Sons of Encouragement

Sons of Encouragement: Five Stories of Faithful Men Who Changed Eternity

Sons Of Encouragement (Paperback)

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Francine's writing is real, fresh, and inspiring! And while it didn't tick all the boxes for me, it was worth reading none the less. A serious conflict arose between them over John Mark, Barnabas' cousin. I read this as part of a summer book club and all across the board people were mostly disappointed with the book. Man planned but God prevailed Whew I finally finished this book.

Please consider verifying with the store that the product actually is in stock. Skin prickling with fear, he glanced up. No one was near. Wiping the moisture from his upper lip, he bent again to his work.

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Through the area, sunburned, work-weary children carried straw to women who shook it out like a blanket over the mud pit and then stomped it in. Sweat-drenched men filled buckets and bent beneath the weight as they poured the mud into brick molds.

From dawn to dusk, the work went on unceasingly, leaving only a few twilight hours to tend small garden plots and flocks in order to sustain life. Where are You, God?

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His knees ached from squatting, his back from lifting bricks, his neck from bowing. He set the bricks in stacks for others to load. The pits and plains were a hive of workers, the air so close and heavy he could hardly breathe for the stench of human misery.

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Sometimes death seemed preferable to this unbearable existence. What hope had he or any of his people? God had forsaken them.

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Aaron wiped the sweat from his eyes and removed another mold from a dried brick. Someone spoke to him again.

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This is no fiction that was written quickly Even though all of that is so true, I was wary to read "Sons of Encouragement. I can relate to them so much more than men, naturally! But I wound up at the library hungry for something new from Francine Rivers or George MacDonald my favorite non-modern author.

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All they had to choose from was "Sons of Encouragement" or And my low expectations were so off! The fact that the main characters of these books are men didn't do anything to diminish my enjoyment of these stories. They drew me back to the beginning of God's word and to the Stories of these 5 men who really were just regular men but who were chosen by God for something great. I love Miss River's books because they show you so clearly God's plan, His goodness, His sovereignty Here, you have them all together which is much more convenient.

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The novellas in the Sons of Encouragement series recount the stories of lesser- known biblical character who made an impact on eternity. Behind the men who shaped history are the heroes who forever changed it. The novellas in the Sons of Encouragement series recount the stories of.