Babylon is Falling! Is Falling


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Reverend Gary Davis:Babylon Is Falling Lyrics

Another angel comes down from heaven, carrying great authority and full of glory. He calls out the message of judgment.

Babylon is fallen because of its great immoralities. Once again the angel speaks with prophetic certainty. Though Rome has not fallen yet at the time of the writing of Revelation, the angel declares its fall in the past tense to show how surely Rome and her empire will fall. Rome has become a dwelling place of wickedness and evil. They also have been participants in the immorality of Rome. The merchants of the earth has prospered through the immorality of Rome. History reveals the luxurious living that took place in Rome over the centuries because of its extensive trade routes.

Trade routes also existed to India and China. Archaeology has found many pottery sherds from the far east. The merchants were made rich by buying, selling, and trading goods with Rome. Depart, depart, go out from there; touch no unclean thing; go out from the midst of her; purify yourselves, you who bear the vessels of the LORD. The call of the voice from heaven is for the people of God to remove themselves from the ways and immoralities of Rome.

Do not participate in the sinfulness of that world. Otherwise, you will share in the plagues that are coming upon Rome and her empire.

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He said, "I will set up shepherds over them that shall feed the flock…they shall not lack anymore…" Jeremiah Their calls will sound from the window, but desolation will lie on the threshold, for He will expose the beams of cedar. While Rome does not sit on the coast, it had built an amazing trade city called Portus just west of Rome that did sit on the sea. They know God is about to purge His church — bring down all that is false and fleshly — and do a great new work. Babylon is all professed Christians who love the world's favor, rather than its reproach. The holy people of God, the apostles, and the prophets are called to rejoice over the judgment of Rome. When John saw a harlot supported by a beast, he was seeing into our day — acarnal church infiltrated by the world!

The judgment of the seven bowls showed seven plagues being poured out on the beast and its throne. God gives an important warning. If you act like the world, you will be judged with the world. Come out from the world and separate yourselves from the Roman ways and sins. They have heaped up their sins as high as the heavens and God has remembered those sins. God is going to pay her back. God is going to pay her double for her deeds.

This is just because its sins were so severe that it not only affect them, but also carried the whole world into sinfulness with its idolatry and paganism. God calls for a double portion to be mixed for her in the cup. The voice from heaven says that we need to make it a double. Rome glorified itself and lived in luxury.

Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!

No one gave glory to God for their prosperity. They elevated themselves and glorified themselves. Further, they think they will never fall. They think that these times will never change. They think this prosperity will never end because they think they did it all. They rule and think that rule will never end.

Fallen Is Babylon (18:1-3)

God says in verse 8 that this is the reason that they will be struck down suddenly. Rather than life and prosperity, the empire will crumble into death, mourning, and famine. Revelation is not predicting that Rome fell in one day, just as the scriptures are not predicting other nations falling in one day cf. It is a symbol of the suddenness of the loss of power and authority. It would seem that the empire would never end and suddenly the empire will be in trouble. It will lose its power and be destroyed.

This is the imagery of the fire. Revelation is not predicting Rome literally burning cf. The fire is a symbol of judgment.

Babylon Is Falling

Its time of glory and rule is over. The empire has fallen. Rome has lost her power. Before we leave verses we must see this paragraph contains very important messages for our country. The parallels are very strong. We are full of prosperity and wealth just like Rome. Most live in wasteful, luxurious living just like Rome. Our country shows the same arrogance in thinking that it is the world power that will never fall. Certainly the sins of our nation are heaped as high as heaven.

The more this nation turns people away from the true God to worship false gods and religions, the closer we come to meeting the same judgment that Rome met for its sins. We saw in Revelation Rome deteriorated from the inside as the empire turned against the rule of Rome.

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The world will end up wailing at the fall of Rome. The merchants of the earth will mourn because all of those trade routes will be lost.