The Message: A Translation of the Glorious Quran

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Niseem Joseph Dawood

Email the author Login required. Abstract Improper, or literal translations of the Quran may be one of the reasons behind misinterpretations of this sacred text. Keywords daraba, Quran, women, Verse34, surah annissae, Sunnah, Prophet, separate, mistranslations, meanings.

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References Abdel Haleem, M. Al-Fayyumi, Ahmed bnu Ali Al Misbah Al Munir. Laleh Bakhtiar , The Sublime Quran. Librairie du Liban, Beirut: Marmaduke , The Meaning of the Glorious Koran. Ushama, Thamem , Methodologies of the Quranic Exegesis. This is not an exhaustive survey of all English translations; we have only mentioned some important or popular ones from the past and present. Although we have included more than thirty-five English language translations of the Quran online, none of them is entirely satisfactory and some are extremely unreliable. | Translation of the Holy Quran in English, Maulana Muhammad Ali | | Boeken

Yusuf Alis and Marmaduke Pickthalls translations are reasonably accurate but not very consistent the former is more accurate of the two, but both are generally reliable. Nevertheless, if you prefer modern English, the translation by Shakir and Irving are serviceable and Arberry and Dawood among the non-Muslim translations. In the following year, a Jew of Iraqi origin and a translator by profession Niseem Joseph Dawood, produces his translation, The Koran in 5th revised ed. Penguin Books , further revised Compared with many available translations at the time, he somehow succeeded his stated aim to make the language modern and readable.

Although it is to some degree promoted by his supporters, this translation has never gained much scholarly attention. The translation is scattered with polemical reinterpretations that seek to locate the Quran in Old Testament origins.

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The translation has never gained much support outside of polemical circles. The style is somewhat uneven, shifting abruptly between exceedingly ordinary language and glaring poetic flights — sometimes even mixed within a given verse. Furthermore there exists some bizarre in the italic styles used by Cleary to differentiate between the Speech of the Divine and peculiar English word choices for Arabic e. In a growing list of recent efforts by non-Muslims, it is difficult to realize, beyond the commercial or polemical possibilities, the contributors hope to make in the field of quranic translation.

Nevertheless, some great effort was made in the past to translate the Quran into English.


The Message - A Translation of the Glorious Qur'an [The Monotheist Group] on The Holy Quran Arabic Text English Translation (English and Arabic Edition). The Message - A Translation of the Glorious Qur'an THE GLORIOUS QURAN - Translated Quran He said, 'He says it should quran translation color-blind.

This was more a rebuttal of the anti-Islamic currents in the translations of the day, rather than sound quranic scholarship. Seven years later, two new efforts appeared. Prepared by various Oriental Learned scholars , Delhi This translation is a prevailing missionary material. Although well intended, none of these three early Muslim translations was by a reputed scholar, and so both the quality of the translation and the level of scholarship were not particularly high.

As a result, today these works only remain of historical interest.

Later more substantial translations by Muslims followed:. Back then, the translations was viewed with delight among the Muslim community and skeptic among orientalist circles. Later on, it became an important and popular early translation both in public and academic circles, this mainly due to Pickthall being faithful to the Quran in its representation and objectively more readable and accurate than many of the previous English translations.

Prophet Muhammad and His Message - Amazing Lecture (Mufti Ismail Menk)

Critics will have it that there are some flaws, mainly as a result from the limits of his Arabic, though he used his English gifts to offset this. In a contemporary view, the use of archaic and now obsolete terms makes it harder to understand for an uninitiated reader, as of the text is composed with a certain difficulty expression, dryness of style, lack of exactness in meaning in different places.

The verse numbering system he imports from India, which differs from the standard Egyptian version, created some impediment to easy textual comparison.

Translation of the Holy Quran in English

Later editions changed the numbering system to the now standard Egyptian version. Translation and Commentary , Lahore, Pakistan, The preparation for the translation began when Yusuf Ali traveled Europe and settled in London, where he began a review of existing translations.

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He later on resettled in Lahore in Pakistan and took up the project of interpreting the Quran into English, with the aid of students at the Islamic College that he was appointed to head. The translation has undergone many revisions and editions, most of them posthumously. Yusuf Ali also made use of a slightly different verse numbering in the first editions; this has later on been changed to match the now standard Egyptian version.

Verse (42:48) - English Translation

The translation by S. It contains several discussions about their doctrine and sometimes read into the text. Reading into the text, ultra-traditionalist interpretations of references; inadequate grasp of English; studiously avoided. Wikipedia en Wikipedia en.