Dawnbreaker: The Third Dark Days Novel (Dark Days Series)

Dark Days Series

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In exacting detail, and with prose as silky and enticing as her protagonist, Drake has composed a love letter to the vampire genre. Burn the Night by Jocelynn Drake. Wait for Dusk by Jocelynn Drake. Pray for Dawn by Jocelynn Drake. Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake. Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake. Call of Fire by Beth Cato. The Bees by Laline Paull. Dead Man's Deal by Jocelynn Drake. Year Year X Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

What kind of books do you like to read? Scene of the Crime mystery fans. From the Heart romance readers. Book Club Girl book clubs. HarperCollins Children's Books books for young readers. Unfortunately the book was more stumbling around without a plan, barely surviving and not accomplishing much, but it was fun to read.

And of course our girl attracted several more enemies Another winner Yep, this was another great addition to the series, although it's really time for these two to just do it already. And of course our girl attracted several more enemies. She's lucky she has an author on her side, because it's the only way she survives! May 26, Elizabeth Lapp rated it really liked it. After having spent a few years away from this series, I am super glad I decided to pick back up on it!

There was so much action going on that it kept me wanting more! I cannot wait to read what happens next! Dec 13, Corey smelt rated it it was amazing. Love it keeps you on you're toes ,funny. Jul 18, Charlie rated it it was ok.

Dark Days Series; Volume number 3. Dawnbreaker. The Third Dark Days Novel. by Jocelynn Drake. On Sale: 09/29/ Dawnbreaker. Read a Sample. Dawnbreaker has ratings and reviews. The third installment of the Dark Days saga picks up a couple of months after the conclusion of Dayhunter.

Oct 17, Janice Janicu rated it liked it. This is the third Dark Days novel, narrated by Mira, a year old vampire, known as the Fire Starter, the only nightwalker aka vampire with the power over fire. Mira is in the middle of a war between the nightwalkers and the naturi, a race of beings who think that all humans and nightwalkers should be eliminated to cleanse the earth. Mira's fight with the naturi has traversed the globe, fro http: Mira's fight with the naturi has traversed the globe, from her home in Savannah, to London, to Venice and back.

Now things have progressed so that the naturi are about to break free out of the seal keeping most of them out of the world, but Mira is hellbent on stopping them. I had very similar thoughts about this book as I did for the previous two, except I would say that this book has even more action. Dawnbreaker is like one of those blockbuster movies with plenty of fights and pyrotechnics which makes for a quick read whenever I picked it up.

The book starts off where Daywalker left off, with naturi pursuing Mira while she tries to stop them from breaking the seal that keeps most of their kind from returning to the world. By Mira's side are several people who we've been introduced to in the past couple of books.

There's a lot of characters to keep track of, but I had no issues remembering who they were because of quick summaries of who is who exactly when I needed it. All of these people are under Mira's protection and she takes her job very seriously, but the bombardment from the naturi means Mira is a busy woman.

One of the people surrounding Mira is the vampire hunter Danaus who over the past couple of books has become something of a friend. Their relationship is an odd one. They have to work with each other because only Danaus is able to expand Mira's abilities, but they are natural enemies. This book is very much an urban fantasy because there is almost no romance, but there are hints that Danaus and Mira feel more for each other than they are willing to admit. They both seem able to understand one another in times of trouble, but Mira and Danaus have seen each other do things they didn't approve of.

In any case, because this book was focused on the race to stop the naturi from re-entering the world, there was less time to delve into relationships as deeply as they were in previous books. Much of the interesting interactions happened in the last quarter of Dawnbreaker.

I don't doubt we'll see more of that to come, both between Mira and Danaus, and between Mira and others, including the vampire Coven leaders, whose long term plans are hard to guess, and Mira's new vampire family. This book leaves us with some problems solved and other problems appearing Mira's seat on the Coven, Danaus' identity, The Great Awakening. I can't wait to see how Mira and Danaus tackle them! My family used to live there, so I have a very small nit about the Peruvian weather: Peru isn't far from the equator and the change of seasons is quite mild, so the description of the winter winds and seasons being the opposite of North America's isn't accurate.

I'd say Cusco is only colder because of the altitude and there really is only a dry season and a rainy season, not four seasons. Ramps up the non-stop action which is found in the first two books. This book continues with the same dark, Gothic undertones and epic scope. I love the complex relationships between characters which is sparingly doled out here, but I have no doubt they will come to the forefront again soon enough. There are a couple of juicy issues left for Mira and Danaus to tackle after this book, and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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Aug 04, Amanda rated it really liked it. I have a confession to make: I like urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. Okay - I've said it. I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but it's true. That doesn't mean that I think all these novels are good. In fact, since I've started to read so many, I have become even more critica I have a confession to make: In fact, since I've started to read so many, I have become even more critical as to which ones are worthwhile reads.

Not all of them are great, or even good - really, most of them are mediocre. Dawnbreaker, the third book in Jocelyn Drake's Dark Days series, however, is one of the better ones that I've read recently. I wouldn't say that it's great, but it's definitely a notch above mediocre - and, of course, downright fun. Dawnbreaker continues the adventures of Mira the nightwalker, a kind of ancient vampire and one-of-a-kind fire bender, as she battles the naturi, a kind of evil elf-like race. The naturi are gaining power and preparing a dangerous sacrifice that will unleash the entire race on the planet and lead to death and destruction.

In order to stop the naturi, Mira desperately teams up with vampire-slayer Danaus complete with climatic relationship tension to capture a rogue naturi princess who claims she opposes her race's apocalyptic plans. With the princess's help, Mira and Danaus must prevent an apocalyptic summoning at Machu Picchu and save humanity. Drake writes with an ease and understanding that pulls readers through the novel. I was completely enthralled by her unique and detailed world.

While Drake's world can sometimes feel a little confusing or is ill-explained, the overall feel of it is dark, different, and filled with fun, unique approaches to traditional fantasy icons. Plus, while this novel does include vampires, it's not your typical vampire romance story. Sure, there is a strong romance element between two unlikely allies who must team up to save the world, but there is not a hint of vampire angst or cliche vampire romance. In fact, the vampire element seems like it's minimized in Dawnbreaker, focusing more on the vampire-based nightwalker race that Drake created for her world.

Filled with fast-paced action, unique plot elements, and a vivid world, Dawnbreaker was a surprisingly fun and powerful read from start to finish. The characters deal with realistic, adult problems while balance feelings of unease and unexpected news of treason in the ranks. While Dawnbreaker had few witty one-liners okay, I was hoping for more a la Rachel Morgan style , the dialog feels natural and easy for the characters.

The ending of Dawnbreaker feels like it could be the end for the entire series. Even though Drake does leave an opening for subsequent novels, all of the action that previous novels have been building up to end here and in a rather satisfying way. While I'm not sure if I was intrigued enough to continue this series if there are more books, it's a great way to pass a lazy few hours or take some time out of a busy day to drift into another world.

Fans of Drake's Dark Days novels will eat this one up and beg for more. It's fun, fast-paced, filled with great action sequences and builds to an epic climax that blows the rest of the series out of the water. Jun 25, Tiffany Danner rated it really liked it. My first reaction when I finished this book? But really I love it, i am just impatient and want answers NOW! Dawnbreaker is another great installment in the Dark Days series.

Mira is nightwalker, but she is a nightwalker with a unique gift. She can control fire and uses it to her advantage whenever My first reaction when I finished this book? She can control fire and uses it to her advantage whenever she can. Mira is tasked with stopping a race of supernatural beings called the naturi from opening a portal that would allow them to cross into our world and destroy both humans and supernaturals.

Mira is not a character that is immediately likable. I read the first book and was a bit taken aback by her, but I have to admit she grows on you. She can be ruthless and violent. At years old she knows what is necessary to protect herself and her people and is willing to do it without question.


But she can also be sarcastic, funny, and protective of those she cares about or feels a duty to protect. He is dark, dangerous, and deadly. The two call a tentative truce in book 1 in order to fight the naturi and it has carried throughout the series so far. Dawnbreaker gives us a tiny bit more insight into the relationship between Mira and Danaus. In between light hearted jokes about killing each other we get little hints that maybe these two feel for each other more than they are willing to admit. When they do get together it is going to be good. In Dawnbreaker the action starts immediately!

The author wastes no time plunging Mira into danger and things never seem to slow down. The plot is dark and violent and it seems that someone is always bleeding. There were a couple spots where I felt like things skipped ahead or paragraphs were left out at the end of a chapter. My only other gripe is that for all the violence, I was still left feeling a tiny bit frustrated. For being pages long, the book seemed to end too quickly for me.

There is resolution to the main story arc, but with that resolution comes so many new twists and turns. What lays ahead for Mira? I guess its a good thing there are at least 6 books planned for the series! Dawnbreaker is one of those great reads that has you loving it, cursing it, and finally scratching your head at all of the possibilities to come. Originally published on my blog, My Urban Fantasies The seal to the door is finally broken.

Jabari orders Mira to return to the coven. Mira tells him no, that she's returning to Savannah, where she is needed, and that she will fight the naturi when the time comes. Mira also invites Danaus to come with her, claiming that it will be easier to kill him if she does not have to hunt him down. Dawnbreaker starts roughly t Originally published on my blog, My Urban Fantasies The seal to the door is finally broken. Dawnbreaker starts roughly two months after Dayhunter. Mira and Danaus had parted ways long before Mira reached Savannah.

He flew with her from Crete, but got off the plane in Paris. Mira is now in Savannah and everything is not going as well as she had hoped. Ties with the local pack are becoming more strained due to the constant naturi attacks. The naturi are using the werewolves to attack the nightwalkers. The nightwalkers are forced to defend themselves usually resulting with dead werewolves. This leaves us with a less than happy Barrett.

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When Danaus arrives in Savannah the naturi attacks become worse. Danaus decides to stay in Savannah. Mira is forced to make him swear he will not hunt another nightwalker while in her domain. Mira no longer trusts Danaus with vampire allies because he killed Penelope with little warning and no hesitation.

Mira tells Danaus that she can not worry about protecting her people from him and the naturi.

But all is not lost, for a wild card has been dealt to them: Its actually quite hilarious when she's thinking, "oh, I know I sound bitchy! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Refresh and try again. The broadest selection of online bookstores. Naturi are all over the city hunting her down, killing the people in Savannah, as well. If they accept, Mira realizes that she may be putting a target on their backs but in the end she feels it is for the best.

Eventually Mira and Danaus come to an understanding. If one of Mira's nightwalkers attacks Danaus, he can defend himself. If Danaus hunts any of the nightwalkers Mira will gut him and send his charred entrails back to Ryan in a doggie bag. Along their journey the trust slowly begins to build again. Danaus is essentially Mira's only ally in that battle against the naturi.

On the way to stop Rowe from opening the door, Danaus has to trust Mira like he never has before. The enemy are attacking and the only way for Danaus to stay alive is to be completely vulnerable and trust Mira to keep him safe, from the small army of naturi and a room full of nightwalkers. Dawnbreaker is action packed, and beautifully written. The characters are evolving, I finally find myself becoming emotionally invested in them. Mira is quickly becoming my favorite character.

It's amazing that she's not completely insane. If something bad can happen to Mira, it usually does. Mira's constantly confronting ghosts from her past, starting when she was human right up to the present. There seems to be a growing list of people who want to control Mira or just want her dead. If you're expecting Mira and Danaus to grow a collective brain and realize they actually like each other and do not want to kill each other, you're going to be disappointed. Mira and Danaus do not hook up in this book.

I have high hopes for future books though, mostly because I'm a romantic and refuse to believe they will be oblivious of their feelings forever. Nov 30, Kelly rated it liked it. To my surprise, a half smile tweaked one corner of her mouth as she looked from me to Jabari. Jocelynn Drake's prose is competent and vivid, and there are several interesting surprises tucked into the storyline. Mira uncovers an unpleasant clue to the origin of her powers, Danaus struggles with his own humanity, and a family feud among the naturi comes to light.

We watch as Mira attempts to shore up her power base and prepare for the imminent showdown with the naturi. Later, Mira and her band of uneasy allies travel to Machu Picchu, hoping to stop the naturi from opening a gate there, even if it means their own deaths. I spent some time collecting my thoughts and trying to figure out why. Dark Days either needed to end here and be a trilogy, or it needs more subplots.

While each book advances the metaplot, it also introduces and resolves a smaller plot. It makes me worry about future books in the series. However, there are hints that the next book, Pray for Dawn , may not deal much with the naturi at all. Read this and other Jocelynn Drake reviews at Fantasy Literature!

Nov 06, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: After the gate was opened, Mira has finally returned to Savannah, her haven. However, the war is not yet over with the naturi and they are threatening Mira's only home. Naturi are all over the city hunting her down, killing the people in Savannah, as well. The naturi are driving her away from her home. Mira needs to prevent Aurora from entering earth.

They need to stop the ritual in Machu Pichu, again. Only this time, she doesn't know if she will come back out of Machu Pichu alive. This book seriously has more action than the last one. The big battle with the naturi has finally come.

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This book is a great way to, somehow, partially end the saga of the naturi. This book contains a lot of heart pumping scenes, from the final battle to the kidnapping. I wasn't able to stop myself from actually finishing the book. My bags are big and dark because of this and I have a floating head for my classes. Technically, the whole book is about stopping the ritual, which means Mira needs to enhance her powers to stop it. I love that Mira has finally tried to improve her abilities. Though, a bit lacking, it's totally an improvement. There are still a part where problems are piling up for Mira but it is totally less than the last 2 books.

Still, I pity Mira for her problems and I hate Barrett in this book for being a total ass. Also, Mira seems to be more in control of the situations in this book, which is a total plus. On the relationship side, still no progress, folks. I think a lot of us are getting frustrated with how slow they are actually opening up to each other. Though, I could say that they are much more than friends now. They just don't know it yet.

I can't wait for them to realize what they are actually feeling for each other. Can't wait to read the next book. Sorry for the short review. School just started and it has been a chaos. I like this series, but I do find it frustrating at times. Mira is a vampire or nightwalker as they are called in this book, but one with a special talent that no other vampire has - she has the ability to create and manipulate fire.

She's back in Savannah to try and protect her people now that the naturi are determined to break open the door to their world and kill all humans and nightwalkers in the process. Mira seemed to be constantly fighting for her life and loses many friends and allies in I like this series, but I do find it frustrating at times. Mira seemed to be constantly fighting for her life and loses many friends and allies in the process.

The naturi are not an easy enemy to fight and Mira doesn't know if she will come out of this battle alive or not. But either way she has to try and stop them from opening the door which will destroy the world as she knows it, even if it does mean returning to Machu Picchu, the place of her nightmares. Danaus makes a reappearance and luck sometimes happens to be on Mira side, but the battle to Machu Picchu is slow and painful for Mira.

Even though Mira lost the battle at the end, she did kind of win in that she didn't die! But the path has now been set and the on-coming fight is going to be a big one and I can feel that Mira's future is not going to be an easy one by any means. My frustrations with this series are not with anything in particular. I just wish this whole naturi story would be over and Mira manages to defeat them all, but I know that's not going to happen just yet.

I also wish other people, but other nightwalkers in particular would help her out a bit more. Mira seems to be fighting the naturi on her own, without the Coven really getting involved when I think it's really their problem and not solely Mira's. Yes they do send some reinforcements in this time, but they only help out when it suits them!

I completely understand why Mira doesn't want to be part of the Coven at all. I will read the rest of this series - I need to see the naturi being defeated once and for all, but I think I'll leave it for a while before jumping into the next book, so my frustrations die down a little hehe! Sep 18, Gemma rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not sure why, but I'd really convinced myself Dawnbreaker was going to answer many of the questions I had about this series. Instead, it left me more confused than ever and extremely annoyed. Dark Days started out as an intriguing and original story, but now I find the bad things outweigh the good, and it seems the author is confused about where to take the story and characters.

My main beef with this series, like so many other's, is the 'will they, won't they' thing with Mira and Danaus. It's I'm not sure why, but I'd really convinced myself Dawnbreaker was going to answer many of the questions I had about this series. It's not like I want them to jump into bed together or anything, I would just like a little more clarity on their relationship.

I think the author tried to make it a bit of a slow burner, but instead it's just annoying and confusing. As it is, the whole storyline feels like a pesky fly I can't swat that detracts from the actually pretty decent plot. But Drake managed to make Mira relatable, though she does have her moments where I feel like I can't really connect to her. The world is dark and intriguing, and Drake really can write excellent fantasy - it's just the characters I feel that let her down a lot.

There are still a ton of questions to be answered, and I just hope they won't be dragged out over many books as a money making ploy. Although I remember swearing never to touch another Dark Days book again, I think I'll read the next one, if only as a make-or-break for carrying on with the series.

I just hope that Drake pulls it together and sorts of the story, otherwise it'll be a sad waste to a potentially great series. Dawnbreaker was certainly an improvement over Dayhunter! Starting about a month later, we're back in Savannah with Mira and Tristan. It's not the quiet break she was hoping for, since small groups of naturi have been attacking steadily the entire time. It's a few days until the equinox, when the naturi will perform their next sacrifice, and Mira is struggling to get her domain in order before taking off to Machu Picchu in order to stop it.

The focus is once again back onto the inevitable war betw Dawnbreaker was certainly an improvement over Dayhunter! The focus is once again back onto the inevitable war between the nightwalkers and the naturi. The naturi are becoming much more visible and reckless than they have before, but that's nothing compared to the havoc they'll unleash if the seal between worlds opens.

It is battle after battle as the two species make their way to the sacrificial site. I had a feeling of what was coming, but I was nervous the entire time hoping it wasn't so. There's plenty of twists and turns along the way though! I also liked how Dawnbreaker showed more of the varied relationships between all of the supernaturals. Tensions are SUPER high between Mira and the werewolves, since she's like a beacon for the naturi who can control them.

The local pack leader is understandably not happy that Mira has dragged her personal war into the city. There's a new witch in town, who is suppose to help Mira with the impossible task of learning to control Earth magic. She didn't get much page time, but I liked her and hope to see her again.

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Then, of course, there's Danaus who is something totally unique and supposedly impossible. He's a bit more dangerous than everyone assumed. Dawnbreaker was super tense and exciting! I'm loving the mythology and world building, and how it's creating this interesting story arc. Mira is much more than she knows, and I had a theory about what that is. There's lots of holes in my theory, but I do think it's possible, but I was wrong. The ending has a slight cliffhanger, and I can't help but wonder what the witches want with Mira now. Apr 17, Margaret rated it really liked it.

Mira can trust only Danaus , the more-than-mortal vampire slayer, though he is swor The dawn brings new terror for the creatures of the night.

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Feb 26, Jill Dunlop rated it liked it. Dawnbreaker is the third book in Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days series. Dawnbreaker is told in the first person point of view from the main character Mira, a centuries old vampire also known as the fire starter. She has a major battle coming up between herself and her unlikely partner Danaus against the Naturi, unearthly creatures that have been locked in captivity for years. If these Naturi were to escape, then vampires and humans alike would be in serious trouble, as the Naturi want to kill them a Dawnbreaker is the third book in Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days series.

If these Naturi were to escape, then vampires and humans alike would be in serious trouble, as the Naturi want to kill them all. Alright, I admit it. I had some problems with this book and I did struggle through the reading of it. Mainly the romance is pretty much non-existent and by book three in the series, I really need a connection to be established between the main couple.

To put it bluntly, I need more romance! Mira is a hard character to connect with. She is fair and protective, but at the core of her is a killer. The plot and characters are very well drawn and well developed, but the pacing of the book is on the slow side. It is most evident at the beginning of the book when things are being set up. It had been a while between reading books in this series and therefore I couldn't quite remember everything that had happened previously.

So for a little while there in the beginning I felt a little lost as to what the heck was going on.


Eventually, things started to pick up, but it took me a while to be drawn into the story. I really like the mystery surrounding Danaus. The reader really has no idea what is going on with him. I think this is such a smart move on her part. I really don't think I would be all that interested to continue this series, but that is some serious temptation. I want to know more about Danaus!! Jul 15, jD rated it liked it Shelves: Okay, I know I said that if Mira and Danaus did not hook up in this book it would be the last one I read. I have changed my mind about that. Mira's character is evolving and I am finding that I am cheering for her to remain independent.

Everyone seems to want a piece of her except Tristan. Although they are not romanticly involved, it is the only relationship in her life that is good for her. Knox also seems to be a legit friend.