Grandmother Moon

Dolphin is the keeper of the Sacred Breath of Life and teaches us how to use our life-energy through breathing to revitalize ourselves. At the full moon, many believe that messages from Grandmother Moon are the strongest. There are ceremonies and rituals that can be followed by women during these full lunar events asking the Grandmother for guidance.

What are the names given to them? Snow or Cold February: Heat or Blood Moon August: It is said that Grandmother Moon rules your personality by the Moon that you were born under. Grandfather Sun rules your individuality. The animal totem for Grandmother Moon is the Loon. A bird that swims and dives and lives around marshy areas of lakes. Loons have three calls, a yodel, a wail, and an eerie laugh. From the Loon we learn about transformation, maneuverability, mystery, and fidelity.

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She moves below the halfway point then mutates into a full blown woman in the prime of her Life. The Raven heard her and went to see her, asking her why she was crying. Remember, without the lunar tides , we may not have the tectonic activity that creates mountains and deep underwater crevasses, so the ocean might be only a kilometer deep all over the planet. They were the life-force of the family. We're in agreement that the area for the lodge is to have an unobstructed view of ceremony and ceremony supporters and dancers can see us too. It will be interesting I promise! Heat or Blood Moon August:

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Grandmother Moon and will let me know that you stopped by today. Thank you for your beautiful post on Grandmother Moon.

New Moon Ceremony

We have Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon. Therefore, in this case, the story involves Grandmother Moon. Who is Grandmother Moon? In many traditions she is believed to be one of the first 3 spirits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children.

These words and those in your post on Elk Medicine have helped me to acknowledge more fully that I need to slow down and listen to my intuition more often. I enjoy reading all of your posts. They are helping me to feel a greater connection to The Greater Good. Thank you so much for your kind words!

Meeting with the Mohawk people

They came at a time when I truly needed to hear them to today. Hi Bev two feathers. I love grandmother moon. Moon Lodge My truck is serviced and wheels are checked for my 5-day drive on pilgrimage to sacred grounds in North Dakota. Into my truck I pack my Ceremony bundle and camping gear for the camping trip from my coastal Haisla homelands in northwestern BC.

For several years now I've chosen to leave early to help our Spiritual Leader with Ceremony prep. On my second day of rest we're invited to her Mom's annual family barbecue at a small lake. An afternoon of relaxed family fun, eating and swimming. When we arrive I see three picnic tables filled with different veggies to go with the huge scrump-delicious barbecued elk steaks that her Lyle brother is in charge of cooking; mine is burnt to perfection.

Late in the evening we say our thanks, get and give hugs and even more teasing and laughter. We leave the lake and head to her home for a good rest for an early start come morning. We wake and sit outside on the back porch with our morning tea, relaxed. Mid-morning we pull away from her driveway and in a couple of hours we arrive safely to sacred grounds.


We tumble out, give prayers of thanks as we take in the rolling hills in every direction set against the pure blue big sky country. We help each other set up our tents, unpack our gear then drive to our Spiritual Leader's home to let him know that we're set up and ready.

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After a fun-filled reunion and supper we return to our camp to change into our sweat dresses for our first of two daily sweat ceremony's. After sweat, we settle into prep routine and agree to sit for a spell. A lone black night bird flies past whistling its hollow piercing tune as crickets call back, then quiet. To the left of GrandMother Moon a small grey cloud appears moving as to a drumbeat into the center where it immediately changes to a light blue color and stops dancing.

Onto the dry prairie grass in front of me a brilliant bolt of white-yellow light flashes down. The now blue ball moves down the bolt of light at a steady slow pace. Her regalia is a long sleeved white buckskin dress with tassels at the bottom hemline, her waist-long thick blue-black straight hair reflects bright moonlight as her skin radiates in rich reddish brown.

Teachings From Grandmother Moon

All twenty-feet high of her floats above the grass in front of me. A vision to behold. Moon time for a woman would be considered a ceremony in itself. It would represent the power of birth.

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The power of life. Hence why women in the Native culture are often called lifegivers. When our ancestors were alive, men would literally leave women alone who could go in a moon lodge as they feared their power at that time of the month!

So why go with the cycle of the moon? Why call it moon time? Well I will relate a version of a story that I once heard. As you know, within the Native culture, natural elements are our relations. Therefore, in this case, the story involves Grandmother Moon. So a long time ago, women were considered powerful in that they held in a lot of their family emotions, their joy and happiness but also their sadness and sorrow. They were the life-force of the family. However, sometimes that would become exhausting.

As taking in all the emotions and heartache would be tiring. However, the Creator had created the woman to take on the burdens of the family. So one day, the woman went to nature to try to find help and yelled out because the burden was too much. The Raven heard her and went to see her, asking her why she was crying. The woman stated she was overwhelmed with the burdens of her family.

She added loving her family but not being able to take everything in anymore. Raven said that he understood her pain, as he felt it too and went to ask Grandmother Ocean for help. Grandmother Ocean offered to wash away the pain of the women who would come to her but that she could not help those farther away.

So she went to ask for help from her sister Grandmother Moon.