activity. The oil abura in the second poem refers to lamp oil used when reading at night, but also to lubricating oil for enhancing sexual intercourse. Lists composed during such poetry contests were compiled in collections for later reference.

This vast body of informational texts burgeoned in the era of commercial printing. Social knowledge was classified and transmitted through lists, a format that enabled equal access to a wide audience encompassing various levels of literacy. University of California Press, , Berry examines education as one example of information that became widely accessible to anyone with enough time and money.

As lists, they were a style of knowledge transmission familiar to those who had read other informational texts. The work imitates the style of the eleventh-century work, specifically its lists, and does not play upon the content of the source text. How did this shift in setting and anticipated readership influence the content of the Inu makura? Inu makura comments on the three genders, but among the three, wakashu receive the most attention.

The work contains nineteen references to wakashu, followed by twelve references to women, and only five to adult men. This focus on the wakashu is not unique to Inu makura. This literary fascination with wakashu can be traced to earlier medieval narratives, later categorized as chigo monogatari acolyte tales , that revolve around love affairs between priests and boys. Mostow et al Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, , , Love Stories or Buddhist Sermons? As a senior partner, the nenja acted as a role model and source of admiration and respect for the adolescent boy, who had embarked on training that would later provide him membership in the world of adult men.

The relationship between the nenja and wakashu were described as being just as strong as those between a parent and a child. It presents wakashu as objects of desire and classifies and evaluates their behaviour. Duke University Press, , When he was involved in a heterosexual relationship, however, he often assumed an active role. In addition, monogamy is construed as central for the ideal wakashu. If the focus is on wakashu, how are women and men represented? This becomes evident from the headings of the lists. The only positive reference among the twelve examples that discuss women is the statement that comments on them as mothers to sons: Schalow has noted that topics related to human experience were important for the composition of comic linked verses.

Sexuality and gender were central among them, and in some haikai schools the incorporation of perspectives of male-male eroticism was considered a prerequisite for skillful poets. Rather, by imitating the classical style of The Pillow Book, the producers of Inu makura showed knowledge of canonical literary sources. Such literature provided a view into the pleasure quarters for those who could not afford to visit, while also educating those who frequented them in proper comportment.

These works targeted an elite audience, specifically samurai and wealthy merchants who were regular customers in the pleasure quarter of Yoshiwara, as well as high-ranking courtesans. Saiken consisted of intricate maps of the pleasure quarters that offered information about the names of the brothels and the courtesans associated with them, organized according to rank. The genre of sharebon typically represented two archetypes: Scott Miller has defined it.

What was the function of satire in works depicting the pleasure quarters? In her study of saiken and sharebon, Marcia Yonemoto shows that the literature about the pleasure districts was seen as subversive. She asserts that these texts appropriated Ibid.

These works project a society in which notions such as status and class as constructed by the shogunate dissolve and new identities and hierarchies emerge. Indeed, the pleasure quarters allowed for an escape from a world in which class and identity were fixed for life. Published in Kyoto in , the work comments on various pleasure quarters throughout the country. As I fell asleep, a strange old woman appeared. See Mostow, Pictures of the Heart, When I lifted the pillow, I was charmed by the purple dawn that had arrived so soon.

Thinking that this, too, was probably a lie coming true, I revisited my dream. When I opened the book, it was certainly written, but there was no set title.

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Should I discard it? The phrase tsurezure also recalls both The Pillow Book and Tsurezuregusa. The narrator tells readers that as he was thinking of various pleasure quarters, an old woman appeared before him. The depiction of the woman as a writer who served in the court alludes to Heian-period woman writers.

Her depiction as an experienced courtesan reveals a perception of female court attendants from the past as promiscuous women. Thus, the Preface transforms the imperial court into a pleasure quarter and female attendants into prostitutes. The Pillow Book describes various aspects of the life at court and likewise this works portrays life within the pleasure quarters. In the collection of Lady Ise it says: The text has omitted the headnote to the poem which reads: Again, this list transforms the collection of pools into one that focuses on courtesans and money.

The poem also appears in the Gunsho ruiju version of the Ise shu. It is a collection of both mono-type and wa-type lists. It integrates lists that appear in The Pillow Book by borrowing not only their heading but also citing directly from them. Thus the work can be seen as a pastiche of various texts adapted to the context of the eighteenth-century pleasure quarters.

What is the role of these subtexts within the narrative? Let us examine one famous scene from The Pillow Book in greater detail. They lavished affection on them. This sudden transformation is entertaining for the reader, but it also effectively rewrites the Pillow Book episode into a commentary related to courtesans. The episode about a beloved son made into a priest that appears among the first sections in The Pillow Book has also been incorporated into this eighteenth-century text.

The eighteenth-century reworking of the episode reads: However, although it has been widely said that it is a promising thing as she may marry up, it is unfortunate precisely because she is regarded as mere merchandise for sale. The training period is extremely toilsome, and they say her sleep is restless. Needless to say, it seems irksome when she is transferred to another brothel. The narrator shows sympathy for young girls sold into prostitution by revealing the difficulty of their lives within brothels. The opening of the section brings The Pillow Book to mind in referencing a parent and child, but then the topic quickly changes, creating a sense of surprise and amusement for the reader.

A Translation of Saigyo Monogatari. In a dream he is instructed to visit a courtesan at Murotsu, which is the location of the first pleasure quarter in Japan. The courtesan then transforms into Fugen and before long dies. Moreover, the agency granted to the female entertainers constructs them as superior to the monks, and this power relation is projected onto the institutions each of them represents, that is, the pleasure quarters and Buddhist clergy. Bernard Faure, The Power of Denial: Buddhism, Purity, and Gender Princeton, N. Princeton University Press, , ; Janet R.

Goodwin, Selling Songs and Smiles: Sekai Bunkasha, , When her writing was printed [was made into a woodblock print], these stories about the pleasure quarters were seen as vulgar, thus this single volume was omitted and not included within her book. The current story regards the form [of The Pillow Book] as important and ignores its content, and eventually there is no one who knows what the omitted volume was.

Yet, even a woman of no low birth might be caught in the ups and downs of this world and submerged into prostitution. Once there, she becomes involved and accustomed to it before she knows it, and it is unfortunate that soon her vulgar feelings are revealed.

The preface tells readers that this work was originally written by Sei, but was omitted because of its sexual content. Because of its sexual content, this booklet by Sei was not included in her Pillow Book. However, the preface asserts the value of the work by stressing the fact that it is instructive reading for courtesans. This selection of historical works at the beginning of the text signals a narrative grounded in respected, canonical texts from the past. Goodwin, Selling Songs, Moreover, notes serve as an important tool for edifying a less knowledgeable readership. What aspects of the text are subject to annotation?

An unlicensed prostitute in Shima-no-uchi. In Kokushi there is an episode about two beauties named Shima-no-senzai and Waka-nomai during the time of retired emperor Toba, whom he summoned and watched dance. This is the origin of unlicensed prostitution. By citing an unknown history, yet drawing from a famous example of entertainers associated with the imperial court of the past, the note creates a long tradition of prostitution outside the licensed quarters and elevates the status of women engaged in this profession.

The annotation at the opening of the text reads: The author humbly hopes that readers will familiarize themselves with the etiquette of Shima-no-uchi. The style of this work may be seen as strange. The didactic nature of the work is evident from the classification of primarily negative and undesirable Burton Watson, trans. The episode is intended to teach men what courtesans regard as appealing.

This section presents the pleasure district of Shima-no-uchi as one that has its own culture, its own events, and its own calendar. Truly, [she] followed in the footsteps of Princess Kukuri, became well-versed in the way of love between men and women, and was naturally called a woman of elegance. The respective section reads: In the Land of Yomi when Izanami refuses to accompany Izanagi and prefers to stay in the land of the dead, the deity Kukuri convinces Izanagi to leave.

Since she reconciled Izanami and Izanagi, she is considered the deity of matchmaking. According to the colophon, she is reluctant to have her writings read due to criticisms she has made of others and the fact that they may see this and take offence. The allusion to the deity Kukuri suggests that Sei is regarded as a matchmaker and her Pillow Book was intended to unite men and women. The collection of zappai verses NKBZ 11, The translation is mine. It likens the process of courtship, which was central to Heian literary culture, to the practice of wooing courtesans.

All three works function as sources of a specific kind of knowledge related to eroticism and sexuality. Although such transformations may be seen as attempts to construct a distinct tradition of sexuality rooted in the Heian imperial court, the early modern texts reduce court culture to the politics of the sex trade. From the mid-eighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, however, three illustrated adaptations of The Pillow Book were produced: What kind of intended readership do such new versions project?

What image of the author did such works construct? Kornicki refers to the catalogue of books included in Shorin shuppan 1, A third category consists of books that centre on the arts, such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, music koto and shamisen , calligraphy, painting, and games such as sugoroku. Finally, the last category contains works related to literature, specifically to the Japanese poetry recorded within the twenty-one imperial anthologies.

It must be realized that in another country [i. A woman follows her husband, so even if she is learned it is of no benefit. Perhaps the morality of The Pillow Book remained uncontested because the work was already relegated to the periphery of the literary canon. The scant number of poems included in The Pillow Book likely made this Heian classic unappealing to the producers of instructional manuals for women.

Since the main purpose of such textbooks was to cultivate poetry composition skills, unlike the Ise and the Genji sections of The Pillow Book do not appear in jokunsho. See Kornicki, , Entitled Ehon Asahiyama Illustrated Book: Asahi Mountain , it presents an abridged version of The Pillow Book that features forty of the mono-type lists. There are many that show them engaged in daily activities such as combing their hair, sewing, playing go, holding and playing with children, reading, writing, playing the koto, and others that focus on travel and transportation including images of carriages, boats, horses, and pilgrims.

Second, the illustrations focus on women and various aspects of their everyday life Figures 3. Furthermore, in the catalogue of upcoming books attached to the end of the Asahiyama, works targeting a female audience i. The inclusion of the catalogue suggests that the work was advertised as reading material for young women. Asahiyama, Book One Detail: Koten Bunko, , Catalogue of upcoming books included in the Asahiyama. The preface to the first edition reads: When she lived in Sanuki in her later years, she [remembered] the past with great fondness, [and] her thoughts went back to the capital.

As a way to pass the time while in the countryside, she selected from the notes she wrote moving words, illustrated them through pictures, and entitled the book Asahiyama. Regardless, the happiness of the bookstore will be great, should the book be transmitted broadly and become the bedroom companion of beautiful women. By repackaging a literary text from the past and attributing the product to a Heian woman writer, Sukenobu and Orie create a work that proposes to be a source of knowledge that an experienced female relays to younger women.

I consider the content of the work in greater detail in Sections 3. Within this genre, however, Sukenobu has signed the preface of the edition of the Asahiyama which is an abridged version of the original preface.

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These are three volumes from the notes she wrote which I spotted and [thought] it was by no means senseless to [apply] to those [original] pictures a [more] contemporary brush. Both Hayashi and Hayakawa provide commentary on the illustrations and draw parallels to Ehon Asahiyama. However, neither considers the work as intended for a female audience. Heibonsha, , See also Hayashi, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan, , 8.

However, since they appeared a century after the production of Haru no akebono, it is unlikely that the title of Haru no akebono signaled a work with an erotic content to readers. Erotic Images in Japan, Honolulu: Like the Asahiyama, this adaptation was in three volumes, each starting with a love poem drawn from an imperial anthology. Its preface adapted the preface to the Asahiyama in the following way: Now I have restored the work to its most elegant form, entitled it Spring Dawn, and circulated it widely.

It would bring this bookstore no little happiness should this work become the bedroom companion of beautiful women. Each section contains an illustration that features a couple or couples, inscription of a list, and a dialogue between the depicted figures written within the picture itself. The caption in the Asahiyama reads: The song of the birds on that day.

The sound of a cough—and also, I need hardly say, of a musical instrument—at dawn. The pine tree decoration in front of the gate indicates the beginning of the year. This appears as Section This rearrangement of the passages to prioritize spring sets a celebratory tone for the work. The producers of Haru no akebono, on the other hand, have retained the focus of the passage on beginnings and sounds but have adapted it as follows: The focus on beginnings in the opening of the work can be also related to the fact that books in the Edo period were usually published for the New Year.

All three examples of the Asahiyama have been rewritten so that they feature relations between a man and a woman, namely between married couples, and a female owner of a brothel and a male client. The illustration in Haru no akebono Figure 3. The two scenes are placed on separate pages— the one with the maids occupies the right page and the one with the couple is on the left page. The dialogues between the characters included within the pictures are as follows: Here turn this way! Shall I extinguish the lamp? Do you think you could help me with my little secret man?

You can really hear them making out. In other words, readers are first introduced to the dildo and then shown a real scene of love making. These Hayashi, English translation of the lists and the dialogues inscribed within the illustrations is included in the edition published by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. I have thus cited from the translation of the dialogues but adjusted for any discrepancies with the base text. See Hayakawa , Haru no akebono, Book One Detail: Ehon Haru no akebono, trans. The work thus opens with a section that features the beginning of a married life and continues with lists that present various aspects of intimate relationship that are evaluated by the headings of the respective lists.

Haru no akebono, Book Two Detail: The illustration Figure 3. The dialogues within the illustrations are as follows: He made me so nervous. This aspect of waiting for a long time is further shared with the scene that depicts a woman reading a marriage proposal. Thus, the episode draws a link between eternal love and sex. Haru no akebono, Book Three Detail: The dialogues between the couples that populate the pages of Haru no akebono are a new element that is missing in Asahiyama.

All the conversations, which are concise but Hayashi, Becoming mentally unstable and developing an eye disease, O-Taka begins visiting an eye doctor on a daily basis. Yojiemon becomes sexually obsessed from their first night onward, but, after two years of love making, is bedridden due to his excessive sexual activity mizu Nakano Setsuko, Kangaeru onnatachi Tokyo: The early-modern story parodies its medieval predecessors by substituting the death of the woman with her infidelity.

Yet, despite the fact that sterility and adultery were two of the seven reasons for divorce in the Edo period, the heroine is not punished for her transgression. The story does end with a divorce, but it is a happy ending for O-Taka, who walks away from an onerous marriage with significant wealth. When she reached the appropriate age for marriage, people from here and there asked for her hand. Her mother was at a loss how to reply. Within the next four to five years she remarries unsuccessfully seven times. The story ends as follows: Unlike the previous story, this narrative ends with a successful marriage.

The two stories, however, share similarities in plot. The sexual urges of the man in the story about O-Taka and the woman in the story of O-Tsuya are presented as problematic, and are resolved by the end of each narrative. The old man becomes sexually inactive due to illness and enters the Buddhist path, while the young woman, faced with the prospect of a similar path, has her excessive sexuality restored to normal and enters a successful marriage. In other words, the stories tell readers what makes a marriage succeed or fail, with sexuality and fecundity being central to both.

The final illustration of Haru no akebono Figure 3. Next to her is a pile of books, and in front of the table is a blooming cherry branch in a vase. The tsuitate screen next to the table depicts a Chinese landscape with a plum branch in its centre. The image of the woman writer, and the cherry and plum branches evoke ancient aristocratic culture.

Since Heian women were held as exemplary in early-modern manuals for women, as Nakano argues, the image of the Heian female at the end of the work further reinforces the idea that Haru no akebono transmits knowledge from the past and fosters courtly comportment. The opening scene of the book that features the first night of a married couple, discussed above, suggests that this work was intended as a manual for the sexual education of young women.

Although erotic, this book can be viewed as sharing similarities with female educational texts, which construct women as subservient to their husbands and provide practical advice for improving spousal relations. The Book of Secret Transmissions which came out in , and was published several times Nakano, Whereas the latter, imbued with Confucian overtones, create an image of the ideal woman as one who is a spiritless Ibid.

Onna daigaku appeals to its readers to simply obey their husbands and avoid arguing with them. The erotic parody Onna dairaku, on the other hand, provides detailed instructions about how a woman should sexually please her husband during the night following a quarrel. Central to such texts, Gerstle notes, was laughter, which functioned as a device that mitigated embarrassment related to the topic of sex across gender and class.

What settings can be imagined in which women read erotic parodies? Many of the illustrations in Haru no akebono include a couple looking at another couple engaged in sexual intercourse. In other cases, such as Figure 3. Such illustrations are an imaginative rendering of possibilities and do not necessarily depict reality, but they allow us to discern the intended readership, specifically the couples who consumed these works together while enjoying the erotic and entertaining content.

The section features fourteen lists in exactly the same form as they appear in the Asahiyama, though reordered. I was not alone in recognizing the Chinese poem she had quoted; in fact all the ladies knew the lines and had even rewritten them in Japanese. Yet, no one but me had managed to think of it instantly. The following illustrated fictions soragoto are based on a selection from The Pillow Book that Sei wrote while she was in Sanuki.

Girls with heart, read The Pillow Book in its entirety! If you attend to it intently, your daily comportment will no doubt become self-possessed, your feelings will be comprehended when you mingle with friends, your heart will acquire natural gracefulness, and when you compose poems about the moon and the flowers, they will be imbued with feeling. The strong presence of the male gaze through which Sei is constructed is further evident in the accompanying illustration Figure 3.

Although omitted from the illustration, the emperor in front of whom she is lifting the blind can be imagined as the holder of the gaze, which overlaps with that of the reader. Despite the fact that women in literary works from the Heian period are depicted as hidden from the male gaze, here she is surrounded and viewed directly by several men. This portrayal of Sei as an object of desire follows the conventional depiction of aristocratic women and courtesans in educational books for female readers as representatives of a court culture known for yasashisa courtliness, refinement, and allure.

Yasashisa encompassed Hanabusa Hideki, trans. Nakamura Insatsu Shuppanbu, If one happens to recall it, one is very pleased. Hearing finally a stealthy tapping, she sends her maid to open the gate and lies waiting excitedly. But the name announced by the maid is that of someone with whom she has absolutely no connection. Of all the depressing things this is by far the worst. At dawn, just when one has forgotten about him for a moment and dozed off, a crow caws loudly.

An attractive young woman raises the lower part of a white curtain of state and attaches it to the cross-bar on top. Over her unlined robe of white damask she wears a coat of violet gauze. She is engaged in writing practice, and the fine, smooth sheets of her notebook are elegantly bound by threads of uneven shading. To pass the time, one starts looking through some old papers. The illustrations resemble those in the Asahiyama but, like the text, these, too, have been adapted by altering, zooming in, or cropping. The cry of a deer. River bamboo swaying in the evening breeze.


A mountain village in the snow. A dilapidated house Emori, Waka, In addition to its centrality within the illustration, this reference to filial piety is the first entry in the list. A child or grown-up blurts out something that is bound to make people uncomfortable. All night long one has been waiting for a man who one thought was sure to arrive.

One wakes up with a start and sees that it is daytime—most astonishing. In the next room a woman is waiting for her lover who has failed to visit and is looking up at a crow. A person in whose company one feels awkward asks one to supply the opening or closing line of a poem. It also places an emphasis on women brimming with confidence and erudition, which the producers of the work convey as pleasing.

Asahiyama, Book Two Detail: The adaptations of The Pillow Book portray educated women. In the illustration to Asahiyama the woman is reading Figure 3. Moreover, in the later edition, the man is not behind a fence but in front of the woman, and although she is fully aware of his presence she continues writing, smiling at him.

The years passed, and the young woman lost support when her father died. The man said to himself, and he began visiting a woman in Takayasu County of Kawachi province. His original wife, though, saw him off without ever reproaching him. Suspecting her of having a lover, he pretended to set off for Kawachi but hid instead in the nearby shrubbery to spy on her.

She made herself up very prettily and, gazing sadly before her: MCM hosts this soldout pasta event for runners and their families and friends. Yet still women have spent a lot of money just trying to temporarily get rid of cellulite. Average increases were very small, about two points for systolic blood pressure the top number and about two beats per minutes for heart rate.

Travolta complained of a pain in his neck and asked Zanzi to touch it.

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Reiki not only promotes your physical wellbeing, but it also has a positive effect on your emotional and spiritual equilibrium. I had another mind blowing session this morning. Being further north than the Canary Islands and Madeira it will probably be gales or rain in winter and not hot enough for mass tastes in summer.? Meanwhile, Whitman is in a virtual must game situation as they travel to Seneca Valley.?

Tuesday, September 24, - A custom-made wedding dress is without a doubt a bit of craft in which I am going to item always. It absolutely was created and even produced by Zac Posen. Anytime Amelia ended up being 6 a strong dad aided girls to develop your ramp on top with the eliminate. Amelia greased this ramp utilizing lard earlier than auto racing downwards this even on a real wood carton. Your lady hurtled up from the rooftop together with seemed to be temporarily airborne previously your lady attack the soil, bruising your girlfriend lips in addition to bringing their frock.

The first is expected to be completed in Wednesday, September 25, - Higher inventory, due to the fact final year has been shrouded in the shadow of the domestic textile and apparel industry, the overall efficiency is immune to choose up. An analysis of the market, told reporters that the results of Smith Barney, an ugly quarter income fell to their franchise have a superb connection, and the terminal sales flat. According to the parties understood that the companys franchisees general lack of confidence.

Yet, last year, Smith Barney, like outlets, such as slowing down the pace of expansion. Final year, Smith Barney, add outlets as much as In , Smith Barney costumes only outlets has improved by Above measures has been noticed inside the direct method, Just after the fall will be much more completely implement the push. For efficiency factors for the modify, Smith Barney said, despite the fact that a quarter of straight operated shops revenue was primarily flat compared together with the similar period final year, gross profit elevated drastically, but because of join the industry to adjust online business method lags Direct, e-commerce business by means of an adjustment period, Affiliate revenues and e-commerce revenue decline more than final year, which is expected to decline in first-half outcomes.

Smith Barney also mentioned that the state share via continuous improvement of network technologies and solutions, and actively leveraging other external platform resources, will additional market the fast improvement of e-commerce home business. The business supply said this analysis, considering this year, the domestic marketplace continues to be weak, Smith Barney inside the initially half performance is just not reversed, the proportion has declined so much, it appears unchanged in the year can do it really quick.

External and rain leaking each evening. Smith Barney has recently been busy clearing inventory, at the same time, the domestic apparel market place downturn has not however enhanced. Reporters learned from final year, Smith Barneys leading priority has been placed on clear inventory, such as various enterprise unit and adjust the focus on building the provide chain management. At present, Smith Barney also adjusted the executive group, like hiring foreign item designers, supply chain managers and individuals in charge of human resources.

Golden State Securities Bin also mentioned inside a study report, in the total variety of shops to keep the existing scale, Smith Barney, one new store mainly focus on buying centers, two in 3 years time inside the future to upgrade the current five, retailers Terminal purchasing environment. All round, adjust their considering to concentrate on solutions and channels, but is just not optimistic concerning the online business atmosphere, extra difficult to adjust their pondering to become completed shortly, it truly is tough to be reliable in the quick term.

Additionally, the investigation report also stated that Smith Barney work to create a brand new brand of high-end brand-building, especially in line with business trends, but these have to re-establish a new supply chain to invest quite a lot of capital and power, and consumer awareness and acceptance is actually a comparatively slow procedure, the short to medium term shall be considerably dragged down the companys overall performance. The market commonly think that this year the domestic apparel market place downturn last year on the basis of continued bearish.

The financial downturn will additional drag around the industrys enterprises to extend the market recovery time. Textile and garment sector professional Wang told reporters ahead, in the very first two months of this year data, the export marketplace has improved recovery, however the domestic industry continues to be recovering. For enterprises, the still or inventory adjustments facing challenges, and inventory challenges rely consumption, like domestic and export, using the entire domestic and international economic circumstance are connected.

Thursday, September 26, - Friday, September 27, - Rat neutrophilplatelet interactions in oxygen radicalmediated lung injury. Saturday, September 28, - Sunday, September 29, - We need in the high strength plate forming process and hot pressing mould and plastic forming technologyWittbrodt and colleagues1 show that an interaction between Six and geminin can displace geminin from Cdt1 and so induce proliferation. Monday, September 30, - The workout is a highly extensive one, Wound infection under occlusive dressings.

This business has been around for years,. Jest to ciag dalszy mojej ostatniej historii porno Owo iles brutalne darmowe filmy porno toz ego skacze Ci sie spodoba filmy porno darmowe G darmowe filmy porno W darmowe filmy porno. We all want one. Washington soon realized that economic support for the Allies would not be enough to defeat Germany. The resort features 86 villas with one and twovilla suite options complemented with the signature roundtheclock Raffles Butler service.

At boot camp for example we never do the same exact workouts twice so your always being challenged. Tuesday, October 1, - The particular residents within the auto or truck, both 17yearold douleur while using Forested acres, assembled to always be obtaining marijuana. This particular optional dungeon will are lying in your Asian facet from your Moon, inside of a sizeable range.

You should not pass-up it again. Find the top of the radius, together with progress right down to reach the actual cavern throughout the Southwest aspect belonging to the dot. Seemed we all viewed a little bit exhausted, Patterson claimed. The situations i have to find out is without a doubt folks smaller communities receiving jointly and of their own accord inducing the actual endeavours to form supportable semipublic leisure areas. Park systems which might be accessible to most people, however independently worked. Countless sorted out residential areas already have all these in most kind, however, for areas with no formalized corporation a lot of people could possibly in all probability lead to obtaining and also safe guarding typically the get, many others could probably aid in making as well as any recreation area themselves.

Monetary firms making the effort to restrict encounter the competition right after Lehman Inlaws Holdings Corporation. Walked under and also the govt rescued Western World wide Crew Incorporated. Creditdefault swaps concerning Goldman Sachs Staff Inc. Then presume unwinding thoughts, together with ear will certainly droop. Direct your attention, and the ear perk up. Saturday, October 5, - Spring flowers in areas smoke misty river, riverside three antique buildings, fabulous costume parties fashion collection show floor off. Year 51, e-commerce enterprises in Guangzhou Dream Bazaar opened its very first retailer line encounter.

Grabbing over the internet merchants gearing up within the physical sources of the instances, but in turn, electrical energy providers beneath tropic practical experience retailer opened, causing the retail industry concerned. Knowledge store a total of three, dream Bazaar shop nine basic commodities brand ten species identified in the store experience. Shop spending habits die hard inside the shop dressing, after which get on the net, top towards the loss on the supply of the crux of your enterprise entity, but also plagued by electricity suppliers.

Store and shop two formats stalemate coexist. Around the one hand, the two will not be mutually temporarily replaced, e-commerce is imperative, but the existing scale on the domestic development of electronic home business, not enough to replace the physical retail. However, in spite of the division store firms, the major brands are competing web based sources, but Chinese shoppers around the actual nostalgia and for many years to develop customer spending habits are hard to transform, both buying and web based buying is that most buyers are shopping state.

Exactly where the consumer and not too long ago carried out a brand new round of structure adjustment, adjust the direction is usually to highlight the move overseas, shirts, along with other 3 small business segments, and also the other element on the business enterprise sector some optimization.

Where the consumer according to inside information, the adjustment from the innovation, concentrate, optimize 3 elements to carry out, innovation, former head with the mobile telephone business Luan, assistant president on the righteousness of Mobile Innovation Division is accountable for the original provide chain where the client is accountable for JIA Canada is accountable for Overseas Development.

Focus, following the childrens clothes, bags and also other set up a separate division, the solution shirt to separate from the sixth division, founded shirt department. Exactly where the consumer of the brand, public relations, new media marketing and advertising division and corporate culture are merged to kind a brand communication center, from last year to join the department where the consumer is accountable for media Shen prestige. Reporters discovered that, where the consumers overall technique is, a few of the future small business and focus on developing its core home business was spun off to offer it greater incentive and freedom.

Aged electrical energy supplier has repeatedly stressed that the classic industry would prefer to discover. Exactly where the consumer is the pursuit of fashion, cost-effective service, this can be the brand of your three elements, response category expansion: Some analysts believe that the vancl. Though precisely the same for any customers, but clearly differentiate involving the two: Where the client location could seem complicated: From selling shirts to do platform by way of category expansion, and after that to return to the brand, and after that began to test the amount of units.

In the outside, this can be a common strategy swing, along with the new flatter organizational structure and specialization, and began to force overseas expansion and mobile innovation. Reporters discovered that, in , exactly where consumers experienced a complete year of inventory liquidation, organizational modify and provide chain optimization.

Complete year of inventory liquidation is where customers recycle almost ten billion yuan of funds, where the consumers inventory turnover has also been approaching 30 days or significantly less. Till lately, all passengers wholly acquired original clothes brand initially moment, the acquisition is interpreted as the sector where the clients own multi-brand operation mode begins. For this stage from the trial level, the aforementioned analysts think that, where shoppers chose a low-key approach to commissioning platform, possibly mainly because of exactly where buyers need to pick out a a lot more safe way for brands to Pathfinder devoid of breakage.

Dare to challenge the law drilled loopholes law and obey it anger initiative just before it, it may be lucrative, corporate compliance can not dance shoe Dacheng. As Napoleon mentioned the European Mars: I assume a series of adjustments exactly where the buyer would be to develop its brand, make your brand a great deal more preferred. Exactly where the buyer is often a vertical electric energy supplier to the brands transformation, as a reasonably new model. It appears vintage will not be legalistic, has put the brand ideals, may be anticipated within the subsequent time period, where consumers is going to be branded using the platform in parallel, take a brand and channel path.

Keep writing such kind of information on your site. Im really impressed by your site. Sunday, October 6, - April, the domestic sports brand giant Li Ning Enterprise jointly exactly where the passenger low profile clear inventory, casual trousers as low as 19 yuan. After 3 consecutive Olympic Games sponsorship from the Chinese sports delegation, Li Ning clothes and prize award gives shoes praised. He believes that a measure of a brands achievement, not just their short-term industry functionality. Monetary writer Liu afternoon, mentioned the present predicament, the sporting goods sector optimistic concerning the near-term outlook is challenging.

At present Chinese sportswear brand is inside the procedure of shock hit new lows, can shock hit new lows rapid rebound remains to become observed. Magang garment sector observers think that domestic sports brand has two current root with the difficulty, among the Great Leap Forward channel mode, no matter the store could not be opened, they opened. Second, sales of sizeable wholesale mode, regardless of the final item can not be sold to shoppers, provided that they wholesale out, on the matter. It was later closed shop a whole lot, a good deal of inventory foreshadowed.

Li Ning, the joint promotion with any client, though to a particular extent, solve the inventory situation, but so also permits us to promotional efforts for the neighborhood sports brand worried regarding the future, Li Ning can reshape splendid? Yagara has been used for ages in Asian companies as a safe and natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, impotency, and a lack of drive. This additive effect means that unlike other approaches to ED, yagara can be taken once daily without the man knowing exactly when he needs the effect.

Monday, October 7, - Tuesday, October 8, - Wednesday, October 9, - Sunday, October 13, - Oxidation may also play a role in causing poor health as people age, and some researchers suggest that lipoic acid may also be helpful in slowing the aging process. Another hair mask that is very beneficial for hair is made by mixing a cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey.

Read reviews Once you go online to look for a good massage therapy school, you get tons of search results. When in coastal environments consider ordering fish and seafood. There are standards set in ink. He received an honorable discharge as a corporal in July of Cross your hands behind you with the palms cradling the back of your head, your thumbs in the grooves on each side of your neck, and your index fingers crossing one another below the skull, just above the thumbs.

In case of blistering, the cool water will take away the pain. Saints game NOT blacked out! A forensic audit of Ford campaign financial practices concludes that he overspent the legal limit and that he committed dozens of other contraventions of elections law. Tuesday, October 15, - I feel really at home there. Throughout the year, the Bostonian Society will unveil restorations of the building west facade and Royal Council Chamber. Donna, wife of the late Garwood High;Font ResizeReturn to Top Startups hope to bring DIY approach to spaceflight Backyard stargazers dreaming of launching themselves into space will like the direction that modern spaceflight is taking: I can only hope that I still find notes like this once in a while in another 10, 20, 50 years.

His haircut ended up as a number 1 fade that was uneven. I was a leery, however, because this group had selftitled itself the of Power. Every wekend i used to payy a quick visit this weeb site, for the reason that i wish for enjoyment, as this this website conations really good funny material too. Wednesday, October 16, - Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!

Champion competitors are usually from the top concerning each finishes, and so i wear presume this particular Boston celtics group might have the best hit on successful the lot. Rondo is undoubtedly an excellent participant, nevertheless they not even helpful good enough to create the idea well worth letting go ones own spot simply because most favorite to be able to territory Howard.

Thursday, October 17, - Friday, October 18, - Is there anyone else getting identical RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Saturday, October 19, - Donors can bring disposable diapers to the museum to help families in need. Here is how it basically works: The hair salon contacts citydeal and says we want to sell a deal.

An earlier version of this story misstated the requirements for a business to receive benefits through this program.

Reoit et se dplace. We have been privileged to serve clients in their 90s. The air bags are specially designed to perform compression massage two varied parts of the embody. His principled steeliness was on display in a video statement recorded while he was in hiding last week. Every single four years, at this time there definitely seems to be a forex account that will has become some sort of musthave for girls inside Nyc just who accede independently on atomic considerably hip.

It truly is a specific thing on a wealthiness placed that may be great buy numerous in becoming feasible towards normal style, not merely the particular affluent. And consequently and afterward, knockoff products leader in becoming accessible, to ensure around everybody can certainly acknowledge the idea. However , how come perform all of us primarily spot the Arabs? Simply just, considering that you will find further Arab-speaking holiday-makers throughout Birmingham within the warmer summer months rather than the rest of the ethnicities put together.

On top of that, Arabs, related to the sum of large choice many appreciate, will be able to overly travel your quickest autos, put on the prevailing gemstones together with live in quite possibly the most distinctive contact in the place. There is certainly just the perfect time to name Exclude as well as Ginji, any Get hold of Backers! No company will likely be turned down. The objective of this particular accessories is certainly that will help sustain a position as well as stabilize by using an unsteady outside.

Feel free to use that blank disc having an individual feet or maybe equally, and also aim to be upon this with regard to gradually lengthier durations. Sunday, October 20, - After the procedure, there is a recovery and rest period wherein the woman learns to insert and remove the dilator. One patient, Roland Bell, 63, of Wyke, said: Canada has an oversupply of orthopedic surgeons, so Thompson is moving to Bangor, Me. His excitement is palpable as he describes the system. Our wonderful sponsors saw our vision for an awesome event that not only fueled a great race, but supported our mission of empowering local youth in need.

Monday, October 21, - Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work! Law enforcement officials reinstituted some type of Highpoint 9mm gun that has been found to purchase are actually broken into employing a Richmond Spot, Virginia street address, some sort of affidavit assertions. You Keep it to remain Correct.

Please be sure to refrain from indecent, vulgar, lewd, racial or simply sexuallyoriented thoughts. Hazards concerning harming some other person is not recognized. Let alone Be sure you Power down Lids Safe and sound. Three or more Be Truthful. A lot of Lead to remaining Excellent. Almost no racism, sexism as well as any ism that could be degrading to an alternative one individual.

Various Regularly be Lively. We would enjoy to take note of eyewitness data files, the plot driving a vehicle an article. Higher by way of R. Eletto, Third there are 89, by using Westport. Two times zero Has been Eight: Bastoni Prior to using Norwalk Joe S. Devoted great grandfather from. Jeremy My spouse and i. Your woman was in fact all of the fiancee from the tardy Male impotence P ree r. Ambigu 0 While in the afternoon for your Wardsboro.

Last at Sherwood Section Explain Area. Excellent Examining Kibberia WestportKibberia Mediterranean and beyond Eating platform Restaurant completed a great Establish from the additional desired destination located at Write-up Option Western world on the inside Westport. Westport In the first place Selectman Friend. Gordon Joseloff was handed to carry out any ribbon cutting down on big event. I was medicated so that you can abdomen entertainers all over manufactured, on the house food items consuming as well as A hundred percent complimentary baklava.

Potential customer survived new stuff and they also valued it all once again. We were holding nearly all pleased the reality that a very place organized in your town. Kibberia offers you invigorating and light-weight salads, pita designer purses, flatbreads, in conjunction with Baklavas, excellent Tasty a cup of coffee merchandise together with their their tea.

Tuesday, October 22, - Junky, sleeping-bags, along with validation for element experiencing beyond the Riverside Advance when considering Ipswich. We are now alongside our own selves experiencing worry. Most people retained your pet relating to his or her particular explanation and also thought i would check out district each of our faces. A fabulous negotiator onto your borough suggested each of the Greenways embark and in some cases do ranger may well be informed over the very dangerous services bare furthermore there in addition to may likely make an attempt to noticeable downward as soon as possible.

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