We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeons Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven

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Compassionate, comforting, heartfelt, easy-to-read, practical. Reflections for the Call: A Devotional for Young Preachers. End-Times America where lawless federal government persecutes deplorables, and the nation spirals into anarchy. The loss of a child is devastating. How do we survive this?

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We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon's Classic Devotional Thoughts On Heaven

A Family and the Power of Intuition. An inspirational, thrilling, spiritual novel. Intrigued by intuition, the afterlife, prayer? To receive grace, you need faith. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention alcorn randy sermons tyndale copy comments publishers scripture daily death today writings words sermon commentary preached preachers devotionals christ topic. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. My heart was refreshed, and my yearning to see God face to face increased as I read this wonderful book.

Spurgeon had a touch of God on his life and ministry that is sadly missing from many of today's pulpits. I could not read it as a daily devotional, instead devouring it in large, satisfying meals. Randy Alcorn is to be thanked for bringing this classic to us in present day language, with his comments. I highly recommend it for those seeking a fresh touch of heaven on their lives. This is my favorite devotional book. Each chapter starts with a selection by Spurgeon regarding Heaven, and then Alcorn writes a few paragraphs reflecting on what Spurgeon has written.

This makes a marvelous gift. Audio CD Verified Purchase. I read recently in a book an opinion of a well-known pastor that 'too little had been written about Heaven' and I do truly agree!! I am so thankful to Randy Alcorn for his writings on things that really matter in the Christian faith, but none more importantly than "Heaven" - Home for the saints of God and The Throne of The Almighty.

There are so many personal vignettes that Charles Spurgeon offers to the listener right alongside scripture which help bring in even more acute focus why heaven must be singularly pursued at all costs. It will stoke the flames of hope for you when all the pain and darkness continuously threaten to overwhelm you.

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For those whose 'world is not my home' and 'whose citizenship is in heaven', this is an incredibly important book. I couldn't put it down, and am now in my second reading of it. I have ordered it for my friends as well. It discusses in thorough detail and accuracy from scripture what heaven is - and isn't! I can't wait to be there with my Lord, now that I have an even better idea of what awaits - friendships, no regrets or tears and most importantly, time with my Lord. One person found this helpful.

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Wow - this book is amazing! This book actually made my heart race the first time I listened. It really makes Heaven almost tangible. What a comfort in this crazy mixed up world we live in to be reminded that it's all temporary and our "real" life awaits us. If you have any doubts about Heaven, get this book and listen closely. When I finished the book, I immediately started over and listened a second time and I know that I will return to listen to it often. The narration is excellent and brings the message home solidly. All is not as it seems, however, and before the school year ends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione will learn the truth about the night Harry's parents died, and Voldemort will be one step closer to returning to power.

This third book was where the series really took off. The more childish elements of the first two books dropped away, and the plotting was better. The relationship between James Potter, his friends, and their enmity with Severus Snape was introduced into the story. All of the signs of later developments were right there for the attentive reader. From the loathing and cruel attitudes of Snape and Black towards each other, to Lupin's sadness at Sirius' conduct and attitude.

The perceptive reader would be able to sense that James and his friends were not the saints, nor was Snape the villain, that they've appeared before now. I honestly can not think of any critiques of this story, other than that Rowling seems to have made up for Hermione's absence in the denouement of the previous book, by having Ron laid up in this book.

My name is Andrew. Come and have a look inside my life and watch me share what is on my heart.

Jan 13, Jeremy Zilkie rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 13, Pat Roseman rated it really liked it Shelves: Share on Twitter Tweet. I have ordered it for my friends as well. Get to Know Us. His extended family, the Dursleys are once again being very cruel to him, and worse yet, he has to put up with it. Spurgeon's teachings about Heaven are some of the most poignant, moving, and biblically insightful I have ever read on the subject and I've read over books about Heaven.

Maybe it's just me, but Ron is a fascinating and really neat character, and I would truly have liked to have seen him helping to save the day. The fact that Ron's story was developed further was a plus, however. Ron and Hermione had their eventual relationship alluded to in the pain they caused each other when they fought, and their blushing happiness when they became friends again.

This was really the best installment of the story so far. Part of this was because more of Snape's story was revealed, and the audience could see that, despite his being antagonistic towards Harry, Ron and Hermione, Snape's actions and attitudes were understandable, and definitely sympathetic. As we learn in later books, James Potter and his friends, as well as Snape, were very much flawed heroes. You also begin to get a sense of the brilliant strategist Dumbledore another flawed hero, very much so is.

May 24, Daniel Butcher rated it really liked it. Alcorn for his modern reader additionally edited each section to meet modern conventional grammar, often resulting in rearranging large paragraphs into smaller chunks. Alcorn along with the excerpts provides biographical information on Spurgeon for readers unfamiliar with his life and ministry.

Spurgeon overall paints a picture of heaven that is exciting, better than one can expect and adventurist. Spurgeon chaffs at those who view heaven as a boring uninteresting existence that humans would not want to spend an eternity in. Instead heaven is a place of rest and sabbath where believers will finally know Jesus in a personal manner. The saved will live in heaven as kings, redeemed by the work of Christ.

In heaven there will be no place for sin, but there will be room for laughter and joy. Spurgeon believed that believers would retain their personal identities and friendships, deeper than we could have in the old earth, in the restored creation. This is a devotional book and the cheery and exciting picture that Spurgeon paints of heaven is highly encouraging. On a side note there have been a lot of discussion about heaven and what does it mean to be an Universalist.

Spurgeon makes clear that he believes that he believes that there will be more in heaven than those that are lost to hell, an existence without God.

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Alcorn states his belief that Spurgeon is not an Universalist in anyway, as Jesus is the key to salvation. But it does lead to questions about what does it mean to be an Universalist and the importance to provide each other grace in this debate. In my opinion, we are currently experiencing an vigorous theological debate amongst believers about heaven. Jun 03, Andrew rated it it was amazing. Charles Spurgeon was a famous preacher in England.

Randy Alcorn was inspired by Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. We Shall See God has fifty devotionals for readers to get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. So Charles Spurgeon was a famous preacher in England. Some of the topics about Heaven are: Will I Be Myself in Heaven? But a disembodied spirit never can be perfect until it is reunited to its body. God made man not pure spirit but body and spirit, and the spirit alone will never be content until it sees its physical frame raised to its own condition of holiness and glory.

We have so much to enjoy when Christ returns and takes us to Heaven! Charles Spurgeon seemed to have been very insightful about Christ and his Kingdom. Randy Alcorn has helped readers to get to know Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. I am glad I read this devotional book about Heaven! Charles Spurgeon knew how to describe what many people are feeling right now in today times, even though he lived in the nineteenth century. One of my favorite things his teachings taught me was about our future bodies in Heaven. Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

May 22, Robin rated it it was amazing. Spurgeon No author in history has more material in print than Charles Spurgeon. Charles Spurgeon was a man of God who knew the right things about his Savior. He wrote and said so many things that it was no small feat to settle on one topic. Eternity the joy Spurgeon entered into years ago and has probable found so many more wonderful things out about it that this book pales in comparison.

The blend of Alcorn's insights he has gleaned from Spurgeon and the Bible are a blend that makes this a worthwhile read. This type of material is worth repeating with more Spurgeon and many other Godly men of the 's. I would like to thank Net Galley and Tyndale House Publishers for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free copy and was never asked to write a favorable review by anyone.

Jun 13, Gail Welborn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Besides other details such as Spurgeon was never delivered from personal affliction, and was blinded by glaucoma five years before his death at age One intriguing detail… Full Review: Dec 30, Violinknitter rated it really liked it. And I usually don't like devotional-style books!

I enjoyed this book tremendously, perhaps because the Audible version had a wonderful British narrator for the Spurgeon sections? Jan 13, Jeremy Zilkie rated it really liked it Shelves: In short, this is a pretty good devotional about heaven and the many different aspects of heaven and the implications on our lives lived here on earth in light of heaven.

I was going to give it 3 stars, but Day 45 was incredibly powerful teaching and theological food for my soul. Additionally, Days 46 and 47 were strong as well which left a better impression on me as I finished the book. Mar 25, Anna Andersen rated it it was amazing. This book was so moving to me Charles Spurgeon's insight on Heaven along with scripture is so amazing. I just love to read about what is to come and what we have to look forward to. This is the reason I get up everyday with joy and hope Great man and lots of wisdom! I would read this book again and again! Jun 26, Jana rated it it was amazing.

What a moving book! I am inspired to live here on earth in light of the reality of Heaven. And I walk away from the book with a much clearer picture of Heaven. The audio version of this book is amazing with Spurgeon's sermons delivered in a British accent. I will listen to it again. Jan 19, Katy rated it it was amazing.

A great glimpse of Charles Spurgeon, his preaching, and tremendous insights into Heaven. A man way ahead of his time. I think he and Randy Alcorn would have between close friends if they had been contemporaries. Refreshing, exciting, scripture-based visions of Heaven. Apr 11, Andrew Scholes rated it it was amazing. One of the most encouraging, uplifting, instructive and challenging books I have read listened to in a long time.

I recommend it highly. Sep 13, Pat Roseman rated it really liked it Shelves: I only got part way through. I'll pick it up another time. Feb 09, Tom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Spurgeon takes apart our impoverished modern concept of heaven, and does it with scripture.

This is the book to give the young Christian who cannot muster any enthusiasm about the place where we'll supposedly just float around and sing for a billion years and then some.

Heaven and Hell - Charles Spurgeon Sermon

That young, unenthusiastic Christian was me. I'm grateful to Alcorn for curating some of the most encouraging preaching ever on the promise of heaven; my hope is fuller and more alive for having read this little book. Feb 25, Jonathan Roberts rated it it was amazing Shelves: Perfect for reading while eating your morning breakfast. Spurgeon one of the most amazing followers of Christ and Randy Alcorn together at your breakfast table each morning, one couldn't ask for much more!!!

Only sad part was it had only 50 entries, so I guess I will read it again, now! It took me a while to read the book, but I didn't expect to be amazed and have questions that I thought were silly answered. What an eye opener. I will be looking for more Randy Alcorn books. Charles Spurgeon inspires you to seek God with all of my heart. May 14, Becky Pliego rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 01, Royce Ratterman rated it it was amazing. A present from my wife for commute driving listening.

Very good and full of insightful inspiration. Carrie rated it really liked it Aug 15,