Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day

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Never forget, God has provided you with divine guidance for right action. You have the wisdom to accomplish every task. Start right where you are in your life right now. Do not wait for another crisis to develop or for the current situation to become worse.

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Continue to repeat the affirmation to yourself. God is there to help and to guide you.

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Believe in the courage that God has placed within you. You are more than a conqueror: You are the victorious of God. It is necessary for the mind to begin to think of those things that the heart desires and wants to accomplish in life. It sounds contradictory but the mind is sometimes paradoxical with the desires of the heart.

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Paul writes, that although he desires heart to do what is "right", he finds himself dwelling mind on the things that are "wrong. Your attitude will follow your thoughts. When you think on negative things, you will find yourself dwelling on the negatives that surrounds you, and then you will find yourself: Go Master The Day. Go forth from this moment with increased insight and unfailing courage. Grow stronger as you go through each new experience. Make each new decision with greater confidence and clarity.

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Be guided by the wisdom of God that flows through your spirit. Most of all fear not. God has not given you the spirit of fear. Decide to do great each day, and then move forward toward that end.

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Determine to give all diligence to make your,. Change the thoughts you entertain. Believe that God has empowered you. Faith is when you…. It is already given. Go Master The Day.

If no advancement is taking place,. No progress is being made.

Rejoice with great anticipation. God is true to His Word. When the time is right,.

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Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Most of all fear not. Believe in the courage that God has placed within you. This is to ensure that the transaction you are about to make is authorised by you. It allows you to manage your GO Mastercard account 24 hours a day with access to your account balance, available credit and transaction history.

If you do not give up". Stand on the truth of your destiny! To just believe in victory, leaves you frustrated. Your road is success.

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Your transportation is service. Your fuel is faith.

Do not develop the reputation of being someone who finds a negative word to utter. If no advancement is taking place, No progress is being made. Adjust your attitude to see the opportunity and not the problem. Your attitude will determine your outlook because, who you are determines how you see things. Start walking in the newness of life!

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Your “calling” gives meaning to your life and directs you to a higher level of service than working for your Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day . “You Are A Winner, Be Courageous!” (Excerpted from deposit # 14 of my book, “ Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day”.) “ We are more than.