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I suspect this might be true for you as well. Whether you were assigned a mentor through some kind of formal program, or had a coach or teacher who changed your life, or were fortunate enough to find someone who took you under their wing and showed you the ropes -- if you've ever achieved anything you know you couldn't have achieved alone, more likely than not you had a mentor.

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January is National Mentoring Month. It is a time to thank and celebrate the mentors we've had throughout the course of our lives, and to reflect on the continued importance of mentoring. And the great thing about being a mentor is that anyone can be one -- you simply have to make the decision and take the first step.

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Consequently, in honor of National Mentoring Month, I thought it fitting to highlight seven reasons why you yes, you! Now, don't be intimidated by the weight of that.

Theodore Herzl’s Christian mentor

Like I said, anyone can be a mentor -- and you don't have to be as wise or pithy as the Buddha to change a life. I had no idea what a U. State Attorney actually did, but I knew it sounded impressive. As was the fact that he'd graduated from Stanford and Harvard Law. Growing up with a single-mom in South Los Angeles, I didn't know many people like Adam, and having him in my life, seeing his example, gave me a new sense of life's possibilities and my own potential. Having a mentee -- who indeed has his or her own hopes and fears and plans -- forces us to occasionally stop thinking about ourselves and transcend our egotism, not just a few times a year but on a consistent basis.

By focusing our energies on helping someone else, we provide a valuable service both to our mentee and to ourselves. Indeed, thinking about ourselves all the time can get pretty exhausting.

And in the process, perhaps our mentees can help us see that our fears aren't as insurmountable -- or our plans as all-important -- as we think they are. There's nothing like having a young person in your life to keep you from turning into an old fogey. And as I've learned from being a Big Brother myself the last four years, you don't have to be that old to turn into one.

This isn't just fluff. One-to-one mentoring actually helps create happier, more stable adults, which helps society at large. So apart from that warm, fuzzy-feeling it gives you inside, being a mentor also has a measurable positive impact. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd certainly want the guy who starred in Django Unchained on my good side.

And if you become a mentor, who knows -- he might even follow you on Twitter. He wants to place my tract in the hands of some German princes. He used to be a tutor in the household of the Grand Duke of Baden, he knows the German Kaiser and thinks he can get me an audience. Because of his connections, Hechler was able to arrange for Herzl an audience with the German Kaiser, who became very supportive, and who had significant influence with Turkey, then rulers of Palestine. Nonetheless, the friendship and partnership between Herzl and Hechler continued to grow.

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He is at once clever and mystical and naive. His counsel and precepts have been excellent to date. However, even after their dreams were becoming reality with the Balfour Declaration of promising to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine under the British Mandate, Hechler was frustrated that many Jewish people were not eager to move there. Grave mistakes were made during those years, the tragedy of the Exodus being just one of them. British Christians have since held ceremonies on the shores of Israel to repent for those grievous decisions made during the time of the British mandate, and to ask for forgiveness.

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When we choose to remember the heroes who founded the country, I feel that there is something to fight for. Secular Zionism is not racism, but as Herzl rightly saw, it is necessary because of racism.

A matter of time…

The Ancient One in Doctor Strange , after she's stabbed by Kaecilius and sent plummeting through several glass panes onto the New York pavement, despite Drs. A mysterious music, full of information from a particle collider. To make matters worse, of those four, three of them died as a consequence of something their pupil did. Heroes of Lagaard , players meet Flausgul and Kurogane early on and learn several important things about the Labyrinth from them. His counsel and precepts have been excellent to date.

Christian Zionism is not primarily about politics, but about great love for God, for his people, and a willingness to align with his prophetic plans made long ago, as William Hechler demonstrated. He was exonerated only after 12 years of false accusation and imprisonment. Should you stone your children to death when they curse you?

Street sculpture of Theodore Herzl in Herzliya, Israel. A matter of time… Spurred into action by the Dreyfus crisis[1] and the merciless pogroms in Russia, Herzl worked hard towards the goal of changing the reality for the Jewish people, for purely pragmatic reasons.

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