The Mankillers

Not wanting to live a lie led me to take the final step.

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A single mother without much income, she returned to Oklahoma with her two daughters and found a low-level management position with the Cherokee Nation. Her health has been a frequent problem.

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The car accident wracked her body. Facial surgery was followed by severe attacks of myasthenia gravis, which has been in remission since A family predisposition to serious kidney disease was alleviated only after a transplant from one of her older brothers five years ago.

She still has to monitor her medication and be watchful about getting enough rest.

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Some parts of this page won't work property. Cyndi Domino as Trish Daniels. She initiated programs and brought in revenue, catching the attention of the chief. Her recovery was agonizing and took many months, "but after that," she says, "I knew I'd lost the fear of death and the fear of the challenges in my life. Retrieved from " https:

And she often relies on canes to walk without pain. Yet her body has not deterred her -- she used a two-month hospital stay this year to write and edit chunks of her book. She even managed to surmount the original gender-prejudiced opposition to her leadership -- a resistance she was completely unprepared for. There had been other women who worked for the Cherokee Nation, but Mankiller was different.

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She initiated programs and brought in revenue, catching the attention of the chief. But when I wanted to move into leadership, they couldn't figure me out Her first election -- as deputy chief in -- was painful. It's part culture, part personal, part the human spirit, and the ability to draw on a part of you you don't know exists unless you need it.


Mankiller's leadership has been marked by strides in economic development and tribal self-governance for the Cherokees. She attributes her successes to "hiring people smarter than me and then trusting them," and to her "excellent" tribal council. She also has had the support of her family, in particular her mother and one of her sisters -- and, since , her second husband, Charlie Soap, a Cherokee community organizer and skilled native dancer she met soon after she returned to Oklahoma. They live in a wood frame home in the same Mankiller Flats where years ago she walked down the country roads to school.

Surrounded by books and Indian art, their family life is ordinary -- except for not allowing television, an attempt to encourage her nephew and Soap's year-old son to read instead. Because her term doesn't run out until , she does not know if she will run for office again. Sometimes, she thinks, after putting forth your best efforts and programs, moving along is a good idea.

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Besides, she unintentionally has left an important mark. Lynda Aldon as Rachael McKenna. William Zipp as John Mickland. Christine Lunde as Maria Rosetti. Susanne Tegman as Terry Davis. Marilyn Stafford as Roxanne Taylor. Paul Bruno as Bruno. Byron Clark as Williams.


Byran Clark as Williams. Thyais Walsh as Vicki Thompson. Bainbridge Scott as Christine Rollins.

Cyndi Domino as Trish Daniels. John Taylor as Mannetti.

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Sheila Best as Margaret Skinner. Naomi Delgado as Vannesa Shaw. Arlene Julian as Lisa Leonardo. Veronica Carothers as Shannon Smith. Smith as High School Girl.

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Their past "experience" from their criminal endeavors offers them some insight and skill, but their vast amount of their mission-specific training will require them to learn team effort, self-sacrifice, and the ability to follow orders and achieve mission objectives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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A female CIA agent is assigned to train and lead an all-female squad to Colombia to stop a renegade agent who has hired himself out to a drug cartel. David A. Prior. Edd Byrnes, Gail Fisher, Edy Williams. Mankillers, also known as 12 Wild Women, is a film written and directed by David A. Prior. Filmed in in and around Riverside, California, United.

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