The Steamy Sales Call (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica)

Back Alley Marine

There was a lot riding on that presentation and so I had prepared for it well in advance. Success would have led to a lofty promotion. Failure would have led to yet another year or two toiling away in my current, entry-level position. I had made every effort to nail that presentation, everything had meticulously been planned. That is, except the possibility of my car breaking down. When I was a no show that morning, I ended up dealing with a fate much worse than having to go on enduring my tiresome job. I was was promptly dismissed.

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Plain and simple, they got rid of me before I even had a chance to protest and just like that, things in my life changed. The problem with car troubles — even if they are genuine — is that they are perhaps the oldest excuse in the book. Of course, nobody believed that my car had broken down. I could have proven that I was not lying, of course, but when it was clear that my word was not good enough, I simply lost interest in my job and the company I worked for.

Fast forward to the present I'm currently at the mechanic picking up my car and I've got new problems: I've got no way to pay the bill! Last Monday, when I dropped of the car, I thought nothing of the estimate that was given to me. But then again, I had not expected to be fired either. The mechanic, Dexter, was not pleased. I offered to pay him in four installments, but that simply was not going to fly. Instead, he insisted on keeping my car until the entire bill was paid. I explained that I needed my car so that I could go out on interviews to find new jobs.

That was the only way that I would ever be able to pay his bill. It was a catch situation that had us both cornered. Needless to say, in one short week, things in my life had gone from bad to extremely worse. Fortunately, things were about to improve.

By Brian West

You might have a relationship problem, a health problem, trouble in business, trouble becoming successful, personality issues, getting angry or depressed day in and day out. Brady's had a crush on Ralph for longer… More. I had to admit: I knew the look. Thankfully, his feelings do not go unnoticed. I had made every effort to nail that presentation, everything had meticulously been planned. Aside from Colby's handsome face, he's also got a cute butt and a sexy swagger - what a lethal combination!

Dexter had an idea. At first, I was thrown off by his idea, but once I let it sit for a while, it began to resonate with me. And, just what was his idea? He wanted oral sex.

Boeken van Brian West

He wanted me to suck him off and then rim his ass. In exchange, if I gave him what he wanted, he would tear up the bill and consider it paid in full. I was shocked when he brought up the idea at first.

Was he for real? Now, I'm not the sort of guy who's ever paid for sex, but desperate times called for desperate measures and I was surprisingly open to the idea.

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Besides, Dexter was just about one notch away from pure perfection. He was a mechanic so he had that blue collar, rough and tough 'dude' thing going on. He was a young twenty-something guy who had tons of muscle and, he was damn good looking. I had to admit: I had checked out that ass of his a few times when I had dropped off my car. Download Now The file download will begin after you complete the registration.

More by Brian West. Back Alley Marine Brian West Brody notices a group of Marine guys one night when he's on his way home from a night of partying. The guys are macho and smokin' hot! One guy in the pack gives Brody the eye. It's an invitation for sex and Brody's all for a blazing hot encounter. Soon, Brody and his straight guy Marine dude find themselves in a secluded alley and nothing's off limits! This story contains adult content. There are scenes of straight guys having gay sex.

Specifically, this material depicts gay erotic scenes of men engaging in anal sex, army guys having sex, rimming and oral sex. For readers 18 years and above. The next thing he knows, Cody has him all spread apart in the back alley and he's getting his butt nailed. Jake's never had it this good! If he doesn't pass his final, his college football career will be over forever! Still, he just can't get his head into the books because all he can think about is screwing his tutor, Billy. Billy's always had a crush on Dean. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would get the opportunity to tutor the jock.

And now that they've been spending plenty of time alone in Dean's dorm room, Billy's picking up on a lusty vibe. Is the handsome football jock into him?

Paying the Mechanic's Bill (Dirtyhunk Gay Sex Stories)

A bunch of macho men in suits are making the fantasies of three guys come true! In Afternoon Quickie, rugged executive Lucas turns Jeff into his submissive panty boy. In The Suited Butt Stranger, Zack ends up having a wicked encounter with a man in a suit who has the hottest ass. In Taken by the Groomsman, Riley and hunky groomsman Alberto end up having a wicked encounter in his hotel room. There's just one issue: Lucas has a secret fetish for cute guys in panties and he wants Jeff to role-play for him.

So, Jeff throws on some smooth silk and goes with the flow. As it turns out, Lucas and a pair of panties is just what he needs! When he spots a man with the hottest suited butt he's ever seen, a distraction is exactly what he gets! One thing leads to another and Zack soon finds himself locked away in a private washroom with the man of his dreams all spread apart. And now that the wedding is around the corner, he's been spending plenty of time with Jackson's buddies.

His name is Alberto and he is macho, muscled and the sort of guy who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Riley In his hotel room This is a gay erotica anthology that contains scenes of gay sex. Reader discretion is advised. Recently retired, he has taken a VP position with a tech start-up that he partly owns. While boardrooms and dealing with documents are a far cry from the excitement and glamor of playing in the NFL, Austin has no issue with the change for a sexy hunk down in operations has captured his interest.

Cocky straight guy Marc has always loathed his job but all that changes when Austin Phillips joins the company. Once Marc learns that the football legend has become his new boss, he cannot believe his luck! Being a major fan of 'all things football,' Marc and Austin immediately hit it off. But soon, the casual banter leads to casual flirting, which leaves Marc with plenty to think about.

He has always been a fan of Austin's but Marc wonders if he can truly mess around with another dude. There is a first time for everything! In order to build his condo tower, Brock needs to buy Travis's property.

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The problem is Travis won't sell it to him unless they have sex! Oh, and Travis also wants more money for his property. Brock's rugged charm and smooth-talking ways will not save him this time What's more, the clock is ticking. If he doesn't get Travis's property soon, he'll loose millions. Fortunately, he's got a plan but what he doesn't realize is that Travis has plenty of tricks up his sleeve! Two strangers driving through town on a road trip… More.

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The Steamy Sales Call (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) - Kindle edition by Brian West, Dirtyhunk Books. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. When James hires hunky Kurt to fix up his house, he never expects that they'll end up having wicked afternoon sex. As it turns out, Kurt's good with his hands.

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