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Chase had been violently and sexually abused beginning at the age of two and said her old self ceased to exist after that. After introducing Chase, who was there to promote her book When Rabbit Howls , Winfrey unexpectedly broke down in tears while reading the teleprompter, relating her own childhood molestation to that of the guest. Unable to control herself, Winfrey repeatedly asked producers to stop filming. Erin Kramp, a mother dying of breast cancer, appeared on the show in After realizing that her six-year-old daughter, Peyton, would have to grow up without her, Kramp began recording videotapes filled with motherly advice on everything from makeup tips to finding a husband.

She also wrote letters and bought gifts for Peyton to open every Christmas and birthday she was gone. Kramp lost her battle with cancer on October 31, She had recorded over a hundred videos and audiotapes for her daughter. Jo Ann Compton's daughter Laurie Ann was stabbed to death in —and a decade later, the mom was tangled in her grief. Oprah brought in Dr. Phil to help Jo Ann. He asked her if she thought her daughter would want her to be in so much pain—and Compton said no.

When Compton returned to the show in , she had a new viewpoint on the daughter she lost: It was an amazing transformation. In , Winfrey met year-old Mattie Stepanek , who was born with dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy and wrote inspirational poetry he titled "Heartsongs. It doesn't have to be talking about love and peace.

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T Stepanek Park in Maryland. Originally featured a monthly book highlight, including author interviews. Its popularity caused featured books to shoot to the top of bestseller lists, often increasing sales by as many as a million copies at its peak. It was suspended in and returned in , featuring more classic works of literature, with reduced selections per season.

The original format was reintroduced in September , but Winfrey's selection of James Frey's A Million Little Pieces became controversial due to accusations of falsification. Modernizing the book club's platform, Winfrey and Tolle began a series of live webcast classes that were streamed on Oprah. Items personally favored by Winfrey were featured on the show and given away to audience members. Since its launch in , the "Favorite Things" episode quickly became the hottest ticket in television.

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When a product was featured, its sales skyrocketed. Select groups were sometimes chosen to receive the items.

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In , the audience was made up of educators from across the country. Hurricane Katrina volunteer workers were invited to the show. Winfrey has said that the iPad , given away to her audience, was her all-time favorite "Favorite Thing". During a Season Oprah Behind the Scenes episode documenting the production of the giveaway, Winfrey talked about why the event resonates with viewers:. The things of "Favorite Things" is the least of the experience. It's sharing that moment with other people, acknowledging that surprise and fantastical, sensational, wonderful, happy things can still occur in your life.

Winfrey and Gayle King are friends. In , Winfrey was working as a news anchor in Baltimore when she met King, a production assistant.

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The two bonded during a snowstorm when Winfrey told King she could stay at her home to wait it out. Their friendship was often showcased on the show when the best friends decided to take a trip together. The series intended to recreate daily life in Plymouth Colony in Their hour Puritan adventure included wood chopping, cooking over an open fire, battling with mice, and using leaves for toilet paper. Winfrey and King joined 60 women for a spa getaway in They spent five days at Miraval Life in Balance Resort and Spa taking part in self-improvement exercises.

For an exercise called A Swing and a Prayer, the women were hoisted 40 feet in the air and told to let go. Once in the air, King—who is afraid of heights—wouldn't let herself fall. Winfrey couldn't help but laugh as King remained in the air but eventually persuaded her to let go. In the summer of , Winfrey and King decided to go on an day road trip across America, from California to New York, 3, miles. They were excited to meet people from small towns and see how America really lives.

However, the initial excitement quickly wore off. The friends had minor meltdowns and fought for control over the radio; King likes to have music constantly playing while driving, Winfrey prefers silence. Despite the challenges of the road trip, they got to see the beauty of Sedona , meet the people of Navajo Nation , crash a couple of weddings, take a dip in the healing waters of Pagosa Springs , and learn about Amish culture. Winfrey's many driving anxieties and King's tone-deaf singing made the trip a huge hit with viewers. The friends visited the State Fair of Texas in They played traditional state fair games like Flip-the-Chick and the water gun race.

They tried many of the fried foods offered at the fair and judged a best "Best of Show" food contest. For the farewell season, the best friends hit the road again for an overnight camping trip at Yosemite National Park. Park ranger Shelton Johnson wrote to Winfrey because he was concerned by the low number of African-Americans who visited the national parks each year. So Winfrey and King packed up their camper and headed to Yosemite to help Johnson attract visitors. When they arrived, Johnson took Winfrey and King around the park to see some of its famous sites including Mariposa Grove and the Tunnel View , where El Capitan is visible in the distance.

On the way to the campsite, Winfrey made a sharp turn causing their trailer to hit a rock. After setting up their pop-up camper, the two mixed up some Moscow Mules to pass out to their camping neighbors. The drink has become a signature Oprah cocktail. The next day they took a lesson in fly fishing and wrapped up their stay with a mule ride.

A segment at the end of the show that featured spiritual counselors, ordinary people who had been involved in extraordinary situations. They would come on the show and share their stories of overcoming adversity with the audience, inspiring viewers to do the same in their own life. Iyanla Vanzant is a former attorney, spiritual teacher and self-help expert who was a regular on the show in the late s. She started the show in its 12th season and became known for her no-nonsense, hard-hitting, and often humorous advice.

Vanzant's take on everything from cheating spouses to financial struggles connected with viewers and, at times, Winfrey sat in the audience while Vanzant led the show. Phil McGraw when he worked as a consultant for her legal team during her beef trial in Amarillo, Texas. Starting in April of that year, he became a fixture on the show and a viewer favorite. McGraw gave guests tough, tell-it-like-it-is advice and didn't allow excuses or rationalizations for their bad habits, bad marriages, or bad attitudes.

His popular Tuesday appearances on the show led to his own talk show, Dr. Phil , in Financial expert Suze Orman became a viewer favorite, offering money tips, spending interventions, and her famous "Suze smackdowns. Her motivational approach to fixing finances has led to her own financial advice empire.

Winfrey introduced up-and-coming public figures who generated industry buzz but not otherwise widely known. In what several media commentators have labelled The Oprah Effect , people appearing on this segment such as Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx and singer James Blunt benefited from the extra publicity the show garnered. Blunt in particular saw album sales increase dramatically and landed a Top Two spot on the Billboard A show feature called "Wildest Dreams" fulfilled the dreams of people reported to Winfrey by the producers — mostly viewers who wrote into the show — be the dreams of a new house, an encounter with a favorite performer, or a guest role on a popular TV show.

Oz", regularly appeared on Tuesdays during the — season. Oz debuted The Dr. Oz Show in first-run syndication. Oz has been criticized as promoting pseudo-science, and was the winner of the Pigasus Award. A weekly live episode premiered in the show's 23rd season with a panel consisting of Winfrey, Gayle King, Mark Consuelos , and Ali Wentworth. The panel discussed the week's news and highlighted events in the media and on the show.

In the —10 season, Winfrey hosted this segment on her own. Fridays Live did not return for the show's 25th season. In March , Winfrey began a campaign to stop drivers from talking or texting on their cell phone in their vehicles while driving. This campaign was regularly noted near the beginning or at the end of episodes.

On November 10, , during a show about sexual abuse, Winfrey revealed that she was raped by a relative when she was nine years old. Since this episode, Winfrey has used the show as a platform to help catch child predators, raise awareness, and give victims a voice. Liberace appeared in the first season of the show on December 25, He performed a Christmas medley; Winfrey said it was "the most beautiful I've ever heard".

This is known as a 'Gathering', and fighting is prohibited. Cats who live outside of the Clans are split into three groups. Housecats , known as 'kittypets', are often sneered at by the Clan cats for their cozy and lazy life. Occasionally a curious kittypet will wander into the forest to explore; at this point, they are chased away, but will rarely come to harm.

As a result, kittypets often warn each other not to enter the forest. Although regarded by the Clans with suspicion, they do not cause the forest cats any trouble, and so are free to wander outside of the borders in peace. Similar to loners are 'rogues', who differ only because they intentionally try to cause the Clans harm.

It is not unusual for a rogue to be a former Clan cat looking for revenge. For a kittypet, loner or rogue to join a Clan is rare, but not unheard of. Often, these newcomers have to prove themselves in order to be regarded with trust by the rest of the community. Beyond the Clans' territories lies a mountain range, inhabited by the Tribe of Rushing Water.

The Tribe is shown to be similar to the Clans, yet follows a different set of ancestors: The Tribe has a Healer, cave-guards, and prey-hunters, who each serve a different function in the Tribe. The Healer leads the Tribe, heals the ill and wounded, and communicates with the Tribe of Endless Hunting; the cave-guards defend the Tribe , and the prey-hunters hunt.

The Tribe was formed by the Ancients when they left the lake to live in the mountains. In turn, cats from the Tribe moved to the forest of the original series and formed the Clans. StarClan is a group of the Clans' deceased ancestors who give guidance to the Clans. After death, most Clan cats join StarClan. StarClan is said to be represented by Silverpelt, and each individual star represents the spirit of a single dead warrior. Upon joining StarClan, the cats' spirits take the form in which they were most happy while living i. StarClan Warriors, elders, deputies, queens, and kits keep watch over the Clans, usually watching the Clan they lived in while alive.

They provide guidance to the Clans, often through dreams and other signs like omens. Often, this occurs when medicine cats go to the Moonstone, a large piece of quartz in an abandoned mine , which is used in the forest territory to communicate with the medicine and leader cats ' ancestors every half-moon. This is later replaced by the Moonpool, a small body of water from which cats can drink from in order to communicate with StarClan. In an author chat, Hunter said that StarClan can "just get glimpses of" the future, which they occasionally pass on, although these visions tend to be convoluted and difficult to understand.

StarClan cats are often described as being transparent and silver in color , with stars sparkling around their paws. In the manga , their eyes are portrayed as blank and empty. On very rare occasions, a StarClan cat will interact with the world of the living, mainly to take a recently deceased cat to their place of resting.

When a StarClan cat is forgotten by all living memory, or is killed in battle , they will fade away-it is unknown what happens to them after this. The spirits of traitors who cause great pain and suffering to others during their lives reside there in order to pay for their sins. As the name suggests, it takes the form of a never-ending forest, forcing its residents to forever walk alone. Although cats of the Dark Forest are meant to be isolated as punishment, they later learn how to walk in the dreams of living cats.

Like StarClan cats, Dark Forest residents will fade away if they are forgotten, or killed in battle. A unique aspect is that if a living cat dies whilst visiting the Dark Forest in their dreams, they will automatically become a spirit of the Dark Forest themselves. In addition, it is possible for StarClan cats to become lost within the forest if they stay there for too long, hence why the majority avoid it. The original Warriors series, later re-titled Warriors: The Prophecies Begin , [10] was released from to and consists of six books: He rises through the clan hierarchy and becomes the leader of ThunderClan by the end of the series.

The second series, Warriors: The New Prophecy , was released from to , and consists of six books: The third series, Warriors: Power of Three , was released from to and consists of six books: The fourth series, Warriors: Omen of the Stars , was released from to and consists of six books: Power of Three , wherein Hollyleaf dies and Dovewing replaces her.

The fifth series, Warriors: Dawn of the Clans , was released from March 5, to September 1, and consists of six books: In The Sun Trail , prey is scarce in the mountain home of the Tribe of Pointed Stones, so a cat named Gray Wing and his companions must leave to find more food and a better home. Once they reach their new forest home Gray Wing falls in love with a rogue cat there named Storm. The Tribe cats start to live in the forest and take in rogue cats.

Once she meets Clear Sky, however, she falls in love with him. Gray Wing discovers that Storm is pregnant by Clear Sky and that she is going to live with him, breaking Gray Wing's heart. When he finds Storm, she is dead along with two of her three kits. Storm had left Clear Sky after he banished his own brother Jagged Peak who was barely an adult because he had fallen out of a tree and broken his leg. Clear Sky banished all cats who couldn't look after themselves.

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Sad and angry with his brother, Gray Wing adopts Thunder as his own kin. Turtle Tail returns to Gray Wing's group pregnant by an aggressive kittypet tomcat named Tom, and becomes Gray Wing's mate. A fire breaks out in the forest, forcing Clear Sky's group to take shelter with Gray Wing. While taking shelter with Gray Wing, Clear Sky realizes that he was wrong about Thunder and invites him to join his group. Thunder quickly accepts the offer, but soon realizes that his father is too power-hungry and concentrated on the needs of the group over the individual and leaves.

Gray Wing tries to make peace, but Clear Sky is ambitious and wants more territory. Tom arrives to look for Bumble another housecat and Turtle Tail. He steals Turtle Tail's kits and brings them to live with him. Cats from Gray Wing's group go to look for and bring them back, but they find Turtle Tail dead by a road. The cats manage to rescue the kittens from Tom, who swears revenge. At the end, Gray Wing's cats fight Clear Sky's. Many cats die, such as the following: The battle ends in a stalemate. The ghosts of the fallen cats known as 'spirit cats' return to tell the fighting cats to "unite or die".

Clear Sky is struck with guilt and grief. In the fourth book, The Blazing Star , rogues non-Clan cats join the groups and One Eye, a rogue tries to take control of the forest. The groups meet again at the full moon, where they are greeted again by the fallen cats.

This time, they bring a new message: No cat can understand what it means; however, during the meeting, Thunder meets a she-cat named Star Flower. Then to realise she is One Eye's daughter. After the meeting, the cats notice that a strange sickness is starting to infect the prey, giving them sores and bloated bellies. One of Wind Runner's kits Morning Whisker, fell ill with the disease and eventually died. Struck by sadness, Wind Runner, Gorse Fur, and their remaining kits, Dust Muzzle and Moth Flight, leave the hollow to live on their own up in the moor.

A Vision of Shadows is the sixth sub-series. The series was originally titled, Warriors: The first book, The Apprentice's Quest , which takes place approximately eight months after Bramblestar's Storm, was released on March 15, The books' main characters are Sparkpaw and Alderpaw who are Bramblestar's and Squirrelflight's children. The first book, The Apprentice's Quest, starts with each Clan's medicine cats receiving a prophecy from StarClan together, telling them to "Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky".

When receiving this prophecy , Jayfeather sees Alderkit Alderpaw's former name in his dream , as well as the other medicine cats. Later, he, Leafpool, and Bramblestar decide that Alderpaw should become a medicine cat apprentice. Further into the book, Alderpaw has a vision of the far-off SkyClan. After deciding that Alderpaw's vision relates to the prophecy, Bramblestar sends Alderpaw on a quest to help SkyClan along with his ex-mentor, Molewhisker, Sandstorm, his sister Sparkpaw, and her mentor Cherryfall. While on the quest, they're joined by ShadowClan apprentice Needlepaw.

Sandstorm dies along the way. When they reach the gorge where SkyClan lives, they find that they have been run out of their territory by a group of rogues.

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All attempts to book Johnson failed and Winfrey decided to "do what we do best, and that is a show about and with everyday people". By Audrey Schulman , Europa. Power of Three , was published from to Fan Interference For the safety and enjoyment of all, guests are reminded to not interfere with a ball in play or trespass onto the playing field. During the baseball season April - September , tours are offered: Upon crafting the Telltale Heart, the player who crafted it will lose 40 Health and 20 Sanity. Share this Rating Title:

They decide that they arrived too late to help SkyClan and return back to the lake. On the way back Alderpaw and Needlepaw find two female kits Twigkit and Violetkit who lost their mother. Needlepaw suggests that the kits could be "what you find in the shadows". They then take the kits back to the lake and at a full moon Gathering, the Clan leaders decide that ShadowClan should take one kit and ThunderClan should take the other. The second book, Thunder and Shadow, was released on September 6, The two kits struggle to find their place in their respective Clans , and feel lonely.

However, Alderpaw and Needlepaw befriend the kits, and even arrange for them to meet in secret between the two Clans' borders. The Clan cats discover that the rogues from A Vision of Shadows followed the quest cats to the lake , and have made camp near ShadowClan. Meanwhile, the ShadowClan apprentices start to lose faith in the warrior code , and many of them eventually join the rogues , including Needlepaw, who brings Violetkit with her.

The third book, Shattered Sky, was released on April 11, It details the war that ensues between the Clans and Darktail's so called Kin after his annexation of ShadowClan. It heavily focuses on the sisters Twigpaw and Violetpaw as they find themselves on two different sides of a very brutal conflict that will determine the fate of the Clans. Battles will be fought, loyalties will be tested, prophecies will be interpreted and as always, cats will die before the Clans know peace again.

Super Editions are stand alone books in the Warriors series that are approximately double the length of a normal Warriors book. Six field guides have also been published. The guides offer extra information, usually in the form of short stories, and are usually about pages long. Four of the manga series consist of three volumes, though The Rise of Scourge is a standalone book. Originally published only in e-book format, the novellas were later published in anthology volumes. The first book of the series, Into the Wild , was generally well-received, with reviewers calling it a "spine-tingling," [47] "thoroughly engrossing" [48] and "exciting The manga has also earned praise: Suitable for readers age ten to one hundred and ten, warriors Tigerstar and Sasha's manga story, 1: Into the Woods, is especially recommended for cat lovers everywhere".

The art was also praised, with the reviewer writing that "Hudson's artwork brings Sasha's emotional journey to life, showing each moment of fear, anxiety, contentment and joy. The cat's-eye perspective of many of the panels, in addition, add [ sic ] a dramatic, energizing element to the book".

The reviewer also wrote that "a twist at the end will leave fans eager for the next installment of Sasha's saga", and that the book would appeal to young adults trying to find their place in the world. The reviewer also wrote that "though the cover claims that this is a 'manga,' the straightforward illustrations are drawn in a simple, realistic style". The large number of characters involved in the series has often been seen as a negative point; though one reviewer compared the "huge cast" to that of a Greek drama , [55] others wrote that it was "hard to follow" [56] and "a little confusing.

As one reviewer put it, the cats in the series are "true to their feline nature," [47] leading some critics to jokingly comment that the books will "leave readers eyeing Puss a bit nervously" [57] and wondering "what dreams of grandeur may haunt the family cat. Themes in the series often revolve around forbidden love. These relationships are not allowed for various reasons: Holmes said that another central theme of the series centres on "faith and spirituality" in StarClan.

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Some scenes take place within StarClan's realm, with no living cats present as point-of-view characters. A man who worked for the Border Patrol for four years describes his efforts to stop and help people coming into the United States. Who gets to dream? America's immigration battles go beyond walls and borders. The first year of the Trump presidency, broken down into weekly compilations of outrageous acts. Think you remember every outrage of the Trump presidency so far? A new book will test you.

By Gregory Blake Smith , Viking. Five subtly related stories spread over three centuries in the little seaside town of Newport, R. What was it like to live in a world both more formal and more brutal than our own? By Rachel Joyce , Random House. An irresistible romantic comedy to begin your new year. By Richard Powers , W. This engrossing environmental novel intertwines several stories about people whose lives are devoted to trees. Kuang , Harper Voyager. Rin is an orphan secretly studying for an elite military academy to escape an unwanted marriage.

The first novel in a planned trilogy. Best science fiction and fantasy books out this month. By Leni Zumas , Little, Brown. And it feels eerily real.

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By Dave Itzkoff , Henry Holt. The hilarious, tortured life of a comic genius. By Rebecca Harrington , Doubleday. A compelling look at the emergence of the commercial space industry, from the first flight of SpaceShipOne to the prospect of Earth orbit as a venue for tourism and recreation. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk going head-to-head to conquer space travel.

Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. By Laura Lippman , William Morrow. By Christine Mangan , Ecco. Two unreliable narrators share their versions of the events leading up to a murder in this atmospheric thriller set in Morocco. By Audrey Schulman , Europa. A riveting page-turner about bonobos — yes, the chimp-like primates — and set in a very near and dire future. By Domenico Starnone , Europa.

In this layered, alternately witty and melancholy story, an aging artist sees shadowy apparitions everywhere when he returns to his childhood home in Naples.