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The Church calls these people heretics. It calls their beliefs heresies. One heresy spread through southern France in the 13th century. The Albigensian heresy said that all matter is evil.

St. Dominic

The human body is matter. Therefore, they taught that the human body is evil. And if the human body is evil, then Jesus was not human. One man stepped forward to preach the good news that Jesus was both human and divine. That man was Dominic. Dominic was born in in Castile, Spain.

You will sometimes see a star in artwork of St. Dominic, and he is the patron saint of astronomers.

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When he grew up, he studied and became a priest. He used what he learned to fight against the Albigensian heresy. However, even Dominic managed only a few converts among the Cathars. In , Dominic established himself, with six followers, in a house given by Peter Seila, a rich resident of Toulouse. He subjected himself and his companions to the monastic rules of prayer and penance ; and meanwhile Bishop Foulques gave them written authority to preach throughout the territory of Toulouse.

Blessed Cecilia Caesarini, who was received by Dominic into his new order, in her old age described him as " His face was handsome and somewhat fair. He had reddish hair and beard and beautiful eyes His hands were long and fine and his voice pleasingly resonant. He never got bald, though he wore the full tonsure , which was mingled with a few grey hairs.

Although he traveled extensively to maintain contact with his growing brotherhood of friars, [15] Dominic made his headquarters in Rome. Before that time the friars had only a temporary residence in Rome at the convent of San Sisto Vecchio , which Honorius III had given to Dominic circa , intending it to become a convent for a reformation of nuns at Rome under Dominic's guidance.

St. Dominic

Saint Dominic (Spanish: Santo Domingo), also known as Dominic of Osma and Dominic of Caleruega, often called Dominic de Guzmán and Domingo Félix de. Saint Dominic, Spanish in full Santo Domingo De Guzmán, (born c. , Caleruega, Castile—died August 6, , Bologna, Romagna;.

The official foundation of the Dominican convent at Santa Sabina with its studium conventuale , the first Dominican studium in Rome, occurred with the legal transfer of property from Pope Honorius III to the Order of Preachers on 5 June , though the brethren had taken up residence there already in The latter would be transformed in the 16th century into the College of Saint Thomas Latin: In the winter of —, at the house of Ugolino de' Conti , he first met William of Montferrat , Dominican friar, afterwards a close friend.

According to Guiraud, Dominic abstained from meat, [19] "observed stated fasts and periods of silence", [20] "selected the worst accommodations and the meanest clothes", and "never allowed himself the luxury of a bed". Dominic arrived in Bologna on 21 December Guiraud , pp. Dominic died at the age of fifty-one, according to Guiraud "exhausted with the austerities and labours of his career". His body was moved to a simple sarcophagus in In Dominic's remains were moved to the shrine, made by Nicola Pisano and his workshop.

What part Dominic personally had in the proceedings of the Medieval Inquisition has been disputed for centuries. As one recent historian states, "Was Dominic the first of the inquisitors? The answer is categorically: Simple chronology suffices to resolve the problem: Dominic died in , and the office of the Inquisition was not established until in Lombardy and in Languedoc.

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Thus, the Spanish inquisitors promoted a historical legend for the sake of auto-justification. Reacting against the Spanish tribunals, 16th- and 17th-century Protestant polemicists gladly developed and perpetuated the legend of Dominic the Inquisitor. Thus we see how Dominic the Inquisitor, the invention of Catholic and Protestant polemicists, became one of the most famous figures in the Black Legend.

The spread of the Rosary , a Marian devotion, is attributed to the preaching of Dominic. Pope Pius XI stated, "The Rosary of Mary is the principle and foundation on which the very Order of Saint Dominic rests for making perfect the life of its members and obtaining the salvation of others. The feast of Saint Dominic is celebrated with great pomp and devotion in Malta, in the old city of Birgu and the capital city Valletta.

The Dominican order has very strong links with Malta and Pope St. Pius V , a Dominican friar himself, aided the Knights of St. John to build the city of Valletta.

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