Lesbian Sex Stories 2: Girls Night Out

Lesbian Sex Stories

Ravi is still to excited to pay any attention what Luke and Bertram said. Then there is a break and the three go to the bathroom.

When they get back to their seats Ravi takes a little nap. In Ravi dreams he sees the girls standing around. But he doesn't know who they are standing around. He sees them chant at something that they are looking at. Then he looks into a mirror and sees him an it looks like he's fuck a guy. Then when he turns back to see the girls still chanting him on but they are all naked. Ravi tries to see who the other two guys are. Then he looks back over to see the girls fucking each other.

Luke than wakes up Ravi to tell him that the game is about to start. Back at the apartment Emma and Zuri come back into the theater room. Emma says to Jessie "So are you ready to watch Magic Milke"?

Jessie than quickly answers "Yes I am ready to watch the movie". So the three start to watch the movie. But eventually they couldn't fight the urge to make out with each other. Now Jessie is in shock that they had herd her. Jessie hesitates to answer Emma. Zuri says to Jessie "Come on Jessie just say it already"!

She looks at both of them while trying to come up an answer. Emma know surprised that Jessie knew her secret. She didn't know what to say. So than Jessie leaned in to kiss Emma on the lips. Zuri couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then Emma just leaned back her chair. While Jessie was kissing Emma, she places her finger in Emma's vigina.

So later Jessie turns towards Emma's pussy. Emma replies "Okay I will Jessie". Zuri just sits there watching the two girls. Emma starts to moan as Jessie licks her pussy. Then Zuri ask "Hey Jessie would you mind if lay on top of your back and lick your pussy". Jessie takes a break from licking Emma's pussy.

So Jessie answers "Yes you can Zuri So with that said Jessie goes back to licking Emma. Then Zuri lays on Jessie's back and licks her asswhole. Each girl seem to like what they are doing. Then Emma taps on Jessie to tell her to get off and then Jessie taps on Zuri.

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Emma says to the two girls "That was great, but I have another idea". Jessie says while taking a breather "So Emma what do you have in mind". Emma thinks first before talking and then tells the girls. Then Emma says "How about first we scissor each other with these dildos that I found. Than we should fuck each other". The other two girls agree to do what Emma asked. At the baseball game Back at the game Ravi, Luke and Bertram are still having fun. Bertram gives the boys a drink. Even though Ravi is unsure about it. Bertram tells the other two "Don't tell Jessie that I let you guys have a drink".

Luke says "I won't tell her anything". Ravi just said "Sure I won't fell her anything". Then the three of the boys just went back to watching the game. All throughout the game Ravi could stop thinking about his dream. When it was half time Ravi went to go to the bathroom. Ravi in the bathroom tried to think of how to tell them the truth.

Then Ravi goes back to his seat next to the other two. Back at the apartment Jessie, Zuri and Emma have been switching back and forth with scissor each other. Emma was sweating from the excitement. Also Jessie was sweating from the same thing. Zuri was just okay. The three take a few minutes for a break.

Zuri leaves to go to her room to get a three sided dildo.

Also she gets a dildo that is one sided. She comes back with the two dildos. Jessie asks Zuri "What do you have there Zuri"? Zuri sitting on Jessie's lap naked says "I have a three sided dildo and two sided dildo". Emma asks her "What's the three sided one for"? She moaned and sucked hard. She could feel Maria's wet pussy pressing against her abdomen. Maria moaned softly and began to grind her pussy against Tess's abdomen. The video and then watching Tess bring herself had her at a point of bursting. She cried out when Tess put her hand between her pussy and the sexy alien's abdomen.

She continues grinding, but this time with Tess's fingers flexing between her nether-lips. She moaned as Tess's fingers slowly slid into her hot slick folds. She felt the pleasure building fast as Tess switched to her other breast. She was so close. She took matters into her own and started humping against the three digits that were now filling her pussy. Her breath quickened and she panted as she neared completion.

‘girls night out’ stories

Tess continued pumping her fingers into Maria, but added pleasure by using her other hand to tweak and rub Maria's clit. Tess moan as the hot liquid she had brought form Maria slid between her own nether-lips. She could feel it as it slid down her own slit. Maria recovered quickly and made her way down Tess's body in a trail of soft kisses.

She could taste herself on Tess's abdomen and began to lick along the trail of her own juices until she reached the place were they mingled with Tess's. She flicked her tongue at the smooth nether lips. She moaned and squeezed Maria's head between her thighs, wanting more contact to sooth the ache in her hot pussy. She cried out when Maria began to nibble on her clit and thrust two fingers into her hard and fast.

She could feel the pressure building deep inside. Her own pussy was hot and wet again and she suddenly felt something slick and long enter her from behind. She let out a loud moan and turned her head to look at what was thrusting so deliciously into her. Isabel smiled wickedly at Tess stared wide-eyed at what she was thrusting into Maria. Maria pulled away from Tess's sweet pussy and flipped over to lay on her back. She could feel the weight of the part of the dildo that was still sticking out.

She reached between her legs and adjusted it inside her so that half of it was protruding for the front the she sat up, moaning as the dildo wiggled around inside her. She pushed Isabel down onto her back and began to flick her tongue along the large tan globes.

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Isabel moaned as Maria continued her ministrations and then cried out when the dildo was suddenly thrust in-between her spread thighs. OMG whats going to happen?? Will the fun end here? Or will Max get a live porn show.

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More importantly, will he get to join in? What do you think? Just In All Stories: While she got herself off on my leg, I reached up her back, undid her bustier, and let it fall to the floor, exposing her small but firm chocolate breasts. Her brown nipples were hard as rocks, and her areolas were the same amazing shade, and swollen with lust. Our breasts squeezed into each other, my creamy ones smashing against her gorgeous brown globes.

My hand that held her hair released it, and as I continued to suck and lick her neck, slid down her back to her perfect round ass, and up underneath her skirt, where I began caressing her pussy through her tiny thong. Just then, she bit her lip to avoid screaming as she came, although a slight cry did reach my ears. Instantly, her panties were drenched with her juices, and I slid my finger all around her soaking thong, getting it saturated with her cum.

I then raised it to my lips and she watched as I sucked it dry, a look of pure lust in her eyes. Her musk was so sweet, and the taste made me so aroused that my clitoris throbbed painfully. I thought hard, then smiled, and whispered it into her ear. Once inside, she stepped up to me and slowly undid my leather pants. Then she slid them off of me, getting down on one knee as her hands caressed my hips and legs. As I stepped out of the pants, my pussy was right in front of her face, and I knew she could smell my scent, as well as see how wet my own black satin string bikini was.

Wasting no time, as soon as both my feet were back on solid ground, she reached up, grabbed my ass, and pulled my pussy into her face. Her expert tongue immediately found my swollen clit, and attacked it through my panties, her lips sealing themselves around my crotch.

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I almost came as she moaned at the taste of my juices already soaking my panties. As she continued to work on my pussy, my hips started grinding into her, pressing my pussy deeper into her mouth. My hand went down to her head again and pushed her into my crotch even harder. I was so very close to coming. Then her tongue plunged into me while her nose slammed into my clit.

If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) [Lesbian Film]

I threw my head back and cried out as I came instantly, my hot cum flowing out of my throbbing pussy. As the first wave subsided, I looked down at her, this amazingly beautiful black coed licking my pussy clean and looking back at me with lust filled eyes. I could taste my cum on her tongue and it got me even more aroused. My pussy and my inner thighs were drenched, and I could feel my juices running down the insides of my thighs.

I savored the sensation for what seemed like an eternity until she broke the kiss.

We asked real girls for their kinkiest sex stories, and my GOD did we underestimate them

As I obeyed, she went to her dresser and pulled a pair of velvet-covered handcuffs from the drawer. I held my hands up through the bars of her headboard, and as she leaned over me to cuff them together, her naked breast brushed my mouth. I instantly took it in, sucking as hard as I could. She shuddered and moaned her pleasure, then lingered a bit after she had me tightly cuffed. Then she pulled away and stood on the bed over me. Slowly, she slid her skirt down and off, revealing her silver silk thong.

While I watched, she stood over me and began rubbing herself through it, pushing the material deeper into her pussy. I watched her rub her clit through the thin material, and she closed her eyes as she moaned in pleasure. Watching her was making my pussy throb again, and I was hoping that it would receive more of her attention soon. Her eyes opened and she looked at me lustfully as she slid her hand down into her panties, stroking her clit directly. Moaning again, she bit her lip as she slowly brought herself to climax. This time, as she came, I could see her juices flowing out of her pussy, and I wanted to lick them dry.

Unable to speak, I simply nodded my head vigorously. She slid her panties off and revealed her gorgeous pussy. It was completely shaved, the dark skin around her opening glistening with cum, and her pink inner lips swollen with lust.

I stared unabashedly at it. As she approached, she spread it out and stretched it over my head. As everything went dark, I realized that she had blindfolded me. Then I felt the bed shift as she climbed on top of me and straddled my hips. Our dripping pussies slid back and forth over each other as she rocked, and her hands massaged my tits.

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I moaned loudly, and she leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues mingled once again, and then her mouth moved down my neck. Her lips and tongue left no skin untouched, and soon she was sliding further down and taking first one, then the other nipple into her warm, wet mouth. Gently, she would bite the nipples, and as she held them in her teeth, she flicked them with her talented tongue. Then I felt her mouth kissing my thighs, my knees, my shins, and the top of my feet.

Next, she took my big toe in her mouth and pretended she was sucking a small penis, her soft lips caressing the sides while her tongue swirled around it. I was in pure heaven. This girl was doing things to me and making me feel so alive and so full of passion.

I had never experienced it before. Now, I did have a regret. I regretted that it took me this long to discover sex with another woman. As I thought this, the attention on my toe stopped, and her mouth began working its way up again.