Wolfsbane: Number 2 in series (Nightshade)

If they really are the good guys. I find it fascinating either way. Good stuff so far. The story itself is not bad. Connor is my favorite character, after him comes Silas these two fighting made my day! I guess Adne was good also. Shame on you Shay! My fangirl hypnotic state is gone!!

Do I really love Shay that much? I actually hate his guts. She takes bad decisions and she abandoned her pack very easily for a stranger. In my book she is a bad leader. So let me get this straight. The Keepers use the Guardians as lapdogs. They control what places they live in, who they marry, when they have kids and probably when and how they die. So the Keepers make the wolves, right? If they can make them then they can also unmake them. But Calla just "made" Shay a wolf.

That means that all wolves can create other wolves. You just install the OS again and done! The universe they live in is way more complex than my mere mortal mind… Spoiler for the next part. Deep secrets down there… view spoiler [Calla found out her mum died. And her brother lost his inner wolf, which is kind of part of his soul or something deep and important like that. What is her reaction? Calla darling, you just killed your mum, subjected your whole pack to torture and also lost it for good.

And your former boytoy is probably close to getting killed also. Tear Shay into pieces? Why would she settle for the guy she loves? Why would the frustration end easily? Noooo we have to go around in circles! She saw him felt a buzz and done! It only gives fangirls a reason to fight each other like idiots. Just focus on football or something like all the normal gremlins living on this planet!!! Anyhow, Ren comes back and Calla will surely have "feelings" for him. What sort of feelings you ask? Why did I even like the first book so much????

I duno anything anymore!!! Well since Calla has such a hard time figuring out whom to choose I say dump them both and be a lesbian. It has a higher rate of success than wasting her time drooling over two boys at the same time. You can never know They can change forms which is an advantage also. Sharp teeth and all. And Shay turned into a total douche of course. Tilting the love triangle a bit.

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Ren should play the martyr and all, no? After that ending what can I say? No pictures for you because I hate you! Read the review on ZombieHazard. And still it took me soooo long to finish it. I'm not quite sure. I liked the story, I liked the twists and turns taking place, I loved the new characters and the magic - and still I found myself putting the book aside instead of speeding through it.

I have a theory regarding what it might be that kept me from going - and I'm going to put that "What in life is worth a sacrifice, if not love? I have a theory regarding what it might be that kept me from going - and I'm going to put that behind a spoiler tag because it might be considered a bit spoiler-y.

And I didn't want that and it and the way it was portrayed in this novel felt a bit too Like, I don't dislike love triangles in general. Sometimes they work very well for a story. But when it went the way as it did in this book, where Calla is basically in love with Seth and then she meets Ren again and immediately starts making out with him I do still want to read the next book and finish this trilogy, but I am not very excited about what is behind the spoiler tag anymore.

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The rest, however, I am very much looking forward to! Mar 04, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: I thought that Nightshade blew me away I thought that we discovered a lot of the history in book one I was wrong so very very wrong. I loved the history lesson that we got this time around. And it wasn't a boring history lesson. I've been known to and shhhh don't tell anyone to skip over those boring over detailed parts in a story Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer comes right to mind..

Could not stop turning the pages! I loved the new characters in the Searcher team, but I missed the pack members something fierce. I needed my pack members! Although the Searcher peeps did grow on me by the end of the novel, especially Connor. Still a toss up between Shay and Ren Shay didn't bother me as much this time around, maybe he's growing on me a little bit.

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And Calla continues to be a kick-ass protagonist. She surprises me at every turn. Wolfsbane wasn't as near action packed as it's predecessor, but at the same time it was just as intense! I think people that love the first novel won't be disappointed in the direction the series is going! I can't wait for book three! View all 3 comments.

Wolfsbane: Nightshade, Book 2

Sep 13, Ramona Wray added it. I haven't felt so disappointed about a book in a very long time. Trouble was that with the amazing debut, Nightshade, Ms Cremer set herself some really high standards. Blown away I was not, however. Before you know it, it's over. It's all talk, talk, talk. Unnecessary details coming from newly introduced characters who failed to make an actual impression. That actually got to me to the point where I had to skim over the pages. Inappropriate joke-cracking in the middle of allegedly tense scenes.

A whole bunch of details that didn't come together in the mythology department. But the worst thing yet? Ren makes a cameo appearance for three-and-a-half seconds and that's it. He was my favorite character, so the fact that he was missing in the sequel was kind of disappointing. Okay, not kind of. View all 4 comments. May 28, Lorryn Woodward rated it really liked it Shelves: So much happened good thing I already have book 3! Jan 27, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: I really liked Nightshade and had high hopes for the next book but, well One of the problems I identified in the first book remains, that of the ending.

It's not a cliff-hanger, it's more like you're being thrown off the cliff: The narrative thread is snipped in what feels like an arbitrary fashion. And then there's the prose. It's lilac, not quite purple. On one randomly chosen page, we have eyes widening Every conversation, every action is overwrought - at some point, it calls attention to the writing, detracting from the plot.

The action tends to lurch, with few moments for people to catch their breath or adequately plot or plan the next move. When Calla cuts her hair, it could have served as time for the girls to regroup but that respite lasts all of a few pages and then - We're Off Again!! The first book's discussion of the history and legacy of the Seekers and Guardians and so forth is gone, and it's missed.

Once more, I'm struck by the padding. This doesn't feel like a trilogy, with one more book coming to wrap up the threads and checking the author's website I see there's one final book and then a companion novel. It feels like it should be just two books, with tighter editing and fewer guilt-bitten guts. ARC provided by publisher. Jul 22, Eve rated it it was ok. I loved the first book, and I cannot wait until Wolfsbane!

Actually, not at all. May I ask, whats with the pants?! Well anyway, the first book was really cool, I hope the second one is even better: Jan 05, Booknut rated it liked it Shelves: To sum up all of the Guardians' feelings for Calla: Nicht, 3,5 Sterne Nicht schlecht, nicht schlecht. I loved Nightshade and thought Wolfsbane would be even better, but sadly my expectations had evaporated by the fourth of fifth chapter. I thought that was pretty cool. Even cooler was the whole portal creating process. But while I did appreciate the exp I loved Nightshade and thought Wolfsbane would be even better, but sadly my expectations had evaporated by the fourth of fifth chapter.

But while I did appreciate the explanations I hated the fact that the story got mired down in an info dump. Just because the official scribe of the Searchers was doing all the info-dumping, did not make it OK. He even averts his eyes and also leaves the room to avoid any more questions. I loved all the wolf action, the tearing of limbs, the blood running: That really made me happy. That is until the action ended. I think the basic rules in Rescue Missions is you arrive, you move fast, you kill enemies, you rescue friends, and you turn around and run getting your sweet behind as far away as possible before starting up a conversation!

Because I think it was all the chit-chat you and your pals had going on there. It would have made more sense to me if the ring Ren gave her had some kind of compulsion spell by the Keepers that made Calla suddenly remember him and desire him. The ending I did not care for. You can see how this review has progressed from good, to bad, to worse. Jun 18, Jess Gone with the Words rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read my review on my blog!

If you thought Nightshade was full of unique, incredibly interesting characters and original story, Wolfsbane will leave you wondering how it was possible for it to have gotten even better. It turns out some people have been lying for a very long time, and lying very well. Wolfsbane also had a lot more action than Nightshade. More battles, more casualties. It was really sad every time someone died! In Nightshade , my stance in the battle of the boys was firm: Team Ren, all the way.

I think something about Shay always having to be saved by Calla kind of turned me off. Well, lets just say that Wolfsbane Shay has grown into his inner wolf. He is more assertive and manly, deadly even, more sure of himself I found myself very conflicted, as was Calla. Le sigh, I always fall for the tortured boys. She kind of did already, from the start. They really love each other! The emotions and feelings between them were so palpable! In conclusion, I hated it. It was a brilliant follow up to the already amazing Nightshade! I was so engrossed by it. Thanks to Jen from I Read Banned Books for the opportunity to read and review this book as part of her book tours.

Sep 15, Sandy rated it it was ok Shelves: Let me say this: Andrea Cremer can write. Her books ooze with imagery and pretty phrases and that I-must-consume-this-book feeling especially Nightshade. She even adds some decent mythology to the mix in Wolfsbane, something I thought was blatantly lacking in Nightshade.

So why the two stars? This series just isn't for me. I've never liked Calla. Shay is the biggest snoozer of a male lead I've read about for two years running, and the love triangle is strangling this series. When done with grace and charm and chemistry, a love triangle can keep me feverishly tearing through the pages. But in this series, Calla's indecisiveness and lust for both boys--and first Ren's and now Shay's pushy ways--make this love triangle irritating.

And it has to be said: What did Cremer DO to Ren's character??? Of course circumstances can drive people to make choices they wouldn't have made otherwise, but a character needs to stay true to what's already been created for him. Although not as compulsively readable as Nightshade, Wolfsbane does expand the mythology albeit with a ton of infodump conversations. Unlike other authors, Cremer acknowledges the holes in her mythology and offers some patches why Keepers can't weave, how the mother determines the essence of the child, etc. However, after the bare mythology in Nightshade, the expansion of the world is welcomed.

The mythology's gotten better. View all 6 comments. Jul 31, Jill Noll rated it it was ok. I honestly don't know what to say. I was one of the few people who disliked Nightshade to a point where it was hard to finish the book. When Wolfsbane came out, I knew I had to read it even though I would end up being angry. And boy was I right. The first parts of the book I surprised myself with liking them. Calla actually tried to be the "warrior" she always called herself, and did a pretty good job at it.

The whole searchers back story was confusing though, and dropped on the reader I honestly don't know what to say. The whole searchers back story was confusing though, and dropped on the reader in about five pages, making it hard to keep track of. That character was basically the reason I hated Nightshade so much. Calla having space from him was the best thing that happened to her in two books.

I actually was liking it. And then, I got to about the last fifty pages. And almost threw my kindle against the wall. I liked your book, and then I lost all respect for Calla and more for Shay that he did this when she was mourning Ren. I had to give this book two stars, and I might change it to one because I am so angry at this turn of events. And the sad thing is, overall, is that I know I will read bloodrose when it comes out because I want to know what happens to Ren. Not Calla, who my respect for is gone, and definitely not Shay, who has ruined the one character I like's life.

But for Ren, who got no part in this book other then to make him look like the bad guy. Here's to hope that Bloodrose will be better, but after two books, I am in severe doubt it will turn around. May 20, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: TONS of info dumping and world building, which I hoped was over with in the first book.

This love triangle might make me want to strangle myself. One thing that I don't love is how unattached to the characters the author seems to be. Good grief, a lot of important people die. It's almost as bad as James Dashner in his Maze Runner series. Just as I start to really like someone and feel like they are hugely important to the story, she kills them off. Just a personal preference, but I don't li TONS of info dumping and world building, which I hoped was over with in the first book.

Just a personal preference, but I don't like that. I like rainbows and sunshine too much. I'm sort of team Ren, but I have a feeling that's not going to be how this plays out. Shay is too important to kill off or be second best: I'm listening to the audio of this series. D I was so excited when I finally received this to review bit late but better late than never.

I'll try and give this the review it deserves. I loved it more than I thought I would! Andrea Cremer totally outdid herself in this book. Everything was really fast paced and just intense that I was on the edge of my seat when I was reading it. All the questions that were raised about The Keepers in the first book are answered in this one, an "This is only about love.

All the questions that were raised about The Keepers in the first book are answered in this one, and I loved seeing old enemies become new allies for Calla and her pack. I loved coming back to Calla and some of the older characters from the first book. When I read Nightshade I got so emotionally invested in all of them that I was so pleased to feel reunited with them all.

Adne, and Ethan love Ethan too , such fantastic new characters that brought some new life to some interesting moments to an already fabulous book. Now, as some of you are aware I'm team Ren, always was and always will be. The only gripe I have is that there just wasn't enough Ren, except for flashbacks and a couple of pages Ren wasn't around much.

Which made me sad, I want more Ren. However having said that, I now understand why Andrea Cremer wrote Ren out of Wolfsbane because its the ending to this book that makes you understand and hope that Bloodrose will consist of Ren's story and the turn of events between himself, Calla and the Keepers lies.

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That's all I'm saying on the Ren subject, because I have a tendency to get carried away when I speak about Ren. Calla and Shay's relationship is tested but ultimately Calla's love for him gives her strength and allows her to make the decision that leads to the end of Wolfsbane. Anyway, I read this whilst I was on holiday and I read it in about 3 days on the beach, it was a fantastic read and I'm so glad I read it. I can't wait to read Bloodrose and finally get everything tied up and answered! Read it guys, its fantastic Nov 02, Chanzie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wolfsbane picks up directly where Nightshade ended.

The story is split into 3 parts in this book, and starts off with Calla and Shay adjusting to the searchers and forming new relationships. It has a lot of history and facts - It can come across as a small info dump but I found it fascinating. Initially I was worried that this was going to be a slow middle type book, but I was so wrong, and got completely caught up in Calla's world. I related easily to her and found I actually loved her quite a lot more in Wolfsbane, than I did in Nightshade.

Maybe it's because she considers Ren a little bit more and her heart aches for him in a different way. He is great with, and for, Calla. Even though I am still Team Ren! Shay is on the back burner a bit for me in Wolfsbane but we find out a lot about the role he plays and his past in this book. Shay is a great character, and I think his role in Bloodrose is going to be intense. Ren - Ren barely made an appearance in this book. I am still totally team Ren and really hope to see more of him in Bloodrose.

Ansel - When Ansel first appeared my heart broke! He is a shadow of his former bubbly self and I really hope things change for him. Searchers - I enjoyed getting to know this group and really like Adne, Connor and Monroe. Plot, Pace, Writing style: It is filled with love, friendship and heartbreak. This is a fast paced, exciting and intense read. It does end with quite a huge cliffhanger, and I am extremely glad that I have the next book so that I can continue the story without a break!

My heart was left beating with intensity in my chest the way things ended with Calla, Shay, Ren and Adne. Wolfsbane is a middle type book but it is gearing up for an intense war in Bloodrose. The girl is not exactly the way I picture Calla but it is still a pretty cover - enough to catch your attention. I am really enjoying this series and cannot wait to pick up Bloodrose!! This sequel was fantastic. I really wanted a paranormal romance that I could fall in love with and I have with this series.

I need more Ren though asap. What happened to the story, the characters, the romance, and the writing between books one and two to cause such a drastic change? A lot of annoying, confusing, and boring things. The mythology of the Keepers, Guardians, Searchers, and the Scion still offer an interesting twist on witch, werewolf, and demon mythologies.

Likewise the sociopolitical interactions of each group are well thought out and have wide reaching effects on themselves and each other. The forbidden love triangle between Calla, Shay and Ren? Not so forbidden anymore. She still anguishes over which guy to choose ad nauseam. Shay, barely recognizable in this sequel as a whiny possessive hot head, bears the brunt of her indecisiveness. But then the situation just repeats a few chapters later. More annoying still was the plethora of new and extremely irritating characters.

In the first few chapters a dozen new characters strut in and out of scenes with lots of desperate attempts at humor and inside jokes to show how close they all are. It was like a badly cast reality show. Calla and Shay basically just watch and ask zero questions about why they are there, what they are being asked to do, what the ultimate plan is, why they are so desperately needed etc. They are just ordered around and basically meekly obey. Heterosexual and homosexual kissing. A non graphic sex scene. A scene that might have been an attempted sexual assault.

Andrea Cremer's background as a history professor comes into play as well providing a detailed and very realistic origin for her mythologies. But don't tell Calla. Calla still wants to make out and more with Shay until mid smooch session when she'll abruptly shove him away out of guilt over Ren. Well, Calla grows and shifts back and forth a lot, but that's about it.

Based solely on the strength of the first book, I still plan to read it, but I'm keeping my expectations firmly in check. I hope this cover is actually used. The other one is not something I want marring my shelf of lovely booklings. I take great pleasure in having splendid books, regardless of cover, but the other cover for this book is disturbing to me. Seriously, I loved Nightshade 's cover, so I bought the book and --in turn-- fell in love with the story. And then the publishers or whomever go and change the Wolfsbane cover. Is this not a YA fiction book? What's with the "Sexy cover"?

T I hope this cover is actually used. Teens don't need any more "sexy" things. Sex appeal isn't what should be selling a book. What was so wrong with the original covers? And I don't buy that it was done to expand to the adult fiction audience. I know zero adults who would buy the book with the new cover but not the old.

They fit the story better, if you ask me. And I don't care if you're not asking me. They showed Calla in nature. They showed her as beautiful without having to resort to almost-innappropriate images. I'm sixteen and if my mother saw this book in my hands she'd take it. I talked to her about it. The only way I'm allowed to buy Wolfsbane and know what happens next is if I get rid of the dustjacket. It's way beyond sad to know how downhill the world has gone. Jan 14, Annie rated it it was ok.

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The whole searchers back story was confusing though, and dropped on the reader in about five pages, making it hard to keep track of. View all 6 comments. I'm sorry, I'm not buying it, especially when Silas just got finished tell the Calla and Shay that the Keepers are all humans like the Searchers. I couldn't even keep up because it made zero sense. Calla is now in the searchers hands and being taught all her life that the searchers are the evil ones she is quite un-trusting of them. He even averts his eyes and also leaves the room to avoid any more questions.

Why does everyone hate Shay??? Seriously, I feel sorry for him after being picked on by the pack. The wolf pack made me think of the old cheerleaders-eat-with-football-team stereotype. You're not the most beautiful girl in the world! And this is directed at you, Shay. She's not worth it. Did anyone notice how she hated Ren in the first chapter of the book and then all of the sudden she's in love wi Why does everyone hate Shay???

Did anyone notice how she hated Ren in the first chapter of the book and then all of the sudden she's in love with him??? And then there's Shay. He looks pathetic in my eyes, but Ren's a douche-bag, hands down. The only guy I like in this book was Ansel. His relationship with Brynn was a sweet one, and I really enjoyed reading about it. That's the only reason this book deserves two stars in my opinion. Characters very close to our protagonist die although only one death occurs in Calla's presence and are mourned. A human is viciously killed and by humans.

Wolves attack each other despite having once been in the same pack. Some characters are tortured we hear about it secondhand and a character feels forced to hurt someone he loves. With more death comes more blood, grief, and despair. Mature teens in a relationship lose their virginity, but the scene is more of a "fade to black" than anything explicit. Although, the next morning she does mention it happened twice. Before two other sweethearts consummate their romance, there's a lot of steamy kissing and making out throughout the book, as well as petty jealousy whenever someone of the opposite sex talks to one or the other of them.

Another couple has a confusing, overly familiar relationship that swings between brother-and-sisterly to seemingly more. Some ongoing flirtation and touching between characters, especially toward the end of the book. Occasional cursing includes "bitch," "assh--e," "s--t," and assorted insults about the Guardians by the Seekers and vice versa.

Soldier-like characters drink a toast to a fallen hero and friend, and a couple of characters drink excessively in their grief. Parents need to know that this is a sequel to the popular paranormal thriller Nightshade , and there's even more sexuality and violence than in the original story. The main character deals with an overwhelming amount of lust and guilt, jealousy and grief. The body count includes some characters very close to the protagonist Calla and then some. After a lot of make-out sessions, there is a "first time" sex scene.

Although Calla can be almost crippled by her hormones, there are some positive messages about family, loyalty, and friendship, as well as several strong supporting characters. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. After being released to see her chosen love, Shay, the Seekers, led by the fatherly Monroe, explain why the oppressive Keepers are the Guardians' nemeses. But Calla knows that when she ran off with Shay, she left her pack, not to mention her heartbroken intended, Ren, in a heap of trouble; they could have been tortured or killed.

Calla must join the Seekers to rescue her pack but faces the possibility that Ren and the rest of her friends may never forgive her for abandoning them. Calla is not at her most likable in this installment, with her constant, unnecessary jealousy one moment, pent-up desire the second, and then guilt-shame-grief cycle the next. Just when you think she's obviously made her choice, she devolves into another "but The "One True Pair" of Calla and Shay starts to get quite boring, and readers may find themselves wishing for Ren to materialize or for the focus to switch to Connor and Adne, whose chemistry is confusing but undeniable.

In fact, the wisecracking Connor, clever and talented Adne, wise Monroe, and their crew of other Seekers provide a refreshing break from Calla's moodiness. By the time Calla's pack finally makes an appearance -- in a gripping battle sequence that pits former packmates against each other -- it's clear just how much more interesting the secondary characters Guardian or Seeker are than Calla and Shay. And while it may not have been her intention, the author's portrayal of a conflicted and desperate Ren is more nuanced than her nonstop narration as Calla.

One hopes the third book will strengthen the subplots featuring the other better characters, and maybe Calla will finally make a decision that sticks. Families can talk about the paranormal YA genre's emphasis on violence and sexuality. How are the deaths in Wolfsbane more disturbing than the ones in Nightshade?

How does starting a sexual relationship with someone change a character? Discuss the protagonist's personality. Is she a likable heroine? What are her biggest strengths?

What are her flaws? Discuss the ongoing importance of the central love triangle to this story. Who do you think Calla belongs with? How do you feel about the "other" guy in the equation? How should the author resolve the romantic confusion? In the first book, Calla chooses freedom, but in the second she is bound to her duty to the pack.

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