Hell (The Afterlife Series Book 2)

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Limited signed hardcovers of all 5 novellas: Heaven, Hell, Earth, Wasteland, and War. Your name goes in the books as an "Old God. I will rename a supporting character in one of the five novellas after you or a name of your choosing, within reason.

Your name goes in the front as "Also Starring:. Your name goes into in the front of the books as "Muse. You are named the Destroyer and the Creator! You will receive a novella written in the post-WAR universe - and you will have the only hardcover copy in existence. Plus a short story, character name, the hardcovers, thumb drive, and all 5 postcards. Mar 12, - Apr 12, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Pin Email. Heaven, Hell, Earth, Wasteland, War. Best friends Kate and Daniel die, go to heaven, and then begin exploring different afterlives.

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Support Select this reward. His hell is a humid wasteland of half-finished hotels and broken-down railways where inexhaustible cheap wine and pasta are grumpily served. Dead Boys by Gabriel Squailia A novel that pleads to be made into a macabre stop-motion animation, Dead Boys focuses on the physiological challenges of the underworld via the most observant of protagonists: Hell by Robert Olen Butler Writing about hell from a pop-cultural angle has one unique challenge: Authors must preside over their own mini-judgment day. The crime, evidently, is celebrity itself, although the hero — TV anchor Hatcher McCord — considers himself above the infernal quagmire: This is hell at its most unashamedly satirical.

Periodically, residents take an angelic bus to the foothills of an unseen paradise, where they meet — with varying degrees of envy or indifference — divine spirits. Fewer surprises that the previous book, and the bemused protagonist constantly saying "What the Hell" is beginning to annoy me. The mythological errors are increasing Anubis does NOT consume the souls of the evil, Ammit does that. Inner Mythology Geek is annoyed. The ending was a bit predictable.

That said I am giving it a 3 star rating. The authors voice is pleasant and the story fun enough to forgive the mounting flaws - but just barely. Jun 06, Chris rated it liked it. Didn't love the book, nor the never-ending journey through the various Hells and interactions with gods. Jun 28, Darrell rated it really liked it Shelves: Picking up where Heaven left off, Kate and Daniel explore underworlds from various different mythologies.

I liked that the clones from 7th Son make a cameo and also that cat hell and dog heaven are connected, because, of course they would be. Jan 02, Roslyn rated it it was ok. Jan 19, Jen Fabico rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hell is the second installment of the The Afterlife Series , which consists of five parts. This series cannot be found in physical format; however, it can be downloaded as a podiobook.

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In Hell Kate and Daniel are reunited to continue their adventure in search of missing souls. With help from the divine, Kate and Daniel find themselves travelling to hell, encountering several souls --some unknown, others from ancient history, and Book number 26 to my Reading Challenge is Hell by Mur Lafferty. With help from the divine, Kate and Daniel find themselves travelling to hell, encountering several souls --some unknown, others from ancient history, and some of them, a little too close and personal: Daniel's mother, who had died in an asylum after murdering Daniel's sister.

Kate quickly learns that they have the power to decide the fate of these souls, at times absolving their sins after many centuries of waiting. Daniel and Kate continue to venture through hell with Daniel's bodyguard, Katsuko.

Chapter 2 - Thendaria - part 3

The Afterlife Series Omnibus: Questions about this project? Oh, and they're both dead. Bubbles of Earth Bookburners Season 3 Episode 1. Just like in 'Heaven', they find that hell is made up of many different belief systems, each with their own idea of the afterlife and where people go when they are not deserving.

As we witness Kate and Daniel travel through the many different afterlives, we are able to experience the change in their character. Daniel, once known as the calm and positive good Samaritan becomes jaded and easily frustrated, while Kate soon inherits the past characteristics of Daniel. And Kate is to be judged by Daniel. Once that final judgement is complete, all of Daniel's secrets are unravelled and the real adventure begins: However, there is yet another stop to make and their triumphs, struggles and quest continues --with Earth. Overall, I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars.

It took me a while to sink into this series once again and I'm finding that each installment has a different approach from the last one read. I enjoy that there is so much change and flux occurring to keep the adventure fresh. At times, I find that the narrative is very dialogue heavy and I wish there was more time spent in describing or exploring the small details of the places which they visit. However, I can understand that the approach changes as well because it is a podiobook and not a physical book.

I have already begun the next installment Earth and I am startled by the contrast in narrative. I'm excited to see where this goes! As I have long forgotten where it leads and where it ends up. This novella starts poorly — or, more accurately, starts at the end of its predecessor, which is a somewhat damp squib.

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In order to get her back, he loses his eye again, and becomes reconnected to Odin. What's the point in setting up a character death if you instantly reverse it with no ultimate cost to any of the principal cast? No This novella starts poorly — or, more accurately, starts at the end of its predecessor, which is a somewhat damp squib.

The Afterlife Series by Mur Lafferty

Nothing is gained by this. The five novella concept, with Heaven, Hell, Earth, Wasteland and War, is a good one in theory, but the first novella doesn't really end and the second one doesn't really begin; you could put this novella after the previous one as the next chapter and, other than the perspective change from Daniel to Kate the two main characters , it would be completely unnoticeable. There might have been really good reasons to split them in the original, podcasted form of the story, but here it makes no sense for them to be in separate volumes.

Having said that, J. Tolkien did something equivalent with The Lord Of The Rings , so it's not like Lafferty isn't in very good company here. It doesn't do anything that the predecessor doesn't, and view spoiler [it begins to become the very stereotype of the Chosen One trope something which does start in the previous novella but really continues into this one. The relationship between God and the Adversary is cool, but doesn't seem to be a new idea. Kate becomes the goddess of life, and Daniel the god of death; this makes sense, in that it's the two sides of a coin; but the world isn't a coin, it's at the very least a d If I were you, though, I would just treat this as a two-novella series and stop here.

Oct 29, Melissa Hayden rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt the weight of something bigger, heavier, coming. I was happy and teared up. A bit bitter sweet. Now on to the next. They are now needed to save the souls that are missing from Heaven, and release those that shouldn't be in Hell.

Along the way, they find things are in chaos, and they might be able to help restore some order to order of things.

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With the help of his guide and be I felt the weight of something bigger, heavier, coming. With the help of his guide and best friend, Daniel journeys through Hell to find his sisters missing soul and others.

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We pick up exactly where Heaven ended. Kate realizes Daniel's not the same as he was. He's changed, but in recognizing that she realizes she's changed as well. Kate has a slightly different view of things now as she had been an unborn soul.

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Hell (The Afterlife Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Mur Lafferty. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Heaven, Hell, Earth, Wasteland, War, Stones (The Afterlife Series Book 6), and Book 2. Hell. by Mur Lafferty. · Ratings · 27 Reviews ·. published

Daniel has realized he has the godlike power to douse flaming souls, and even help a few to return to Heaven. And so much more. I wonder if they are finding a faith. Seems to be Daniel's and Kate's adventure is what he and she needs for their heart and souls to heal. We see many versions and levels of Hell. What people "think" should be Hell, even if not, depending on Religion.

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Very neat how Mur Lafferty does this. I feel I'm getting a small view of a large setting through an intriguing story. I want to see if they get through and what they learn on their journey. There is fun mixed in with a bit more serious story. I feel there is more to this story and world than I realized. An underlying thread to what they are going through and where they will end up. The changes they go through to be who they are to be. I am very intrigued by this. I want to keep going as fast as I can to see and know! By the end I felt the heaviness and the weight of the story and why.

Now I know, and it makes sense with all I felt earlier. Happy and yet bitter sweet ending. It brought tears to my eyes. I love the harsh journey and actions Kate and Daniel have gone through. I will be finishing this series!