Tales from the Captain´s Table

Tales From the Captain's Table

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External link Tales from the Captain's Table at Memory Beta, the wiki for to the bestselling Captain's Table series of books, nine new Star Trek captains belly. In this follow-up to the bestselling Captain's Table series of books, nine new Star Trek® captains belly up to the bar to tell their tales of adventure and romance.

It too VERY disappointed in this book. Where there not enough captains from the TV series to choose from? There was only one representative each from Voyager, Deep Space 9, and Enterprise. I hated Riker's story the most I think. Too big of a stretch. Why would a planet reject technology up to an arbritrary point? Oh, but they make an exception for universal translators? And Riker and Troi have to be temporarily genetically altered to have blue skin? And then Picard's story was another one, I did not understand the insect aliens or whatever was supposed to be going on there.

I almost put the book down after those two stories. Better stories were those of Shelby and Sulu. Chakotay and Klag were okay. Oct 02, David Palazzolo rated it really liked it. I only bought this book for the New Frontier story which I found riveting. I'll read the other stories after I finish the New Frontier novels.

Welcome to chapter 21 of the overall series of Star Trek: The Prime Time Soap. This story picks up some time after Stone and Anvil. The tension between the Federation and the Selevian race left at the end of that novel has exploded into a full fledged war with the Tholians allying themselves I only bought this book for the New Frontier story which I found riveting. The tension between the Federation and the Selevian race left at the end of that novel has exploded into a full fledged war with the Tholians allying themselves with the Selevians and the Orion Pirates finding new opportunities to flourish by picking through the debris left behind after combat.

The story focuses on Capt. The story does not end well for Soleta for reasons I will not go into here as it would spoil the end of the story but I will put it like this: If this was a true prime time soap, then this story could easily be the 2nd season cliffhanger.

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Next is Star Trek: Oct 11, Trev rated it liked it. A mixed bag to say the least. I think part of the enjoyment of this book will come from which of these characters you have followed in the various book series. For example, I found the story told by Demora Sulu a real struggle to get into this being my first brush with this character but half way through I got into that particular story. All of them are well written even if some of them will leave you scratching your head wondering what is going on or why the story is what it is, but that is pe A mixed bag to say the least.

All of them are well written even if some of them will leave you scratching your head wondering what is going on or why the story is what it is, but that is perhaps a personal thing and some people will find these elements the better areas. If you are a fan of these captains then you will probably find this a good read, but if some of these people are new to you then you may want to read a few of their novels before attempting this. The captains that I did know I found the stories to be in keeping with their characters and yes, one or two aspects may not seem right but this is science fiction!!

Put simply, some of these stories are really good, others not so much.

Jun 28, Curren rated it really liked it. My 4 star review is sole based on judging this book for what it is: There is a different author for each chapter, or "captain's story" so the writing quality varies. Most of the writing was okay, a few chapters were somewhat poorly written. Otherwise the idea behind the book is clever and I liked hearing stories about captains that I would not have seen on the tv shows.

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It helped me appreciate the characters more, and introduced me to new ones. If you are a Star Trek fan, this My 4 star review is sole based on judging this book for what it is: If you are a Star Trek fan, this is a great book - especially if you have seen the shows but have not read a ST novel yet. A short story collection featuring all eras of Star Trek. I really like the idea of 'The Captain's Table' bar and think they should do more books using this device.

There's a variety of tales here, from the swashbuckling of Rikers honeymoon, to the seriousness of Kiras' brother, to the complete fantasy of Porthos the beagle spy. The fun of this book is that every story is vastly different. May 21, Jim rated it liked it. This collection of stories is uneven, but overall a good read. All the stories are character pieces that don't focus on action or science, but life lessons learned by the characters. The only story that I flat out didn't like was the one focused on Captain Archer.

If you liked the format of the Captain's Table series of novels, than I think this collection will satisfy you.

Tales from the captains' table

Nov 26, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: This amusing collection of short stories is edited by Keith R. DeCandido who also contributes a story featuring Klag. Of course, none of them can live up to the legend of Porthos, badass beagle and cheese connoisseur. Published in trade paperback by Pocket Books. I love Star Trek.


There were a couple of tales that I didn't care for in particular but I think it was more because I wasn't familiar with the captain telling the story than the story itself. At any rate, Yay! May 27, Lindsey Cook rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this one. Some stories were better then others. I particularly enjoyed Chakotay's, Golds and Kira's. Jan 27, Fishsanwitt marked it as to-read Shelves: Jul 06, Marco rated it liked it. Collection of short stories by quite a few starship commanders. Nice read, good for a quick fix of Star Trek literature. Jun 15, Allisson Reed rated it it was amazing.

Belly up to the mystical bar, prepare to be entertained. Jul 30, Benjamin Plume rated it really liked it Shelves: Very well put together, and each tale is kind of nifty. Sort of the fiction of the fictional universe. Craig rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Shafiq Chaudhary rated it liked it Dec 26, Nicole rated it it was amazing May 14, His eyes light up and he nearly comes up off the chair.

Star Trek: Tales from the Captain's Table

That happened in ! Kennedy, Cremin's late replacement as captain, was a Garda from Annascaul, reputed to be one of the greatest midfielders of all time. Fogarty and Riordan contacted his family in Dublin and visited them there. He said he could never make a footballer because people said you will never be as good as your father. It happens a lot of Kerry people, now.

Then back to his house where his wife showed us a bracelet she keeps locked in a safe with all his All-Ireland medals attached. She wears this for special occasions. His sons and daughters and grandchildren were there and we sat down with them and reminisced. The highlight for me was when his son went upstairs and brought down the jersey he wore in the Polo Grounds in Fogarty has a personal interest in Kennedy.

I have an interest in every Kerry footballer.

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But Paddy Kennedy would be of particular interest because I grew up just after his era and everyone was talking about Paddy Kennedy. And one of the family tells a lovely story when Paddy was being taken to the church from the house the morning of the funeral Mass how Mick O'Connell stole up beside the church and all eyes were on him and he sympathised with the whole family. So I would have a special interest. I regret not having seen him play. And I never had the fortune to meet the man. But if Weeshie Fogarty is to pick one story from them all that truly held him spellbound it is that of Phil O'Sullivan, the captain of Kerry when they won the All-Ireland in In , Kerry didn't have a trainer and O'Sullivan was persuaded by his college friend to take over the county team.

We went down and we filmed the house where his father was a teacher, it was a school as well, and Phil was born in that house and became a teacher later. In , he went to America with the Kerry team. At one banquet, there were 1, people at it, a Kathleen O'Mahoney from Tipperary, who was 18, was playing the piano and Phil and her fell in love and got married -- all this coming from Annie Hegarty, the only surviving family member, who we met in Cloyne. She was around 90 and exceptionally lucid and entertaining. We spent a whole afternoon with her.

See a Problem?

I suppose out of all the people we have interviewed, she was as good as any of them. She is a retired teacher from England, very refined. Kathleen O'Mahoney's parents had died in Tipperary and her grandmother sent her to America to stay with relatives. And Phil was a beautiful singer. She Annie told us he had a voice like an angel. He was persuaded to sing with Kathleen at the banquet.

He got chatting and he fell in love with her. Eventually they got married. The couple stayed in America but they had no family. Later O'Sullivan's wife turned to drink and the marriage disintegrated. When he died there was no one at the funeral. He remained in an unmarked grave in New York until a group from Tuosist found the plot in the s and placed a proper headstone over it.

Until we talked to Annie. We interviewed her for over two hours. It flowed out of her. She remembers them coming back to Tuosist on holidays, the two of them, they were perfect she said, the perfect couple and she was a fabulous dancer. She hoped to make Broadway and Annie remembers her dancing in the house in Tuosist and Phil singing. She said she could nearly touch the ceiling she was so light on her feet. I thought the whole thing was very sad and poignant.

How they were so happy, when they came home. Annie tells us that of a Sunday after Mass they'd all gather at the local field and he would be there teaching them how to play football. From the modern era, Liam Hassett talks about how his greatest regret as captain was not inviting his brother Mike, who was captain when they won the Munster championship but lost his place, up to the presentation in Mickey Ned O'Sullivan was the only captain unable to accept the cup, after being hospitalised by that infamous Dublin challenge in the final.

A young Pat Spillane took over the duty and confesses to having made what he claims was the shortest speech by an All-Ireland winning captain. There is the story of captain Donie O'Sullivan who later in life had to deal with one of his sons becoming seriously ill.

And he gave us a photograph of himself sitting alongside his two sons and he said, 'Weeshie,' he said, 'I played a lot in Croke Park, 'but that was my finest moment'. The most recent Kerry captain, Darran O'Sullivan, is the first interview fully edited by Riordan and ready for public consumption.

They also spent a couple of days in the county library in Tralee poring over old Kerryman newspapers to film headlines before and after All-Irelands and there will be scenes of the homecomings that have become the stuff of legend. Fogarty remembers vividly the homecoming in '55 because his neighbour, Culloty, was on the team as a teenager. A group of us young fellas went to an old field near here.

There was a donkey grazing, tied up, and that evening about a dozen of us stole the donkey and dressed him in green and gold. Our idea was to bring him to the station and put Culloty up on him and bring him down the town. We brought the donkey to the platform but could not get near Culloty. He thinks of the homecomings and how they perpetuate the winning tradition and sense of natural succession.

I even see now today you would have fathers with sons up on their shoulders and every young fella there, where does he want to be? He wants to be up on that lorry. Michael Verney and Martin Breheny Bernard Brogan may have played his last competitive game in a Dublin jersey after the five-time All-Ireland winner underwent surgery for a cruciate knee ligament injury.

But what of the GMA? Ross Byrne on his Ireland experience, why he stayed with Leinster and developing as a ten. Click here to subscribe on iTunes. Tales from the captains' table Behind the spotlight of All-Ireland day lie stories of controversy and bad luck, writes Dermot Crowe Ambrose O'Donovan and Johnny Culloty share captains' memories. December 27 5: Ross Byrne on his Ireland experience, why he stayed with Leinster and developing as a ten Click here to subscribe on iTunes.

Most Viewed Most Shared. Sport Newsletter The best sport action straight to your inbox every morning. Forget women's rights - all that Serena was campaigning for at the Dublin worked slavishly hard for their All-Ireland successes and it's What do you think of this, Kieran Donaghy? Rafa Benitez 'deeply saddened' by former Liverpool defender Stephen Darby's retirement Rafael Benitez has paid tribute to Stephen Darby after