Eatn Aint Cheatn (A Short Tale)

Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'

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I want to see his gorgeous cock, and help him out of his shoes and pants rapidly, his powerful erection springing free as his shorts hit the floor. The Colts stupidly made the same accusation.

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  • Joe Montana: If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying, so the Patriots are trying hard.

Thanks Joe, Like you and the 49er never cheated. The edge, pushing the limit, if they give you an inch take a mile.

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Like the old race car driver Junior Johnson says, I was not cheating. I was an inovator.

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Oh you diluted, naive, and disingenuous fools. Let it go, I have. But respect where it is due. But it seems no one in the NFL wants to talk about that…wonder why…. At least he admitted that the pats are a bunch of big time cheaters. A QB going to the line has the play in his head, he is making sure his guys are in the right formation, he is checking the defense to see what they might be giving him, he is adjusting the line in case he reads a blitz and needs extra coverage. Then he is executing the play.

Tug gently to start the air flow. This guys brain was baked from the ca sun a long time ago. I wonder if aliens had something to do with his mind? The Steelers have the longest and most documented cheating history in the league. Or how about well documented Bronocos salary cap cheating in their SB winning years?

Oral sex show: eating ain’t cheating? –

Or the 49ers whose cheating has been mentioned in numerous posts above. Huge difference between spraying silicone on your jersey or some stickum on your fingers and video taping another teams walk thru.

Deflategate was BS and was just a make up punishment for spygate. When the Patriots had won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years and were trying for 4 in 6 years the Steelers were talking about it because they had something to lose.

Some of the News They Seem to Lose

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to leave a comment. And then, a few months later, they said it was the primary basis for the punishment. From the locker room? The mistakes are very basic. Troy Aikman said he had problems throwing a wet ball but he just accepted and did the best he could of the situation. She can look back at it and say: I agree with this statement from the above comments:.

When the Patriots were going into the Super Bowl in the former Dolphins were talking about it because they had something to lose. When the Brady was about t0 to win Super Bowl 4 Troy Aikman was talking about it because he had something to lose. Now Brady and the Patriots have a chance at a 5th ring Charles Haley and Montana are out in the media because they have something to lose. Haley has the most Super Bowls as a player.

If Brady gets to 5 he will never me talked about again. All records are meant to be broken. If the Pats win the Super Bowl, that would make 7 Super Bowl trips for Brady in 14 years as a starter removing and Somewhere I read a story that Paul Brown had redesigned the team uniforms to have a leather football sized patch sewed on the front so it looked like all 11 players were carrying the ball. Next to that deflating a football seems pretty mild.

Ask Martha Stewart if she would do things differently if given the chance. The newspaper admitted it was wrong, the newspaper printed a retraction and the reporter posted an apology for providing a false story. Comparing the use of stickum to cheating is ridiculous. It goes on all of the time. Montana is correct and there is a sense of selective prosecution and making a mountain out of a mole hill of deflategate. The NFL already supplied a range of acceptable psi that teams could use. If they wanted a uniform standard ore were really concerned, they would have done something earlier.

The NFL needs to let this one go. If Tom Brady, like his hero Joe, gamed you, live with it and stop whining. You already took a 1st and 4th round pick for something that may or may not have happened. Seriously, that is more than enough and should keep the other 31 happy who believed the Pats got off too easy on Spygate.

Oct 16, They are the most direct form of cheating in which one can engage. Except that no walk thru was videotaped. The Carolina Super Bowl team biggest whiners about their loss to the Pats had much of their O-Line caught as steroid cheaters. Is their cheating okay because they lose? Well, there is way too much whining going on.

I think it is time that the biggest bunch of whining babies in sports, the Colts get spanked around as a sense of retribution for being poor losers. This beat down is very important. Brady is a garbage thrower in comparison. He has a losing road record in the postseason. It makes them a cheater.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. He then yells the loudest until he gets his way. Ask Martha Stewart if she would do things differently if given the chance — Impossible to cover up that which did not happen. What a great message to send to the youth! Anyone else tired of the nonchalant ignorance and unethical culture of the NFL?

Despite the mountain of evidence that proves otherwise. Well then, Joe your 49ers teams from back in the day put forth a lot effort as well. They only people who think Brady is better than Montana are people under And when Montana won Super Bowls there was no salary cap. Actually, what everybody knows is that no walk through was taped.

You should really do some homework on a subject before you post about it. If the NFL was serious about cheating, then they would implement on -air metrics for a few things, including: Referees, determine more outcomes in today;s NFL than players, cut corners.. Suddenly all you junior scientists turn all stupid when it suits your purposes. So please, spare us another Ideal Gas Law lecture. Its a shame with Montana and the drinking issues. Sometimes people should not say anything because they just look very silly and foolish and any player that equates cheating to playing and trying hard is a very sad person trying to find relevancy in the media when they no longer have any.

Brady is a cheater and Montana is a man with a problem who needs to spend more time working on that than opining on how cheating is ok and sending that message to our kids. Check the fines and forfeited picks. Which is arguably no greater an offense than what Montana just went off about. The NFL launched a multimillion dollar investigation that found no evidence of cheating but still levied the biggest sanction in history.

They falsified information, lied to the media, mischaracterized sworn testimony, set up a kangaroo court and suspended TB for 4 games. Niners Glory Days have long since passed. There will be a whole lot of cheating going on in a month or two in all cold weather stadiums. Ted Wells is going to be very very busy. Go get em Roger. I hope the cheaters go again. I also hope my Giants go again and let history repeat itself.

What happened to sportsmanship? What does that say about us? What does that do to our kids? The stats will bear that out once Brady hangs up the cleats. Joe had 3 10 win seasons as has Brady so neither are invincible. This guy gets that at least. I would take the punishments the pats received so far any day if it meant trophies in the mantle.

Anyone who tells you different is a liar. Anyone who actually played any organized sport know the truth. Either go with the flow of former players, media pundits, and former players who have morphed into media pundits. Much of it is downright amusing. Being the Super Bowl is the ultimate prize, his record trumps Bradys all day long. Afterward you can all toast marshmallows over a spygate tape bonfire! A quarterback can tell if the ball has been tampered with — this theory was tested by brunell, brees and montana assuming it was 2 PSI below.

We know it wasnt the case. But lets ignore the details and smear brady. In comes all the patriot fanboys crying about the patriots innocence. If Brad-She had nothing to hide, why destroy the cell phone? So he found a loophole and cheated the law … Kudos on the ethics. Joe only made it to 4 Super Bowls? I have been a fan since Never once Have I heard a QB say after a cold weather game that the balls felt under-inflated, despite it being a scientific fact that they were. What the QBs often said was that the balls were cold and hard and not as easy to grip. I have an Idea. He wants to be considered the best QB of all time.

Funny that Bonds and Brady went to the same high school. Both guys are legit HOFers, but will never get the recognition because of cheating. People go on about the minnows and the whales get a free pass. The Super Bowl is in fact the ultimate prize. Only Patriot players would every take PEDs. Nobody on the Raves, Colts, Jets and every other team the hates the patriots would never stoop to that level.

Joe you are a moron ————- Step out of your fishbowl fool. I would say many NFL athletes try their best to play within the rules, but are happy to get away with an extra hold, maul someone under the pile, take PEDs once or twice in their career, etc. The saying goes that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Well I think most people live in glass houses.

Same with stickum or anything else.

Oral sex show: eating ain’t cheating?

But he just looks so uncomfortable on TV. He talks like someone is tickling him the entire time. Offensive linemen holding, and trying to hide it from the refs, is cheating. And WRs pushing off. Anytime you attempt to circumvent the rules you are cheating. Yes, everybody does it.

Who are you guys kidding? Anyone living in a cold weather climate knows that tires deflate!!!!!! Joe only admitted that the 49ers were a bunch a cheaters. He just assumes that the Patriots are also, since he also assumes every other team cheats. Not even a Pats fan, just a football fan. Fines, suspensions and the theft of draft picks w it h out proof… well we should all be concerned. If 8th can happen to them, it can happen to your team. If you want to hate the Pats that is your right, but to just ignorantly swallow this crap the league is spitting out just shows what sheep you are, and how little you actually paid attention to the investigation.

Willfully ignorant is no way to go through life, son. Moreover, it is still not cheating to videotape opponents signals…. As for deflation of footballs, the NFL already admitted to judge Berman that is has zero evidence that this took place…. Glad you brought this up, because it shows how the Pats are different when it comes to cheating. With Spygate, Mangini apparently reached out to Belichick in a similar manner to tell him not to do the illegal videotaping, and Belichick continued to do it anyway also ignoring a recent reminder letter from the league on the topic.

Pats fans are pathetic…. No judge said that Brady was innocent. He just said the NFl overstepped its boundaries of punishment. Mysteriously, the equipment guys have disappeared, been paid off, and remain silent.

Sweet Cheater – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ [1989]

If Brady was innocent they would have come forward and exonerated him. Montana had 2 super bowl winning seasons and , before they drafted Rice. The 9ers never eliminated the Steelers so these brothers in cheating are okay with what they did. Now NE has eliminated the Steelers a few times so of course it makes sense now. I remember when I respected both the 9ers and the Steelers but the hypocrisy of both franchises and their fans is sickening.

Every time Joe speaks he removes himself further from relevance. As a colts fan , I agree. The Patriots do what every team does — seek an advantage. The Pats could have been made to play with a beach ball that day and still rolled Indy. Deflategate was an overblown, overreaction to the previous known instances of cheating that are organizational in nature. Sorry Pats fans, but Spygate actually happened. The Pats accepted HUGE penalties without argument ————————————————— This is the perfect example of the ill informed morons who know nothing of which they speak.

The ball boys are back working for the Patriots, do please try and keep up. But he had no choice but to accept the penalties. Kraft should have sued that sorry organization for all he could. You have Spygate, which was only a big deal because the media made it one. More about camera placement than anything. They took their punishment and moved on. What have they done since that has been proven? Terry Bradshaw admitted in his autobiography that they used to deflate the balls all the time — and this was written well before deflategate became The Greatest Sin Perpetrated by Man in All of History.

This very easily demonstrates how utterly misinformed you are and makes it even easier to toss aside anything else you have to say. Steroids were only legal at the time from a valid prescription from a doctor for a valid medical reason.

That is not what the Steelers did. Abuse of any prescription drugs was never legal in the USA. We are good then. No we are NOT. So there WAS a rule against it in effect before It was NOT any judgement on whether or not Brady had actually committed the acts claimed. It was cheating, because it violated rules and created for them an unfair advantage because others were forbidden to do it.

NOW do you see my point? You simply pretend that you do. Because both were commonly accepted and both had no rules against their use. Spygate on the other hand is a completely different case. So, when other teams are accused of cheating it makes the news for a week or two. When the Pats are accused of cheating it goes on for months, and people come out of the woodwork to pile on with baseless accusations.

Some of you NE Patriots really are delusional. Show me the rule. A memo, or a memorandum, simply details changes for the point of emphasis and ease of recollection for all parties in which the change effects involved. Then you can go to the actual changes themselves on sheet E2. Now tell me, what rule change did that memo refer to?

Where in the Constitution and Bylaws of the NFL was there a rule changed to effect the change in policy detailed by the memo? To me, deflated footballs was a never a big deal. Recording other teams walkthroughs is a big deal. I mean, the change in policy note: Montana was just like Brady — a very well protected quarterback who benefitted greatly from a smart coach who designed a system that allowed him to get rid of the ball quickly and never get hit.

Good passer and cool under pressure, just like The Great Crybaby, but overrated because of stats. Trophies come from good teams, not just an overly praised quarterback. I hate the Patriots and I will continue to hate them at least until they start losing again. Cheating is doing things that are by definition NOT part of the game of football. Of course your opponent has equal opportunity. They are all able to risk breaking whatever rules they want to get an edge. No team follows the rules to the letter and they all do it to gain some kind of advantage.

That should tell you all you need to know. They are trying to make morons understand it for what it was. How about teaching your kids yourselves instead of relying on multi-millionaires to do it for ya?

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Eating Is Cheating. I now exclusively write MY LITTLE PONY fan fiction and certainly not + word stories of . And remember, I liked the tale. learned it's that both Wu Tang Clan and MLP:FIM ain't nothin ta fuck with. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Passionate Eatin' ain't cheetah. permalink.

Pats recording walkthroughs is quickly becoming the most used and least accurate meme in all of sports. It was like when Canseco was ostracized, but he was right the whole time as we found out when it was exposed. You must be on the debate team. Explanation is simple and historically based, predating the Patriots. Most events fall within a statistically predictable pattern. Most, but not all. When an event occurs that falls within the very small statistically unpredictable range, its controversial. The unpredictable result is even considered irrational. However, it is predictably irrational.

OK, so maybe the explanation is not simple. But it is correct. The Patriots under Kraft, Belichick, Brady and Adams those are the common elements have created a predictably irrational team. However they are now predictable because the variables involved ie hard work, doing your job, unselfish salary expectations, unimpeded support, uncanny abilities and others are understood.

Any team can do the same thing. But no other team will. There are a lot of fans who never cared about the Patriots either way who now dislike them because of all their cheating scandals. Patriots fans will naturally always believe the Patriots can do no wrong, but their legacy has been tarnished in the eyes of neutral parties would have respected them otherwise. I agree with this statement from the above comments:.

I liked the old days better. Too many watchdogs, looking for a reason to put down a good team. The 49ers were better in the Eddy De Bartelo days. It was fun to watch. He is a man who knows football. Also, all players are making great money, they do need to perform! An actress can starve herself to slim down for a movie roll. She can look back at it and say: No, not at all. Instead of taking a small fine and a slap on the wrist, the Patriots made it a big deal with their spewing press conferences, angrily demanding apologies, slandering the Colts, slandering Goodell, using misinterpretation of science, etc.

Oct 16, 1: Put them in Denver instead of Pittsburg that year. After Kravitz, Doyle, Mort, Lyin Brian Williams and every other major news outlets declared the Pats were cheating you think responding to these accusations constitutes spewing conferences? One more thing, greats like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana were exceptional, talented players. And Steve Young, what trick did he supposedly have up his sleeve? Tom Brady did what he did. Let the current teams play the game again!!!

How can you make a blanket statement like that. How can you know for sure that everybody cheats. Speak for yourself Joe. Troy Aikman said he had problems throwing a wet ball but he just accepted and did the best he could of the situation. The memo sent out affirmed that. The dumb get dumberer! Unequal access is a ridiculous notion to put forth re: The unfair advantage created by both is a more relevant argument.

The record post-spygate and the stats post-deflategate kind of show how ridiculously inflamed each are. BTW, Stickum was made illegal in It sure seems similar and relevant at least to me. This was a fabricated story by a disgruntled ex-employee which was immediately retracted with an apology attached. Yes, and prior to the memo being sent out in with the purpose of preventing the usage of film mid-game, the sideline WAS what would be considered a designated area. Even AFTER the memo was sent out stating that the sideline was no longer an accepted filming location, no section of the rulebook has been changed to reflect the change in policy; i.

Why would they have to do that? The rule itself reads: The sideline is not, nor has it even been, a part of the field. Therefore, Belichick presumed that the actual rules take precedence over the memo, and continued his filming policy as such. All Bill did was ignore a new Commissioner. THAT was his infraction. Look the Falcons blatantly piped in fake crowd noise when opposing teams were in the huddle. They did it for years. We have this huge circus over footballs that no one can even prove were deflated or that Brady was involved but the NFL is ready to drop the hammer.

Then we have the Falcons who straight up cheated for years and got caught red handed and their punishment is a joke. Anybody with any science background knows that the halftime measurements did not show that the balls had been tampered with. Brady instructs someone to put a needle in a football?

No, there is not such direct evidence. What Patriots fans fail to recognize is that while Berman did criticize the league and the report, he in fact bashed BOTH sides. Berman stressed he felt the balls were deflated, and asked how on earth it was possible Brady had no knowledge of what the ball boys were up to. So the Wells Report itself proves that there was no deflation or cheating. But I know, it is much easier to jump on the Brady cheated bandwagon than to read through all the facts and make logical conclusions. In Belichick pled guilty and provided all the evidence the NFL wanted.

The Pats were still given a historic punishment. This was always intended to be an even bigger punishment. What on earth are you talking about? What individual associated with the Patriots ever slandered the Colts? Again, what individual associated with the Patriots ever slandered Goodell? Lots of fans did, but so what? And when a man is demonstrably a liar, is it slander to point that out? This is an absurd accusation.

What is your background in science? I can only speak for myself — I have a very strong background in mathematics, including training at the doctorate and postdoctorate level, and have worked at high reputation institutes and published in respected journals. Drew Fusten is a Ph. The mistakes are very basic. Brady cooperated with every reasonable demand. There is no reasonable belief that any such message would have implicated Brady. However, there is plenty of reason that there might have been plenty of such messages that could have embarrassed Brady.

We have legal rights, one of which is the right to privacy. At the time they made no fuss about that. And then, a few months later, they said it was the primary basis for the punishment. At some point, somebody really ought to bother to prove that somebody tampered with footballs. Otherwise the entire drama is little more than an exercise in character assassination.